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And even with Bryce Thompson returning, we don't stand a chance even if you played like you did against Miami. JG is just plain awful and your DL is going to make his day miserable.
What about Aaron Hernandez? I don't ever remember him getting suspended while at Florida. His shenanigans were overshadowed by Tebow's kneeling. I believe there were players just last year that threatened students with airsoft guns painted to look real and frying pans because they here being heckled for losing. I don't remember those guys being suspended at all. UF has more players arrested than any other program in the country. Can we at least agree that Nick Saban is the worst when it comes to punishing players?
It's unfortunate that Tennessee's only area that you don't have to worry about is the kicking game. Saturday would have been much worse without a kicker like Cimaglia being able to put it through the uprights consistently. And everybody wants to be able to produce the best QBs, DBs, WRs, etc., Tennessee is over here putting punters into the NFL at a crazy rate. Currently 4 on rosters. Guess that's bound to happen when they get that many reps. Alabama should just go for 2 every single time. You'd have a better conversion rate than field goal percentage.