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Thanks for the memories HH. Finish your business and get your NFL dream. Vol fans will always have your back.
I say Heupel has done a pretty good job in Year 2 and from a much worse starting position.
Congratulations and a very sad Good Bye. Great season!
I’ve said this for years. The Proce$$ is a joke. The Proce$$ only worked when very few were proce$$ing without punishment. Now everyone can proce$$. Alabama with Saban can still be very good, as they were this season, they will never be elite. I hate the NIL, but it has leveled the playing field quickly.
Didn’t consider this at all N69. Very interesting take. Problem is without Hooker, I don’t think Tennessee can out score top 10 competition. Our secondary is that bad
Answering the question, No. Kid has 5-star heart. If there was a similar kid from TN, I would want him leading the Vols all day long!
Congrats Aggies! It’s been a crazy season in the SEC this year. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate the definition of a completed pass.
Congrats Gamecocks! Very impressive turnaround after the UF loss.
We need all the defensive help we can sign. I’ll get more excited when he’s signed.
Cheating basturd better get a job soon and at comparable pay or I’m betting his red headed accomplice will be taking the CFA bag and running.
Very tough break for a great young man. Thanks for being a wonderful representative of the University of Tennessee. Praying for a full and speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you in the NFL. Really appreciate all of the great posts from our opponents!
C10, thanks for finding the sunshine after the storm. I ALMOST would say the it was worth the pain. Heupel has absolutely overachieved. I won’t be surprised with a step back next year as Hooker was a great fit and brought game experience. Tennessee was a dumpster inferno. This has been extinguished. Excited for the future as full recruiting classes arrive and progress.
Definitely we have against the pass. It was a matter of time before someone said “let’s throw it most of the time until they stop us.” The clock struck midnight early tonight on the Cinderella Vols. I’m not ready to give up on Banks yet. A coach is only as good as his talent IMO. This loss is as another poster said right up there with 2001 LSU, thus why I’m posting after 1 in the morning, haha. Beat Vanderbilt and get a good bowl win and the season is beyond anything I would have dreamed.
Actually more than doubled. We have been making QBs look like Heisman trophy winners most of the season.
Hope you are correct. I don’t see a one loss conference champion being left out for Tennessee, be it from the Pac12 or the ACC.
Plenty were saying this on articles after the game. I can’t really disagree with them either. I was there and the noise was crazy. I was not at Athens but it obviously had the same impact on Tennessee.
Had not thought about this option. Good take. Still lots of football to be played.
Absolutely agree. Maybe it’s just that old southern quality of respecting one’s elders. Any other coach would be catching h&#*.
Lot’s of great Dawgs on here. Learn to ignore the poor ones.