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Nah just kidding. I hope the guy does well. I do hope he gets booed at Neyland.
What a POS I hope he blows his knee out snd never plays again.
Let's face the facts here. He'll be gone in three years. We've become the laughing stock of college football. We're a cursed program to never rise to prominence again.
Something eviL has crept in at Tennessee. If this is true he needs to be barred from playing the game. He needs help if this is true. I'm about 95 percent done with the university of Tennessee.
A bunch of scrubs and burnouts.This has failure written all over it. We should be used to it by now.
The highlight of a UT game is before the game or at halftime. It's pure misery for the rest of the time for us fans. At least we can get drunk.
A six month process to find a QB. We can wait we've been waiting for almost twenty years for a relevant program.
If I had to describe Tennessee Football for the last fifteen years. I'd say the football program is equivalent to Lucy and the fans the equivalent to Charlie Brown.
Like I said we're a doormat program. Every program has it's down years but if it last to long like us it solidifies and you become the bottom you fell to.
Nah we'll never be back. The administration isn't serious about it. They want Tennessee to be an academic school. Tennessee is an agricultural school not Ivy League. They've been destroying the athletics since the late 90s. They absolutely hate the football program. That with the division of the fan base from the Majors and Fulmer era has insured that the program will never be anything other than a doormat. Maybe we can be the best tailgaters. Drink Up!
I'm not talking about Garner. I'm talking about the program as a whole. You know that saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me? Well we've gotten fooled four times in a row now. How many more times should fans buy in?
We're screwed for sure. I expected it though. Hey it is what it is we're a bottom feeder program now. No excitement or enthusiasm for Tennessee football any longer. At least tailgating is great at Tennessee, oh wait covid has done away with that.
This coach is going to get eaten and spit out in the SEC. Tennessee hiring coaches that would be questionable in the MAC. The program is officially dead. Hell it doesn't even hurt to lose anymore. I'm in it for the sports betting now.
Why should we care it's obvious the administration doesn't. Tennessee is finished as a program. Pretty pathetic you get hit by recruiting violations and still can't win.
The reason there's no other option at QB is because they haven't been developed. I love Pruitt but you can see that he hasn't got a clue how to be a head coach.
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Thank God it's canceled. Guess we'll wait until December to get hammered.
Saddely you're right. The program was destroyed from within starting in the early 2000s. The most depressing thing is I'm all Vol and A life long Cowboys fan.
Hype video? What have we done other than throw pick sixes this year. Did they go back to 1998 to get highlights? Just play ball and forget about that horse s@#$. Unbelievable!
JG has consistently overthrew receivers that has been wide open. The kid has heart but not enough talent to compete at a P5 school. Time to move on, I've had enough.
Good grief man out the pipe down. What game have you been watching? JG is a MAC QB at best. It's true that it's not his fault. It's Pruitt's fault for keeping him in there after Georgia State.
Is it a coincidence that the legendary GOAT tests positive to covid three days before the biggest game of the year? This is political and question if he really does have it. It's a distraction to take focus off other news stories.
What did you expect? Georgia is one big clique. From the colors to the mascot. The campus is laid out like Yale. They don't have an original thought.
Hey Zynka will you take Volman as a fellow fan. He's embarrassing us other Vols.
I love that guy. I'll be pulling for them every week now unless they play UT.
And just like that Mississippi State became my second favorite SEC team. I love Mike Leach! Perhaps next time MSU plays at Neyland. The team can arrive by boat. ARRRRR Matey!