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... And even Wyoming who Mizzou plays in non-con (9/8) beat Colorado State last year. There must be some Jim-McElwain-legal-marijuana-induced love for 'da Rams.Seems we might be polishing a turd -- or smoking it.(I just added that last six-degrees comment for fun.)
... And Notre Dame is technically independent in football and not P5, despite its loose scheduling linkage with the ACC. Moot point anyway because the author didn't say P5, he did mention three conferences within the P5, so the criteria is a wee sketchy.
If this Smith kid gets/stays healthy, I have DGB-like expectations for him -- in a positive way, of course.
There was blog at Rock M Nation a while back that tracked the efficacy of the 3-4, 4-3, and various nickel and dime package sets. At that time, it showed the 3-4 and nickel and dimes were very problematic for Mizzou, yielding lots of yards and big plays. I'd say it was in mid-late October or so. It wasn't helping pass coverage. The downside was the 4-3 DEs were getting a tiring amount of the snaps, compared to the tackles, like Beckner, due to a lack of depth on the ends. So your point is valid but the talent has to be there.I don't know if the circumstances changed and this improved or what. But we still relied on the 4-3 later on and often a nickleback. I remember dimes were a disaster.If the #1 personnel is largely going to be the same, this would have to be a factor in that decision-making process. Granted there is depth in the middle, but an edge rush shakes up the team leader. It's a good read. I'm sure you could Google it.
Dooley was offered a contract extension by Dallas at the end of the 2016 season, two years out, as is customary, and declined, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch stating he wanted to return to college coaching. The player's reports are the players reports. I would tend to believe their published comments rather than speculate.On the other hand, my unconfirmed speculation is he has three kids who are at college age now, which is a change of life for a parent.On your second point, you're possibly right.
Colorado State? Twice? And all games in the 1st half of September? Really?How about Memphis at Missouri in October? Memphis: went double overtime in their conference championship with UCF. 10-3. Beat UCLA (Rosen, QB). Beat SMU (Morris, HC). Went to the Liberty Bowl and was one point from the only team that beat Oklahoma in the regular season (ISU). 4th ranked offense. Should be an airshow.
That's now TWO efforts at glib sincerity -- relevance. I figured since you liked Shaw so much, you might note his words.By the way, if it's 3am and you responded to me, either you don't have a job or your a student -- a kid. Nonetheless, it's best to bring some football talk to a football forum.
We have no idea what Dooley will bring when operating outside of the delusional Tennessee insane asylum. Dooley is being reviewed through a revisionist lens.The Vols whole program was headed into the dumpster by 2008 under Fulmer and merely continued a trend, dropping ten, then 20 draft points each year -- it yo-yoed well before that. Two out of four of Fulmer’s last seasons were under .500 wins in conference play. They fire Fulmer. Then Kiffin gets hired, then runs off after a 4-4 conference season. Flashback: Three HCs in three years doesn't invoke recruit’s confidence. Recruits went elsewhere (source: Rivals 2005-2015). Transfers were happening all over the place. It hadn't been Manning's Tennessee for nearly seven years, Majors' for 18 years. The recruits were 11 years old (or not even born) then -- and saying "Who's Tennessee?"Despite this, they had a pretty good offense and a solid quarterback -- but a lousy defense. Yes, Dooley had a crappy record. But defense is not Dooley’s job at Mizzou and neither is HCing. Does anyone think a top P5 OC was going to make a parallel OC move to Mizzou, or anywhere else in the fickle SEC for that matter?He had a good tenure at Dallas. With a top 5 receiver every year but one. They were the only NFL team with two top 20 ranked receivers during that same period. Dez loved him. Beasley and Williams were always in that top group. Elliot out of the backfield went from a receiving average of 7.6 at Ohio State to 11.3 as a Dallas rookie. So ... GTFOH.Saban kept Dooley for 2 years at Miami and 5 years at LSU but only kept Smart for one at each. People need to have some perspective.
Edie Brickell? Truth is no one on this forum knows anything. Because these 19 year olds are affected by their emotions over all else, over talent, over their favorite song. We can speculate all we want, but in the end it's all just that -- speculation.But it's the essence of faith.I speculate that Odom is still on a short leash. I also speculate that Dooley was a greenlight from Lock BECAUSE of his receivers background, not IN SPITE of it. I also speculate there are a few things we don't know beyond conjecture. Frankly, we don't know $hit.
"It is dangerous to be sincere, unless you are also stupid." -- George Bernard Shaw
Mizzou plays a tough schedule next year, but Alabama would be the toughest of the bunch, of course.
I would agree only so far as to say Texas was not a good indicator of where they were as a team. It's a shame; everybody wanted to know. There seemed to be some bellyaching over the lost coordinators, but it was the turnovers -- period.It was a home game to Texas. There were 4 turnovers in the shadow of Texas' goal line, plus a safety. They scored on three of them, plus that safety. No other stat matters. Take those points away and 16 points was enough to beat them. Finish those drives with additional points and we would have inillated them. Study the play-by-play chart. Texas spent most of the day punting (albeit very well).We learned nothing from that bowl game. It was nothing more than an exhibition game. It will be next year before we see what's what.
I think Lock is more worried about his receivers production next year than his own college-to-pro QB development at Mizzou. That Lock "ain't exactly broken." He wants more varied routes and receivers who will catch those passes. That will make Lock look better to the NFL. And I think Dooley's receivers background was a positive reason for the hire, not a negative, for that very reason.
“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” -- Mark Twain
Ellarbee was a bad hire. In the Arky game, he played our 5 offensive starters 100 percent of the snaps; that's 102 snaps. That's absurd. That isn't coaching; That's isn't building depth; that's desperation; that's saving a job; that's BS.
My address is in my profile. My picture is for all to see. Please feel free to come tell me your tranny observations (from experience, I suppose) TO MY FACE, tough guy. Otherwise, post yours.
Until they don't. Until you're schemed. Until a blitz timing and combination is found that works, either from talented edge rushers, LBs or nickels and dimes, whichever works with good highly rated, talented defensive players.Or maybe the defensive backs are great, and so on ...Things MUST mix up next year -- as the old crap won't work.
Zoucat, are you calling me out? Just want to make sure you're calling me out here. I was a Mizzou boy when you were half a zygote swimming around in your daddy's wrinkled scrotum.Furthermore, I think I'm the only one who isn't panicking like a little girl about Dooley.I don't get bent over things that haven't happened yet and I don't judge before time to do so. That way, I don't have to hide (like others) when proven wrong time and again.
Moore's early dropped passes were more than compensated by his ability to run away from cornerbacks and catch in a full stride or lay-out. His catches turned into touchdowns, not yards to go.He's long and fast. This is why he was invited to the Combine -- and is in the Senior Bowl. They want a good look.
Cynicism reeks of the putrid stink of weakness.
You know, some of you State fans really need to get professional help. Really. My moral and cognitive development scores drop 20 percent just from reading your $hit. Being in the league with you is like "The Hills Have Eyes" as a documentary.
LegendDD2 ... 28 ... 4 ... 62 ... padded stats: okay, the first number is how many points Mizzou hung on Georgia in Athens this year. The second is the number of touchdowns thrown against you by Lock. The significance is no other team, except Auburn and Oklahoma scored anywhere near that much against the Bulldogs this year. And boy, were thay a struggle for you guys.It actually took five teams on your schedule combined ... and they still didn't score 28 added together. Either that reflects on your schedule or Mizzou isn't afraid of your defense very much, you think (kinda like Tua felt, maybe)?That said, the game is in Columbia this year and you're losing a few players I hear. Mizzou's losing very, very few. Maybe you should temper that cockiness a bit. Your 4-word witticisms just make you look weak, argument-wise, like a sixth-grade girl trolling a girl who has a boyfriend. Do you not have a boyfriend? Is that it?Bring some football knowledge next time because 2017 is over ... over ... done. Time to talk about 2018.Oh, and the third number is your I.Q, by the way.
I'm glad Lock decided to come back. It was a touch and go decision and the reasoning was sound on both sides. I wouldn't have been surprised either way. But I'm pleased he's back. I'm happy for him as well.
Eason will always be the mystery "what if he came back?" question. Good luck to him. He has a good arm and should do well for himself.