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So cool. 9mm. Man, you must own a 9mm. Super cool. Girls must drop for you.
Man, you got anything good to say? Ever? It’s not even your article but you have all the opinions. Oh Alabama, can’t deny their dominance, yet their fans think they have all of the correct opinions. Yikes
Man, I hear you. It’s just ridiculous. I want to go into depth with it, but…I just don’t have the time or energy. It’s a click bait. He made valid points but bastardized in the same sentence. Half the stuff he said were from Twitter with 0 followers and claimed thats UT fans knowing the rest of the fans on here would explode. It worked. We know UT is to blame and that’s who the fans boo. I can’t fathom sucking at my job and still making the money these plebes do. It’s embarrassing. I’m going to capitalize this….YOU SKEWED THIS ARTICLE BECAUSE IT FITS YOUR NARRATIVE. Get a stupid hobby. You’re journalism is trash. You’re perception is trash.
Good win! I’m really intrigued about this match up with ND. They bombed their division, but, as neutral as they are, I have you guys!
What’s your prerogative with UT? You’re on all the articles?
Find a new team to troll. You must be bored with no life…really. Lol
You and darth still add nothing of value….shocking. And 85xbzhdhfjdis, I though corch had nothing to do but he had points against his team and you guys brought no value. SDS may not survive after this…
Gwhite, I get your optimism. Just stop. As a fellow Tennessee fan… stop. You’re delusional. Man, trust me, I want the best from UT. We aren’t even close right now. TBH we are lucky we are mid-pack. We still need a defense. You’re illusions are so…dumb. Us UT fans don’t know anything. We will see. Stop throwing stats that are not realistic anymore. You’re embarrassing.
Kirk, we don’t think like him. Anyone with a brain can understand what this year will entail. It may go better than expected but most are wait-and-see for the next few years. We have ways to go…
He hit a walk off grand slam. I didn’t know there were that many softies in here. Wow.
Lol. My god. Dude hit a grand slam for a walk off against the top scoring baseball team in America. Come on, man. Quit being soft.
Ughhh. Had me looking down and tapping my heel.great game and GBO!!! Still long way to go. Our division is brutal, LETS GOOOO
As much as I hate to say it…. If Georgia doesn’t fall to Clemson, I think they take it all. Oy vey.
Man, we are going to be ruined. My thoughts, Florida has the talent as always. But Georgia….their defense is going to be one of the best. Such a good team through and through. Aggies will put up a fight…much better fight. I think this may be Georgia’s year.
I mean, rulebook wise, and former baseball player, it’s a b.s. call but w correct one. Thing is, if they are going to call that, be consistent.