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#2 Cincinnati would finish about 5th in the SEC West.
In 2019 after LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa several Tigers players were gesturing to the visiting Tide recruits to come to LSU instead as they were the new heavyweight champions. 2 years later, whoops.
Mullen was 33-39 in SEC play when he got the Florida job. I'm not sure he was ever the football genius that his reputation seems to carry.
Dabo Swinney preaches big about the "team is family" culture of his program and has never accepted any players via the transfer portal. It would be delightfully hypocritical on his part to then bolt on his team for LSU.
Bama does look more vulnerable than they have in the past but so does everyone not named Georgia this year. The CFP race is more open than usual, which is a good thing, but I'd take the Tide by 20 over #2 Cincinnati or #3 Oklahoma.
Illinois had 38 yards passing for the game and was -3 in turnover margin yet still managed to somehow beat a top 10 team on the road.
The Mercy Rule was invoked in this game and the 3rd and 4th quarters were only 12 minutes each. Did not know this was still a thing in major college football.
Just over a year ago the Hogs were carrying a 20 game SEC losing streak. Pittman potentially getting to 8-4 in year 2 against the #1 schedule in the nation is a lightning fast turnaround for the program.
Musselman was in Dallas for the A&M game and was in Oxford last week. This is the first time I've ever heard of a basketball coach supporting his school's football team even at the away games.
Favorite Lane Kiffin Tennessee story is when he told wide receiver recruit Alshon Jeffery that if Jeffery chose to attend South Carolina over Tennessee, "he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like all the other players from that state who had gone to South Carolina." Jeffery would go on to get drafted, make the Pro Bowl, win a Super Bowl and get paid over $63 million in his NFL career.
LSU's recent recruiting class national rankings per Rivals: 2019: 3rd 2020: 4th 2021: 4th If you have that kind of raw talent but still can't win, then that talent is not being managed and developed properly. This is the responsibility of the head coach and unfortunately Coach O isn't getting it done.
With all due respect to Alabama and their dominance over the last 14 years, losing to an unranked team should drop them below undefeated Kentucky, Michigan and Michigan State.
Urban Meyer probably lost some respect in the locker room when he brought in Tim Tebow, a QB who had not played a game in 9 years, and gave him a roster spot as a Tight End.
The projections have Stingley getting drafted somewhere around 7th in the 2022 Draft. That would earn him a 4 year contract worth about $25-$30 million with $15 million in his first year. From his perspective it makes all the sense in the world to heal up rather than return to what could soon be a dumpster fire and risk further injury and potentially lose that payday.
Lots of talk about moving on from Orgeron, Running game is a disaster, Stingley now "out indefinitely", kinda feels like the wheels are falling off for this LSU season. 5-7 or 6-6 seems realistic and also totally unacceptable for that program.
He's losing the team, this is really going to hurt the Jags Super Bowl chances.
The Jaguars have lost 19 consecutive game and one more this weekend vs. the Titans will give them the 2nd longest losing streak in the NFL Super Bowl era. This story about Urban Meyer is a major distraction but I bet the Jags will still find a way to get this milestone accomplished.
The 11 am CT kickoff for Arkansas/Auburn is especially brutal as this is homecoming weekend for the Hogs.
LSU's next 5 games are all against teams currently in the Top 20 with 3 on the road. Can't imagine that fanbase will be too happy with something like a 5-7 record.
Looks like he's out scouting for a new Tight End.
UConn also still has to play at Clemson. The Tigers are down this year but nowhere near "could possibly lose at home to UConn" down.
Georgia is so loaded this year that they hardly even need to make use of the forward pass. They should let Daniels rest as much as needed until they get to the games that end with confetti.
Those LSU rushing statistics are atrocious, even against lesser competition. 49 yds vs UCLA 124 yds vs McNeese St. 84 yds vs Central Michigan 63 yds vs Miss St. 11 yds vs Auburn It's going to be a major struggle to win SEC games with that kind of production on the ground.
Oregon losing to 2-2 Stanford should have dropped them a little further.
Yikes, A&M is paying Jimbo $90 million+ to compete with Alabama, not to lose to Arkansas and Miss State.
That game easily could have been 50-0. Georgia showed mercy and only threw 11 passes against 56 rushing attempts.
Morgan is undersized but it would not surprise me at all to see him make an NFL 53 man roster as an extremely useful backup and special teams player. That's assuming he wants to continue playing football, the guy earned his master's degree last year.
Jerry Jones has said he's fine if the games return to campuses and the whole idea was to try and help his alma mater recruit the state of Texas. He added that he wouldn't want his Dallas Cowboys to be playing neutral site games that counted as home games either.
I'd be willing to pay $6 to not have to watch Vandy vs. UConn.
Everything is fine so long as he doesn't some day get drafted by the Chargers.