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The ball started rolling with Hilinski. Another star QB is coming in 2020. The OC was demoted and a new OC is coming in. He's going to have to start off fresh with whoever comes in to fill the OC position. I think he's hoping for a Russell Wilson situation for his last year.
What shot is that when 6 of those games were against USC? He doesn't want to add the games against SEC during his first 5 years. They actually lost to Kentucky.
This crap again. I've been hit in the face by a rubber chicken by a drunk Georgia fan. I've had drunk Clemson frat boys threaten my massively pregnant wife. I don't have stupid stereotype for schools I dislike even because of a few idiots.
I completely agree. NCAA needs to change to NCHA... National College Hyprocites Association
Maybe supporting a sports team isn't a great idea for your personality.
You really have a problem. If you are going to troll, at least state something funny or true.
Correction; Is not true... So tired of seeing BS comments here filled with ignorant information.
Maybe you should sit down with your comments when your first sentence isn't not true. Spurrier gave up on recruiting after the 2012 season. Spurrier has even admitted that. He was recruited by Shawn Elliot. He was actually a 3 star recruit and he didn't get the attention he deserved from other schools. His Freshman year was 2015; the year Spurrier quit midseason. Deebo didn't have much playing time that year. He didn't start getting a lot of playing time until is Soph year which was under Muschamp. Is it fun inventing false facts?
Epic? Their 4 game win streak is against 3 SEC teams with losing SEC records and UAB.
Yup. Trash was thrown on the field in 17 thought so I think that's what he's assuming. If you run up and taunt your rivals drunk student section after a big play... all bets are off.
Something different, our plays are predicted just as bad as Houston Astro players stealing signs.
Both of you guys are hysterical. Acting like South Carolina has the worst fan base in the nation is plain ignorant. Have South Carolina fans poisoned something like Toomer's corner for a rival? Sexually assaulted a drunk rival after the game by tea bagging them at a fast food restaurant? Light couches on fires after games? Has South Carolina fans vandalized a precious rock that their rivals view as a piece of their history? Oops, no... their own stupid fan base did it themselves. Take a look at how Clempson acted in 1902 after South Carolina won that game and they literally haven't changed in over a century. If you can't handle a little trash talk go back to your safe space. Stay away from the cow pastures and the banjo playing for an extended period of time before you try to post some facts.
It took Spurrier 6 years though to finally win the SEC East and by then Tennessee was a dumpster fire and you only had to worry about Georgia and Florida.
Been busy with work, literally found out about the loss and then read this article within 2 minutes of each other!
You really can't drop it can you? Do you hear Gamecocks giving that excuse for losing to App State?
Classic new age Tennessee brag. Only can use references to Gamecock football teams to brag or try to insult.
There it is; he's building up a case on what he's done compared to the school's history.
Alabama fans talking about being classy? With crazy fans like Harvey Updyke and the dude that tea bagged the drunk LSU fan a few years ago... I think you need to slow the roll and do some reflection.
If the Georgia game hadn't happen... it would be a done deal. I don't think they want to rock the boat with the Clemson game coming up.
He's being sarcastic. Chad Morris is from Dabo Swinney's coaching line and would be a horrible addition.
It's beyond Muschamp. This is on Tanner now. Loved the 2010 and 2011 baseball national championships (and the almost three peat in 2012).... As much money that's going into that program... there's no reason to lose to UNC, Missouri, Tennessee, and App State in the same year when your HC proclaims to the media. "This is our best team yet."
Dudes a freshman. He had an amazing passes vs no interception record going into the game.
Get your drunk ass to bed. This is nothing on Hilinski.
Extremely painful to see this happening to Arkansas. You can't trust a coaching tree from Dabo Swinney like you can with Saban. 2011, Arkansas had a 11 win season. Since then, only two winning seasons. Last two seasons? Only wins have been Eastern Illinois, Tusla, Portland State, and Colorado State. Hopefully you will hear about a player's only meeting after this game. Put up a good fight against LSU and try to beat Missouri.
Hah, I bumped into him the night they retired his number and the Gamecocks squeaked out the win.