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AJ is leagues ahead of Herrera. I agree with their, at this point, these are just accusations. This is a list of strictly on-field performance. If he were found guilty and couldn't play, then I'm sure this list would reflect that. Go dawgs.
2012 heartbreaking. Richt will have his day, and we will rejoice...go dawgs
As a UGA student and die-hard, I agree. Trust me, we aren't all biased beyond reason. Good luck, but you know I will be pulling for the razorbacks.
from a dawg fan, this video is well done. good luck to both teams
The Bulldogs have a wealth of talent on the defensive line and at linebacker, led by Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins and Lorenzo* Carter.
guys, from a fellow dawg fan, these comments are getting kind of old. let's just wish him the best, and be proud our coach holds our program to a higher degree. go dawgs.
Mauk an All-American? Put aside your bias a little before you make that call my friend.
Such a shame. My favorite defender last season. Now I'm going to have to take this test depressed. Hope he sees this as a learning opportunity and improves himself.
***play a handful of times a year.
Wow! I can't believe you forgot to mention "insert player here" from "insert team here", who did "insert impressive feat here" in "insert game here"!! This list is horrible. I am a genius football analyst who watches only my team play, and then probably the SEC game of the week. I then form my own opinions of all SEC players from watching them play a handful times of year. Pass me my beer.
I've gotta agree with this. Clowney is a game changer regardless of the stat sheet.
Herrera is extremely average. Not a big presence in the inside run. Slow in coverage. I thought after last year he would be much improved but I saw no difference. He is rightfully left out. He is no Rennie or Dannell. Hope he works hard this offseason.
James Hale I agree with this statement. There are fans of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs in every fan-base. I hate to see them clumped together when something like this happens.
Oh please. Richt and Grantham have forgotten more about the game of football than all of us commenters could hope to ever know. Have some faith in our coach like he has in his players and the direction of our program. Richt has set ridiculously high expectations for this program and school since he arrived and I'm proud to be a part of something this special. Now I agree that he may leave next year if he can right the course of the defense, but you never know. Richt showing a little faith in him might be reciprocated back, with Grantham returning and helping create stability at the position. Either way, if Grantham were to leave it's not like a coaching change would result in another scheme change like 3-4 to 4-3. They're smart guys and would do what would work best for our team. Like I said, they know much more and I trust our program is in good hands.
You can make your (extremely) bold predictions, but you should leave "cheating" out of your game reasoning. We don't need excuses, we're all just looking for a good football game. Go dawgs.
I go to school at UGA, so when I refer to the school, yes, I do say we.
Credit to Missouri for winning games many people did not believe they had a chance to win, but I think most Missouri fans have accepted the fact that they are on the more fortunate side of injuries this year in the East... Do you really think UGA was worthy of that #7 ranking when Missouri came to town? I'm sorry to beat a dead horse with all the injury excuses but I think it is a bit naive to tell yourself that was the AP #7 UGA team Missouri lined up against when they were minus ---> Gurley, M. Mitchell, Marshall, Bennet, Scott-Wesley, and so on... Like I said, credit to Missouri, but minus all those talented playmakers we, UGA, are not an SEC contender.
Agreed, gentlemen. But, it is a testament to Richt and the high expectations he brings to Athens while he has had the reigns. Go dawgs, always.
Let it be known the average academic requirements to get in to MIZ & UA are nearly identical....
Any SEC east team that lines up in Atlanta this year will get walked all over. Florida and Georgia are both HS all star teams at this point, and Mizzou is not at a level to compete with a formidable Alabama force, I don't care what the 'stats' say on how they both lined up against UT.
Also, props to Maty Mauk. Seems like a great backup to JF. Hoping for a great game.
here is hoping that SC can field a squad of starters that will challenge a MIZ side that is used to facing backups - a uga fan
I was eagerly anticipating the rematch between the dawgs and the tide in ATL after last year PRE our roster depletion... Looks like I'll have to wait another year... Reloading in Athens would be an understatement. Until next year... Go dawgs, always.
I was high on TM after watching film of him entering this season. But after this season, my money is definitely on JHC. What a beast! We have a bright future. Go dawgs.
Losing a starting QB in the very end of the game when it is basically 85% run time won't have much of an impact on who is under center...just saying.