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Congrats to Coach O. Hope he is successful in the years to come.
Sorry, pal, but the last few years before Butch were miserable. I know you had to be a closet Fulmer lover. Everybody missed him. Now that we are on track we have to be careful before throwing in the towel. I know he has said some odd things. Concerning the champion of life statement, Ill timed? Definitely. taken out of context absolutely. He's trying to be positive for the seniors and juniors who turned things around at Tennessee. Was it a let down season? Yes. But those guys did something that many players could not do for many years. Have winning seasons.
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Let's not forget we would have killed to be where we are as a program when butch started. I know he is no Phil fulmer, but this is starting to look very similar. Y'all need to calm down and get a life. This is a game. Games will always be played season after season. You will have good seasons and let down seasons.... Unless you're Bama. Butch has done well with a program that is not as high profile as it was in the past. Y'all are ridiculous. I'm finding out Vols fans are obnoxious and ridiculous. Glad I can cheer for Tennessee in Texas and not be surrounded by whining ignorance.
4 1/2 against UTSA. Plus, he was hurt. Barnett wasn't. His time away from the game should play into account. Barnett should be rewarded for his excellent play that was evident throughout the whole season, not part of it.
Hmm. Okay, whatever. We all know who's better.
If Dobbs couldn't throw against Bama, then JF3 has no shot. I understand he is an incredible athlete, but he couldn't hit the ocean standing 5 ft away on the beach. Dobbs isn't great either, I know. He does account for the most big plays in the SEC, but he could do nothing against Bama. Hope ya'll win, though.
Yea, because Charlie Strong has a better record in his conference.... NOT. He can't win in the Big 12!... The Big 12! With Texas! If you can't recruit and win at Texas, you're not cut out to be a HC. That's a recruiting hot bed and a great brand. You're obviously a little biased. Butch Jones is not elite, but at least he took a hot mess and made it better than when he got there. Strong barely made improvements if any.
Me too. Thankfully Jalen left and we can try to use him more.
Waste of time. Why entitle it "Discusses Next Move" when the guy says he won't discuss his next move?
Considering we have won 2 out of 3 games with the Smokey Greys, I think you're overreacting. It's just a jersey.
Are you telling me to relax? If so, why? I'm just saying those fans need to relax and let Butch make his decision. I like Butch.
Those fans are idiots. He made a good decision. They're just upset about the last two games and want to pile on the score. Lack of respect and class. We act as though we are proven winners, but they don't know how to react to a blowout. Some fans are just stupid.
I understand he is upset. I understand there are probably problems in the locker room. But there are multiple parties at fault. Debords offense is inexcusably anemic. Our S/C coach must be doing something wrong due to all these injuries. And top talent has barely developed over the years. But finish the stinking year. I enjoyed the past 3 years watching him, but now he has to live with his decision. It may be what's best for him, but that is not necessarily the best character decision. See ya. We will move on without you. Now on to Tennessee Tech.
Well, Traveon Williams had 217 rushing yds. I hope we can fix that in a hurry.
I was at the game and it was a great experience. Many A&M fans there agreed with us Vols fans that things would have gotten much uglier for A&M had Tennessee not fumbled that many times. We had 8 turnovers and were missing four starters and we still almost won?! A&M better shape up for Alabama. With all that said, A&M is a great place to watch a football game. Great people, great stadium, and great traditions permeate the place. Hats off to the Aggies!
I would also like to point out that Aggie Land was very hospitable and kind. It's a great place to watch a game. People all around us were great sports. Growing up in Houston I knew that was true but had never experienced it. Hats off to A&M for a good win.
John, I agree with you. I was at the game and it was insane. Even after we gave up all if those fumbles, our defense continued to dominate A&M when it counted. The Aggies were awful in the third quarter and that gave us hope. Alabama would have killed that team. They were too nervous about blowing their lead that they let it happen. I kept asking Aggies around me if they "felt it in the air." They were nervous as heck. A&M is good but not that good.
I'll be at the game Saturday. First time to ever see the Vols in person. I'm nervous and I think we all should be. A&M is clicking in all facets of the game right now. Plus, Kyle Field is a tough place to play in. Hopefully we start hot. Go Vols!
If I'm clueless for making an astute observation and giving info from a Baton Rouge insider, then you are clueless as well as to what they will do. I'm not saying he won't go to LSU, I'm just saying they can't outbid Fertitta. They don't have the infrastructure amongst their donors to do so.
LSU won't be able to outbid UH. Tillman Fertitta has already told UH that he will spend whatever it takes to keep Herman, and LSU does not have the kinds of donors to keep up with the likes of Fertitta and the big business donors in Houston. Now, that's not to say the stigma and attractiveness of the LSU job won't lure him away. Concerning the move to the Big 12, Texas has been wanting to build a satellite campus in Houston, but Fertitta blocked it. Some people are saying a deal is in the works that Texas may accept UH into the Big 12 if Fertitta and UH allow a UT satellite campus in Houston. We just have to wait and see if UT wants to expand that badly.
Do understand. However, I never asked for all the hype. I know most sane Vols fans didn't want all the hype. I just hate how the media will hype up a team putting a target on their back and then shoot that same target a few weeks later. It's frustrating to think you will read a good article about your team, then find out it's an opinion piece that could be found in People Magazine.
Talking smack when we have injured key players as well and an offense that struggles? I'll be happy and laughing when we break the 11 year streak. Otherwise, I'm not making any jokes.
I hope the teacher fixes that spelling. Other than that, she was very clear and concise haha.
Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.
Wasn't Brad Nessler supposed to be in the mix somehow? I thought I had read an article about that. Would someone enlighten me?
The bubble is somewhat bursted? Lol burst. I'm looking forward to this game.
The last time we beat Florida, I was a kid. Little did I know the agony I would endure throughout college and young adulthood. The past three years I have been so ANGRY after that game. I don't know how UF pulls it off but they do. Last year my wife yelled at me saying I took the loss too seriously. She doesn't understand. Oh well. I will go into the game hopeful, but fully aware we will probably play mind games with ourselves and lose haha.
#1 and #10 aren't that bold. After the past two years when we were better on paper, I'm not confident about the Florida game.
The Gators have every right to be upset. The media keeps giving us all this attention and it scares me to death. I don't agree with the odds given for the Florida game. If anything, we are the underdogs for that game. The Gators and Coach Mac are underrated. I'm just praying we can get over the mental hump.