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Spurrier is going to be dead in ~50 years and still getting under some people's skin.
You really are lazy at trolling. If you knew anything about how he got to South Carolina you could have come up with something at least a little better.
It's probably why they didn't do it. I hate it for the South Carolina women's team because it looked like they were going to be able to get another title.
I would suggest hoping for everyone to give low expectations like South Carolina the last 5 years and then watch them get top 4-5 in the SEC every year. As soon as expectations were given to South Carolina, they had an extremely poor year.
South Carolina is on it's last string for a chance for the dance. They have to beat @Alabama and @Vandy; and either beat MSU at home and win a SEC tournament game or lose to MSU and win 2-3 SEC games in the SEC tournament. Freakin Stetson and Boston.... geez
Because SC had a nice streak going until last week. They played on the road and had a close game with MSU. Same record as MSU with a higher SEC win. What would you expect? Beat SC at home and you'll get to jump them.
The Gamecock Club sent out a survey last year to members asking about what features of other stadiums did they like the most. I can't remember if it had Missouri specifically on there but it had pictures/examples of half a dozen other SEC stadiums trying to find what members wanted. Missouri was the first to make club level changes to their stadium in the SEC? Hmm.
Curious on the exact dates; 2000-2014. I was thinking it was 1998-2014.
Amazing how far South Carolina has fell in the national rankings. It wasn't long ago that they held one of the longest consecutive post season appearances in the nation going back to the 90s.
It was probably a courtesy to keep him on staff with how bad the offense became last year.
You need to step up your troll game. Your comment history is pathetic.
Blanton is Alabama blind. Saban has been dominating the SEC for decades in his eyes.
Completely agree with you. Everyone was fawning over that hire. Criteria on the list has a *; only if they actually did something.
I think he's upset you didn't mention baseball for the Gamecocks. The last decade, the Gamecocks have had more success on the diamond than any of the teams listed.
Regarding Deebo... "Thrive with a successful team". Ouch... Was his plays with the Gamecocks not electric enough for you? He is a big reason why the Gamecocks stayed green in his seasons.
That's why it rarely works to have someone playing both football/baseball or football/basketball. At that level; it's extremely EXTREMELY rare that an athelete can keep up with both sports given the peers are literally playing/preparing for the sport year round. This is only news because of his father and what he was able to acomplish. I hope the media doesn't continue to push his father's shadow on him.
So you haven't had a good team since 2014-2015? 2015 - Loss to a meh UCLA 2016 - Loss to a horrible Auburn team 2016 - Loss to a horrible Tennessee team 2016 - Loss to a meh Vanderbilt team 2017 - Loss to a meh Tennessee 2018 - Loss to a meh Texas A&M 2018 - Loss to a meh South Carolina 2018 - Loss to a meh Seton Hall 2019 - Loss to a meh Alabama You lost to a school that's been to the Final Four more recently than you have and you are smug about the defeat. That's where my typical 'Kentucky fan' comment is coming from. So melodramatic after a loss.
I love how dates were cherry picked to make these points. It's like Bama fans refusing to believe 2003-2007 happened.
What card was he playing when he spit out these gems? "It's only unthinkable if you don't think it" “If we played FSU 10 times, they probably win five and we’d win five.” - After losing to FSU 51-14 in 2013.
It sounds like the whining Clemson players did during the 2012 Orange bowl against West Virginia. If you want us to quit scoring... make us stop scoring.
How many 'tournarounds' has Tennessee had since 2008?
Ellis Johnson is missing here. Until Spurrier got the offense rolling; he was the reason why the Gamecocks stayed in the game and could have the success they had in 2009-2011.