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I always liked Franklin. Good kid. Lots of upside. Wants to play.
As a Florida resident, my eye-test still felt the Gators are a defensively-dominated team. Their D-players were into the play, even more so than any other spring games today. I like Trask too -- because Florida needs less ego and more performance. I don't think Filipe is rooted in the mission at hand. Mullens strikes me as a glorified cheerleader -- 'nuff said. The corners and safeties played especially well today.
I would like to add that conditioning looked a bit lax, but more on the offense than defense, surprisingly. Even Lock looked 10-15 pounds heavy and puffy. It would be different if it was off season muscle gain, but it sure didn't look like it. Oh well. Hit the weight room guys.
My concerns were largely addressed, especially watching the other spring games today. At QB, we are in pretty good shape; I was happy with Lock, Micha, and Lowery. Not so much with the others. I feel good about RB. Crockett, Rountree and Downing -- and the freshman Vauifi did well. The line protected well, considering it being a spring game. Receivers were mixed -- with hit in the hands and drops (JJ and Floyd) -- somewhat alarming, but it was nice to see RS-Jr Smith get some nice catches too. He's enormous. Acy was playing very well and impressed me (a surprise) -- Beckner too. They ran a set with Beckner at DE and he got to the QB -- nice, although not tagged as a sack. I hope Acy can play the secondary this way all year. There was nothing that shocked me.
What? No Mizzou post game performance analysis? Two hours and counting. UK had theirs up in 10 minutes. How rink-y-dink -- SDC.
I've written elsewhere that 7-5 is reasonable as a pre-season guess. Frankly, the opponents and the away vs. home schedule offsets most improvement the team will likely make this year in terms of a tally. I won't make a guess though. Mizzou will play better overall, making the contests more compelling. I feel confident in saying that. The secondary is my concern. Heuple was a one-trick-pony who fortunately had one of the best arms in college football playing for him. Lock should get Christmas cards from him for the next few years. Similarly, Dooley will benefit from the talent he has as well, helping him get over some humps. The jury is out on him though. He seems to have a rep that needs some repair, which is good. Mizzou exposed some good teams for 2-3 quarters last year. Maybe they can muster enough depth to play 4 quarters and win those more challenging games thos time.
I liked it. It was probably composed by a Mizzou student. After all, "The Eye of the Tiger," and the "Rocky Theme" are a bit overused, don't you think, and require royalties?
Downing might be one of those jewels on the team who just hasn't gotten any respect yet. I hope he does receive some playing time this year. I've read where his former teammates can't believe he's being so under-utilized and we don't know how good he can be. We've seen only flashes so far.
I think the onus is on Odom and the new DC to see what they've developed. A late start this year won't do. The secondary needs to make plays, find their comfort areas and not blow it. That's my primary concern this go-round.
Hummm. This is your only comment on SDS. Bored? Rosey get a cramp?
Granted, the injury can not be included, but it can affect the "perceived" baseline" and cost him money if the NEGOTIATOR can convince him there is doubt about his injury status and demand. Be real.
Whatever Identifi charged (whomever) for this, I could probably have undercut their price substantially. Sayin'. Media companies are in a no lose situation in this case. Someone will buy it and air it, regardless of motivation.
This play or no-play decision was such a vexing decision for the kid. I am glad that he chose the character route, rather than the safe route. I think scouts will note the same thing. Upon final analysis, I think his improvement between games, his drive over exhaustion, and his moral character were positives for him. Honestly, I don't think anything Mike can do will be a negative at this point, including coming back to Mizzou next year. Competitive spirit cannot be purchased.
I would say that talent is still an important thing and you might be overthinking it. Regarding space allowed, Geist got his ankles broken once, but so did three FSU players (or perhaps an icy court in either case). When a ball dings off the front of the rim, it's generally a timid shot or a forced or unforced fade-away. Ninety percent were coming off the front of the rim. These adjustments are evident to college kids by the time they play at this level. They have to do it.
Wolf, It might be a bit a bit premature to judge Zo quite yet. He was hired one year and two days ago. I'm pretty sure he hadn't spent much time assessing KA's kids much before he was hired. They were both over-performers and under-performers at various stages of the year depending upon how they were flushing out -- and scouting. Jontay was excelling; then he was scouted last night; there was not opportunity to correct for it. And such went the season. I am optimistic.
I respectfully disagree. Among the boons for next year: 1) Mike and/or Jontay could come back if their NBA stock has suffered or Mizzou attachments bring them back; 2) Mizzou was an 8/9 win team for three years in a row, so how can a 20 win year be a bad thing for next year? 3) Recruiting won't have to be a 2-month thing; 4) All press has been favorable to Mizzou for their drive in the face of adversity and only more so regarding Mike's urgent injury comeback; 5) Team and coach loyalty to each other shows. These are the things recruits (and their moms) care about. I have no reason to NOT be optimistic, with at least two 7-footers, one being a 6th-Man winner, likely coming back. Remember, the Porters are not in dire financial distress, thereby forcing a quick exit, especially with unfinished business to attend to. it could happen, at least fractionally.
You don't get to attend the dance unless you rent a tuxedo first. And in the end the flugelhorn player will still be seeking a date regardless.
Either way it goes regarding Mike Jr's future, it has been a wild ride. I'm sure he doesn't feel as if he's accomplished much, or fulfilled his Mizzou goals, but it has nonetheless been a pleasure to have him. His stepping up to fill several roster gaps in the end was a testament to his character, both loyalty to his team and his brother, Jontay. He could be a history-making player at Mizzou if he stays, but no one could conceivably blame him for choosing his own path and grabbing any opportunity if it presents itself. Character impresses scouts too. But if that isn't enough, Mizzou will welcome him back. When it comes to the "show me" concept, he's shown he knows what that means.
Maten has a really fast in-out spin move to shoot from the side of the key. Impressive. Georgia looked strong and has momentum. Mizzou has their hands full today.
Silva looked good. He's like a Rodman who can shoot.
There's a part of me that cringes when I see stories like this. It creates such pressure on the athlete and expectations from fans. I hope he gets his stroke early and we can see some of his skills. Considering Guice was sick Wednesday and VanLeer is out for the season, he might have to play guard, at 6-10.
Great news. He will go in and play in a support role at first, which is best. His brother won SEC 6th Man honors already so maybe he won't mind a creative role for a change. I'm sure everybody is excited to see him back on the floor in any capacity.
Tennessee fans posted an online request to get rid of Cuonzo that was signed by 40,000 fans. Yeah, I'd say that's about as close as you can get to being pushed out unfairly.
This is a good first step. Let those who can go -- go.
Very proud of their accomplishments this year. Kash and all the rest.