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I wonder why we still look at the AP at all in this day and age. It has a tendency to sway thinking once the CFP poll comes out, as the internal argument becomes who won what against whom. But that aforementioned ranking criteria is based upon the opinion of a bunch of subjective media folks, many who work for media companies tied to sports contracts, both locally and nationally. I think we can do better.
"Good luck to your team, but don’t ever forget that Drew Lock, career wise vs Georgia, is 72/137 (52.6%), with 7 TDs and 5 INT." Why would he? He'll be married to a fashion model. 7/5 touchdowns to INTs against the best defensive team in the country -- every one of these years? Georgia with three different QBs did 8/4 in the same time period and won 3 out of 4 of them. Unfortunately, I will remember this exactly as long as most others, possibly Lock. Oops. OK. Gone already.
"You kept replaying the 2013 UGA-Mizzou game in the days before the game and kept predicting that Lock would pick apart the Georgia defense." Nope. I Didn't.
I have troll stalkers, dude. I hear you, man.
Boxster, Overly dramatic, perhaps. But hot a hypocrite. I keep trying to get off this Georgia game subject but in the words of Al Pacino in Godfather III, you UGA fans keep "pulling me back in" by mischaracterizing my comments, casting personal insults and/or distorting or diminishing stats, which are the facts. I choose facts and stats that support my point -- that's what they're for. Because the other guy is doing the same. Nonetheless, when you address the subject at hand, game-wise, there's nothing you said in your last comment I necessarily disagree with. So I apologize for calling you a troll if you are not one. But Dude, this is the Missouri section of the site, not UGA's. Trolling by definition is s**t disturbing where you're not supposed to be. Why are you here? They're still writing stories about UGA, not Mizzou, that's why I'm here. Per Ben Franklin's PRA, "He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas." I seldom post in other sections. If I had a comment about a Georgia-Missouri related stat or historical context in UGAs section, I backed it with facts and said it without vitriol. But I sometimes fail if it turns into just personal insults.
Tigurrr, Your kool-aid comment is a reference to the Jonestown massacre. Did you know that? Of course not. A mass murder (not suicide) where nearly 300 children were forced to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid -- as were 600 adults -- at gunpoint. Kids. 200 of the kids were orphans warded to Jim Jones and the People's Temple by California judges. Jones used the kids effectively to canvass for donations and politicians. Perhaps you have a clever Auschwitz, Darfur or 9-11 reference in that cliche toolbox of yours that's just as pathetic. Nothing you wrote references anything I have ever written here, Strawman. I just wrote a fact.
I actually didn't mention Kentucky because they're up in the mid-teens in the S&P, not the 20s, so they'll obviously be difficult. I guess that doesn't make me Capt Obvious after all. Troll-gurrr, it makes sense you'd be a quasi-Memphis fan, even more sense than a Georgia fan. But what I can't figure out is why you aren't just a Tennessee fan?
True, very true. Well before any pass arrived or even thrown, the Mizzou receiver was already wearing the PI defender as a jock strap. Going forward, there's a dilemma: will the refs allow such mugging against Bama in an SECCG?
Congrats to Kentucky on their success. I'm starting to think Coach Mark has brother Bobby on an IFB during the games, heck, maybe Calipari too.
Although I agree with you, other teams have moved up in the polls after a loss. One recent example is TAMU who went from 29 to 27 after they lost to #2 Clemson. But subjective metrics are a moveable feast, and score-reading is the biggest one among the tuned-out press -- and evidently -- the coach's assistant who actually fills out his ballot.
It might also be a good idea to keep an eye on Florida. They are improving much faster than others and have an S&P rank in the same neighborhood as SCar and Mizzou -- in the mid to high 20s. Memphis is in there too. We have a lot of good teams to worry about as well as Alabama.
"Kelly, you’re both dramatic and a hypocrite. Citing stats from the day before is not replaying the game over and over." Boxster, Yes and No. You and Kirby need to backup your comments with facts -- perhaps proof. I never said Georgia was going to lose. I never said Mizzou was going to win. I never said Lock was going to "pick them apart." I said turnovers will play a key part and I was right, but I was hoping it would favor Mizzou not Georgia. I said Lock will be a first rounder and likely the first QB off the board. That will happen; so says, hum, about everyone. Georgia fans like to say they don't need certain phases of the game because one phase is so much better that they don't need it, generally about their defense. But they hypocritically don't acknowledge the same could apply to another team: when Lock didn't connect with wideouts, he connected with TEs to the tune of 221 yards; and the Mizzou rushing game hung 172 yards on Georgia's vaulted defense. Our struggling defense held Georgia's vaulted running game to 185 yards. If you love the past so much, compare those numbers to your game with SCar. That means Mizzou was just as effective against your defense as you were against our passing game. Your changing metrics and terminology to suit your narratives. There comes a time where the stats, game talk and analysis end. Preparation for the next game begins. Talking about Georgia last week and the day after had some value because it was the next game. It doesn't have any value anymore. I made my comments, then I moved on Sunday afternoon. As the team that lost, there is even less value in replaying a loss over and over philosophically. As the winner, it becomes little more than reliving glory days over and over -- which I also think is of pathetic little value, especially when it's actually focused to annoy opposing fans, who don't even play the game. This is a mental illness (trolling is akin to bullying, which is akin to beating the wife, pulling wings off flies, abusing animals, and so forth, Mr. Gacy). It's a waste of time and has no effect on the past game or the future game. And this game was so badly ref'ed, it will be etched with an asterisk forever. No value to anyone anymore. Moving on.
Uh, "ok, and yes Fromm’s average looking #s came against a very weak secondary, but we’ll just over look that one. UGA homers are among the most irrational of all homers, Mizzou homers got nothing on you there." Stay away from caffeine, dude.
Don't mess with me Tiny, I will find you, or others will. Don't post on my comments. Understand?
Well, now then, safe space is not in Mizzou folk's vocabulary. I think Tiny might be in the house. LOL. You have no idea.
Moving on, boxster. Bad game for Mizzou. But moving on. Let's let the season play out. Why would you want to re-play a game over and over when it's done. This story is about an upcoming game with SCar, not UGA. I don't get it. Is your season now over with our game? The replay game is on SECN at 7pm Sunday. Have your lotion handy. But we are moving on.
Um, Georgia beat Mizzou not too long ago in 2014, yet Mizzou still captured the East and went to Atlanta by the end of season. The Georgia we saw illustrates they are vulnerable. I don't know if there is a team in the East who can topple them before that. But THE SAME CONVERSATION WAS HAPPENING THEN as now. And it happened then. Yes, we lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship game that year -- but we got there.
Dump passes? That's a curious use for the word "pass." Maybe Tom Brady dumps to his TEs and RBs. Or Arron Rogers to his. Or Mahomes to his. On and on. I don't think they'll take their championships or their first round draft picks away. I dunno. Ya think? I think it would be silly money to underestimate Lock. But hey, we're done with the Georgia game, we move on. Maybe you should too.
Adam, you have the SDS mind-meld disorder. Take two aspirin and call us in the morning. There is no team in the SEC who can not be beaten. None. I've been around too many years watching football. But I understand your reticence regarding Alabama. They will be a monster. But they can be beaten with a little help from them. Yes, I that's what I said.
Smart wasn't mad at the refs. He was mad at Clark and looking at him during his tirade, not the refs. ESPN and SDS stands for Entirely Sensationalized Perspective of the News and Sh*t Disturbing Sports, respectively. The split screen was contrived by ESPN later. He was saying "Say so, Say so, Say so, Why, why?" as in an abbreviated and modified, "Say it ain't so, Joe, say it ain't so," a famous betrayal sports quote from baseball. Then he looked at the refs who ultimately made the call and reacted again. Look at the video. He didn't say anything about the refs after the game regarding the call. But he got all over Clark when he came to the sidelines -- big time. I read lips as a mostly deaf person. It comes in handy for sports. Lesson: don't push players in front of refs. And don't trust the media's spin.
I re-read and wanted to add, before putting this game in the after-books, that our linebackers are tackling better, with better mechanics. Kudos to Coach Odom (the younger) and Vernon Hargreaves 2. I don't know what the deal is with our D-backs' tackling, however. Coaching would be my guess.
I don't agree with all you said but I certainly agree with this, “Does anyone teach safeties and corners how to tackle anymore?” I would add that to close on a runner for a tackle, you have to pick a closing angle and go for it. We ran parallel with the runner for way too many yards. Further, we either over-pursued or often relied on the flying tackle rather than wrapping up. We got lucky a lot too. It isn't running the "ball down our throats" when they do 185 yards as a rushing team and we do 172 yards rushing -- as a passing team. And Mizzou could have competed for the close win (or loss) had they not given up the early turnovers. I think that's a safe assumption. But this is all should-a, could-a, would-a speculation. We can speculate on what might have happened -- until we start speculating about how they might have adapted accordingly, then re-speculate, and on and on.
And a touchdown is better than either. I can't accept your point. A quick release can be with "mustard" or without "mustard." They are not mutually exclusive. For every Tim Tebow jump pass there is the Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers 60-MPH bullet pass. Three are playing in the NFL and one is not. This is not a game without risk and skill and this is what we fans need to accept. The right body parts need held accountable and that isn't Lock's arm.
It might have been a trivial call but not an inaccurate call -- either time. Kirby had a fit because he knew it was legit and in front of a ref, and he was yelling at Clark, not because he disputed it. ESPN created the split screen later out of context because -- well, they're ESPN. "Say so! Say so! Saaaay so! Whyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy!" Was his lip-reading translation. I read lips. I'm guessing say so is a shorting of the historic baseball betrayal phrase, "Say it isn't so, Joe, say it isn't so." But again, that's just a guess. He THEN looked at the refs call and reacted to it too. This is also evidenced by Kirby giving Clark the riot act when he came to the sidelines. He didn't jump the refs, he jumped Clark. If you shove a player in front of a ref, it's like blowing pot smoke in a cop's face in Florida. You've asked for what's coming. The game replays Sunday afternoon on SECN at 7pm if you want to check my take on this.
I agree there was more good than bad Mizzou -- it showed, especially with the front 7 showing up well; it's just that the bad was so garrish it obscured what could have been an incredibly close win. Big takeaways that result in scoring is tough to watch.
I think early season Dooley was running between the tackles -- generally a and b gap-- in the early games -- with limited success, but he started using the c gap when his TEs started blocking well and the center and guards could easily collapse the middle. This showed yesterday. Remember, Georgia is not an average team. Mizzou's 172 rushing yards were quite good considering we had to earn back our lost points. I can't complain too much about Dooley yet BECAUSE he is learning quickly and adapting. It's our defense's glacial adaptation that bothers me some.
What's telling is the two gentlemen fans wearing gold who are in better position just behind the ref. Once the ref makes his call, one guy reacts in disbelief to the other -- right after the call, not the kick. One ref made no call at all and that's rare, even on a wide field goal. I agree. Lasers and pylon cameras are no more cutting-edge today than helmet design and shoulder pads were in the late 30s. If we can use instant replay, we can use these innocuous devices as well.