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LSUMC … Eyeroll … Quoting the article’s actual content per each point, source Columbia Missourian, author Keegan Pope: "As a rain-soaked CBS Sports broadcast camera panned across a small sea of ponchos in Missouri’s Memorial Stadium moments before kickoff against SEC rival Arkansas last fall, a staggering number of empty seats were visible." “In the SEC, seven schools that responded to the Journal’s records request reported that the number of tickets actually scanned was more than 70 percent of the announced attendance, with Tennessee (88 percent) and Missouri (83 percent) having the most accurate reports.” “In a 2017 survey by The Kansas City Star, to which only eight SEC schools responded, each said they use the number of tickets sold to report their attendance.” “Over the past four years, college football attendance has declined by more than 7 percent …”. “The school has also placed a substantial bet on premium seating with the addition of the $98 million South End Zone Project, which is expected to be completed before the Tigers’ 2019 home slate begins Sept. 7.” “But it also must reckon with the options those broadcasts provide to its fans. They no longer have to come to the game to see their team play, and depending on cost, weather, traffic and ultimately their physical place in the stadium, watching from home is often more convenient and cost-effective.” “Woeful weather and the beginning of fall break, when most students have already left campus, isn’t typically a combination that lends itself to strong attendance. “ “”But sometimes it’s tough to compete with parties and restaurants and bars downtown, and also with TV.””
How's that? Everything I just wrote above is in the actual sourced newspaper article.
The article also states this discrepancy percentage is the least of any other SEC schools reporting, especially in light of them nearly all reporting sales, not attendance. Frankly, attendance is visually down (as well as being down 7 percent nationally) but there are lots of variables, including a torn-up stadium creating a poor experience last year, terrible weather in Columbia and easier TV exposure.
Golden was always around the ball. Great nose for finding the tackle and he always played until the whistle blew.
There was no SDS story written when SCar lost. So I had to put it here. Sorry.
Sorry Coach Staley. So sorry. Really. Sorry. Wow. That must sting. Sorry.
Sophie is a great ambassador for the program. She is certainly the mold for all to come. We were so lucky to have her. These ladies brought innovation to the sport few realize. Each took an accountability role; they communicate constantly; coach each other; work together to game plan along with the coach; play with emotion a aggressiveness; and never accept excuses. They work like a beehive and when they are hot, they are dangerous. Sophie was/is the linchpin. She'll play in the WNBA.
Your choice of words, "political connections," gives me pause. I call it family loyalty, legacy or honor. The net result will be an ability to draw recruits attention to a first round draft pick quarterback out of Missouri. Priceless.
I'd still take Michael over Jontay, as he's healthy and insiders say he will kill it next year in his first year out. I'd also take Barkley because he turned the paint into a football field. But I guess you' aren't going back as far a Barkley.
I very glad the QB thing worked out for Mizzou. Hopefully, we'll get some dazzle as the "Show Me" state is always in the business of having to show people every single year.
It isn't about NFL acumen. Skill has little to do with this stage of the draft. Outward loyalty helps with positive publicity for the school and the perception of parents.
It may seem nitpicky, but speaking of the vocal coach, I'd like to see Odom come out publicly to the press MORE supporting his top NFL draft prospects (like weekly). The microphones are there. It helps those players and future recruiting.
“Further, my business partners and I personally represent coaches and executives who sat in on eight of Kyler’s 10 formal combine interviews." Hum ... I wonder if the fans & administration might consider this a bit of a conflict of interest.
I would think so, *if* it is *upheld* (I think you meant). It's a bowl game, which wouldn't have that much impact on the average senior unless they win the East -- which is doable but a wee lofty. Specifically, the two guys above are NFL-caliber and scouts don't give a crap about college bowl games, other than the additional tape they provide. Tape-wise, they both already have a full year plus right now. Rountree had 1216 yards as a sophomore, #4 in the SEC while still splitting snaps. Swift or Holyfield came in about 200 yards under that and they had an additional game. so yeah, I think players and fans will survive. But they won't give up.
Tin foil hat is right (that would make someone taller). But nonetheless, this kid is cherry-picking his profile for scouts: creating the specs and stats he wants them to see and hiding others, systematically. If he does that, wouldn't you wonder about the veracity of those stats too? He's a scat back who can throw -- a wildcat at best. No. 1? IDK.
Regarding Odom, I wholeheartedly agree. The stories coming out of Columbia daily as covered by a press with "new access" is refreshing. As fans learn about the kids' backgrounds and experiences, it simply endears them to their fans. And it highlights the fact that sons should not be punished for the sins of their fathers -- or in this case, their past tutors.
For what my opinion is worth, if I were a front office admin, I would be ticked off because he simply weighed in (sloshing), and got measured but didn't do any drills. He took the limelight (they never took the camera off the guy) but did nothing. He cherry-picked his combine. If I was an executive who brought his entire staff to Indy to see QBs side-by-side and one didn't participate (barring injury), I would view that as a serious demerit. They've seen the freaking tape and don't need drills; but they are there to judge the health and character of the man and that's why participation is important.
I've had my issues with Dabo (even calling him Debo, slang for thief/steal, btw), largely because he hasn't come out and said many kind words about a kid who was seeking to simply make his life better -- what college is for in these kids' case. I must say, Dabo saying these kind words changes my mind about him. And there's a big difference between catching someone who's falling -- and picking the departed's pockets after a train wreck. So I retract my harsh words. Kudos to Dabo.
The players themselves are having a bigger impact on recruiting as well, either with their own contacts (old school mates, prep leagues, etc) or after the fact. With twitter, they are like a teletype and the NCAA can't thwart student's freedom of speech -- not yet anyway.
Well executed. A lot could go wrong on that play. Kudos to the players too.
Born, raised and worked in Springfield, schooled in Columbia. I assure you Columbia is a college town, not Springfield.
Some marquee players might have killed the timed stuff that goes in the books, but struggled on the drills, much of it went unseen on TV. Williams stayed pretty focused.