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And be careful dawg fans, don't get your hopes up on winning the east because it's not gonna happen. It will be the same thing that cost the vols last year and may cost them this year and will definitely cost UGA. Your kicker is absolutely garbage. He struggles with just kicking extra points. He will miss field goals during the game and if it is a close game, you will wish you had them. Or it comes down to a last min FG, it's over. It's the biggest reason why the vols didnt win all their games last year. Your coach might as well pull a Florida and start trying out the student body to find a kicker.
I've always found it funny when ANY fans of other SEC teams other than AL talk trash about TN football, especially from any Ms teams. Lets start with the worst team in the SEC Miss State. They hit #1 in the polls for the 1st time ever in 120 yrs of playing football last year. 0 national titles(t-last in the SEC) 1 SEC title(last)1 division title(last) .491 win%(last). Even KY and vandy have more titles, better win% than Miss State. Mizzu joined in 2012, have more SEC division titles. They are like herpes, they flair up from time to time, but usually remains dormant. Ole Miss is in the bottom half in those stats and more. And they had to play players to get that far. When Kelly leaves/sanctions, back to the bottom of the SEC where u usually are. UT is 2nd in all those categories and a lot more to UA. UT just went through the worst era in their history and lost 7 gms in the worst part of it. Only 2 teams in college football have never lost more than 7 gms. OSU,UT. 3 of last year's losses came the east champ, 2 playoff teams by a combined 13 points. All facts.