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Hey Mountain Dog, It's hard to argue and a lost cause to argue against quantitative results which speak for themselves. This is me Liking your post. Now, I still pray we beat UGA this year. Take care Dawg.
As long as one of 8 wins is over the underachieving Kirby and the bulldogs, all good bra.
And to top of all that, Florida spanked that UGA arse. Let that reality heal dawg.
Who will actually read your food for thought? I certainly will not. Anything after the word Negan is straight bubu. Nice legacy dog. Your posts are like the annoying ads which most people have become accustomed to ignore. Although I do have the urge for some Texas Pete sauce right now. Hopefully, in all seriousness that crap attitude and wrong outlook of yours doesn't equate to your personal life. Keep up your literary exercise in free writing whatever comes to mind. If it makes you happy roll with it. Go-Gators!
No face plants please. A belly flop perhaps, but not the face. After years of frustrating games, my pre-game enthusiasm has not changed but the outcomes have. There seems to have been a good amount of what is considered cross training in manufacturing while the production line was running. The production goal was met, not in the manner that some want, but the team won and will get better. Did you see the SC - Arkansas score? Oh so close. Go-Gators.
See you are making tremendous progress with the colors dog. Let's discuss the index of refraction while we are it. How about hues and tones, contrasting colors, how about some design. How exciting. You are on to something big. Perhaps the new focus for the rest of the year. You just may be the new Versace. Groundbreaking commentary for sure. Love you Leghumper. Lead the way...
Well now you have a whole year to focus on colors. Did gayorange just whoop your beloved red and black... heeeeyyyyyy snap snap.....
He's ranked just schooled yah beeeachhhhh.
Hey Riley, your prediction is surely possible and I hope it turns out to be completely wrong. My fingers are crossed for a good game and gator win.
Will check back indeed... you are most welcome.