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Blaming the players? Morris recruited them and got rid of the Bielema players! He is a fast talking nothing that got caught in a place that's over his head. ( coaching football where players are over the age of 13 )
It's not going to much better fast. Morris got rid of the big linemen from Bielema's group and got small linemen I guess to be faster, beats me how or why. Now the new guy will have to start over. They will have a hard time recruiting because of the last 3 coaches. They can't win staying in state because there simply are not enough players to choose from. The population of the State of Arkansas is about 4 million. The metro Atlanta area alone has more people in it. Lane would be a good choice I think. I close my eyes and all I see is QB Story eating the Hogs alive.
He should start with an old tradition, Like WINNING!
You can't put this one on the players. It was the fault of the coaching staff plain and simple. 9.7 yards a carry and they start passing? Come on! They could have run the clock out running the ball and ALL I have heard from the first time Morris opened his mouth is how the Hogs will run the ball. I have been a Hog fan for 60 plus years and the only thing these guys need is a coaching staff. Bring back Ken Hatfield, he's the only true coach the Hogs have ever had other than The one that road off to ND and the one that ran off the road and was run off! Don't even bring up Broyles. GET A COACH. 6 jobs open in SEC alone last year and We get another loser.
You have to realize that there are more people living in metro Atlanta than in the whole state of Arkansas and because of most of the state being very rural the percentage of population going to college is much smaller. It becomes how popular the school is as to how they recruit. Alabama has that popular pull being in a state much like Arkansas. You can thank a fellow Arkansian for that. One Paul Bear Bryant. It going to take a few years of steady growth to pull out of the mess of the last few years.