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He needs to go ahead an hit the portal and not take up a roster spot. He did not do well at Michigan and he didn't do well here. There is a school out there where he might thrive but after what seems like a decade of JG taking snaps, I do not want another QB in the huddle that isn't going to get up there and put points on the board. I bet if you watch the first 2-3 games he probably missed 8-12 easy TD throws. That doesn't work when you have GA and AL on the schedule every season.
The only logical explanation I can think of to why Milton started in front of Hooker is his arm strength. I hear he is an incredibly nice kid and extremely smart. Not that those things helped him this season. TN had a ton of routes where it was just the WR outrunning his man and the coverage. Heupel's thought process must have been surely our guys can outrun theirs in 35-50 yards so I need a QB that can throw it that and then some. Let's not worry about if he can land the ball within 20 yards of where the receiver is. Bomb it and let the WR worry about catching it.
Some of the TN fans on here make the rest of us look like idiots. Are we a good football team capable of hanging around like a pesky fly at your picnic? Yup. Are we a great football team that can go the distance with the elites such as Bama, Georgia, or Ohio State? Nope. And not even close. TN is going to keep taking its licks year in and year out until those above us decline. Saban has to leave before that rivalry evens itself back out. Smart is nothing more than a junior Saban so that doesn't look promising. Florida is the closest rival we have in terms of talent. I believe we would have beat FL last season if it was swapped with GA on the schedule. But it wasn't and we didn't. Next season we play LSU and while their situation isn't great with a new coach and the loss of talent, that game is in Death Valley and like The Swamp, it's just more difficult to play there. Things are looking up in Knoxville, for now. Heupel's offense will see more success if they implement the Ole Miss Fainting Goat rule next season. 8-9 wins would be the ceiling in this case. The Pitt game should be much easier with their QB going Pro. Pickett and Corral DESTROYED TN with their legs. We need more speed and size on defense or we will continue getting steamrolled by any QB with a 40 time under 6. I completely get GA fans using the 1998 dig and are going to wear it out like one of those new horrible country songs you hear on the radio. Not 10 minutes go by without hearing it. But I get it. That joke, like the 1980 joke, will come to an end at some point but probably not within the next 5-10 years.
I see a lot of comments and articles talking about how Alabama is in a rebuilding year and shouldn't have even been in the championship game with all of the talent they lost. I guess people haven't been watching Saban coach for the last decade but when he has a player leave, he has what seems to be a clone ready to step in. I haven't seen Bama truly take a step backwards in a long time. As long as Saban is in Tuscaloosa, Bama will always be in the run for a championship. Which sucks because as a TN fan I'm ready for him to retire so they will suck again. So many people forget how bad Bama was fixing to be before he showed up. And as far as the injury conversation goes, every team has that same deal every year. If TN had a healthy LB group then we would have won this game. If Ole Miss hadn't started a 2nd string QB they would have won that game. I am guilty of it myself. You have to plan for those things to happen. Blaming a loss on an injury is like blaming a loss due to losing players to the transfer portal. If a player isn't there then they just aren't there and you have to go to the next man in line. I'm glad that Bama lost, mainly because it's Bama. But also because I really don't want to see To'o To'o win a championship. He tried to take the LBJ route
Those unknown punishments looming could make things challenging. NCAA might decide to drop the hammer. They don't have any teeth left but they might try to gum us to death over this.
That's what I like to hear. Georgia is easily the best team in the country and it's not even close. I'll be happy if TN can put up at least 21. Holding Georgia under 35 would be an added bonus. I'm more than ready for you guys to smoke Bama in the SECCG
It didn't come across as arrogant. I feel TN has made huge strides this season given the hand the were dealt (even though they dealt it to themselves). Georgia is undeniably the best football team in the country. It's not even close. There is a massive gap between them and the rest of the East. TN has improved week to week in my eyes. Florida's wheels have fell off their wagon and they are getting drug through the dirt since we played them earlier this season. It seems TN is the second best team in the East, but again, a far cry from Georgia. I think TN could put up 21 but one of the scores will have to be a busted coverage or caught off guard due to the uptempo offense.
Georgia fans, what type of score or stat line would you need to see from this game to show that TN is heading in the right direction and could potentially be a true yearly competitor in the SEC again?
I think you're lost. This isn't the Ole Miss Fainting Goat's page.
Couldn’t reply on the other comment. Bryce Young is a baller. He needs to use them legs more. Maybe he just wants to avoid a Tua situation which makes sense. He’s got a great and a excellent vision. Hate he plays for Bama but that’s what it is. Corral will probably beat him out for the Heisman. I’d kill for a QB like him. Hooker is good. Best we’ve had since Dobbs. But Young is next level.
Flag on the play. Comment awaiting moderation. We let Young rush for 50 yards. Nobody does that. Our guys were gassed. They only had enough energy to injure themselves much less anybody else. That shot was targeting and you’re dead wrong if you think otherwise. Young fumbled that ball before he crosses the goal line but did recover the ball for a TD.
I’m just sitting over here hoping TN ends Bryce Young’s career with shot to the ol noggin. Roll that head clean across the field. Playing the long game here. Georgia is going to curb stomp Alabama. It’s going to be hilarious. I am completely aware Bama is better than TN and expecting an outcome other than this is ridiculous. We have NO depth and Saban is the best coach in college football. The score will look like you ran all over us all night but a realistic person knows that’s not the case.
If Matt Corral can play, the Ole Miss Fainting Goats should win. He is the game changer for that team. The rest of this week's slate speaks for itself.
They can't/won't do it. Look at Dabo or Urban. Those are the college coaches I would put behind Saban over the last 10 years. While they are great coaches, they can't reload year to year on the coaching staff. They will/would get top 10 recruiting classes but still not be able to win like Bama even in lesser conferences. I bleed orange through and through but I cannot deny the greatness that is Nick Saban. Can't stand the majority of Bama fans though. They seem to fall in line with Cowboys/Lakers/Yankees fans.
This is the truest statement you've ever made Corch. I think within 5 years of Saban leaving that Bama will be struggling. EVERYBODY knows he is the sole reason that program is thriving. You can't lose than many assistant coaches year in and year out and still dominate unless you're the one making all the calls. I'm rooting for UT to finally beat Bama around 2030.
I read an article last week titled - People of Alabama, please stop shooting each other over football. Somebody was shot and killed over the A&M & Alabama game. I by no means agree with throwing stuff on the field or at the teams. It's ridiculous. Every single fanbase has those jack@ss fans. UTs shined bright this past Saturday. I also believe the spot was correct. I also saw a missed targeting call on that same play. The defensive player puts his shoulder pad into the side of the TEs helmet. That is the definition of targeting. Watch it again. The officiating was terrible all night long. That is one of the worst crews they put on the field. It was a great game and the 1000 or so idiot fans put a stain on it.
I agree with the spot. Am I the only person that saw the targeting? Watch the play again. The defender put his shoulder into the side of the TEs helmet. That is textbook targeting. Maybe he should have rolled around on the ground like we saw all night.
There will have to be a new rule implemented for next season. They even talked about it during the game. We will call it the ole miss rule. If a player goes down with an “injury” they will not be able to return to the game until the following possession.
I by no means agree with what the fans did at the end of the game last night. I was just as aggravated at that point as they were. I was perplexed that there wasn’t any look at that questionable play for targeting? The defender lowered his shoulder and put it right into the side of the TEs helmet. Is it because he didn’t roll on the ground for 10 minutes like an Ole Miss player? That frustrated me more than the spot, which I believe was correct after seeing all the different replays.
I think we all remember the disaster that was the Georgia State game. That, unfortunately, was my son's first game he got to go to. We won the first two games last year and it was by luck. The SC game was won due to SC fumbling a punt in the last minute. TN does not have a tendency to start well when discussing games since early on in the past 5 years. The last good season we had, IMO, was the last year Dobbs, Barnett, and Kamara were there.
This hire is what could bring Arch Manning to TN in a few years. The Manning family is very close to the Cutcliffe family. I have no clue what benefit he could possibly bring to the program other than a potential direct pipeline to one of the most sought after quarterbacks in a long while.
The state of TN football is not in a great place and it won't be for a while. I believe Alabama fans have become a bit to comfortable sitting at the top. If Saban gets Drew Brees to the Dolphins instead of Culpepper, you would be mopping up Vandy's sloppy seconds at best. Your program was fixing to be in a freefall until he left the NFL. Instead of winning championships in the late 2000s, you'd be swapping coaches every few years. It all comes back around. TN won't be irrelevant forever, just like Saban won't be at Alabama forever. The time will come and it will be glorious. But let's be honest, cause I'm a realist, it's not gonna be anytime soon.
Whichever team can put the most players into the NFL will be the most successful at recruiting. The team that can recruit the best players will win more games, usually. The teams that win the most games with the best players will put the most players into the NFL. Rinse and Repeat. It's very simple. A team's ceiling is based on how well it does this method. A phenomenal quarterback can change a program (Joe Burrow). Saban recruits at the highest level because he flips players so well. This guy has had 33 players get drafted in the first round since he started at Alabama. I don't think TN had 33 players drafted this past decade. The majority of these kids want to play in the NFL after college and nobody can make that happen for them better than Saban. The craziest part is every position (outside of kicker) is out there getting drafted. Some schools claim DBU or QBU, Alabama is All Positions University. I can't stand Alabama but I can't help but respect the hell out of Nick Saban and what he's built there. Can't wait for him to retire.
Does anybody here remember the shape Alabama was in before Saban showed up? They were fixing to spiral out of control. If Brees goes to the Dolphins instead of Culpepper, Saban would still be in the NFL and Alabama would potentially be the punching bag of the SEC. It is difficult to get top tier talent to come coach in the SEC. Especially somewhere like Tennessee where every year you go up against 3-5 top 15 teams. You're signing up for a yearly beat down from some of the top teams in the country until you can get it in order. I don't expect TN stock to rise until Alabama's is on the way down. Which will be after Saban retires. That is the stepping stone for TN.
Best way to not embarrass the SEC in a bowl game is to not play in one. You're welcome.
I don't personally see Tua doing well in the NFL. QBs like him are hard to keep. RGIII being a good example. Once he got injured playing the way he played to win games, it was over. Jackson, Mahomes, and Wilson are the best mobile QBs in the NFL. Tua is already banged up. He's hesitant at times to just take off. I wish him nothing but the best because he's had a tough go with the injuries. Guys like Trask, Jones, and Lawrence are what most NFL teams look for these days. Tua reminds me of Tebow. Phenomenal college quarterback but just couldn't make that transition. I wouldn't be surprised if Tua is being traded at the end of his rookie contract. As far as the Jones/Tua comparison, that's hard to do because those QBs play so differently and had different weapons. a Jalen/Tua comparison is more fair due to the overall similarities. I also think that if JG could throw to somebody like Devonta Smith, UT would be instantly better (and getting rid of Chaney would help too). Devonta Smith is the best player at Alabama right now and it's not even close.
The most intriguing playoff matchup is Alabama vs Ohio State / Florida vs Clemson. IF, Florida can beat Bama in the SECCG and Clemson can beat ND in the ACCCG, then this is how round one should be stacked. Nobody wants to waste a spot on Notre Dame and watch them get smacked in the mouth for 3 hours. Clemson didn't have Trevor in the game they played in earlier this year. He is the IT factor in this game. Ohio State will get a spot and even though I am by no means a fan of Ohio State, they usually deserve that spot. Florida and Alabama have some of the most explosive offensive players in the country. I can't wait to see Trask/Pitts vs Jones/Smith.
Jarrett Guarantano is easily the worst quarterback on this list. He is one of the most experienced but has made the least amount of progress. It's not fair to lump Harrison Bailey into the same group as JG since Pruitt refuses to let him play and improve during this FREE year of eligibility. I'd let him take his bumps and bruises behind an experienced line that will end up being gone next year. TN is the worst team on this list.