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VFL865, I'm with fuzzy on this, too. And, I will add to the critique, what the heck does "Stop being the person who always points the finger, instead of looking in the mirror and pointing at the only person who can change it" mean when Hayes is talking about the fans?! The whole point of the public outrage has been that we ARE NOT are in the position to make the changes needed and the ones who are keep screwing it up and we are tired of it (the only thing Hayes got right and it happens to be fundamental: bad administrating, bad coach hires, bad coaching. Of course, he then contradicts himself by throwing in the hire of Fulmer to coach, who then "crushed it" on the recruiting trail, according to Matt, then won a national, two SEC, and several East Division titles, and left as the 2nd winningest coach in school history. If that qualifies as "screwing the pooch," I'll take some more of it).