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If that was true, then they would have put Mukuamu for size who has 2-3 inches on Diggs
I think you should worry about Missouri's non conference losses before you worry about losing to teams in the SEC. 9-6 to UConn in 2015 really? That 2014 powerhouse Indiana... Since joining the SEC Missouri chokes harder than an escort at a German sausage buffet.
Like Alabama did with Clempson last year? South Carolina still put up a better game against them than Alabama rolling over in the fetal position.
South Carolina can't stop talking about 2010? Really? I think they are more concerned about getting rid of the horrible 5 losses in a row against Kentucky.
Wow, Kentucky fan calling a South Carolina fan a redneck? That blue grass still had manure on it.
The wine and cheese Cats have 5 straight wins over the Gamecocks. I don't think any Gamecock has a right to be putting Kentucky in a football tier that's on par or below them.
Stoops better be careful what he wishes for. South Carolina didn't get any massive preseason hype either until preseason 2014. And look what happen after that...
Mark Riddell, the director of college entrance exam preparation at IMG Academy in Bradenton FL, was charged with taking SAT and ACT exams in the place of students for money recently. This 'recruiting ground' might turn into a mindfield for some teams.
Hahahahah! destined to be dominant? Vanderbilt looked like a better team than Kentucky at the end of the season.
One thing about the South Carolina statement about Deebo. He decided to not play in a meaningless game and prepare for the draft.
You mean the game they had to reschedule because they cancelled the other game from a hurricane that had a death toll of 53?
If the defense can improve after horrible showing in 2018... 2019 and 2020 is going to be very interesting.
I don't know... I think people were more looking at how Clempson's defense is over-hyped. ACC is WAY down this year and South Carolina was the first team to really play them that has a pulse. The only way Clempson wins a game in the NC playoff is if they play Notre Dame. (Who they should be playing in the ACC CG instead of Pittsburgh)
People forget that South Carolina played @Auburn in 2010 and had the game in control until it became the Cam Newton coming out party in the 2nd half. Auburn defensive scheme against Garcia for the SECCG allowed Newton to have plenty of time on the field to have fun. He was actually smirking when through the end of 1st half bomb for a touchdown. Newton in college was a once in a decade player that could completely turn games around by himself.
Injuries from Ole Miss' horrible field is the one that put this out of reach. Dabo didn't get his chance to retaliate for the 5 year beat down South Carolina/Spurrier gave them. He's still going to go for it anyways.
After all the Gamecock injuries, the Gators are going to be able to pass at will. Might want to hush up. It's not like South Carolina was scary at defense before these injuries at Ole Miss.
Ole Miss' field was giving away causing lots of injuries. Half way through the game their field looked like a tee box on a par 3.
What does that say about Auburn?
You are an arse and haven't been following what's going with this young man. He doesn't want to play in any stadium that his brother played in. He's coming to the east coast to get away from the pain from his brother's suicide. A Georgia fan calling South Carolina the armpit of the south is hilarious. Queue the banjo playing 'Deliverance'.
.. since a first time starter had a better game than he did.
And Lock since he a first time starter had a better game than he did.
First SEC game next year. Unless things start to pick up this year it's going to be a 27.5 spread game for Alabama.
When has a Georgia fan actually cared what someone thought about their team? Don't get all Saban on us.
Still lots of season left. Looking forward to see what happens the next few weekends. Kentucky giving Texas A&M a fight and Florida pulling out a win over LSU was interesting.
That's going to be the part that's interesting to see. How LSU rebounds after losing to Florida. What I got out of the SEC games so far is that the SEC East has taken a step forward and the SEC West has taken a step back.
He is. And it was reported here too. SDS really only does the fact checking for a few teams in the SEC West and Georgia when they really feel like it.