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Tennessee has some idiot rich alumni who continue to think that they are smarter than the rich alumni of other SEC schools. Fact is, they are not. In fact, this is probably the biggest group of morons, miscreants and clowns ever assembled to bully a school administration into hiring their favorite bozo of the year.. Look at the last fifteen years!!! You have made the University of Florida and Georgia Programs better with your incompetence and missteps. Really, really sad. Hey boys, stick to basketball.
They sure ain't going there for the football. Tax breaks, yeah, football, no way.
He knows a dead fish when he smells it. And Tennessee is a dead fish.
Ya, ya , ya. The Vols blew their real chance here. They should have got Butch jones before he went to Arkansas State. Butch is the only one of the clowns in recent years to win, even as the alumni tried to get him out. He got the last laugh.$$$$$$$$
76-8 wins a about 3 to 4. No more bowl games for you! The Vols next coach....Mickey Mouse.
You must be hanging out in Madisonville again. The boys got you thinking crooked again. UT is a basketball school, son, and don't you forget it.
Whoever hired Dan Mullen ought to be strung up by his shoelaces.
no, offensive coordinator at Tennessee. Megamillions plus an unlimited charge card at Peye's
Half-time many yards did we have? Comments at end of game. Its on the offense. No, its on the coach and the shoe guy.
Condescending?. That's who he is. Narcissists are all condescending. Someone should throw a shoe at him
LSU was a shoe-in for this game. With Ed in charge, it was inevitable. The Florida coach was more concerned by how many yards they got. They got a lot, coach, but your morons are throwing shoes again. Better luck next year.