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If he was such a genius; how did he let himself get fired in 2008?
I kinda agree with this. South Carolina talent used to be sucked dry by Tennessee, Georgia, and NC State(in the 80s). Holtz and Spurrier coming to South Carolina, the big focus was keeping in state talent to stay home. For Spurrier that was; Gilmore Rice Lattimore Jeffery Clowney There's plenty more but those are the ones that really propped up Spurrier's years.
That should be on the AD's head and it's not. Basically AD at schools being snake oil salesmen to their own boosters.
Do you think Fulmer is the right guy at AD? There's fans getting angry at Tanner as AD at South Carolina. Seems like Fulmer and Tanner have made some horrible contract extensions the last few years.
Or you could wonder that Tennessee is joining FSU, SoCal, and other traditional powerhouses that have lost that 'it' factor that they used to have. It doesn't help that the media keeps hyping Tennessee as if 'this is the year'.
Losing to South Carolina cost Fulmer his job. Winning against South Carolina has kept a weird excuse for the rest of their coaches to keep Tennessee in mediocrity since Fulmer was fired. Kiffin was the only smart one and beat South Carolina with a team he shouldn't have then bolted. These 'traditional' power houses can't keep resting on what they've done in the past to think they can still be top dog.
Deshaun Watson tore his ACL playing Georgia Tech in 2014. Two weeks later he still played the South Carolina game because they were so desperate to break the 5 game streak.
This is absolutely correct. Both Davis and Harris were bowling balls when hitting the line. Raw strength and weight pushing openings. Lattimore's production after contact was pure football knowledge and all about his pad level and awareness of the other defenders. Lattimore was an extremely rare gift in that even if the team lined up and knew he was getting the ball they couldn't stop him. That 2010 Florida game South Carolina won to clinch the SEC East; Lattimore literally put the whole team on his back and carried them across the finish line.
South Carolina, making green QBs hash tags since Kenny Trill 2014.
Wow, this was worse than the Cam Newton coming out party in 2010 @ Auburn.
How is that a bold prediction for LSU when the spread has been 6-7? Can't have your cake and eat it too
Kentucky fans with the ego this year; they put up 19 against Alabama. You think Kentucky has a better defense than Alabama? That Tennessee and MSU wins has gone to your head.
Didn't say they didn't; but pundits keep trying to pump Tennessee that this is the year. The trap is that ever year it's a new year for an SEC team and pundits keep trying to play favorites despite how the team is coming together. Recruiting can only go so far; you still have to have a HC that knows what to do with them.
Mukuamu is back and LSU is starting green QBs. Ok...
We got Mukuamu back too for tomorrow. Not a good combo in the secondary if you are a green QB.
Yeah, it's showing Blackmon's ignorance as SEC as a whole. He covers Florida football so might only care about Muschamp's history as the gator HC.
I think it was in response to the mouthing a lot of Auburn players were doing. In the first half as Auburn seemed to be pulling ahead a lot of CB and WR on both sides of the ball were getting up and getting into the mask of their counterparts quite often. Even Gus brought it up post game how it was unlike Auburn.
I think the under is going to drop fast the next few days. Almost a sure thing until it gets around 40.
I know it sucks both teams losing their games with Clempson and GT but I feel this is a decent replacement for that typical yearly game. For both teams; this will basically be the last game they are looking forward to playing as South Carolina will play Kentucky for their actual last game and Georgia with Vanderbilt.
Butch, you aren't fooling anyone that comments here. A pound of your supposed wit is about about the same value as a pound of manure. Your hubris is boring to read in these comments on SDS.
Every team has a little dark/sketchy fan traditions. Don't see it any different than a 400 lb man in orange overalls passing out moonshine cherries to tailgaters while walking to Neyland Stadium.
I've seen a roulette wheel not hit black in 15 spins... so not really. :)
Everyone at SDS jumping on the Kentucky over Auburn bandwagon. It's going to be a tragedy if they put that as the first night game and Auburn wins by 28.
Concrete jungle. Charlotte can get just as bad but a lot of city planning and green space seems to help out. Hopefully they will continue to push the river development near the city.
The fall from the 2013 to where we are now... it's almost as bad as the Arkansas fall. At this point the average Gamecock fan looks at any news talking about how the team is going to perform with a grain of salt. Actions speak louder than words and there's been enough words said. Luckily the Gamecocks aren't in a perpetual hype machine that the media does for Tennessee.
It's going to be embarrassing to the spring football teams that lose out on viewership over basketball.