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I know it sucks both teams losing their games with Clempson and GT but I feel this is a decent replacement for that typical yearly game. For both teams; this will basically be the last game they are looking forward to playing as South Carolina will play Kentucky for their actual last game and Georgia with Vanderbilt.
Butch, you aren't fooling anyone that comments here. A pound of your supposed wit is about about the same value as a pound of manure. Your hubris is boring to read in these comments on SDS.
Every team has a little dark/sketchy fan traditions. Don't see it any different than a 400 lb man in orange overalls passing out moonshine cherries to tailgaters while walking to Neyland Stadium.
I've seen a roulette wheel not hit black in 15 spins... so not really. :)
Everyone at SDS jumping on the Kentucky over Auburn bandwagon. It's going to be a tragedy if they put that as the first night game and Auburn wins by 28.
Concrete jungle. Charlotte can get just as bad but a lot of city planning and green space seems to help out. Hopefully they will continue to push the river development near the city.
The fall from the 2013 to where we are now... it's almost as bad as the Arkansas fall. At this point the average Gamecock fan looks at any news talking about how the team is going to perform with a grain of salt. Actions speak louder than words and there's been enough words said. Luckily the Gamecocks aren't in a perpetual hype machine that the media does for Tennessee.
It's going to be embarrassing to the spring football teams that lose out on viewership over basketball.
The only reason why they didn't was that it would force Alabama, Auburn, and few other west teams to find a non conference game so that the others could have their rival games. Funny how Alabama doesn't want Auburn to go to the SEC East but they are perfectly fine letting a 109 consecutive game streak with another SEC team go to waste.
The annual Tennessee hype train has already begun. This IS Tennessee's year right?
Will agree with this one. Dynasty isn't over until Alabama quits winning almost every game they play.
Be subjective; it is worth noticing that there are enough cases not ignore that after an Alabama commit you do see a little boost in a rating. Don't act like the rating system is full proof. Blake Carringer would love to have a word with you.
Congrats Moe! I love this quote; "We are more divided than we’ve ever been in my lifetime and Congress seems more interested in playing politics than solving problems." You are absolutely correct. Both sides of politics are more interested in finding the differences between us instead of focusing on the these we actually agree on and coming up with tactful solutions to solve these problems.
Trump is as much as a Republican as Ralph Nader is... Hopefully 2016 was a fluke given the DNC trying to gift the presidency to Hillary Clinton. I would have thought it was impossible for Trump to win again but that doesn't seem to be the case. He's going to rip apart any candidate that supports a movement that has a motto of #DefundThePolice.
Another thing special about the College World Series in 2011 was that the SEC truly dominated that series. It does help that the SEC dominated the field with 4 teams; South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt but what makes it special is that the SEC lost only 1 game to a non SEC team. Texas A&M lost to California in the loser bracket but that was it. That first game with South Carolina vs Florida was a classic as well. Florida was inches away from taking the game multiple times and South Carolina somehow found a way to keep the game going.
That's not what he's saying. Everyone agrees that it was an evil thing that happened. But treating Floyd like a saint is not the answer. You giving melodramatic responses when people trying to be logic and facts into the discussion doesn't help the situation. So many decisions being made on raw emotion instead of thoughtful discussion and tactful responses is an even bigger problem than what happened to Floyd.
I can give 10 different statements and you are going to use some logic fallacy to defend your point. The article explains a few of them you've obviously ignored. If you actually searched and looked at some other people's opinions online, you would say it's not far fetched to say playing in Williams Brice does give the Gamecocks a home field advantage. There's plenty of other top 10 and top 25 home field advantage list that Williams Brice. That's not being hard pressed to find people outside of the SEC.
The Death Valley alone won LSU the game against South Carolina in 2012. You can argue about all sorts of stadiums on how they give such a home field advantage... But hands down and really shouldn't even be discussed/challenged; A night game in Baton Rouge is the most home field advantage anyone in college football can get. Period.
Don't be such a massive homer. Go to youtube and find a video for the intro for that game before Georgia came on the field. That's why the players were puking. "Can you feel this? Is our room moving? I don't know if it's the best ever, but it's the scariest, yeah," Kirk Herbstreit said on a hot mic during the first quarter of South Carolina's 2012 win over Georgia.
You had Georgia players admitting they were puking because they were so nervous coming out into the field in 2012.
They do, they would prefer to destroy easy teams by half time so they leave the stadium and go drink outside instead.
Effort level on the Gamecocks was a bit of a difference maker though. You could see the Gamecock players refused to lose that game. Georgia players walked in there expecting an easy win. I felt Georgia played a little more sharp for the rest of the season after that game.
Transitive property is only believed when it is a positive for Tennessee. :)
I guess you can use 2008 as a 'good' season with how far Tennessee has fallen since then. Alabama and Tennessee has basically transposed teams during their rise and fall. It's impossible to get an Alabama fan to talk about most of the their teams in the 00s.
Is it painful to see the media do this to the average Tennessee fan? I feel like it's throwing salt in the wound whether they realize it or not. Extremely counterproductive and not helping the situation.
Tennessee hasn't had a good team since 2008. They play Alabama every year. Average margin of loss since they squeaked out a win in 2006?; -25.3 I believe this is the 4th or 5th hype train the media has tried to start up since things went downhill after 2008. It has gotten to the point that any hype toward Tennessee is only fueled by the wish-fullness of the media for them to return to their former glory. There's really nothing to be said or done until Tennessee actually has a complete season good season back to back then you can start trusting some of the hype. Some of their past schedules has created some nice bubbles for that hype to build in.
How long has it been since Tennessee has actually had a good season? That 2008 picture on your wall has to be really faded by now.