BSME 1970

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I hope you were trying to be funny with that word salad! By the way, it is "lose," not "loose." And you are aware, I hope, that it is the ONLY loss since Oklahoma 2015? Oh, wait - I see you are from Alabama. Never mind; you did your best considering the handicap. Go Vols! Fold Tide! :)
Please be aware that the knuckle draggers are the ones likely to go on an anonymous message board and bash the coach as if they could have done better. Unfortunately, there are no prerequisites to declaring ones self a "fan" and/or an "expert." They get to babble stupidity as is their right. I can pretty much assure you they have their comrades-in-arms in every SEC town.
Thank you. A voice of reason. The damned FG was long enough and off by inches. If it had been a foot or so to the left the kicker and Jones would be heroes and all these naysayers would be crowing like roosters.