Don’t worry about it...

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To be honest, the way it’s going, they will all settle (if they haven’t already) and take the licks we get and move forward.
I honestly wonder why everyone on this board responds to gwhite. I find it really baffling because you know what to expect but everyone still responds as if his comments are gold. It really is humerus.
Good game to you guys as well. I really hope we can bring this rivalry back. It’s a lot of fun that way! Best of luck to you guys going forward as well!
When someone has to try and flex money, you know they aren’t doing well.
They forget when their *best* players are hurt and that they don’t have other 5 star players waiting in line. Lol
Shhh. But..but..but their best players were injured. Not like they have 5 star players sitting on the bench or anything.
Ummm, what? A lot of gator fans aren’t sunshine’s either. Perfect example; you. But, tonight, I’ve seen some high classy gators. You give them a bad name. So, just stop.
Classy comment. You guys played top notch tonight. The rivalry never disappoints. It was a superb game. I’m happy to say that because it hasn’t happened to us in awhile. I expect Florida to make leaps soon.
Always is. Always has me on my toes. Like I said the post above, the UT v UF never disappoints. Great game, Gaters.
I’m with you ^, gator.. huh? Yeah, there were definitely missed calls for sure but UF played a h@ll of a game. And to discredit what they did tonight is absurd. The UT v UF game never disappoints.
I feel that. We just don’t have the rotation that most teams have. Like you said, I’m not sure if they were playing vanilla or not (I would hope), but we had a few pressures that they were able to dump off.
I may be mistaken, but correct me if I’m wrong. I could have sworn I read that Alabama also had zero sacks against Utah State. I know that’s comparing apples to oranges at the moment, considering the teams, obviously. I only bring this up considering this was a big highlight in a few articles, rightfully so. I’d be lying if I weren’t saying it’s a big concern. Butttt, it’s game one and like a lot have said, this will be our first actual test. So, I’m a little bit nervous and hold some doubt. We just see! That’s why we play the games!
True, but there are quite a few here that still entertain his drivel. Like with Negan, he’s irrelevant, pay him no mind. He doesn’t represent all of our fan base. Only if SDS had an ignore feature.
Honest question, but, have you guys heard what it may have been?
I mean, let’s be real… Oregon was obviously exposed. They literally had a new coach. Now that being said, it was a great win for both Georgia and Florida. But, both were over ranked, imo. But hey, y’all got the job done and that’s that. I still don’t understand why people STILL let Gwhite get under their skin. They know what they are getting and still can’t help themselves.
I mean, their starting quarterback threw two interceptions to Mercer….not much to see out side of Bigsby.
We all know Gwhite will pull a Gwhite with his blabber. I just find it humorous that people, knowing what he does, still argue with him and entice instead of ignoring him. Quite baffling.
I do have to agree with you, Cats. Normally, I would be more confident in our schedule but there are quite a few toss-up with the teams you mentioned, if not all. Our defense is the biggest question mark that I’m worried about. I agree with a lot you pointed out. Like you said, should be a fun season. I’m ready to be hurt again haha.