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You're right. Forgot to add the championship in there.
The only way I see 2 SEC teams making the playoffs is if LSU loses to bama and then wins out and then bama beats the gators in Atlanta. Then if the SEC gets some help from other conferences, a 10-1 Tigers and 11-1 bama could theoretically both make the playoffs. I can't see it happening any other way.
Virginia doesn't have stand your ground laws. Unless your life is legitimately in danger you cannot use deadly force.
LSU beat Florida and doesn't move up while Baylor TCU and OSU have only played cupcakes this year? Makes no sense.
It probably doesn't matter to be honest. Les won't let it get to their heads. There's still a very tough November schedule ahead for us.
OSU is struggling. They deserve to be ranked but they aren't top 10. Just because they won the championship last year, they shouldn't remain No. 1 until they lose (even if that's how it generally works) If they could do anything more than scraping by less than subpar teams I would stick them in the top 10. I agree with you on Baylor but they have been blowing out teams. They're impressive victories even if they aren't against quality opponents.
I know. That seems silly. TCU hasn't exactly beat anyone good. Nor has Baylor. Lsu beat a very good Florida team and deserves a top 4 spot.
Please learn proper English syntax and try again.
1. Baylor 2. LSU 3. Utah 4.Clemson 5. Bama 6. TCU 7. Michigan State 8. Stanford 9. FSU 10. Florida Or at least that's how I think it should look (not that it will...)
Are you an idiot Dd2? Did you not watch Harris burn one of the best secondaries in the country? Bama could definitely win but LSU will put up a hell of a fight.