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I like GM. There was one moment going into a TV timeout that was a little obvious. Otherwise he was cool in my opinion.
Congrats to the Tide. Young was well coached to exploit TN defensive weaknesses and executed 3rd downs with ease
I laughed for five minutes on this one! Nice job okie!
$ay what? A coach i$ only a$ good a$ hi$ talent. It will take a few year$ for the NIL to even the playing field for the program$ that have not been cheating. Per$onally, I hate the NIL, but it wa$ the only way to eliminate the problem. “The proce$$” is doomed.
O/U for TN/OM was low 80s but ended up being much less. I think this game will be an over 80. Alabama wins but Tennessee scores at least 28. Alabama just struggles a little with the hurry up offenses and Heupel will have them going warp speed tomorrow. All this goes away if Hooker can’t play.
Look at Mr. Constitution now. Worried Alabama cheat. Why not throw the Constitution to the wind like you want to do with all the innocent Vol fans at this past Saturday’s game. Pathetic.
It will cost UGA and especially Alabama much more. Not one dime! UT has nothing to lose.
Agree, but sorry dude To’o To’o was one of them. He was the one that made me think “how in the h$$$ did this illiterate b$$$ard get this guy?”
We are incredibly thin at every position, but please God no. As Harry Carey would have said he is P-O….P-O…. P-O-S…. Poison
Remember all of this was started by an inside source. I’ll lay down $10K the inside source is Fulmer. This was probably stated 100 times when this first came to light, but I wasn’t on SDS then
Let the Alabama, Georgia, and FSU boosters pay him. They have a lot more to lose than UT.
I’m guessing at the scenario, but here goes. If the illiterate cheat spills his guts on the UT folks, then there will be one or more counter suits for defamation. Then he would possibly have to take the stand, and this is where it would come out as the prosecution would try to use this against him. Basically knowing that if the illiterate cheat spills it on everyone, he’s toast in the profession.
The power couple idea is not bad. Worked in the 90s with HBC and Stoops
Alright, just as I and a few select good posters on here stated. Now queue the losers (8x5) who will say this didn’t happen soon enough. They should have been arrested/ejected before they even thought about throwing anything. No wait, they should be fired from their jobs, bankrupted and hung from the goalposts at halftime of the UT/ Alabama game, constitution be da&&ed.
I’m with Hoosier here. Always liked LSU. Just too bad that O didn’t work out. I know you guys have won with outsiders, but O just made it so much fun. He’s as Louisiana as gumbo
Absolutely not saying this will happen, but if TN can pull off an upset in Lexington, the spotlight on Stoops will fade.
Not sure Gators will touch Chadwell given his past transgressions. TN wouldn’t, but again that would have been suicidal.
Agree. Could happen this year with the season ND is having.