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You just struck out again. Three years and the VOLS will right back at zero again. Heupel's record was trending downwards. He has losing records against teams with winning seasons and his defense gave up an average 33.2 pts. per game. Yeah,sure UCF put up an average of 42 pts per game...against a majority of teams with losing records. All in the American Conf. Sure...Drew Lock put up some passing yardage the one year Huepel was at Mizzu...they still went 8-5. Anyone who looks at the stats from all angles,instead of the cherry picked ones, realizes Heupel is mediocre coach at best. Mediocre is not what is going to rebuild the VOLS. Lastly, Heuple is the only coach White called (after he paid a firm to come to that conclusion?)...this was a "buddy hire." Which has doomed the VOLS and us fans for yet another 3 years of disappointing crap.
Please show where I said that I expected Chaney to call “big play after big play.” On the contrary. Many plays that are called are simply either setting the defense up for a later play, playing against the defense’s already known weaknesses and plays strictly that utilizes offensive players strengths. How about Chaney doesn’t call the same formation and play back to back to back left right left right. How about he uses that formation for rpa’s. Or just calls other run plays since you believe JG can even tie his own shoelaces. We were pushing them off the ball and had them confused enough to gain 4.9 yards per carry before it became sweep left, sweep right. Who calls the plays...JG? Notice he rarely called any audibles. Because he’s been told not to. You believe JG should be replaced...Who makes the decision which QB is in the game...JG? “Pay attention to number 2...etc” How about you “pay attention” to the entire offensive game plan, schemes and adjustments ...that comes from the OC in the coaches box. The entire offense is not built around “number 2.” Can JG improve, sure. But not as much a Chaney needs to. When you figure that out...then come back to me.
Is Guarantano the best in the league, no. Is he the worst, no. Have we had better, of course. Have we had worse, of course. The QB is not the only variable in the equation. Calling plays that utilizes his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses, utilizing other players strengths around him and recognizing and calling plays to offset defensive formations...is what wins games. That comes from the sidelines and coaching box. No doubt the QB is key variable, but what plays he and the rest of the team runs is a bigger variable. So far, it’s more on the coaching.
1. If you believe Chaney’s play calling wasn’t a problem in yesterday’s game, then you either are not watching the game nor know anything about the game. 2. Why hire a person who has no previous HC experience to rebuild a program. They are not qualified or suited for the job at hand. 3. Tennessee can recruit fine. However, now it will become much harder (See #’s 1 and 2).
17-28 passing, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, avg. 6.3 yards for 176 yards. 49 rushing attempts, 242 yards with avg. 4.9 yards rushing. The run game was working until Chaney started running the same plays left-right late in the game at critical moments. Even the commentators were talking about how BYU were picking up on the same formations. They tried one screen all night. They only threw to slants (easy and high percentage) a couple of times. They never got the tight end involved. They only threw deep to stretch the defense twice (even if you’re doing nothing but to stretch the defense...you still have a “so-so” QB air it out). They didn’t throw any to the flats (which a even a kicker can complete those...so can Guarantano). All of these would have helped the run game and the screens and to the flats passes would have helped Guarantano. Did and does Guarantano look a little shaky from time to time, yes. Did he throw a pick to undercoverage, yes. However, yesterday’s and last Saturday’s loss cannot been pinned on Guarantano. In yesterday’s game the players for the most part played pretty well. However, the game plan, play calling and adjustments (or lack there of) was fairly poor. The blame again this week lays for the most part on the coaching.
Now tell us again oskie... Who is it you’ve been trolling and insulting all over this site...oh wait...that would be “men.” Poor little trollski... Bawhahahahahahaha!!
Bawhahahahahahaha! Right on cue...just like a troll would. Bawhahahahahahaha!
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LOL...I just read your posts on other threads. You’re nothing but a sh*t stirrer. You say the same things over and over while talking out of both sides of your neck. I doubt you’re even a Vol fan (I truly hope not. If you are, you’re part of the problem). You’re nothing but cretin troll. “Basic rhetoric.” LOL. You truly are the poster child for Dunning-Kruger. You have no idea that the Socratic Method was used. All I had to do was get you to talk... “You’re argument...to wit” is....you have nothing but “ad hominems.” Now run along little trollsky... The adults are talking. (Now come back with even more troll tripe...you will. You’ve taken the bait every time.)
Phil-is-my-personal-Jesus should be your ID. You’ve done nothing but defend him. You probably think Pruitt is a good coach and right hire. It’s hilarious irony that you would accuse anyone of being a “troll” or “insulting.” Prove my “conjecture” wrong. You can’t. You’re part of the problem with some of our fan base. A perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
Also, this type of behavior is nothing new for Fulmer. Let’s not forget what he did to Johnny Majors to get the HC job. I’ve watched Fulmer as a player and coach (Pruitt is the 11th Vol coach for me). Fulmer had some good years and bad years. I supported in those years. At the time, I actually didn’t think his firing was completely appropriate. However, since then Fulmer has shown some not so great colors. He is not the lovable “uncle Phil” he want people to believe.
Yes, let’s look at this “analytically.” Fulmer wants nothing more than to coach again. He’s interviewed in the past and was turned down. So he comes back to Knoxville where he still has enough clout to get back into the circle at UT. He tries for the AD job, but Curry is chosen over him. He plays the UT President to give him a “special advisor” position. This keeps him in the inner circle. Multiple times he and Curry have “cold exchanges” and Fulmer is critical and derogatory about Curry behind his back. In the meantime the same about Jones. Jones gets fired and Fulmer himself asks to be made interim coach. He is turned down. Meanwhile the coaching search goes on and Fulmer doesn’t like any of the candidates and makes his opinions clear. He also says that Curry is to blame. Curry flys out to see Mike Leach (and makes some admittedly bone head moves), and Leach is ready to sign (Washington St. confirmed this). Fulmer flys into the President’s office and exclaims that Leach is right for Tennessee or the SEC (never mind that Leach has set records as a coach at KY). Fulmer says Curry has gone rogue and pours gas in those flames that eventually consume Curry. But let’s get back to Leach. At that point Leach is only 22 all time wins behind Fulmer. Except for a N.C., Leach’s coaching resume’ is as good as Fulmer’s. Leach is also a media and endorsements darling. As well as a fan darling. So he would upstage Fulmer and most likely eventually past Fulmer in all time wins while at Tennessee. Leach also would not need or want Fulmer’s help. Fulmer can not let that happen. Curry is fired and Fulmer backdoors his way in AD. No Leach contract the first thing Fulmer does as AD. Now he has to find a coach...a coach that cannot upstage him...who will need and want his help. Bingo...enter Pruitt. Only 7 years experience as a DI assistant coach. Plus he’s been on Championship teams under Championship coaches. It looks so good on paper to the layman. Yet, truth be told he was with 3 teams in 7 years. Teams that had 3 deep NFL caliber talent with Championship Head Coaches. He’s perfect for what Fulmer is looking for. If he does well...Fulmer wins...if he does poorly, Fulmer fires him and makes his case to be coach again (his already made the comment “I’ll do it for free the first 2 years” multiple times). Hmmmmmm “for free.” Pretty attractive for a University that’s neck deep in buying out contracts. Plus a known fan, media and endorsements darling from Tennessee’s last real decade of power. So thank you for making my argument about Fulmer “reading and manipulating others.” Ad hominem insults are not insults when they contain truth. Your logical fallacy played perfectly into this. Lastly, what evidence do you have to prove anything I have said...isn’t true. You being a Fulmer follower, isn’t enough. Fulmer is not what his public persona shows. Pruitt is not either. Nice try though.
If you don’t think Fulmer played game of thrones to get Curry out, then you are delusional. He was out to get Curry ever since Curry beat him out for the AD job. But never mind that now. The real travesty is the fact Fulmer hired the least experienced coach in the search when our program was at it’s lowest point (then). Fulmer is a narcissistic egotist who is more concerned about protecting his “legacy” than anything else. Pruitt is a known hot headed narcissistic egotist who only had 7 years of D1 experience at three different schools. Each of those schools had excellent Head coaches and NFL quality rosters 2 deep. Pruitt is not what Tennessee needed...and Fulmer should have known better.
It’s because Tennessee has never had Potato Head Pruitt before. When you are supposed to be a Division I Head Coach...and complain about “fundamentals,”...yet you do not have your team fundamentally prepared for the season opener...You are not a Division I Head Coach.
It’s because Tennessee has never had Potato Head Pruitt before. When you are supposed to be a Division I Head Coach...and complain about “fundamentals,”...yet you do not have your team fundamentally prepared for the season opener...YOU’RE NOT A DIVISION I COACH.
I haven’t ran across you before, but from day 1, this VFL has been consistent in that Potato Head Pruitt is not who Tennessee needed.
“Senseless comments...” How’s Potato Head Pruitt’s coaching today seeming to you now... “Senseless...”
Remember when you called me a “troll” for saying Potato Head Pruitt wasn’t going to win a Conference Championship let alone a N.C. Today puts all that into perspective doesn’t it.
Do I need to repeat myself now...or did today do enough talking?
No, Tennessee and Fulmer made a dreadful mistake in hiring Potato Head Pruitt.
Pruitt complains about “fundamentals.” If you are a Division I Head Coach and on opening day you do not have your team fundamentally prepared...THEN YOU ARE NOT A DIVISION I COACH.
I said it all last year when he was hired...Potato Head Pruitt is an absolute joke. So is Fulmer for hiring him. Pruitt was the least experience coach in the coaching search. Mike Leach was ready to sign a contract, but no, Fulmer had to hire the Potato Head.
Potato Head Pruitt isn’t going to ever be anything more than mediocre. The sooner he is gone, the better for the Vols.
Potato Head Pruitt isn’t going to win a Conference Championship let alone a N.C.