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Stoops has done an excellent job at Kentucky but getting a coach with a 35–55 SEC record isn't exactly an eye-popping hire for the Aggies.
Bama, LSU and A&M all look quite vulnerable. This should at least make the West race wide open and more interesting this year. Also, credit to those schools for actually scheduling real nonconference opponents unlike a certain back-to-back national championship team.
Watching Tennessee knock out Duke and then Arkansas knock out Kansas in back to back games made for quite an enjoyable afternoon. Good job Hogs.
Being involved with the guys who committed the shooting can be a major legal problem even if you didn't do the shooting yourself.
Imagine having a guaranteed contract to make $5 million a year for the next 5 years just as long as you don't commit any felonies. Then you bite and strangle your fiancée.
Football games suddenly become a lot less important in life when things like this happen. Wishing the best for the Leach family and all the Bulldogs.
The 4th and 25 play got a first down. Rebels still gave up a TD and 2 point conversion the good ole fashioned way to secure the loss.
CFP will mow be 1. UGA 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. USC if they win Pac 12 CG 5. Ohio St or Alabama with USC loss
The Ole Miss schedule finally met quality competition and they lose 4 of the last 5.
On the one hand Tennessee blows their lock on the CFP by giving up 63 to South Carolina. On the other hand they weren't going to beat anyone in the CFP if they can give up 63 to South Carolina.
LSU would now have to lose to both Arkansas and A&M. Otherwise Bama is eliminated from Atlanta and the CFP.
Here comes the Deion Sanders to Auburn rumors.
The 6'7" guy dunking is the team's point guard this season.
Year 5 with Jimbo and the Aggies will struggle to get bowl eligible. Only $86,000,000 to buy out his contract, yikes.
This is big respect to that Arkansas recruiting class with 11 new players and a true freshman voted First Team All-SEC.
Tennessee was sell out blitzing every play during that sequence. A single completion probably beats them but Bama couldn't connect. Gutsy decision to put backup DBs in man to man across the board there by the Vols.
With their remaining schedule Vols should finish at worst 10-2. Beat either Kentucky or Georgia and they are a serious Playoff contender.
Texas A&M is dead last in the SEC in yards per game and points per game. Not a good combination when you're playing at #1 Alabama.
Playing in front of a crowd wearing all red should really make Alabama feel uncomfortable.
A&M is last in the SEC in both points scored and total yards per game. Meanwhile, Arkansas has dominated the line of scrimmage in their 3 games. Whoever can move things on the ground early should be a good indicator of where the result is heading.
"Rocket" is typically a football nickname reserved for light speedy players. Sanders is a bruising power back who just also happens to be really fast.
Arkansas was -4 in the turnover margin for this game and still won by double digits. Actually pretty impressive to overcome that many mistakes.
The next 3 weeks have TAMU vs Arkansas, Arkansas vs Alabama & Alabama vs TAMU. That should go a long way in straightening things out in the West.
Total Yards: ARK-600 Mo. St.-408 Three brutal Arkansas turnovers made this one closer than it should have been. The Hogs have yet to play to their full potential but are still 3-0.
The unrealistic fan expectations at Nebraska has put them in a position where they will fire coaches who can only win 9 games while at the same time they haven't had a winning season in 6 years.
There will be a record number of neck braces being worn in the student section during this game.
North Carolina dropped 63 on App State the week before, which makes A&M's output even worse.
Losing a nonconference game at home was the best week Texas has had in years.
I think the overall balance has shifted to the East this year. I'd take Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida over any 4 team combo from the West (Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss & Miss St.?)
Purely from what has been seen on the field this season: WEST: Arkansas Alabama Mississippi State Ole Miss Auburn LSU Texas A&M EAST: Georgia Kentucky Tennessee Florida South Carolina Missouri Vanderbilt