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There was a huge uptick in voting for South Carolina with the AP polls this past week even though they only played Wofford. My guess is that any media vote that has Clempson as a darling wanted South Carolina to crack the top 25 just so that they could say they played another top 25 team.
Eventually someone has to put the breaks on the crazy train at the Tennessee AD. The athletic department there truly does remind me of the Browns management. If Florida isn't careful, they are going to eventually end up like Tennessee too. Who would have thought 10 years go buy and Tennessee has been a bad to mediocre team for that long. Never say never... Florida should be rolling up the money trunks and making sure they don't continue to go down the path they are going.As for Georgia... the jury is still out. Play Alabama tight, win the bowl game, then see if you can repeat next year.
I think you burned the wrong school. :) Jawja fan a little upset that a Florida fan thinks their own school is a top #5 football school.
The SEC East for that matter.
So when was the last time Tennessee actually competed for the SEC and/or won the east? 2007?Since 2008, Tennessee has had 5 losing seasons. (Going to have another one this season) No matter how much the media tries to pump them up... they have always fall. After this season, Kentucky will have the same amount of winning seasons as Tennessee has since 2008. Let that one stick in there for you.Since 2008, the only teams in the East that have been able to bring a fight to Georgia and Florida are Missouri and South Carolina.Until this year, Missouri has just as many trips to the SECCG as Georgia since 2008.This media ego boost to Tennessee has to eventually stop until Tennessee proves themselves. It definitely doesn't help them.
Your first mistake was using logic for an Alabama fan.
What have you Tennessee fans been drinking this weekend?
There's dust all over that ego. It's been 10 years since Tennessee has been relevant in the SEC with football. The Tennessee athletic department rivals the Browns administration incompetency.
I'm voting Lane Kiffin. Can you imagine what it would be like with Lane Kiffin head coach but Spurrier still in the background casting a shadow?
I think you are repeating what the Georgia fans are saying. Apparently everyone believes they should beat everyone else.
Someone better be ready to comfort UGARMYRet if Georgia loses to USC, Auburn, or Georgia Tech.
The team that wins on Saturday, each player gets a Nickleback CD. The players on the losing team each get two Nickleback CDs.
I don't disagree, but I think the jury is still out. The media has been jumping on the Smart bandwagon.The media needs to wait on the hype they are pushing until Dec. Tennessee was their darling last year and look what happen.
Are we jumping the gun a bit? Wasn't the reason why Georgia got rid of Richt because he couldn't handle big games and couldn't close out a season?The only teams Georgia have played so far that had a heartbeat was ND and MSU and they almost lost the ND game.
Kentucky was destroyed by MSU. Kentucky's best win so far is South Carolina.South Carolina's best win is NC State, a team that is currently in the top 25. They haven't been blown out by any team and have had a chance to win each of their two losses. (Probably will change against Georgia next weekend)
I think that's 90% of SDS's agenda. The other 10% is resubmitting the same articles in the off season to continue to get some clicks.
Esec, you've been gone for over a week now. Running out of material to troll USC fans?
A Tennessee troll pretending to be a Gamecock fan wants to talk about class? You've got some issues to work out at the end of the season. You are embarrassing other Tennessee posters on here.
If Georgia beats Florida by 3 scores... You might have a coach more in a hot seat that the 'Champions of Life" coach in Tennessee.
Holy ****. He picked South Carolina beating Kentucky this year because he thought there was no way Kentucky could pull it off 4 years in a row. Kentucky seems to be able to pull off a win against South Carolina but choke on everyone else.Kentucky fans still catching some tude and don't know what to do with that chip on their shoulder that's lasted mid way through October.
So South Carolina won the SEC East in 2010 because the division was down but Florida won it in 2015 and 2016 because of McElwain. Got it.
I think what they are getting at is that Kentucky's streak against South Carolina is strange/abnormal. Kentucky has won 4 straight against South Carolina but still can't turn the corner on Florida, Georgia, or Tennessee.South Carolina on the other hand even during their downfall since 2014 still can piece together wins against Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.Kentucky vs Georgia/Florida/Tennessee the last 10 games per team. 2-28South Carolina vs Georgia/Florida/Tennessee the last 10 games per team. 15-15
South Carolina 2011; but then again they lost to a really bad Auburn team so it was deserved.
It sounds like he is getting some bad advice. If he's trying to use college as an all or nothing approach for the NFL... he has some rough times ahead.
Que Lion King music.... Itttttttttttttttttt's the circle of lifeeeeeeeeee
How does a Tennessee fan talk trash to a Florida fan? Going to bring up some fun facts from the 90s?