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Don't feed the troll. Look at his comment history. 100% of his comments are South Carolina articles. He's not an LSU fan. He's a bored Clempson puppet that is upset that they might not be at the top of the CF world anymore.
I quit reading after that. Some of the writers here have just as bad as a memory as Alabama fans discussion of the 00s
The Gator trolling by the Dawgs on this thread is hilarious. The fact that you can't get past is that Florida has had 3 national championships since the last one from Georgia in 1980. All bark, no bite since 1981.
Always a great weekend to wrap everything up for the regular season. Outside of Clempson/South Carolina; definitely going to be watching MSU/Ole Miss and FSU/Florida. Florida needs to take that chip on their shoulder and shove up FSU's ***. The game is in the Swamp... everyone has Friday to get over their hangover to start it back up early on Saturday. FSU has been a joke for a quite a while now... I don't want to see Florida getting down to that level.
If the Gators aren't careful, they are going to turn their program in to Tennessee. Always hyped at the beginning of a new season but falls flat on the games that count. If a school is looking for a new coach to replicate the exact same success in the past, they are going to fail.
Dude, Auburn did beat Arkansas and Ole Miss. You need to curb the chatter... we almost lost to ECU early in the season and had to come back to beat Vanderbilt.
So what was the ruling on the field? While they were talking about 'vectors' and a bunch of BS we were struggled to figure out what the actual ruling on the field was. Broadcasters were saying it wasn't 'even close' at first but every reply it got closer and closer.
Not going to dox you GatorPhil but what I was able to find with one of my spiders; you spew more BS than Trump. You've posted so much here that you can't get a direct history for sds but between your Twitter account, mudduck/mudlizard, and other gator accounts... I'm seeing a massive amount of Florida's own fans calling you out on your BS. You talk about class but I don't think you understand the actual Tdefinition I didn't have to dig far to see the hatred coming out of your post everywhere. Be careful keeping that kind of online persona because people lately are all about cancel culture and it will arrive at your own doorstep. If you can't handle the good nature jokes against your team, maybe just stay off the net for a bit and go enjoy some time at the lake.
Don't really have any highlights this season to do any other videos. The media team was really sitting on their hands for most of the season.
I was at the stadium near the field and I still refused to start celebrating until about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Pretty much every Gamecock fan around me was wondering what in the world was going on. Everyone was still shell shocked from the Vanderbilt game.
Not it's not. Losing to Saban is expected. You think ADs are going to give their HC grief on losing to him?
That Clempson statement burns deep. They went a long way from Clemson/West Virginia 70-33 in 2012 to winning it all in 2016.
He doesn't. Check his comment history.
Tilting on a 'bold' prediction. Someone either needs a chill pill or a dictionary.
Still early in the season to be giving such praise. Funny to see Kentucky fans acting like Tennessee fans.
A majority of the fans know what he needs to do. Just media trying to stir up clicks
Don't know where all this Vandy hate is coming from. Lots of ego with Jawja lately.
Georgia and some of the other better teams in the SEC eventually have to take a noon slot. Can't have 3:30, 7:00 every single game.
If you are so sure, make a promise that if Georgia doesn't win the SEC this year... you won't show up here with your balderdash in 2022.
My six your old could troll better than you. Want me to ask her for some advice for you?
Bold prediction on the Kentucky/South Carolina game is just weird. "No clue what to say"^ 'got to state something' - 150 yards rushing. Here is a bold prediction. South Carolina wins by 24 or Kentucky adds to the belt and beats the Gamecocks by 24. Bold prediction... &*&&& f&&&&ing *****.
At this point, if you don't see sarcasm in his posts... You are living in a dream world where a Gamecock realistically thinks 10-2 would happen.
Let's see how well these comments age :)
I love some fried catfish. Will have to go looking the next time I'm there.