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Looking at Bill's message history, he's on par with giving comments like the doofus from DeadSpin trying to cancel the Kansas City Chief kid with 'blackface'.s
Texas better enjoy this year before they join in SEC. They will be the next Tennessee brags saying this is the year only to lose 2-4 games knocking down the ego for another 6 months before it all starts again.
No kidding. With Texas and Oklahoma coming in... nothing is guaranteed for a season. My money is on Dabo Swinney. Clempson is treating him like **** for one mediocre season. He might as well get paid much better if he's going to have a fan base treat him like that.
Yeah, it boils down to the Kentucky night game. If the Gamecocks don't blow noon Vandy. Darude is coming to Columbia SC to play Sandstorm live for that game. If they somehow win that game... Clempson is in trouble.
Since 2005? 9 out of 19. Let's not act like 10AhC has been dominating the SEC the last two decades. Gamecocks vs Florida since 2005 7 out of 19 10AhC vs Florida since 2005 2 out of 19
That is an interesting stat. Looking into it further and breaking it down.... Florida is always neutral Most important games always end up CBS at 3:30. Last serious night game was ND. Georgia won in OT against Southern Georgia at home at night in 2015. Georgia only played at home at night once in 2014. (Auburn) Georgia really never plays any other SEC teams at night at home unless it's Missouri or Kentucky.
Plenty of time, he exceeded expectations his year 1 and 2. The young guys he's had come in and for 2024 are impressive. The big question is some of the play calling and if he's made the right choices for some of the positional coaches.
Your comment history looks like an 8 year old tantrum because mommy did not give you a cookie after dinner.
This article is nothing but transfer fuel. Not giving a complete excuse on where the Gamecocks are at but transfers took a huge hit on team with Lloyd going to Southern Cal, Burch to Oregon, Stogner back to Nebraska, and Bell to FSU. There's plenty of other players hiding under SEC rosters that should get the same treatment instead of teams that are struggling.
It would be awesome to go into this break with no more major injuries....
Always fun to get a Harvey joke squeezed in.
Those moonshine cherries are no joke.
Completely agree with this. Night game in Knoxville will have a huge impact. There hasn't been a Beamer ball game yet this season and that's probably what is needed to win this game.
How do you lead the NCAA in receiving yards after 4 games and not make this top 20?
Next few weeks are going to be very interesting.
Really interesting to see the difference in opinion of Tennessee vs FCS and South Carolina vs FCS.
Georgia finally gets some Natties and they act like they have been dominating the SEC like Alabama has the last decade.
Exactly, it's so weird how the media will create so much hype for a team but then get melodramatic with their response when it turns out incorrect. This could easily be a 2010 Alabama team and next year 2011 (which was arguably one of their most dominating seasons)
What are you talking about? Who was Beamer whining and blaming?
Yeah, he definitely provided something. The way he answered the question was just weird. Either be honest and say we were on the lookout of something specific and it was true during the whole game or simply say you aren't going to answer that question. If it did happen, it would be smart to let his old coaches know what they found. It's only in UNC's best interest now to have the Gamecocks start winning to get a quality OOC win on their belt. Not a 5-7 that won't make a bowl if they don't clean up a few major issues.
Admitting you are still using Spectrum for your ESPN is the bandaid there.
Paul wants his clicks. Maybe he should look into OnlyFans.
I feel like this is a 'Don't bite the hand that feeds you' situation. The media in general have become too whiny about what to expect from coaches and wanting them to constantly feed them content so they have more relevance than they should have. These head coaches only need to care about recruiting and getting wins for their school. Anything else is literally a gift to the media. It would be hilarious if all the coaches got together and agreed not to give these whining media pundits anything other than, 'We will be on the field Saturday, you can analyze and talk about that.'
@SupraDawg, do you see many Tennessee fans on here being realistic this year? Those cigars they smoked after beat Bama were laced with something that's still affecting them.
'most overhyped team in the SEC'? That's the exact proper label for Tennessee since 2008. Complete another good year back to back before you start acting like you are Alabama or Georgia. That Georgia State loss in 2019 isn't that long ago.
One good season and you got a lot of Tennessee fans trying to act like 2022 was the norm. That 2019 Georgia State game should still have some humble pie left.
It's not like Tennessee has had a lot of preseason hype the last 15 years and actually backed it up. Right? :P They are just betting for history to repeat itself and Tennessee to take a step back from the previous year.