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Illini toooooo high. Mizzou beat them, has a better resume and fewer losses. B1G is a fantasy land of over-hype.
AND... he is a very nice guy. Watched him as a Mizzou player but didn't meat him until he was an Eagle playing for Coach Reid. Few years later, I watched him make the game-winning catch against the Bucs in the last seconds... Raymond James sounded like a graveyard when that happened... with only me screaming. Oh, the stink-eye I received. Best of luck to you Jeremy. Speaking of the Bucs, I hope you become the next Byron Leftwich in your coaching career.
AP poll just came out... There is no way 5-loss Illinois (6) should be ranked above Mizzou (10) since Mizzou has fewer losses, better wins against ranked opponents, AND BEAT THE Illini already this year! Bama and the Vols are better than Illinois.
Go for the bowl... do the bowl... make the bowl... done.
"Plus, trying to get pumped for an 11 AM kickoff in CoMo is like trying to get excited for Midnight Mass with your inlaws." Midnight mass kicks butt if you can stay awake that long!
Winning is all that matters.
I can't spell that consistently.
"and Missouri’s defense looked like the 1961 Alabama defense against Vanderbilt." Unless you are in the 90+ year-old range, I find this insight dubious.
I think Mizzou is at about the best place they can be for playing this particular game under the present conditions -- this speaks to Drink's leadership as a builder. We'll just see how close/far he has come.
"Sounds like a good, working definition of exploitation." -- the quote of the day...
@Nature Gator... Sorry, I disagree... Cory Booker (BLM) is now elected a member of the Missouri House .. woo, hoo that was the payback ... that was the goal... power. There, she will sit for 20 years keeping the lights on in a perpetually dark environment that never finds light, and never intended to.
@BamaNation... Respectfully sir, the narrative is only what has been dispensed to you. And we're forced to cherry-pick by historical alignment. Malcolm X once said " are a chump" to vote for the Democratic Party in his famous "Ballot or the Bullet" speech. Read it and think; you don't see this speech in print much anymore. The problem is the African American population has been anesthetized. Those who stand against the lies are vilified. Such is history. Flav is not a thinker. George Floyd was one of 10 million yearly arrests -- and 2 out of three deaths in custody are white folks (source: FBI). Think about that ratio. People are being played and it aligns with election cycles. I don't know about Coach O but if this is the reason, it's ill-informed.
According to Google and the FBI stats, whites dying in custody are still 2 times higher than of those of color, despite the disparity in incarceration numbers. Facts don't make good click-bait. Propaganda makes good click bait.
"...something that a modern day football and basketball coach really has to do." Perhaps that's sadly true, but still dishonorable. Remember Pinkels' mistake in 2015. Something always seems to brew-up in a 2-year election cycle of late. Look it up.
UH. Like... are they going to make it to where I don't have to hack the Starship Enterprise to get to see my team play on The Ocho?
Arrrggghhh. There are 10-million arrests every year; that's over 27,300 PER DAY. And these handful of awful mistakes are the outliers, a fraction of a fraction of a percent. The rest of life's dangers should be so humanely efficient as law enforcement -- every -- single -- day. Also, there are only 800,000 total law enforcement in this country, including State and Feds -- not millions like the media would portray. For perspective, there are about 800,000 college professors. Think about that. Facts are facts.
I like these actual game-based videos best. And Bolton plays effortlessly, like it's instinct. Wild. Can't wait for the game. Hopes for the best injury-free game for both teams.
I definitely think it's the game to watch, but I would hate to speculate about the outcome. It's just nice to have them both playing and doing so competitively.
Mizzou is also just outside both the coaches and AP polls as well, so the commenters "un-ranked" is a bit hyperbolic. S&P, has them at 32. And ESPN stats for the SEC have Mizzou in 4th-6th position in virtually all categories, including positions. If the conference indeed dominates, it isn't out of reason for Mizzou to be there at 25. Although, I do feel going a good showing with UGA and MSU would be good with a 1st year coach.
^^^ ??? Over at ESPN, they have Mizzou ranked 5th in the SEC, and statistically they are in the top 5-6 in nearly every stat category as well -- both offensively and defensively.
There is still So. Much. Golf. time available in being a highly-paid head coach.
I like to think while watching Drink on the brink, working out the rinky-dink kinks as we think our team stinks -- me thinks.