Don’t worry about it...

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We haven’t been relevant in a minute. I mean, for us to even be in it shows something. Yes, we all knew it was a bama/Clemson race. Can’t fault the guy.
What??! Why in the world would Kirby smart ever come to UT?
Ehhh. I think LSU, even with the opt outs and all, still has a better team than SC.
You’re high, G. I can’t wait to watch you go down. Georgia deserves it...
Georgia needs to sit down. They are doing their dumb sh!t, as they do. They can’t handle losing to UF, so they come to UT boards to feel better. They still sucked...
Aren’t we? It’s so tiring and aggravating.
Five stars everywhere “wahh wah wahhhh. And my butt buddy is soon to follow” -I’m corch. Go to your losing hole as well.
Where are Georgia fans? Lost to Florida and bye.....I clearly said I would give Arkansas their due when they win. You obviously are a moron as per usual.
@mike I was a student at the time....the terrible loss to Florida at home, the blow out Georgia. I went through two girlfriends during the span of this terribleness.. butch sucked. UT admins have sucked. Haslams have ruined UT.
Man, I dunno what to do or think anymore. It’s sad...I see two more wins, if that...
Much deserved to Arkansas. They are on a mission this year. They played great after the half. Much deserved army nation.
Oy vey! Good stuff Arkansas. I love the way you guys are playing. Much deserved.
@returnof the G. Just shut up, dude. Laugh all you want. You got smacked. Oh snap? TN is losing...no way! At least we don’t have 5 star back ups everywhere. Laugh at my vols all you please, at least we don’t claim to be the most loaded team and still under perform. Gtfo, pleb.
Right?! At least I have the realization that Tennessee will probably lose to a lesser team and still give Arkansas credit where it’s due. They have fight and drive.
Dude, your team is absolutely loaded with talent and you still lost to a coach you have been dogging all year long. Just eat it and move on, you are just an ass clown. Go away...
@real... apparently. But there’s a recruiting championship as well...or did I just read they were loaded with 5 stars through and through? Should have been a cake walk as read preseason.