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I'm guessing someone didn't like deflated balls... Ok all joking aside, I hope this goes well for them.
I can't wait for this whole mess to be over with. If any of this is true, it'll be hard to support the Vols. I love Tennessee, but I can't support a school that allows this if it's true.
Hopefully it'll be a smooth transition to a new coach for you guys. I'd hate to see you guys have to deal with the crap we had to deal with for the last decade or so because we were getting upset with 'mediocre' 10 win seasons.
A lot of people are basing it off the win against Northwestern, but that doesn't mean anything. Just think about TN and Iowa. Who ended up doing better this year between the two? I'm expecting a 9 or 10 win regular season, although I'd love a better season. As long as we have a better year than last year.
VFL12, just let him. Some of it actually is funny, and we kind of deserve it right now. Just take the joke and go on. We're all upset about the rape accusations and so on, and some people are taking it far at times, Bill included, but we have to be able to joke about it. We do it to others so let them do it to us too when they get the chance, it's only fair.
Nothing I ever heard about. All I know is that Jones has tried to take care of this when it came up. And, as far as I know, he has suspended any player who gets named as a suspect in anything. Hell, he threw A.J. Johnson off when he was pretty much our whole defense. Right now though, I'm trying not to believe everything I read. All kinds of details are coming out, some false and some true. I'll wait until this whole mess gets settled before I read too much about it.
He's only suspended in case if he's innocent. It'd be awful to kick a star player only to find out that he's innocent. If he's proven guilty then Butch will have him off the team permanently. He already did it to a freshman running back last year, and probably some other players I can't remember at the moment.
When it rains it pours... Hopefully this'll end soon.
What a sorry fan base. I'm upset about the loss as well, I may be questioning some of the playcalling, but lets not say we need to fire him just yet. The coaching staff needs to improve and the players need to mature. From the looks of this, the fans need to lower expectations and tone it down a little also. We were overhyped and we all need to realize that. I'd love to have winning seasons, but getting a new coach every 3 years isn't the way to do that. We have the best coach we could have right now, let's not screw that up. Just think about the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day"...
Ok, Georgia wouldn't be too bad off. But do you have two returning backs that each have 1,100 yards? I still argue that Arkansas should be rated the highest.
Depth is important, but the experience is also a problem. I honestly think that the big games like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mizzou, UGA, and Bama can go either way, depending on our injuries and how the players react to the pressure of being a young and hyped team.
So long as other people aren't just being a pain, it's nice to see what others have to say. When people are just being annoying or overly zealous, that just ruins the fun of seeing what other people say. I'm sure it would have ticked you and several other people off if I said something like "The Vols are back, we're winning every game, no one can beat us, Georgia won't win a single game, etc." Now, just like you I can post mean or stupid comments but that's not why I read articles or comments.
It's not fair, but people will argue that it captures the emotion of the game, and it's necessary. Personally, I'd say just let the guys get their emotions out and then interview them a day or two later. Coming from experience, players don't want to answer questions after a heartbreaking loss.
If we stay healthy and our freshmen as good as we expect them to, it'll be a good year. Things can easily go south if we lose what little depth we have due to injuries or poor freshman players. It'll be exciting either way though, and I'm looking forward to it. By the way, I'm glad to see that you're not one of the UGA fans that just talks about how much the Vols are gonna lose time after time. Thank you for not being one of those guys, it's nice to actually have reasonable debates for once.
I'd put Arkansas at number one because both running backs got over a thousand yards. And I'm sure their third string is good also. But what'll happen to Georgia if Chubb gets hurt? Arkansas has a much better situation than Georgia in that case.
I don't think the depth is going to hurt us that much. But a lack of experience and all the pressure on these guys to have a good year, that can ruin a season.
As much as I like these predictions, they're just that. Talent wise we can beat anyone on our schedule. But lack of experience in important positions like the offensive line and middle linebacker can hurt us. Plus count in all this hype on a young team, that'll put enormous pressure on them and they'll make mistakes they shouldn't make. And if we suffer an injury or two, we're in serious trouble. Realistically, I believe we'll have a 7 or 8 win regular season, and then a bowl win to top it off. I'd love to see an undefeated season, or even a season like you predicted, but let's be real.
These uniforms actually look pretty good.
Well, at least we still have Pearson and Howard. Hopefully North'll be ok.
Hopefully he can appeal to the NCAA for an extra year. They usually grant another year for injuries so long as the year hasn't started. I'd hate for him to have to sit out and not get another chance.
I believe Kentucky could be good in the coming years. If you can hold on to your coach and push through a few bad years, you could build a good team. It's all a process. A long, painful process.
I'm sure Jones is doing that as well as many other things to try and build a team mentality, and to help with recruiting. It seems to work. Now hopefully we can have a big year like we're supposed to have.
Tennessee may not have that many weaknesses for the starting players, but we lack depth and an offensive line. Sure, they're more experienced, but they weren't that good to begin with. Hopefully the freshmen can do a good job.
The only player that I can think of that's suspended is Von Pearson. You may be thinking of someone else.