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Ah....You're one of those my team won so I'm a Mr. Big man kind of fans. That's cool. I guess. Weird flex but whatever. TN may not have a championship but we also haven't been putting players in the dirt, or jail at the rate of Georgia. That's something to cheer for I guess. Sacrifices for championships is always a bad look. Unless you're a Georgia fan.
You're quite the simp aren't you? You remind me of Memphis Tigers fans. They are all Bama fans as well due to the fact they hate losing at the rate at which it happens. Your program is 5 wins over .500 all time. Definition of mediocre.
You do understand the day Saban retires/dies, whichever comes first, will send Bama spiraling into the realm of irrelevancy and and chaos. You will become the poverty program that matches the poverty town where the school is located. We are all ready for it. The entitlement of Bama fans is something else. Can't have the poster boy of college football not winning football games now can we? If I owned a business and had one of my employees on TV constantly for commercials, I'd want them front and center in every situation possible. Just something to think about. I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again, Milton isn't the guy. Never has been, never will be. A better QB this season would have made a huge difference. Everybody knows the coaches don't trust him. It's obvious. Defenses just load the box and stuff the run. Mizzou flat out outplayed TN Saturday and Georgia will do the same. TN is better than they were before Heupel. That's a fact. Whether you like it or not, it's a fact. Turf fields are $h!t. Every NFL team is trying to make a push for the NFL to get rid of turf fields due to the higher rate of injuries. Another fact that may not sit well with some but a fact none the less.
The LSU offense is Jayden Daniels. UGA's offense as a whole is vastly superior to LSU's. You'll have your hands full m'lady.
For what it's worth, GA also plays TN next week who is currently #13. A win over over Mizzou this weekend could jump them up a few more spots and if there are 1-2 upsets this weekend, TN could sneak into the top 10. Mizzou could also sneak into the top 10 with a win over TN with them being ranked #14. I personally think they ranked TN and Mizzou right next to each other so that there is less potential for a major jump or drop in rankings following this game (unless one team just throttles the other for 60 minutes). This would potentially make sure that Georgia gets a top 10-15 team next week while keeping Mizzou ranked high to aid in strength of schedule. Keeping TN high also helps Bama in the long run on their SOS if they manage to win the SEC this year. It's all politics.
#9 in the country and currently projected to win the SEC. I take projections with a grain of salt. Also, I tried to scroll down to see where Georgia was ranked but I wore out my mouse from all the scrolling. Never did find them. I'm certain they are ranked somewhere around the Lewisberg Middle School of the deaf and blind for girls.
Everything is going well with me and mine. Outside of slicing my finger to the bone the other day, things are great. Before Saban's last extension, there was a lot of talk about Dabo would be a great fit and Bama wouldn't miss a beat replacing Saban with him. Dabo's not a terrible coach but he's no Saban. Also, Saban hasn't been able to play this new market as well as some of these other coaches, particularly Smart. I don't see Kiffen doing any better at Bama than what he's done at Ole Miss. I don't think Sanders is the guy either.
Oh well. Guess it's meant to stay a mystery for eternity. Question for a Bama fan, you guys still wanting Dabo when Saban retires/dies? Let's face it, he's old and in a high stress job. It's 50/50 on how his career ends at this point. Really though. Dabo gonna be THAT guy?
I think by top he means that while GA is in the lead, TN can wind up finishing second in the East. Not too bad for a team that's been a laughing stock of a program for 15+ years up until last year. Did you know that up until that disastrous 2020 campaign with Pruitt, TN and Ohio State were the only 2 teams in college football that had never won less than 4 games in a season? TN only managed 3 that year.
Hey now, we don't aspire to be mid-pack because we are already there.
Leghumper. I can not ever remember Willock's name in the moment. My bad. Look, as a TN fan and a realest, I'm pumped for what Heupel has accomplished in such a short amount of time. He's recruiting well and this season he's shown he's not one dimensional like people thought, including myself. TN's running game is legit. Milton is just not the guy. Just have to wait him out at this point. I'm hoping for a close, injury free game vs Georgia. If TN can roll through the next couple of games and win comfortably, I think they might just keep the GA game interesting. As far as the tirade, some of these new Georgia fans, or transplant Bama fans as I like to call them, need to be talked down to and belittled by a stranger on the internet cause they are the worst. Plus, a fellow TN fan caught it for being an idiot. See you in a few weeks leghumper....cheers friend.
LSU will come out firing and Saban will tighten up after half time. I want to say I've seen this happen somewhere before.....hmmmmmmm.....if only I could remember where m'lady.
I called it StlGator. The running game is currently what TN does best.
If you're gonna mock somebody, at least use proper grammar. You make the rest of us look like idiots. You're Also, they aren't doing good. They're doing well. Superman does good. I'd normally throw in a jab at Georgia and their lack of certain players unable to return that has resulted in a hefty lawsuit but I told leghumper I wouldn't do that anymore. Thinking TN is the most overrated team in college shows how deep in the woods that 2008 here lives. Everybody knows it's Notre Dame. Every year it's ND. 2008 is proof that Deliverance was a documentary and not just a regular movie. I's cool that one of the subjects in the film is here amongst us. 2008, how many pigs did you fu-ck daily once you found out you were going to be the star of a documentary? It's awesome to have a star in our presence.
You say that but if Milton was a better QB then TN would have put up a better fight against Bama in the second half. I haven't had a lot of trust in him all season and neither have the coaches. The running game is our best chance at a W tomorrow.
He's doing really well. Thanks for asking. I hope things are going well in your world. Thanks for the nod of respect. I'm a realest. Things are black and white and I want to see things the way they are. That's not always easy when you're passionate about your team like we are. I'm excited that TN is on the up and up and I can see them potentially making the expanded playoffs next season. Very well could see them, GA, Bama, and LSU all in the mix. Hopefully, things get better when Milton moves on.
The TN remark was a joke about people complaining about the refs vs Bama. Do I think the refs were awful? Yep. Do I think it was Bama who scored ZERO points in the second half due to changing to a vanilla offensive game plan? Nope. SC might have had one of those games. Very possible. That's one of those things that makes college football special. Also, there were a few things/facts in the articles I have read that made me think that this may not have been a case of good fortune. I'm very curious to see the outcome of this.
TN fans are known to be tin foil hat people from time to time (see last Saturday for examples) but we are going to need to let this one marinate and simmer for a bit. Let some more research get done and facts come out. If true, this will be massive. Could potentially be one of the largest sport scandals of all time. I think it's big enough that not a lot of people want to touch it with writing up articles, including SDS and the ridiculuous articles they seem to put out daily.
I didn't mean to speak ill of your mother that way. I apologize troll.
And to answer your question - Do I make dozens of comments on the Vil articles that have nothing to do with Bama? - YES YOU MOTHER FU-CKING DO. LOOK AT THE PAST WEEK YOU RETARDED ELEPHANT HUMPER
Another day and you're still here. You're just trolling. Accept it's who you are and move on you dirty little troll. Again. I do not troll Bama. I troll you and only you, you ignorant dunce. In the words on Einstein (he was a smart guy, nothing you'd know about) - “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Saying something repeatedly and expecting something different is insanity. Get some help. Lots of it. You're the definition of a red flag.
Pot meet kettle. Oh. The irony. I wish you weren't so retarded and understood what's happening right now. What is a bigger L than the one TN took last weekend was your sister going full term with you donk. I mean, troll. You sick, sick troll that comes on other teams pages constantly and just trolls. You should get some help for that type of behavior. You have the IQ of chalk. And that's offensive to the chalk.
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And Bama and TN both got to sit at home and watch the playoffs on the couch.
Luvdaride his sister (it's safe to assume that's what your username is short for), you disappeared for a long time here. Probably because you had nothing to crow about. Just another bum that will be 6 feet under soon after lord Saban retires/dies due to them having nothing to live for anymore. I wish you the absolute best of luck in your endeavors. Also, revolvers are the most reliable firearms so keep that in mind. Don't want to take any chances do we? Now that's therapeutic.
I guess the blind eye that missed the ball punch is the same blind eye that missed the Jermaine Burton kick? Something about stones and glass houses.
Don't worry. We are. At least I am. That's the most basic play calling I've seen from TN since Dooley was the head coach. It was awful. No. It was worse than that. It was pathetic at best. We can be mad at both. Very possible.
No m'lady. You're not. You're supposed to be a screeching karen while calling them a troll repeatedly while telling them they are obsessed and that you own them. All this while saying they'd never find you on another team's page trolling while doing that exact thing.
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