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Why is it everyone says Trask is a far better QB than Franks, but the QB guru Mullen couldn't see it.
Justin Fields transferred "after allegedly having racial slurs directed at him by fans". I understand bad writing comes from bad writers, but just being a lazy writer and exaggerating the truth just comes from how you are raised.
Rxdawg...I think he is saying that a dozen different players started at least one game on the 2016 defense for the Dawgs, and then returned to the team in 2017.
You mean like Ala vs Clemson....then Ala vs Clemson...then Ala vs Clemson...yep nobody watched that.
That's OK now go find a safe place while the grown-ups talk...everything's gonna be OK.
I can remember when Kirk Herbstreit actually believed what he was saying. Now he's just another ESPN puppet. It's sad what has become of the mother ship.
No worries my friend, I figured you were saying the Dawgs lose the regular season game and then beat the Tigers in Atlanta in Dec. for the SEC title.
You have to be aware of the recent events in Trenton Thompson's life and yet you used the expression "I Loathed" when he wasn't brought to SEC Media days by UGA. That's just a damn shame dude, sorry you didn't get a chance to ask him some of your hard hitting questions. As for Sony being voted 3'rd team preseason all SEC and you being disturbed about that....It's preseason all SEC voted on by your cohorts and you feel so strong about it being wrong that you loathed it, 3'rd team all SEC and it worried you enough that you loathed it, dude there is nothing I can say that will help a professional.
William you put a lot of time and effort into your evaluation concerning the downside of Jacob's first season, and I think you nailed it....good job... ( I think we'll see a much improved Eason in 2017)
Tuck Fech.... I'm old enough to know that they lie and cheat every opportunity they get. The fans say they don't care that much about football until they get a win every 8 years or so, then all of a sudden they crawl out from under the rocks and .....well you get it...God I hate Tech.
"You can’t just take a couple plays here and there and make a guy look better than he actually is.” Of course you can Tom.....your employer (ESPN) does it every day.