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Well if we had only lost two specific regular season games and got the 3 seed in the West regional. Seriously, hats off to Edey. It was a great individual performance. I understand all the what ifs after a loss like this. It truly is a matter of 2-3 plays going the other way. No one wants to win as much as the players and coaches that put in so much time and effort. Appreciate all these guys have done to make it a great season for us Vols fans.
Edy is a great player and will get his points. I just don’t want to see him fouled a lot and get them easily. IMO, the key is to not let Purdue’s 3 point shooters get hot. Go Vols!
I love the Vols and will support them until I die, but man this team will make a preacher cuss.
As punishment his 30 minute plus sermon during the baseball tournament should be ended forever, or at least move it away from the Tennessee games!!
I did watch the second half. It was very obvious that Miss St. was not trying to work inside as much as they did with ease against us.
During every postgame press conference Barnes has been rattling off about how he thinks the SEC is the best conference in the country. Sounds like everyone got the memo from Sankey, including Jimmy Dykes.
I’m going to enjoy this one for a day. Hopefully this is the attitude we play with each game. The realist in me is prepared for the inexplicable check out that always seems to come.
Hated to see this but definitely expected it. No one outmuscles Michigan State.
Agree fuzzy. Congrats State. Thanks to the Cats for taking some of the stink
Congrats Wildcats. Our “elite” defense comes at the expense of providing the opponent with a multitude of wide open 3 point shot opportunities. USC couldn’t knock theirs down, but UK did. This will almost always be the difference between our winning or losing.
Congrats to the Gamecocks. You made us play the game at your pace and were fantastic on the boards. We have some issues for sure, but you can’t miss that many layups and win regardless of where you play. ZZ had the worst game that I have ever seen him play. He has a bad tendency to chase the ball down low and leave his man wide open on the 3 point line. His doing this at the end of the game after Kneckt single handedly brought us within 2 points and the entire team standing around and waiting for Kneckt to score was just pathetic.
Congrats Mr. Helton. It’s really hard to believe that the SEC has produced only two hall of famers.
Appreciate the enthusiasm but the boys in Athens are sending them to other teams due to their surplus.
Brandon Stewart out of Texas was very likely a 5 star QB. He was in the same signing class as Peyton. Just for history, there could have been 3 if Heath Shular didn’t leave after his junior season.
Les, IMO many schools don’t emphasize the AD position nearly enough. Mike Hamilton destroyed the Tennessee football program single-handedly. Barring a miracle, or perhaps a baseball NC, I believe the UF AD will be looking for opportunities by mid-October.
Rebel I would be more concerned with Kiffen returning to his “dream job” again once USC kicks Lincoln Riley out next season.
Wow Gaga, I did type “haha.” I guess I’ll never see that bait, hook and bobber ever again.
Forgive me this one Bammers. Coach deBoer, coach Mike Price on line 1. Kalen! This is coach Price. Let me give you some advice. It’s different down there kid. Stay away from the clubs and watch out for your Destiny!
Any word if Kiffin and/or others (Napier, haha) were offered the job?
Agree this was an oversight. Rece does a great job and is one of the best at not being a homer.
Another good article Brett. To all of you posters on here that “know” what would happen if two teams played. If you would please send me the winning numbers for the next Powerball drawing, then I will sing praises of your prognostication prowess for the remainder of my days!