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Chad Kelly won the Sugar Bowl, accurate as always SDS
Wouldn't a better comparison be teams that won the SEC tournament + FB Championship or won a major bowl game + reached the Sweet 16?
Somebody been drinkin' to much a da swamp water. Even if he goes to LSU, no way he goes before the playoff
Yea I think anyone who pays attention to college football has seen this one coming for awhile
I would be inclined to agree except for the Championship argument. Not saying OM will win anything of note with Patterson, but dude's been going to a special high school just for football. If he's deciding between the draft and staying another year and has nothing to show for himself interms of championships, SEC or national, I think he stays. Plus Sea comes from a well off family, Treadwell has a daughter to feed
I know this has been resolved, but it's also a rule that you have to play 8 conference games to be eligible to play in the SEC chamionship game. If Florida didn't reschedule they would have been ineligible to play in the championship game (so would LSU but don't think that would have been an issue this year)
Because it's great, to be, a Florida Gator... Went to the OM game in Gainesville and found this to be very much the case, can't blame them for being excited, but most were just down right rude. Guess I'm just too used to the Grove...
Haters gonna hate, ain'ters gonna ain't
It was played in the Superdome, not the Sugar Bowl. One is a place, the other an event. Nice try though
Stopped reading this article as soon as I read the phrase "Miami Miracle"
Rivals ranks by Dual threat and Pro style. Patterson #1 Dual and Eason #1 Pro
But in the quarterback rankings article you have Chad Kelly in the #1 spot? Wrong or right, a little consistency would be nice...
Took the words out of my mouth. Want em undefeated in Oxford anyway