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Guess he didn't see the article written by Michael Wayne Bratton 30-45 minutes before this one was posted.
Wasn't it 2017 where Kentucky limped by beating Southern Miss and Eastern Kentucky?
Nice to see that a Kentucky fan knows how to copy and paste.
Come on, I don't think any Gamecocks can analyze a game, especially against Georgia... Until they get rid of the Kentucky losing streak.
Invest in SC breweries and SC liquor distilleries. Big profits this year. The fan base has turned into a 'wine and cheese' crowd and home games aren't as impressive as they used to be. Those boys are going to have to get some top 25 wins on their belt before they get that stadium back to where they were during Spurrier's years.
What's ridiculous about finding the truth about black market drugs used by college kids?
Don't fret, Chad Morris is going to eventually implement the same Ostarine schedule for his players that he learned at Clemson so he can get his players ahead without getting in trouble.
There's better odds with that statement than Clemson actually getting in trouble for using Ostarine.
I'm surprised that Clemson didn't make the list with the love-affair SDS has with them.
Every team on here has their shill and I declare you Paris. Shill of the wildcats. Good luck this season and I'm excited to see your post here decrease as the season goes on.
I'm starting to think Dabo Swinney is writing some of these columns. Or SDS has weekly meetings on ways to pump up Clemson to pretend like they have been dominating football for the past 10 years.
Some of these top25 are purely click bait for advertisements.
This list has a whole lot of nope and a little wtf that I don't even know where to start.
Would Georgia like GT in the SEC? Would Florida approve of Florida State being in the SEC? Clemson has had great atheletes for the past decade. It's only until recently that they finally started playing up to their potential. Winning two NCS and destroying Alabama hasn't completely erased their nasty loss to WVU in 2012. Their schedule is as weak as ever this year and with FSU on the outs... The only time they will be tested for most of the season will be against Texas A&M and maybe South Carolina if they haven't been ripped apart with injuries from their 2019 schedule.
You aren't going to get a single Clemson fan to agree to that statement.
I would say your post is more bait. Fairly accurate article that I think most Gamecock fans would agree with.
That 2011 CWS; SEC completely dominated it. No SEC team lost to any other team EXCEPT another SEC team. South Carolina pulled off some miracle plays to keep ahead of Florida.
South Carolina almost got 3 wins in a row... and that 3rd team was a completely different team. Would be fun to see the 2009 LSU, 2011 South Carolina, 2017 Florida, and 2019 Vandy teams play against each other. Probably the 4 best SEC teams this decade-ish. 6 of the last 11 CWS winners has been an SEC team. SEC baseball is right behind football on dominating the college sport.
Congrats! I'm so glad they moved the CWS Final to a 3 game series.
If that was true, then they would have put Mukuamu for size who has 2-3 inches on Diggs
I think you should worry about Missouri's non conference losses before you worry about losing to teams in the SEC. 9-6 to UConn in 2015 really? That 2014 powerhouse Indiana... Since joining the SEC Missouri chokes harder than an escort at a German sausage buffet.
Like Alabama did with Clempson last year? South Carolina still put up a better game against them than Alabama rolling over in the fetal position.
South Carolina can't stop talking about 2010? Really? I think they are more concerned about getting rid of the horrible 5 losses in a row against Kentucky.
Wow, Kentucky fan calling a South Carolina fan a redneck? That blue grass still had manure on it.
The wine and cheese Cats have 5 straight wins over the Gamecocks. I don't think any Gamecock has a right to be putting Kentucky in a football tier that's on par or below them.
Stoops better be careful what he wishes for. South Carolina didn't get any massive preseason hype either until preseason 2014. And look what happen after that...