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Mullen may not be a dadgum SEC redneck, but he sure plays a good one on TV.
Mullen may not be a dadgum SEC redneck, but he sure plays a good one on TV.
Mullen has no self-awareness. Does he not realize how small and petty he comes across? The man is a complete goofball.
Florida is nowhere near OU’s aura and prestige. Never has been, never will be.
My heart sank when that young man collapsed. Couldn’t care less about the game, just kept praying for his recovery.
LOL..Florida wishes it had OU’s caliber of program. Oldest program in the state but behind Miami and FSU in accomplishments and prestige. Dumb kid is going to regret making those statements.
Absolutely hilarious. It’s Auburn. Do they seriously think they can do better?
Mullen needs to keep his pie hole shut. He’s an injured gazelle about to fed to starving lions. Bama crushes...big time.
Fisher was good in 2010-14…but his pro-style approach has gone stale and will never pay dividends for A&M. Wish u guys luck going forward and hope it all turns around.
Fisher was good in 2010-14...but his pro-style approach has gone stale and will never pay dividends for A&M. Wish u guys luck going forward and hope it all turns around.
Thanks, USMC. They’re an insufferable and pesky bunch. Should probably remind them that Kirby Smart is a UGA and FSU alum (Masters degree 2003). How’s that for twisting the knife! Best of luck to your Dawgs the rest of the season!
Good lord, no end to the paranoia. Get over it dude, it’s done, we’re just better than you.
Come on now, Nashy...HBCU across the street? Keep that trailer park under control. Lower admission standard? There’s not a single FSU player who UF wouldn’t have taken if it had the chance. Aaron Hernandez says it all. Snap out of it. FSU’s advantages, and there are many, are hard-earned and deserved. Back in the day we went on the road and played the big boys (and won ) - ND, Ohio State, the real SC, Nebraska, Miami, etc. Your program, on the other hand, dropped Miami and refused to schedule a single out of conference game outside of FL after the thrashing at Syracuse in 1991. Look it up. Your national profile and appeal o. The recruiting trail suffered as a result. The tomahawk chop is a national icon, the Gator chomp not so much. Urban’s run could just as easily be explained by Bowden’s downfall. Noles were a shell of their former selves. But I agree...UF and FSU are both good schools and football programs. Let’s leave it at that. Best of luck tomorrow. In all honesty, you guys should win big. Not clear yet you’re starting a new streak...I’ll wait to see who gets the HC gig.
Whatever helps you process it all, of luck to your team on Saturday.
Boy, I must have struck a nerve or two. Noles are behind Taxol, a huge step in the race to cure cancer. Keep drinking Gatorade and donning those UV shades...I’ll take our contribution any day (plus, PowerAde is way better).
All good 12...I addressed the pre-Bowden years — FSU, UF and UM were nationally irrelevant prior to that so the data is not meaningful. As the largest and oldest school in the state, UF naturally got off to a good start in the series. But FSU (and Miami) have since overtaken them as the more dominant programs in the state. It honestly shocks the conscience that UF was the last of the three to win it all. And it took Spurrier 8 quarters against FSU to get it — how’s that for a handicap.
Check your facts: US News ranking of public universities: FSU #18 Texas A&M #27
Noles record against UF: 24-20-1 since 1976 (Bowden’s first year) 21-20-1 since 1980 17-13-1 since 1990 10-9 since 2000 7-2 since 2010 * UF does own the overall, but all Florida schools were garbage prior to the mid-70’s. Spurrier 5-8-1 against FSU Jimbo 7-1 against UF Stinks, doesn’t it. Not bad for a former “girl school.” US News Ranking of public schools: UF - #7 (impressive, in all seriousness) FSU - #18 But let’s not pretend there’s a huge, significant gap between the two school’s academically (FSU was the first to synthesize Taxol, a significant milestone in the race to cure cancer). I live in the DC metro area, and believe me when I say that neither is perceived as an academic powerhouse. FSU is a more familiar brand up north due to its ACC affiliation, but that’s about it. Facts can be stubborn things. ‘DAWG fans, this one’s on me. ;) Just having fun...enjoy the games on Saturday and be safe. Best of luck to your respective teams.
Sounds like you have that self-therapy down pat. Despite those advantages, we still managed to be the better program in the modern era. Look up the record since the mid-70s. Anything prior to that was pure amateur hour. Plus, we’re not in that God-forsaken trailer park conference of yours — an embarrassment to higher education. To say nothing of your jort wearing, pick up truck driving backwoods fan base. You may win on Saturday, but we’ll just be one day closer to the day we start riding that Gator tail in all too familiar ways!
Great article, but you forgot a few things: 1. The “better school” nonsense is a weak cop out. FSU is a Top 20 public university, which puts it third behind UF and UGA (but not by much) and well ahead of every other public school in the trailer park conference that is the SEC. 2. Jim freaking Morisson is a Nole! 3. FSU has owned Florida for the past 40+ years and Gators manage streaks only when the Noles are down (Tebow years included). Throw in the Canes and UF comes in at number 3 in the state since pretty much the mid-70s. Pretty pathetic for the largest and oldest institution in the state. 4. Tally over Hogtown/Stark/Waldo any day! Enjoy it shaky knees Gator know deep down this won’t last forever! We’re comin’ to getcha!
Don’t kid yourself, Clemson is riding high in large part because FSU is down. Look it up, FSU has owned the ACC (and Clemson) for most of the past 30 years. Once they right the ship (and they will), Clemson will slip down to its traditional slot in the pecking order.
Maybe so, but UF football is #3 in the state since the mid-70s. Noles and Canes rock. Look it up. Amateur hour prior to that.
Come on, man...that’s all your sorry bun can come up with! You can have that arbitrary 11 point advantage in the classroom, it means nothing in the real world. But no doubt Noles own your trailer park Gata butt on the gridiron for most of the past 40+ years. And it feels so sweet! You only beat us when we’re down...and you know it!