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Lol you’re proving my point, unless you call being on a college football forum making the first comment and whining about Arkansas fans who hadn’t even said anything yet, hoping they’ll show up “living life to the fullest,” then I just feel bad for you. You proved that you’re waiting for them to show up by responding to all of the replies to your comment. That, plus wanting to be sure you have the last say with strangers on the other side of the screen. Maybe you meant living your e-life to the fullest. I know I’m giving you a hard time, but you should really consider these things. It’s the internet, man. I’ll help you out with something else, too. Don’t be so insecure. Proof of the insecurity is coming here to make your initial comment, over such a silly thing, too. That being a bad call by the refs giving your team the W, and feeling like you have to defend/justify it by deflecting to Arkansas fans. I’m not worried about it for two reasons. One, I know that Arkansas earned the W. They just happened to be dealt a bad call. Two, even if they hadn’t, it wouldn’t be a big deal, because it’s just a game. You’ll learn these things as you get little older/the more you mature. Anyway, all the best.
I have nothing to cry about, kiddo. You’re doing plenty of it for everyone, and I’m just pointing it out. There is life outside of college football. You should give it a shot.
It’s funny that you’re the first comment warning about incoming whining, when you started it by whining. Saying “the SEC doesn’t” is laughable at best. That’s like saying OJ couldn’t have killed Ron and Nicole because the jury said not guilty. You just proved that you know you’re wrong, getting all defensive before anyone even said anything. Either come back to reality or go cry somewhere else.
LOL I’m lovin’ this answer. I’ll root for anyone against Texas. Jalen is right, too. Going from playing in the Iron Bowl to the RRR isn’t unlike a senior, varsity linebacker taking the place of the hurt freshman linebacker and drilling 9th grade QBs when you sack ‘em.
Wow, that’s surprising to me. I realize teams don’t draft someone just because they’re in state, obviously. However, Georgia has produced some great pro talent over the years. Learn something new everyday!
All the best to him. He’s been a beast on the pro level. I don’t see that slowing down. If anyone hasn’t seen him run around NFL defenders, then you’d be doing yourself a favor by watching some of his NFL highlights. Alabama is producing some really good pro talent. My Cowboys have really benefited from having Amari Cooper! I hope everyone had a great Easter! He is risen!
I really want to be excited, but this is still a season away. As a realist, who knows what’s going to happen between now and then? It’d be more exciting/promising if it was this season. It’s kinda like people here commented on the games announced between Alabama-OU. The thought of that matchup is exciting, along the thought of Alabama taking them to the woodshed. It’s just the wait!
Lol I was wondering if this guy ever followed cbb before too after making that statement. If I’ve learned anything all the years I’ve followed cbb, you never count a Paul Mainieri led LSU Tigers team out.
There’s the old saying: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” What this sounds like is “if you can’t beat ‘em, try to get them to join you!”
You know what’s funny, I’ve seen stuff like that brought up when Alabama folks talk trash about Auburn for rooting for Clemson and they try to deny rooting for Oregon. Those Bama fans must not understand the internet yet because that simply doesn’t disappear with time. All it takes is one person posting an example and you hear nothing else from the Bama folks. It’s only ok when they do it, obviously!
“I don’t care who they play against, I always root against my team’s rival. Anyone who can root for a team that’s the biggest rival of their own team simply isn’t a true fan.” See how it works the other way, too? In other words, a personal opinion doesn’t dictate how much of a fan someone else is or not.
Sorry, but the “he ruined the Falcons offense” argument is horrible at best. You’re trying to compare coaching in the NFL to college, which is laughable. I seem to remember Saban not being cut out for NFL coaching either, but he seems to do just fine dominating the college football world in coaching most of the time. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but it’s sad to see people use a non-argument to try and prove that he’d be a horrible hire.
“They threw me into public!” Couldn’t help but think of that. Public intoxication? Not exactly the crime of the century here, folks. I see a lot of people being judgmental online, and I’d bet that a lot of them, just like me, got drunk in college and were in public but were lucky enough to not get caught. I think it’s also safe to say if he played for someo like Tulsa or Miami of Ohio, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Gotta love social media!
That’s what I was about to say, whether he can color or not doesn’t matter when he can be a big part of helping his team beat anybody they play, whether it’s going undefeated in the ACC, embarrassing an undefeated team that doesn’t have a conference in the first round of the playoffs or the best that the SEC has to offer in the National Championship.
Hey Bama boy, this is about Alabama, not Arkansas. You must’ve read the article and realize that. What you’re doing is called deflecting. What that means is, when someone realizes they’ve lost the argument, they try to point the topic in a new direction because they don’t want to admit being wrong. It’s a common tactic used by children (an example being “but he hit me first!”) and by liberals... which are just adults with the mind of a child. So, it’s not at all surprising that you’d do it lol. Oh, I know you’ll wait and are happy to do so, since you spend most of your time here anyway. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not going to take the bait and let you deflect. It boils down to the fact that I, along with many other college football fans, which includes some Alabama fans, are criticizing Saban because of that idiotic fake FG and the biggest screw up, leaving Tua in even though Clemson was embarrassing him... especially after he wasn’t afraid to pull Jalen during the championship game last season when he wasn’t doing great. Not to mention the fact that if it wasn’t for what Jalen did, Alabama wouldn’t have even won the SEC championship against Georgia. We all know that you’re lying to yourself when you defend those calls Nick made... I’d hope that’s the case anyway, and that you’re not really that stupid. Though, you’ve proven that too so who knows.
If you’re unfamiliar with BamaTime, I’ll fill you in. He gets his feelings hurt if you do anything but praise Alabama or Saban and feels like he has to see who your team is and talk bad. He’s been doing this for years. He’s really a sad little man. I feel sorry for him.
LOL you crack me up. I remember you saying something about me using bad language on this site once, and look at you lol. Oh, don’t pretend you didn’t read it, because we both know you have nothing better to do. Go enjoy the ass-kicking Bama/Saban received. As you always do, you came back for the last word, but that’s because what other people say here doesn’t bother you lol. Poor child. Try and not get upset today because of stuff Internet strangers say to you, you’ll be much better off, kiddo!
Lol I see BamaTime still hangs around here getting his panties in a wad anytime anyone says anything about Saban that isn’t praiseworthy. You’ve only been doing that for years now. Surely you saw where I prefaced it with it being rare that Saban makes poor coaching decisions. I know all that matters to you though is pitching a fit (as proven here and your years of doing so on SDS) when someone dares to criticize him. News flash: he’s not perfect, nobody is. That means, yes, he can make mistakes. That was proven in the championship against Clemson. Not only was Clemson the far better team, but Saban made some bad decisions that didn’t help things. Even other Bama fans have been commenting a lot on these two examples, leaving Tua in and going for the fake FG. You’re lying to yourself if you try to say that was smart, especially the way the Clemson D shut Tua down compared to what he usually does. I feel bad for you. As much as you whine here and take things so personally. Unhappy people only feel happy by trying to make others miserable. Just an FYI, by doing that you’re only upsetting yourself and not the Internet stranger who offended you. Why am I making such a long post about it? Simple, because it’s sad that someone is that unhappy, and here’s to hoping you make some changes for your own sake.
I don’t blame him a bit for wanting to transfer. Nick Saban doesn’t often make poor coaching decisions, but he sure did with Jalen. If not for Jalen saving Tua’s rear, Georgia would most likely be SEC champions. I sure remember last year’s playoff championship game when Jalen struggled and Saban took him out and brought Tua in. Tua had a horrible first half against Clemson. So many people thinking “ok, time to see if Jalen can do what he did against Georgia since Tua’s out there choking.” However, we all saw the stupid decision that was made to leave him in. The kicker was him finally putting Jalen in the game when it was too late in the game and Alabama was down by four TD’s. That made absolutely zero sense. All of that to say, Jalen deserves better than that. I’m sure he’ll end up somewhere with a coach who will appreciate what he has and use him. God bless, Jalen!
Even keel? Sure, UCF was missing their biggest player, their qb, but that doesn’t equal LSU missing 9 players. IMO, LSU was down a lot more talent than UCF and still took care of business. That, along with the 2 td’s early on, they had their opportunity and still couldn’t win. With two complete teams? I think it’s safe to say that with two complete teams, LSU would’ve embarrassed even worse. It feels so weird, like this is backwards, me defending LSU to a Tiger fan lol.
I hope this is a parody list. Georgia vs Texas in 6th? At worst it should be the 3rd best, but IMO, it’s #2. Also, Georgia- please don’t just beat Texas, I want to see you embarrass the Horns. It’ll make life a little better for me having to live around so many fans of the puke orange who are always saying that their team would have no problems with the SEC. That’s when I remind them they couldn’t even beat Arkansas during the Bielema years.
I’m with Tiger TD on this one. It’s a ridiculous, inaccurate comparison to compare someone fighting in war to playing football. The whole point about being responsible for your future too. If you have an excellent shot at going to the NFL, which isn’t the case for the overwhelming majority of cfb players (between 1-2% go pro) then I have absolutely no problem with you sitting out for a bowl game. If you get hurt, we know what happens to your chances of getting drafted. That means millions of dollars out the window all because you wanted to play in the -insert bowl here- game? I can guarantee you that once you find out you can’t ever play again you won’t be saying “well, I might’ve missed out on my dream, going to the NFL and making millions of dollars, but at least I was able to play a couple quarters of that college bowl game!” Good stuff again, Tiger TD!
I echo your fellow Mizzou fan. Yes, he’s very good. Putting him together with Bryant? Especially Nance being able to do during some of what has been bad times for Arkansas’ offense/Arkansas football as a whole. So, to me, that’s just downright scary, especially since Arkansas is gonna have to face that duo. Oh well, I’m glad it’s still close to a year away. Also, a sincere congrats to y’all and the rest of the Mizzou Tiger Nation!
He falsified nothing. Video shows Cole acting like a piece of **** pushing or punching or whatever you want to call it Kragthorpe in the chest. Video also clearly shows Cole hitting Faulk in the face, followed by Battle decking Cole (which he most certainly had coming. It’s expected to defend your team, but when someone who represents it behaves this horribly? You call it for what it is. It makes you look trashy by defending it. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. If you fail to admit it, you won’t be respected. If you do, then you will. That applies to life in general.
Um, I’m pretty sure Finebaum is the one who brought Alabama up, along with Auburn, not Clark. All he did was answer a question. He simply said that he doesn’t see them playing “Alabama Tuscaloosa.” Is that what upset you to the point of trying to trash talk him. Another UCF? I never heard Clark claim that UAB is the national champion, do your participation trophy comment makes zero sense. However, a 9-1 record is mighty good. Funny, you accuse him of whining (in so many words) which he never did, but you sure did a good job of it.
He’s lying too regarding no internet. If he has a smart phone he has internet. Let’s say he doesn’t for arguments sake. He has to use the internet for his job, if for nothing else for email alone. Stupid thing to say.