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I think this is the closest that TN and FL have been in a long time. KY and SC too. They are all playing at about the same level IMO. Not a lot of depth and each team is only a few key injuries away from a terrible season. All 4 of these teams are just going to try outscore each other instead of doing what GA and Bama does and beat you at all aspects and win soundly. These games are going to be a blast to watch.
*Family So close buddy. It’s ok. We all know that little A with a mullet in your profile requires an IQ below 40 to qualify. Maybe next time pal. You offer NOTHING to this site and nothing to the Alabama fan base except proving they are incredibly entitled and won’t be able to handle Saban leaving and becoming a mediocre program that you were before he showed up. Alabama is Nick Saban. You’re done when he leaves.
Which of your brothers let you stop giving them a reacharound long enough to make this post? That is that true family love right there. Don't forget, your sister mom, brother dad, and grandpa uncle all took turns going at each other to come up with you. Luvdaride, which family member gave you that name? Just briefing you up. Also, you're spelling is still terrible. Do better.
If a team got left out of the SECCG due to a coin flip, the fans would riot. There would be mustard and golf balls everywhere. For real though, they would have to figure out a method to never let it come down to something as simple as a coin flip. The 3-6 schedule is better IMO. As a TN fan, I don't want to lose the Vandy or Bama game.
@KYHoosier & AggieRider - from what I've read, it seems like it will be just as difficult to determine the top 2 seeds if it goes the 3-6 or 1-7 route. All 16 teams will be in one pot and will have their 3 yearly rival games and then 6 others from the conference. I haven't figured out how they would be able to determine, outside of record, how to pick who plays in the SECCG.
You go with the best records or take the two highest ranked teams and let them play in the SECCG. Come up with tie breakers such as similar opponents. They have been ranking and picking the best teams for almost a century now. There still isn't a system that works perfectly except playing it out. It's a lot easier to pick the two best teams when you've got teams like Georgia and Alabama in your conference. If you let them play it out, it would add two more games to the SEC slate. It may not be as simple as left vs right but there could be a method that works. I really just want to see some of these schools play more often than they do. Once TU and OK join, you'll play some cross conference teams twice in a 15 year span using the current schedule model.
Why not? I see people booing the pod option but I haven't seen anybody give a good reason as to why not other then they don't like who's in their projected pod.
Many people probably won't agree but I personally like the pod option. It automatically gives you a 3-4-1-1 model. You'll play every school in the conference in 3 years. Right now, there are some cross conference schools you might play twice a decade at best. The NFL has been using that model for decades and it's worked. Here is how I think the pods could work. It holds a lot of current rivalries but you can't continue all of them every year. FL/GA/SC/KY TN/Vandy/AU/Bama Ole Miss/Miss St/Arky/LSU Mizzou/Texas/TAMU/OK - I know, BIG12 reunion A 7/2 option if you still use East/West is the only other option I really like. I'm not a big fan of that because that keeps some bigger programs like TN and LSU from playing very often.
10 out of the top 25 football revenues in college football came from the SEC last year. Big10 had 7, Big12 & ACC had 2 each and Pac12 had 3. If this list was a 2025 list, Big12 would have ZERO teams on this list. Once Texas and Oklahoma leave, that conference is done. NDs biggest rival - USC. There biggest rival is over 2000 miles away. The next two are Michigan and Michigan State. They play them again in 2033-M and 2026-MS. I think it's safe to say that the only recurring rival they have is USC and they don't need NDs money to stay on the top 25 list. I think they can push them into the BIG10 or ACC when they start working on their superconference. If I was a betting man, I'd say they would choose go to the ACC because it's easier. Not as easy as they have it now, but easier than BIG10.
That's funny. And you're probably right. Once these super-conferences are created, they should just tell ND straight up, join a conference or we won't schedule you. Their TV deal with NBC runs out in 2023. If they renew, NBC won't be happy if the best game they get out of ND is against somebody like Cincinnati, Troy or Memphis.
Yup. They said that Tennessee’s offense will be worse. Every single other Better or Worse article I have seen has said Overall Better. I’m not saying they are wrong in saying the TN offense will be worse because they put up such big numbers last season. These articles here are terrible. The comment sections on these articles are where the real discussions happen.
ND will join a conference when the SEC has more power than the NCAA. Once that happens, ND will be strong armed into joining. Right now, the SEC has the NCAA by the short and curlies. Texas and Oklahoma coming over is a huge power move and grows the pockets of the SEC exponentially.
I wish I had the infamous mustard bottle. I'm sure Kiffin has the golf ball up on his mantle. I have some shirts, buttons, and a few other items that were given out cause it was the first game of the season and they had high hopes so everything says Beat GA State and other generic we got this phrases. it's just funny to look at that stuff up on the shelf. Also, my neighbor is a big Ole Miss fan. Sunday afternoon I sat a mustard bottle on his truck
I was mistaken then. I honestly thought Bama fans were all in on CBS since it seems like the commentators were just longing for a whiff of Saban as he walked by. I remember watching some games last year and whoever was playing Bama could've ran a 99 yard TD and broke 15 tackles along the way and it was just - welp that happened. Bryce Young would scramble for a 10 yard loss and you would've thought he saved humanity. It is refreshing to know that we, the SEC as a whole, hate CBS. Thanks for clarifying Dale.
Sort of like the 86,648,896,153 posts you've made on TN articles where you mention AU. Got it. I'll jot that note down on how it's supposed to be done. You know, so I don't come off like some kind of hypocrite or something. And I was commenting on the guy's comment about SDS. Not necessarily the article itself all while taking a shot at my own team for not doing well. Not sure exactly what you got to complain about here. You're giving off an old man - get off my lawn vibe.
I think Ole Miss will struggle without Corral. He was the game changer there. I don't think LSU will be a true threat to Bama because I don't believe Brian Kelly is a good coach. Starting week 5, he's got a stretch of games of which he's never seen before in his career. I agree with the Arkansas and A&M take and that Georgia will represent the East. Let's face it, this is a CBS analyst, they don't think anybody is really a threat to Bama. I can't wait for the SEC rights to run out with CBS. Gary Danielson is just awful to listen to.
There were 2 games this past season that I wish had went differently for Auburn and they both stem from me being a TN fan. 1 - Georgia St. - I really wanted Auburn to lose this one so we had some company looking back on losses to similar lower tier programs. They were so close to upsetting AU. 2 - Alabama - This one is easy, we all hate Bama so we all root against them always. If you tell me you don't cheer for TN one game a year, you're not a real AU fan. You were so close but ultimately pulled a UT at the end. Side Note - TN vs Georgia State was my son's first game he got to go to. I have memorabilia.
I don't think that Brian Kelly is a great coach and I think LSU will struggle because he's having to adapt from the easy Cincinnati Bearcats and ND schedule he's had for the past 16 seasons to the volatile SEC West and the friendly fans of TN this season. Starting in week 5 against Auburn, Brian Kelly will run through a stretch of games of which he's never seen in his coaching career.
I bet they say TNs defense will be worse. Not that they'd be wrong but I just bet they say it. TN is that other 2.6%.
You're right. Our O-Line is swiss cheese and a mobile quarterback is our ONLY option until that is fixed. Star lineman want to protect star quarterbacks. Makes them look better and gets them drafted higher. And if our offense can't stay on the field longer to give our D a break, we will lose games that we probably shouldn't. I honestly think we can head into week 4 with Florida undefeated. Pitt is the biggest challenge prior to that game and they lost their star QB to the NFL and stud WR to the portal. If Hooker and Richardson are hitting their receivers, I'd expect that final score to resemble BIG12 numbers. A win would be great (mainly cause it's Florida) but that would send us into the bye week undefeated before heading to death valley and hosting Bama. Like I've said before, we won't win them all but we should be fun to watch.
I think you'll see TN use more ground game this year since most people will expect them to air it out most of the time. TN could have one of the top rushers in the SEC for that reason alone. If the middle isn't pressing and the corners are playing back then they will do some QB runs, a couple of draws and some sweeps until they pull the D back in then launch it downfield. If it can play out like that then it would give the TN defense a much needed break. I think the East is on the verge of being as competitive as the West.
Other than allowing a few extra rushing touchdowns this season vs what you allowed last season, Georgia's defense will still be one of the top in the country. Losing some of that talent and experience will hurt for a bit but opening against a speedy Oregon team should get you into form pretty quickly.
They will get a little better but they performed at such a high level offensively last season that they set the bar really high for this year. The problem is the offense will outrun the defense and keep them exhausted. 30-45 second possessions will destroy our defense. I truly believe TN can slug it out for at least 2-3 quarters with anybody in the country. But the offensive speed and lack of depth will catch up to them. They may not win 10 games but they will be exciting to watch regardless.
To'o To'o is still a liability over the middle. Great closing speed and a good football IQ but just can't defend the slant. He plays very similar to Manti Teo IMO.
Arthritis setting in. But he's honestly a threat with the ball in his hands as long as the line can keep him upright. We may not be at Georgia or Bama levels but TN sure is entertaining to watch.
I think the thought process here is the he's famous for being famous. The Kardashians became famous because of their family members. So did Arch. He can throw a football. And?? He's famous because of that last name of his. And he drug out this recruiting deal longer than he should have. He doesn't need the money but I'm not saying this decision didn't have money tied to it. Kind of like a certain Kardashian and a certain video.
So can we agree that with Arch coming to TU and the added benefit of the NIL at one of the richest schools in the country, that if Sark fails to make the playoffs, he's just a bad head coach? I think Texas will easily have a top 10 recruiting class, potentially top 5 next year. They currently sit at 17. His best bet to make it is before he gets to the SEC. He should plan on getting throttled by Bama in week 2 this season. That's going to be a statement game. If they lose to Oklahoma as well, they won't make it. I also hope he doesn't take up drinking cause that would probably sink his career for good. Never want to see that happen
He will go on to have a good career but fall short of a championship just like his uncles. Only difference is he will fail to inferior competition.
Sark might be a decent QB coach but if he can't coach the guys protecting Arch, or the WRs he's throwing to, then he won't have a good career. Bama has a tendency to make mediocre coordinators and assistants look like the next big thing. It's the Saban effect.