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This is a huge hire. We really needed this last year. Our O-line and the entire D need structure.
Cowherd makes a lot of strong statements. That's his job. Don't forget Vegas had Clemson as a 1.5 dog to OSU and 6.5 to Bama. The great thing about Cowherd is he will call himself out for being wrong.
Not as good as Fulmer! He put 70 on everyone.
From Chattanooga and graduated from UT. I hope I pass your criteria.
And not to mention Peyton is too rich to be an OC in Knoxville. Someone worth 250 million does not want to be stuck in Knoxville all year.
Gruden and Jimbo did not want to coach at Tennessee. That's what I'm getting at. We may have had a shot at Charlie Strong or Sumlin in the past.
Just read the comments. Our fan base is delusional. I wish I could screen shot the Manning posts for you.
Found an unrealistic fanboy^^. You can hate Butch all you want. The more you do the more you push coaches away. Tell me who you would hire as HC and OC. Last I checked Saban already has a good job. Helfrich was visiting his old QB in Nashville. And what has Helfrich proven in the last decade? That he can hold Chip Kelly's clip board. BryanChip for AD.
I miss DeBord already. We are not getting Helfrich, Tee, Chip, Peyton...etc. We have an unrealistic fanbase that would run them out of town.
The guy was a great OC! UT was 2nd in TD's in the SEC. He put our best players in 1:1 match ups in space. Be careful what you wish for. 2016 scoring: VT-Most points scored Ohio-2nd most points Florida-2nd most points Georgia-2nd most points TxAM-2nd most points TT-Most points scored Kentucky-Most points scored Mizz-Most points scored Vandy-Most points scored
DeBord put up points on just about every good defense. Bad offense against Bama and SC. Other than that it was a great offensive year. Be careful what you wish for.
I will never understand the hate for DeBord. We put up a lot of points on good defenses. Injuries were the problem. Be careful what you wish for.
New OC? You do know we put up more points (or 2nd most) than any other team on almost every team we played. New QB? Name a better one in the SEC. No SC coach/injured players cost us this year. The offense was way above average.
Great timing! Tennessee had so many injured defensive players this year that they actually ran out of back ups for DT's and LB's. No one can win that way. Does Butch deserve the some blame for the injuries/lack of depth...of course. With the players that were on the field this year I am ok with 9 wins. No expectations next year. CANT WAIT!
It's easy to fire coaches, but it's really hard to find a coach that wants to coach at Tennessee and win 10+ games. UT fan base pushes coaches out and keeps the good ones away. Please list coaches that would come to UT and win.
I completely agree. So Saban doesn't fight with the media? Saban only focuses on football? Give Butch a break. UT put up points on every team outside of Bama. The Defense was playing 3rd and 4th string DTs and LBs (some of that should be on Butch). 9-4 is what our talent on the field and schedule dictate. Butch is 15th in the nation in pay and we will probably be ranked around 15.
DeBord carried this team! In the regular season UT score more points than anyone else on VT, Florida, Georgia, TT, Kentucky, Mizzo and Vandy. They score the second most points on TxAM and Ohio. That's an awesome year. Let's see what we get when he's gone.