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That is what's funny. I reached out to a few of my Florida friends in Gainesville and they had no clue they were playing in the CWS final. Maybe there is weight on Sullivan actually going to South Carolina.
Don't hurt yourself with that mental math :)Florida - 12 Georgia - 5 Tennessee - 5 Missouri - 2 South Carolina - 1
Does LSU students like to throw piss filled balloons? :D
This is the same garbage article SDS has republished 8+ times in the last 3-4 years... Google the following from SaturdayDownSouth Every SEC school’s best sport outside of football - by Jessi LeeIt looks like they finally purged the last few attempts to regurgitate this article.Can't believe people are getting paid for reposting horribly inaccurate articles.
*golf clap* SDS and their facts... An article about schedules and they couldn't get the dates correct from a copy/paste.
Anyone on the previous article that had some comments.... Care to correct some statements?
Let me help Bryan Chips Mom out; TShirt fans are a huge annoyance for Texas A&M alumni. It's people that cheer for Texas A&M but never graduated from there. They are passionate about the Aggies but overall create a stereotype for Aggie fans because of their low IQ and causing embarrassment for other fans.
Drunk guy has his phone accidentally knocked away and attempts to start something as if he was assaulted by someone.Funny, my friend a few years ago got his faced destroyed by a glass mug by some 'military guy' that was offended that he cut in front of him at the bar. TheState didn't write about that incident.
If they truly were good at what they do... would they be getting laid off?Apparently there is some getting to stay because they do their job 'better'.
Dude, you are trying to make a weird argument. Oklahoma had the 82 overall defense in 2016. Are you trying to compare SEC defenses to B12?128 Texas Tech (LAST) 109 Kansas 94 Texas 92 Oklahoma St 82 Oklahoma 81 Baylor 73 TCU 51 Kansas St.Only two teams in the B12 were below 50 (Iowa St and West Virginia)Yes, SEC has much better defenses than the B12. MUCH better.
"larger-than-normal minor-league crowd, most of whom were there specifically to watch him play."That's a pretty specific and weighted opinion to make. Baseball is big in South Carolina and to think someone is going to come to a game simply because Tebow is playing is laughable.It was the opening game of the season... It was Gene Cone's first game as well from the South Carolina Baseball team.
This coming from an Arkansas fan is hilarious.
It's always the fringe of chaos that get's the attention. If you quickly create stereotypes like that, then you are possibly a bad business owner.
I think what he's trying to say is that the south didn't go to war for being 'racist'. There's plenty to argument about on why the South went to war. Anyone that says it had nothing to do with slavery is FOS. But is it far fetch to think that it wasn't the main reason? Those that owned a slave was a extremely small %. Do you honestly believe that everyone that went to war in the South was racist and was fighting for the rich men and families to keep their slaves?I think that's the better question.There's so much taboo surrounding the confederate flag now that it's probably better to find another symbol than to keep fighting these circular arguments.
This STUPID BS is hashed by Saturday Down SOuth every single freaking year. South Carolina has been one of the premier baseball schools in the country constantly being in the top 25 for almost 2 decades.Google 'saturday down south every sec best sport outside of football' It's like clockwork every year. Same stupid garbage is posted for clicks. BRETT WEISBAND | MAR 15, 2015 - Each SEC school’s best sport outside of football JESSI LEE | MAR 14, 2016 | Every SEC school’s best sport outside of footballSDS is reaching new levels of low with this crap.
That's funny. A thread just popped up last week on GamecockCentral on where you would want to get a drink at. (Columbia, SC)The Whig wasn't mentioned once and at least 20+ other bars were given.I don't think the author of this article understands what a 'college bar' is.
Rut roh, so as an adult and father, I can't like waffle house? 9 times out of 10 I'll pick that place over some fancy brunch.
There seems to be a lot of mixed information about what he did for Clemson. It looks like he was executive director of the booster money coming in to the athletic department.He must have been going through some highs and lows between his wife passing away and Clemson winning the national championship.
Xavier Thomas has already stated that he's staying in SC and it is down to Clemson and South Carolina. Why add Florida State to the mix?
Both of these are absolutely correct. The question is which one falls first. Coaches quit coming to him because of how they are typically treated or he retires.
I've setup a gofundme page for mike693466's caps-lock key. Help him out.
"Saban had this planned all along. It was his end game for Kiffin" - 90% of the Bama posters on here.
I guess it's a two-sided coin. You could say he's developed a lot of coaching talent or you could say that he's had plenty of coaches there were excited to get out from under his thumb.
Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I'm worried that college football is turning into recruitment only. A lot of schools are recruit first, develop talent 2nd. Saban is a big reason of Alabama's success since 2008 but the game changes. Saban is a much better coach that Swinney but Clemson won on raw talent alone. As some of these Clemson players make it to the NFL, you'll have your proof whether they only used them to win games or actually helped further their career. So far, Swinney really doesn't have a good streak with their NFL talent the last 6-7 years.
In the short term, it works. How do you think Clemson turned it around in 2-3 years? In 2010 they lost to South Florida in a bowl game. Got destroyed by WVU in 2012.