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It's good to hear this. So seldom does someone in his position get a second chance, so it's good that he's given the opportunity. Folks will have low expectations of him despite the Cowboys faith. But from this point, it's all icing on the cake.
I met someone this past week who knows Drink very well: His family; his history and reputation. They assured me that this man is exceptional in everything he does and Mizzou is about to unleash something great with him at the helm. I guess we'll see, but at least I feel a little better regarding my uncertainty about the future with him.
"Prepare for Vandy just like you would Georgia and play with confidence at Georgia just like at Vandy." Now that's a good post, right there.
UCF was SEC West/Conference Champ/National Champ for beating Auburn who beat Alabama a couple of years ago; therefore, Wyoming is East champ if Mizzou wins. And the SEC will accept that as fact, as they did then of course, because they NOW can't seem to let a loss go either. Hypocrisy is a dish best served cold.
Nice video. Well done. Hype videos are assignments done by students in video and broadcast journalism. They have no evil intent, just students doing videos for a grade or for kudos. I say kudos.
Dabo didn't count on Kelly as a passer. He wanted another Deshaun Watson and was making Kelly in his image rather than allowing Kelly's own skills to show themselves and be the best Kelly. I am certain Kelly would have lead Clemson to a Natty again last year, despite Dabo's limited vision. But Dabo had the Trevor luxury (more to keeping Trevor from transferring than to be loyal to Kelly -- a sad, dubious and self-serving move that was regrettably transferred to Kelly's legacy, a kid). Franklin was uncompromising in some ways, making him a faith-strong personality that went afoul of football at times, in a gentle, subtle way. He operated on a different thought plane. Nonetheless, he's still a paid pro quarterback for the Argos up north to my knowledge. Lastly (ya'll hope), Mizzou went haywire again on poor tackling against Ole Miss in the 4th quarter, largely from the number twos. Tackling is where Garrett excelled the most. To replace Garrett, guys need to angle and wrap, wrap, wrap-up -- and stop butt tackling.
I'd like to clarify a previous statement about concerns regarding Garrett and the defense. Bolton, nor anyone else, is "filling Garrett's shoes" -- the erroneous cliche I chose. Garrett (mike) and Bolton (will) complimented each other and had specific roles -- or jobs. Bolton was/is the speed guy that hit the line of scrimmage like a hammer. Garrett was the (mike) swarm coverage in the seam, awaiting gap shooters and errant backfoot disruption throws on a buttonhook or slant pattern. Therefore, Garrett got lots of INTs and tackles because he covered his assignment brilliantly. He, having experience, read QB eyes and RB actions terrifically. But he was not a TFL guy. Bolton is a smasher (will) speed guy, so he's getting the lion's share of blitzes and TFLs, where Garrett was not. It's complimentary assignment football; it's not zero-sum. I thought they might move Bolton to the mike, but wisely, the smarter coaches thought otherwise. And they were right. Wilkins/Brooks (in the will) just need to do the same as Garrett per the coaching schemes. If they just cover 50% of Garrett's superior output, it should be enough -- still noticeable -- but enough. Meanwhile, through 6 games, Bryant's stats are a virtual carbon copy of Franklin in 2013, and that was/is a good thing. Vandy will come to play for their coach. Mizzou needs to keep the peddle down.
It is the natural tendency to perceive a problem as: what your team didn't do rather than what the other team did right. The rotating quarterbacks Ole Miss threw at Mizzou late was effective and confusing to Mizzou; nonetheless, it didn't thwart Mizzou's retaliating offense, of course. It was a "non-tape tactic" that worked. If ole Miss schemes this better, situationally, it could be effective going forward. As for Mizzou, they are indeed (still) real and Bolton was effective at filling Garrett's shoes. It's a shame to not have both backs, but it's likely enough.
Romney -- pander me pink -- never waste an opportunity. When kids who work on research projects start demanding royalties and pay from the university via corporations, it will further destroy higher learning for all but the rich and athletically gifted. Between scholarships and student loans, my kid struggles through. Athletes get $2k-$4K per semester expense money on top of their full room and board scholarships -- they are already paid. My kid sure isn't.
I hope Bill Connelly's move to ESPN doesn't nix the S[&]P+ at Football Outsiders. It's more detailed and broken down than this easily digestible ESPN version. Nonetheless, he didn't used to tally data until the season has enough games played to work with, like week 6 or 8, can't recall. One thing about all predictive data: it can't factor in emotion or improvement until after it happens.
Good point about not being able to catch UGA napping now. But having a loss in the loss column is a known factor. Playing against their possible mindset, on the other hand, is an unknown. Also, UGA's issues had nothing to do with vanilla play calling as many of their fans think. Kirby has some emotional reigning-in to do with his players. He will either do it or not. Same applies to Dabo at Clemson. Players are not as thick-skinned as they were 20 years ago and blowing up has a negative effect now-days across the board. There aren't enough stars on Rivals to offset bruised ego issues among the draft-bound-in-waiting.
Ohio State also went undefeated in 2012. But neither self-reported, cooperated or appealed their punishment. It may all be for naught. But you already knew that.
Yeah, fortune tell is bad ju-ju. But two things about your observations: 1) Mizzou has managed to fix issues quickly game to game this year, which is different than past years. Garrett's departure had impact, but Ole Miss' quarterback shuffling was something those guys were not prepped for. That was a key factor. Even Garrett would have been guessing the pass or run selection. 2) I forgot what number 2 was.
Kirby runs the team. The team has motivation problems and some attitudinal issues affecting execution. These are fixed by the Head Coach, not the OC, who takes his lead from the HC. Things are always wonderful until they aren't. He has to fix some mindsets.
I noticed that; it would appear Georgia would be 5-point favorite rather than Florida. Otherwise, it's a "how's the quarterback getting along with his girlfriend right now" kind of speculation tilt. I think Georgia will rebound and still be the team to beat in the East. Whether it's Mizzou or Florida challenging them is a push. And then there's upsets, of course.
This assessment seems logical. By all predictive statistical parameters, including those weighted for strength of schedule like the S[&]P+, ESPN FPI, ESPN power poll -- and standard performance stats by CFB Stats -- it looks like your predictions are pretty sound based upon the current status -- again, even considering everyone's scheduled competition. In the world of stats currently at 6 or 7 games, performance, and difficulty, Mizzou, Florida and Auburn are pretty much a push in the SEC as it stands. The edge is that Mizzou is more balanced across the position groups' performances and broader offense and defensive balance overall, where the others have spikes and valleys -- profound strengths against nagging weaknesses (Oregon and Michigan). Georgia would be a 5 point favorite and Alabama a 10 point favorite as it stands today for perspective. Barring an upset, Mizzou is destined for 10 to the low teens, ranking-wise according to the stats. Of course, others here will count on their myriad professional experience using their eyes from a sofa position to have some kind of grasp of (and argument about) a team's future performance -- along with win-loss from 1987, last year's outcomes....
"I think any UGA fan would agree the UGA offense looks much more deadly in the 2-minute drill than it does at any other point in the game." I think this applies to most good offenses. The kids want to play fast and it generally works, but it gasses defenses and exposes depth issues over the course of a game. OCs love it. HCs hate it.
1) The SCar team the other night was vastly improved over the one that faced Mizzou. Turnovers are a difference maker. No doubt. And their CB is lights-out. Those interceptions were athletic and more on him than on Fromm. 2) Ole Miss' quarterback rotation did indeed throw off Mizzou's rhythm as they vexed over "the runner" vs. "the passer" alternating plays -- especially when they didn't do what they were supposed to do. It worked until it didn't. But it did confuse. 3) Georgia will still be the team to beat once they get Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar's ghost, Lou Holtz on caffeine and a few old Nightingale tapes for motivation -- because Kirby's spit in the face mad routine ain't getting the urgency done. 4) Kellen on camera shots has look "deery-eyed" lately, showing less confidence. I wonder what's up.
Looks like Clemson has provided another troll named TigerDiesel, based on his 5 posts in one day. It also looks like Dabo's fake pious act is showing cracks. He might ask Hugh Freeze how that works out. Matthew 6:5 pal.
And Mizzou appears.
I don't think the FPI is results based, except from a statistical collection perspective. The FPI is largely a ripoff of Connelly's S&P+ and is based upon likely FUTURE performance, winning likelihood.
If it comes down to to the last minute in Florida, Georgia and Mizzou games, it kind of has to go to the coach who makes great late-game decisions. I not sure any of these coaches have that reputation. The comfy lead games are likely over. The winner of the east is just as much determined by the other guy's future losses as it is wins, and that script is unwritten.
It's obvious a lot of defensive mind equity is been spent on how to stop players AFTER they get the ball from the QB, but little before. The SEC struggles with the option and QB-keep plays. Period. Except for your MLB, who's gonna handle the running QB?