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He fits that Jerik McKinnon profile, a guy who can zip through gaps as an RB and still catch passes equally well. I would think lots of NFL teams would want a kid like this.
Four days and this story's slug has still not been corrected. You should join CNN after your SDS career is over.
Edit: Fangio was fired less than an hour ago... so there's that.
Fangio is a terrible coach and on the hotseat, along with the OC. I read his comments and they simply had the lukewarm sound of a coach about to face blue Monday. Lock played well for a kid who keeps getting thrown into the mix. The Chiefs nearly got beat and they were playing for #1 seed. So sure, Lock did a good job given his bad coaching. He was the only one who didn't lie down. I would hope they trade him with a chance to compete for the #1 job. SDC, it's obvious, seeks thinly-veiled Mizzou trigger-bait rather than sports reporting, based upon these two Lock stories today.
The NFL rightly credited the fumble to Gordon who was carrying the ball. Lock kept the Broncos closer to the Chiefs' past 10 games than about any other team.
I DO MOT think Drink viewed this game the same as fans. I also believe he resolved early to make it more of an evaluation opportunity. He was down key starters that brought them to this bowl in the first place. If that's the case, he should have learned a lot from both the negative and positive aspects displayed on the field.
The NFL has all but abandoned their targeting impetus the past two years. As they'd started the whole conversation, perhaps it will filter down -- as they are too busy now with slogans.
You're mixing your metaphors, so might I suggest a Missouri Mulecow. ;-)
I hope Lock gets a chance to shine so another team will pick him up next year. Lock thrives under situations where all have bought into him; a key ingredient to confidence -- knowing that you're not on a tightrope with every throw. He never got that in Denver in year two, despite a promising year one as a late sub, and certainly with losing the starting job entirely this year. The measurables are still there. He just needs the reps, backing and consistency.
Okay, whatever. What most don't realize here is whom Drink is talking to. Considering most of the Walmart-Walton family attended, adopted or lived near Mizzou,(Lauries still have horse farm near Columbia) this is the caliber of donors he's hinting to. Several Waltons/Lauries own many of the pro teams in the country as well. If they are engaged in a marketing, acquisition and/or a pro-credibility level, it's a multi-wammy -- as combined, the Walmart family is still richer than Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos individually, and they didn't attend another SEC school, despite the company's Bentonville headquarters. They are Springfield/Versailles/Columbia folks. So Mizzou has some alumni who can even the playing field, if willing, if money is the object and they are willing to follow the path of Sam and Bud's Mizzou-loving offspring. If nothing else, he can tell recruits those pro owners are watching them, and they are.
This game was hard to watch. It was like being made to wait -- for the dentist.
From the outside observer, I remember saying after the TAMU game that this did not look like Alabama. Yesterday, they looked like the old Bama -- for real. The kids have realized what it takes, and I don't think any team is going to stay on the field with them now. I am hoping for a Michigan beat-down sometime in the playoffs, however, more than a rematch.
All Mizzou needed was a win in first game. Next week at Kentucky will give us the story, good or bad.
I believe Drink plays close-to-the-chest. He's not a blow them out type guy and I don't think he brought his A-game plan to Central Michigan. I think he was just wanting to see the layout while still getting it done. Although, it is unnerving to watch. I reserve being critical until next week when it really matters to both staff and team.
I appears the author had fun with this assessment, as he should, being that it is complete, fanciful speculation. It reminded me of the soothsayers at the county fair. I'm not knocking it. It is what it is: 15 minutes lost and a good fable.
Illini toooooo high. Mizzou beat them, has a better resume and fewer losses. B1G is a fantasy land of over-hype.
AND... he is a very nice guy. Watched him as a Mizzou player but didn't meat him until he was an Eagle playing for Coach Reid. Few years later, I watched him make the game-winning catch against the Bucs in the last seconds... Raymond James sounded like a graveyard when that happened... with only me screaming. Oh, the stink-eye I received. Best of luck to you Jeremy. Speaking of the Bucs, I hope you become the next Byron Leftwich in your coaching career.
AP poll just came out... There is no way 5-loss Illinois (6) should be ranked above Mizzou (10) since Mizzou has fewer losses, better wins against ranked opponents, AND BEAT THE Illini already this year! Bama and the Vols are better than Illinois.
Go for the bowl... do the bowl... make the bowl... done.
"Plus, trying to get pumped for an 11 AM kickoff in CoMo is like trying to get excited for Midnight Mass with your inlaws." Midnight mass kicks butt if you can stay awake that long!
Winning is all that matters.
I can't spell that consistently.
"and Missouri’s defense looked like the 1961 Alabama defense against Vanderbilt." Unless you are in the 90+ year-old range, I find this insight dubious.
I think Mizzou is at about the best place they can be for playing this particular game under the present conditions -- this speaks to Drink's leadership as a builder. We'll just see how close/far he has come.
"Sounds like a good, working definition of exploitation." -- the quote of the day...