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Dude, are you special? You're rambling about things that no one was even talking about. Besides, the last game between OM/GA ended 45-14, not in GA favor. So until next year when they play again, why don't you be happy about your team and be obnoxious somewhere else
Florida looks like best chance to 8 wins?? Ole Miss somehow lost 2 wins in 1 game against Bama? Considering they were 8-1 going into the game
I would say its the Fl head coach. I say it every year when the Fl fans are high on Mullen, give it time, you'll come back to reality. His play calling in the games that matter has always been awful. Finds a way to lose!!
I could see complaining about the spot if there wasn't a review, I thought it was more than fair spot from the review. As for the injuries/cramps, I'm sure some were for a rest (both teams had those) but several players either went to the locker room or sidelined for more than one play.
Uh, what? I think he was passing the bottle around!
Is this guy on drugs? 3 reasonably good offensive teams....ill give you one, but State only got a safety against Ky and Auburn only scored 2 feild goals against Ga. Ark had their way with OM for a few years, but i dont see them winning by 2 scores. OM might not stop them, but theres no way they stop OM from scoring if Bama couldn't. Dear writer: Please put down the bottle
That is funny. All it needed was some Ole Miss/NCAA reference to Clemson getting investigated after beating them.
Does that mean that all players at State should transfer now also? That was a dumb comment!!
Chubb is #1, but he is only averaging 5.8 yards per carry. Bama's Harris is at 9.15 per carry, followed by Guide at 7.52, Boom- 6.4, and, Webb at 6.28. They obviously wasn't going by total yards because Webb had 6 more than chubb and better YPC. Seems like if you're figuring best RB, you would go by what they do after they get the ball, not how many times they get the ball. Even OM's Brazley averaged 7 yards per carry (Judd- 5.68) and they don't run much.(maybe they should more)
Where is LSU's "tackman?" So much talk before the season, and now.......I know he read the article. Oh wait, I guess I'll have to look at an OM article to find him commenting
Another Ole Miss article, another comment from LSU fan tackman. You must really be mad about LSU taking its place in the SEC behind OM. Guess they didn't need a running game to beat the one dimensional LSU. Don't worry, Brandon Harris should help Miles out the door this year with the predictable hand offs.
Questions at every position? Do you even follow football or just like to comment on every OM article. It seems like every article I read you have negative comments. We get it, you don't like Ole Miss. You're hatred won't get any better this season.....
Funny that SDS failed to add Saban's name to this article. Had a similar "back and forth" with Finebaum about his player being arrested.
Go back to my trailer? I'm guessing you assume bc I support a school in MS you think I live in a trailer. Is Alabama suppose to be wealthier? Before you talk about someone's wealth, you should probably have accomplished something as well as paying your own way rather than riding Mommy and Daddy's dime. When you've been around long enough to build a life, then you can have an opinion about it.
That's not what he said, he said Miles has a better record against Saban than anyone. Freeze has a better record. Auburnsucks- even if he is being investigated what would that have to do with the record? Your comments are always pointless and show which "Bama fan" category you fit in with
Actually, Hugh Freeze is 2-2 against Saban. I'm pretty sure that means he has the best record
I believe Tennessee will be the Auburn of last year. Though TN will be better than Auburn was, I think Butch is like Dan Mullen, can build good teams just can't win the big games. Butch does have a leg up on Mullen, he can recruit (probably more the University name, than his recruiting abilities though). Just a lot of hype, probably have the Heisman QB also
Wins and losses from this year have nothing to do with who he thinks will be the top 5 next years end. I would rather him not put OM in his top 5, he sucks at picking
Dude, get over it with the turnovers. With the exception of one, they were forced. It's what defenses try to do. Alabama is in, stop crying and wanting credit for a loss. They were outplayed that day. Notice I didn't say by the better team, the record clearly shows that Bama, though not completely dominant in every game, is the best team in the SEC.....this year
There could be several others ahead of Ragland. Brothers, Knemdiche, Hargraves,...A lot of credit is given because of a name.
Dale, you are an idiot to say the least. Another Bama loses because they gave it away(twice i might add) aND tring to take credid for OM beating LSU. The true "That Bama Fan". Credit has been given to Bama, no doubt about it, they made it thru with one loss.
This is the worst article to date that SDS has put out. To say that Alabama is the only good team in The SEC is ludicrous. Alabama deserves credit for making it through the SEC but it wasn't because they completely earned it. Alabama needed Ark to come out on top of Ole Miss to make it. Also, narrowly scraping by Ark and TN. Every team in the West and a few in the East are good teams. Bias or not, Ole Miss was a great team this year. Every game they won, they did convincingly. A lot of teams deserve respect this season. Possibly the last article I'll read from an awful, ignorant group of wannabe writers.
Where is Dakattack and the rest of the Cousin Eddie followers? Y'all usually have so much to say.....
LSU will make a mistake by firing a proven winner. Jimbo would be dumb to leave a team that's overrated every year bc they win in an easy conference.
Only reason you felt the need to comment was because you see the Ole Miss in front of my name.
First, the article was suppose to be about one loss contenders, and you put Clemson and Iowa in there. Second, you put if Alabama loses to Auburn and crushes Florida. If Bama loses to Auburn and Ole Miss beats State, Bama won't play Florida. Alabama loses to Auburn they will fall far from the playoff picture. Fingers crossed. Learn to proof read and possibly try to use a little common sense!!