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Thanks Boon! That's means a lot! Next year is our year!! GO VOLS!!
The only time of the year you'll hear me say Go Dawgs! Lol
98 is pulling in the driveway anyday now? Who thinks that? Lmao
I don't care what the haters think. That sh$$ was tight Son!
It's not the Defense. They've given us a chance in every game we've played.
Crap...at..not out. I'll see myself out
Can't help but laugh out ours..hahaha GO VOLS!
Dawgs would've won no matter who our QB is, but dammit man.why dont we bench JG?!! I just dont get it.
Didn't see anything wrong with it. Uniform looks cool to me.
Dawgs look really good this year. But we all know anything can happen on Saturdays. I'm not saying my Vols win for sure. But, you never know. Hahaha GO VOLS!!!!!!
I agree. But watch out. They might beat Obama to. Hahaha Go Vols!
Seems like some of these articles are just trying to get arguments going for some reason. What was said 20 years ago doesn't matter. Smh
Just like how dawg fans, and Vol fans like myself are desperate for Florida to lose every single time they play? Same thing. Lol
Looks about right. But I'm thinking gators score more around mid to upper 40s.