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I will say this I usually hate when fans of other teams get on other teams site but you sir I can appreciate thank you for your honesty and words. I am truly being sincere. You all have a good coach and honestly Mizzu will be back sooner rather than later
Sorry for me? Your in a rivals team site making comments who is the desperate one now? And multiple huh? Other than Stallings remind me who else won one? Yeah exactly what I thought
Your absolutely DELUSIONAL everyone cheat ALWAYS have including us. HOW WERE YALL BEFORE SABAN and after Bear oh wait that’s right your were us now lol
This guy must LOVE TN your on our team site on Saturday Down South not your own. That’s what’s funny. What’s gonna be even better is when they find out since Mims didn’t take our money why would he turn that down and go to GA oh wait hello NCAA
Absolutely LOVE how fans of other programs think they don’t cheat. Let’s face to EVERY program cheats just some are better at getting away with it. In our case people wanted Pruitt out so they whistleblower. We will get hit with sanctions but if you truly think your program is in the clear your delusional because we are just top of iceberg. One of two things will happen here the NCAA will be exactly what they are the the conferences themselves will govern themselves and get out of NCAA or the NCAA will become more promising and truly start digging
Congrats with the refs support. I feel I can honestly say this now. Enjoy it while it lasts because soon you all will be in our shoes and us in yours so enjoy it
In the end doesn’t matter ultimately what a school does to block a student athlete because once they have completed the requirements and graduated they can go wherever they please nothing Saban or any other coach can do about it. NCAA Rule Saban is going off SEC rules. NCAA rule trumps that anyway