Don’t worry about it..

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It’s hard to recruit THAT elite when you have been that big of a dumpster fire. Not every team has the luxury that Georgia has in their back yard.
This is a pretty bad take from you , Tim.. They literally just beat the defending National Champs to claim a NC while they tore through the SEC. Georgia is going to be be stacked, by no means.
He’s literally just stating what a good year the SEC had this year. Stay humble...
I’m glad we showed up tonight. It was a great showing. JJ is an absolute beast! Quarterbacks played well tonight. I think Chaney called a great game tonight. Great game. Good game and good luck to SC the rest of the season!
While I agree about the dump part, it’s still out on the lame duck part. It is year two with a new coach with a team that has been a decade long dumpster fire. Now, I’ve seen some improvements. Where was it in the beginning? I have no idea. It’s going to take time. Pruitt didn’t walk into a loaded roster, that is apparent now. We need stability, bad. If you can do better and immediate turn this team around, go coach then.
It’s over, bruh. Time to look forward. Not much we can do now other than focus on SC.
Please... as if the Alabama fan base has any room to talk. I, for one, never cheer for an injury. So, try again, chump.
Agreed. Man, you lost to us last year. You really have nothing that should be said. Quit trolling and worry about your next game.
It’s sad BT still complains on other teams’ pages. You won. Cool. You were favored by what...35? You’re the first to comment on any other team. Sometimes you post good stuff, now, you’re being the biggest homer. Welcome back to Georgia level.
Good comment. There were a few that went to the Tide...but that PF against the QB killed it. Good game regardless. I saw some improvement and I’m happy.
I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be a run play but JG changed it last minute to a QB sneak? You see Trey Smith make a hole.
You won the game, no doubt...Wasn’t Surprising. We were also using our backup...that lost its position to a freshman... cool comparison. Shall we also do that for every position? Enjoy the win.. you guys found the sure to win...mellow down a bit.
Obviously.. we came in as a complete underdog. I honestly saw improvement by our guys this evening. Some calls were highly questionable by the Refs. Even the announcers had different opinions. Hard fought game. Could have been better on our side, for sure. Good game. Nice spout about Vandy. Repetitive, though. I guess we should ask Mizzou now...