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Technically that Clemson game is in 2019. Is that the game your proved it?
People still want to believe Socal isn't too far off from their 2005 team.
Noon game with the fair going on. Gamecocks we're blessed with a noon game in Athens. Just like Florida is blessed with a noon game in Columbia. Fairground parking doesn't even open until 9. Stadium won't be full until 1.
You want games like this before before November. It feels like the media was spending more time hyping Georgia this week and the players were listening. South Carolina lost to UNC and UNC lost to App State. And then UNC almost beat Clemson. Each game is it's on battle and this can be a wake up call to the players.
That's exactly what happen to Florida after Muschamp left too.
I think it's all circular. Georgia and Florida rival status is probably because Tennessee hasn't been good for 10+ years now and Florida is the only one to challenge Georgia except for a couple of good years from South Carolina or Missouri. If South Carolina or Missouri could have maintained that success... while Florida was up and down the past 10 years... your answer might have been a little different.
I think it has to do with the stereotypical Georgia fan. Georgia travels well... and they have no problem going shirtless showing off 300 lbs of gut dancing at the entrance of a rival's stadium. Nationally, Georgia and Ohio State typically have the most obnoxious traveling fans. That's where the 'rivals' come from. That said, I've heard more positive things about Georgia fans in the last few years than I've heard or witnessed myself in the past 30. Maybe Georgia is turning a new leaf... or a new banjo.
Chances are we will give either Georgia or Clemson a game. Good luck the rest of the season.
Rednecks calling others rednecks. Seven "Classy" T
You think you are trolling but it's really pathetic. Your comments are worth about as much as used toilet paper at a rest stop.
Georgia fan or Alabama fan? Got a response for both; The whining I heard for the LSU and Texas game last year... I think you would feel a common thread. South Carolina played Clemson at their house a hell of a lot better than that 'game' Alabama played for the NC.
I think that's what annoyed me was that if you are going to call a game like that, call it all the way. The missed block in the back made me turn the TV off for a few minutes while I calmed down. Obviously Bama was the better team but the Gamecocks were going after them and could have bit a closer game if the refs actually cared to call some of those calls right.
Look who's back. How miserable it must be for a Tennessee fan to pretend to be a Gamecock fan and talk trash.
Do you really believe that? Troy and Alabama are competing on the same atheletes? Your reason is going to happen no matter what. Are you really that conceded that you think a recruit will pick Troy simply because they might get to play one game in Bryant-Denny stadium? New strain of kush must be flowing through Alabama.
I hear a banjo playing Deliverance while trying to piece together that 'joke'.
Looking through the comments, someone really stepped on a nerve.
Awesome, I didn't know Southern California joined the SEC. Or titles of articles didn't matter for SDS.
Dude, this article and comments on it really triggered you. You need a safe space?
You can tell SDS is Alabama homers because their editors (do they have any?) left the starting time of 2:30 without CST. It's 3:30 EST.
You have as much preseason hype as Florida fans this year. Keep it up!