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That first Florida/South Carolina game in 2011 CWS was epic. Absolute miracle South Carolina pulled out the win. During that CWS; Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt represented the SEC well. The losses those 4 schools got in the CWS that year was to only OTHER SEC schools.
When was the last time Clempson actually started their season off playing a team with a heartbeat?
Two teams that typically start off the season slow? Coin flip. I would take a bite at any money line that goes past 3 either direction.
South Carolina 2011; only lost a series @Ole Miss and played perfect smallball every single game with the best defense shown in college baseball for a long time. Even Florida's amazing hitters couldn't push threw consistent wins against them.
In the last 3 decades; South Carolina not going far in the SEC tournament usually doesn't amount to anything. Some teams will shuffle their pitching staff to go after the tournament; some teams throw their non-weekend pitchers at the first few games as not avoid disturbing their rotation. It's almost as if Tanner purposely gives his teams a rest before the NCAA regionals.
He slid through the bag and was lined up on the right side of the bag. Combination of all 3, clear cut interference.
Really? Even ignoring where his hand went... he was sliding through the bag and was lined up to the right side of the bag as well. Clear cut interference.
What rabbit hole are you trying to dig into? It's never been amount the money letting a 18 year old go to NFL. It's about their safety; There's a huge difference between most 18 year olds and a 21 year old. The sports you listed aren't contact and a young spry 18 year old would actually be able to compete in those sports. If the NFL let an 18 year old play against a 4-5 year season veteran of the NFL; they are going to start having career ending injuries and death during a game.
Trolling game is weak. I remember that game in Orlando. The taunts coming from your fans made me feel like I was watching a high school game in a tin can stadium.
The amount of comments from Georgia stroking their own ego is hilarious on this article. Now I know why the state was flipped in the last election. Self delusion is hard to break if you are thoroughly convinced you are always right.
Look at his top 5. They are all over the country. He's making great use of his recruitment.
A better discussion is who is the real 'Carolina' South Carolina or North Carolina. The last time Southern Cal has been relevant with any of the 3 major sports was in 2005 with football. Since then, South Carolina has been on the national stage multiple times in football, baseball, and that crazy Final Four basketball season. I've been to the Southern Cal vs UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. The area was beautiful but I felt like I was at a glorified high school football game. Half the fans had their backs to the field during the first half talking to other people instead of watching the game.
"But for the first time in a long time, it feels like Tennessee has started making the climb." - Deja Vu comment from SDS and the media for the 5th time in ~10 years.
You can only chest beat yourself so much. Did he even try to say South Carolina was a better job than Auburn? You could look at it that this is Bobo's last chance to prove himself before he disappears into coaching obscurity. Don't kid yourself; his ultimate goal is to make a massive amount of money as a head coach somewhere.
The biggest frustration you are going to see is that the B1G clearly broke their own rules to protect Ohio State in getting into the championship game. Indiana was treated like a secondary member in the Big Ten. Actions like this are only going to start to show parallels of Ohio State and the Big 10 and Texas and the Big 12. If Ohio State ends pulling this off; they will have literally only played 8 games the whole season compared to Alabama's 13 games to win the national championship. That's 5 whole games that Alabama played where some of their star/mvp players could have been injured changing the dynamic of their team.
You do realize this is Ohio State right? There's going to be excuses no matter what.
Completely agree but I wonder what the other schools in th conference thinks. Would they have bent the rules for another team if the scenario was reversed and it was Ohio State getting pushed out of the Big Ten CG?
Amazing that if Ohio State pulls it off, they will have won the 'national championship' only playing 8 games Why wouldn't other conferences follow the Big 10 approach? Just play 5 conference games then a conference championship. If that team wins all 6 games they get a foot into the NCP.
*golf clap* for SDS once again. Mentioned Kevin Harris as an honorable mention then put him in #7 spot.
What would be hilarious if the CFP changed the rules like the Big Ten and stated that only teams that have at least played 7 games can be in the final 4.
Probably one more after that for good measure. Then ride off into the sunset hoping that the program fails behind him showing how crucial he was to the program.
That's not an exactly high bar there for Herman to hit though...
Hence why the story has some credibility. If he knows he's going to start falling down the tree... he might as well reach out for a branch that was going to support him previously. I think the story is being pushed to be more melodramatic than it should be. If South Carolina had really reached out to him before he took the Texas job... it would make sense to stay in communication with the AD if he really thinks his days are numbered at Texas.
There's the problem right there. Texas' boosters. They are coming close following the same path Tennessee has since Fulmer was let go.
I love what Tanner did for the Gamecocks when he coached baseball but I feel like this puts him on thin ice for the AD job. All it seems he is doing is directing money out of boosters pockets into mediocre results. Beamer is going to have a halo for protection for at least 2-3 years before he is truly judged but football isn't the only sport. Baseball use to consistently be top 10 and now our playoff streak was destroyed under Tanner's watch. Basketball seems to only deliver a great team once or twice every decade but that Final Four appearance can only protect Martin for so long. I feel like I need to watch Moneyball all over again to justify what has been happening to Gamecock sports.
It wasn't that long ago that South Carolina was on top and Clempson was losing to WVU 70-33.