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I agree with you. As an aside, I rarely see the most important reason why it has been more difficult for Saban discussed: 1 more regular season game; a conference championship game; and a playoff game. Consider they end their regular season today against Auburn teams that are slightly better than when Bryant was coaching, and Saban often faces 4 ranked teams in a row to end the season.
I don't know about "not excited." Can anyone really say that Clemson is able to give Bama a BETTER and HARDER game than Georgia did in the Con Champ? And Tua was hurt after the 4th play of the game. Clemson just played what may be the easiest schedule (including Notre Dame) that they will ever play. This is not a put down on Clemson, but let's be honest.
Well, the good news is that Bama RARELY plays two games in a row the same way. I would be VERY surprised to see the negative issues against Clemson. Plus, they don't have to fret over Trevor Lawrence's running abilities (I hope?). And Clemson's passing game is different from Oklahoma's, so I don't see Surtain struggling the same way--Nick will get him help.
Another excellent point. If Bama is able to get up like that on Clemson, it's game over. Doing that, though, is a very tall order. I just think that when Bama doesn't have to face an elite runner at QB, they don't seem to struggle. And Saban will NOT let this team have the penalties and loss of focus like they did tonight. Can't wait for Jan 7.
Good point. Last three times we faced Clemson, I was nervous (running QB, blah blah). I don't feel nervous this time. Here's why. Clemson, is a VERY good team. But they had the all time easiest schedule this year, and the easier playoff game. They didn't play a top tier team all year. Trever L. doesn't present the challenge to Bama that Murray did. I'm in NO WAY overlooking Clemson (that would be ridiculous), but I feel better about this Bama-Tiger game than any of the others.
What the writer is most likely looking at is this: Against Bama, Fromm did a good job against a great defense (11 months ago). Against Bama this year, Lock was basically shut down. I would argue Georgia has more talented players, but not sure what the writer would argue.
You hit the prime point with your #2: Can Georgia have continued success in their running game. The Dawgs will have some successful runs, their running backs are too good to stop all 60 minutes. But, can they have continual success for 60 min. Good point KS.
Ok, let me get this out. Regardless of who wins next week, Georgia's defense last year was BETTER than this year's. Tua only had one half, and he rang up THAT defense for 26. And you think a slow start this year would be worse than last year? Not sure what's fueling your optimistic proclamation.
Someone might want to remind Nick that the worst knee hit Tua took was from a defender straight up the middle. Tua not stepping up is not really the problem, but it keeps Coach from "singling out" just one unit...the offensive line.
I cannot remember the last article, sports or general news, that did not contain multiple grammatical errors. Some articles were downright deplorable considering the writer and the seriousness of the content. The days of proof reading seem to be over.
Almost as close. Texas A&M lost by 22 to Bama. As a Bama fan, I knew this game would be tough. Your defense was definitely as advertised. Hope you guys win the next two.
Yes, Bama made their statement. However, LSU still controls its hope of a New Year's Six Bowl. They can easily go 10-2, which will be 2-3 more wins than most were giving them in August.
I think what Klatt is relying on is the semi game last year when Oklahoma went toe-to-toe with Georgia, who had one of the best defenses in the country. If Bama played Oklahoma in the semi round, it should be a Tide victory, pulling away by the middle of the third. If they meet in the Natty, with only a week to prepare, the highest scoring Natty in history could easily happen. Alabama would still be slightly favored.
Their front 4, yes. Their back 7, not happening. That is Clemson's weak spot this year, their back 7. Plus, the front 4 for Clemson is great against the run, and good against the pass, but not great. If Michigan was easily capable of scoring more points, they would be the team to best challenge the Tide. Unless a team can harass Tua with just their front 4, it's going to be a big challenge to slow this team down enough to pull out the win.
Don't be so naive media people. Just having you print this gets his message to the team. Coach knows his toughest assignment for the rest of the season is keeping his players focused and improving.
I don't think that will happen again, at least not for a while. If Bama and Dawgs play in SEC CG the loser will not make playoff. Especially if there are three other 1 loss or undefeated conf champs. Wisconsin left out with only one loss, the same would have to apply to Georgia or Bama. You lose a conf champ game, you are pretty much done.
Jeudy should have a breakout year. Yes, Tua will spread the ball around, but if teams target Jeudy, there are other fully capable receivers. Once Tua starts burning a defense with other players, the attention on Jeudy will lessen. That is what makes this Bama team so dangerous--you simply cannot focus on one player like in the past.
All the points on here tonight are good. What you're seeing, is Alabama being the exception to the rule. With Deonte Thompson playing at first team all American level, the other d-backs are allowed to play based on their outstanding talent, thus the inexperience is not much of a factor. That usually is not the case, not even for Bama. That Ole Miss offense is very good, but ran into too much talent. Auburn, don't understand that one. Georgia being Georgia. Rest of league looked good.
I still don't know what to make of Clemson's D-line. Same starters as last year, yet Jalen hit'em up for 24 points. Supposed to be best in the country, but A&M was able to move on them. Tua should give them more headaches this year. I still think the best team Bama could face with offense and defense is Ohio St. Georgia has the offense to hang with Bama, as does Oklahoma. Clemson has the defense to hang, but maybe not the offense. Time will tell...
Hopefully Coach will rotate receivers and running backs on a regular basis, and combat that cheap crap.
I'd say that sounds about right. Ole Miss QB will hit on some passes, and I see OM scoring between 24-30. Especially if Bama starts subbing early and OM starter stays in.
I understand your analysis. And while I agree with ESPN that Georgia and Clemson do have QB battles, Bama just does not! Tua is it, period, end of discussion. Coach is keeping Jalen minimally happy with some playing time. But even NFL personnel have stated emphatically that there are only 3 or 4 QBs in the NFL that can do what Tua can do. Losing Jalen anytime during this season would mean Bama is one broke toe from having a 3rd string QB, who has no experience much at all, from being the leader of this offense. Right or wrong, Jalen is pretty much persona non grata as the QB of Bama barring serious injury to Tua. Next year, we'll have more talented backups.
Very true. As soon as he threw it I was thinking why are throwing into double coverage. However, I've seen all the strong arm QBs do that, from Face to Elway to Marino. That is one area he could clean up pretty quick.
You can assess playing anyone. Are your techniques correct, are your reads accurate, etc. Ark St is up there with App St, which almost beat Penn St. Apparently we have learned from Ark St that Coach is willing to give up short throws at times, but unlike in the past, he will no longer let teams beat is with long throws.
Wrong. Those countries do not have our constitution. Now I've read the First Amendment several times, and the media/journalists are not guaranteed anywhere near the "rights" they think they have. Besides, wer talking sports here and game plans, not diplomacy. Bad example you used, but completely believeable in our society today.
This is why I'm with Bill Parcells, Jimmie Johnson, Tom Landry (RIP), and several other coaches who simply hate the media. "Coach, please tell us how you're going to use Jalen cause Ark St surely isn't listening." Do we have the dumbest, or is it the least genuine media on earth?
True. But that is always the case: don't get cocky. Same for Stidham, From and any other standout QB. Still lots of work, but Bama, Dawgs, Tigers (both) look like playoff caliber at this point. The LSU part of the Tigers will need their QB to go up a notch and then stay there. Could be a really good November in the SEC.