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You picked to make this comment over Florida's track and field accomplishment? Any SEC team winning a national championship any year deserves to be in the list. You usually have good comments on here and understand the SEC very well. Might need to check your password.
Oh, it didn't get back in alignment. I've got Georgia friends that are acting like they've been dominating the SEC the last 20 years now. They sound like Alabama fans pre 2013 as if 2000-2006 didn't happen.
The teams that truly make sense in order of preference VT > NC State > Wake Forest > UNC > Virginia > App State > 20 other schools > ND
At this point, the SEC is only going to focus on footprint. I can almost guarantee you after this latest news that if the SEC adds ANYONE after Texas and Oklahoma it will be schools in either North Carolina, Virginia, or maybe Florida. Not to say Clempson, Florida State, or Georgia Tech aren't going to end up in the SEC... but the end game is pure viewership. How many new eyes are you going to get when Clempson joins the SEC, starts getting a constant 1-4 losses every year in the SEC and their 'we beat Alabama once' sheen wears off?
"Does that help the Kentuckys and South Carolinas of the world?" Seeing this garbage makes me want to change my hosts file for to point to I don't want to be dealing with click bait when football season is finally here. There was just an article from SDS on how the SEC has dominated since 2009...
Sounds like what everyone said about UCLA in 2010 and South Carolinas chances after having to play an extra game.
That's literally been the case the passed 15 years. If we had actual dline/defense in 2014, we could have possibly done better than 2012-2013 with surprisingly good offense to match.
About time, CWS has typically been dominated by SEC east teams.
Another detail about 2011, the only losses by a SEC team during that CWS was only from other SEC teams.
That can be a negative thing as well. That used to be South Carolinas problem. Win the season and lose in the playoffs.
Overall, the super regionals this year hasn't been nice to seeded/higher ranked teams.
I disagree. Better=insert 5 random SEC teams Worse=insert 4 random SEC teams
I think the better choice is a minor league park. Charlotte would be a great location. So would Charleston or Myrtle Beach.
Completely agree with this. I think the main challenge though is that it does dominate a park for quite some time. It would be hard to schedule around and Major or Minor league parks that are still hosting their teams.
They aren't, a lot of their best talent left for better jobs. Their weekly QA is comical. About on par with SDS's fact check editors.
South Carolina 2011 came close to doing it. During that good 3 year run at CWS; 2011 was their best team and went into the SEC Tourney as #1. The joke is that the Gamecocks left the SEC tournament early on purpose to rest their pitchers arms and prepare for regionals. They dropped down to #4 and then won every game after that.
The country has to suffer the new Georgia ego that replaced the 1980 style ego from before. How many seasons is it going to take to get back 1980 mantra?
It's a Clempson fan on here trying to stir up something because they are still bored from last season. Check his post history...
I guess we are going to choose to forget that 2015 DC stint with Auburn. Idaho scoring 34 points or San Jose State 21 on your team is impressive on the resume. That was the year Auburn squeaked by Jacksonville State in OT too.
They were constantly underestimating the Gamecock teams. Instead of being horrible each year, they were good enough to beat a few good teams occasionally. At what point do you point the finger at the media and coaches giving a bad prediction on how the team will do? It's easy to succeed when you set the bar extremely low.
The logic behind Martin is hilarious. His team was predicted to be 12th in the league but they ended 7th. Some analyst don't notice the trend but that's been the media's MO for him. Predict his team to be at the bottom of the pack. They surprise everyone with a few signature wins only to be matched by some extremely embarrassing losses. The Gamecocks don't get into the tourney and are lucky to be even invited to the NIT. Rinse and repeat That's literally how it's been for 10 years. He's a good coach but it's all about getting to the dance and only making it once in 10 years isn't going to cut it with the salary he gets.
One of the main people behind this video is Justin King. During Spurrier's years he made some explosive videos that got you hyped up regardless if you were a Gamecock fan or not. They have literally given him the title of Associate Director and his job is to do things like this video for all of Gamecock sports marketing. When he makes his next professional movie, I guarantee you it will be something high paid at ESPN or some national sports league.
He referred to the Gamecocks as being an SEC bottom dweller. I really would like to know how long he's actually been watching college baseball.
Joe Cox, how long have you been paying attention to college baseball? Calling the Gamecocks bottom dwellers is kind of disingenuous. Despite the teams downfall from constant top 10 rankings after 2015, a massive playoff streak broken, and one of the best college baseball parks in the nation... It's not realistic to say South Carolina is one of the worst teams in the SEC.