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There does come a day where players take personal responsibility for their performance as well. I'm tired of hearing about coaches being responsible and being fired when players turn the ball over and spot their opponent 20 freaking points. The coaches didn't do that. That argument is for folks who can't spot poor execution of Xes and Os so it must be the coaching.The players must execute. They've been playing this game since they were 5-year-old Mighty Mites. They know what a pass is; they know what a tackle is; they know what a route is; They know what a block is; they know what a fumble is and so on.
I'll weigh in. Mizzou doesn't need to execute the spread to a dive-bombing level. They just need to execute the spread to get first downs and allow the opportunity to run the ball: a balanced attack that stays consistent. Get 10 yards and fall down. Regroup. Repest.If Mizzou gets lucky (which they haven't been) and gets a fumble or INT, then they might open enough of a scoring gap to stay in the game, like they did with UK -- same thing. When time runs short, maybe they're close. Mizzou has been one of the best defenders against Chubb when he was well, requiring lots of carries on little average yards (2015). Sonny, though, makes this a tough one.Our LBs suck, can't tackle and over-pursue and our secondary is below average and often a step behind, so this is about all I can muster for hope. That said ...I watched #3 OU get beat, and I'm watching #2 Clemson currently losing to Syracuse. So yes, lesser teams can win. Mizzou needs to be watching this.
It's been two days since SDS has published a story on Mizzou, Georgia's next opponent. Mizzou historically has played well against the Bulldogs. I would think that would be a good lede, even for those who graduated from "Kick the Mic" Junior College.
Are you kidding, leaving Mizzou's Ish Witter off this list? He blew past Crockett at 139 yards and 8.2 yards per carry against the 3rd ranked FBS rushing defense! He was close to unstoppable. He should be on this list, even if he's the only Mizzou guy on it. Period. Crockett was not the star, albeit great. Witter was this day.
FYI. This is the last story published by SDS in two days about Mizzou. Our next opponent, Georgia has had 12 stories posted in the same interval. Yeah, Whatever.
Thanks for pointing out Lock. He "is what we thought he was" ... just a little late.Kudos to you for pointing out UK's FG kicker. The guy has ice in his veins and will be big in the NFL.
I wish I felt those who saw this game were really standing up for their team and especially what's right. I don't see it. Cheating is cheating. Do you remember what it was like when Mizzou played Kansas in BB in their house? Every time. The refs might as well have been sitting with the Jayhawks boosters. Effing period.Not getting caught and all that other crap is irrelevant and ethically sad.This is one of those sad homer-ref-influenced games and that is that. The outcome was severely questionable due to refs, overshadowing the good/bad performances of a BUNCH OF KIDS! Congrats!So, it's time to move on. SDS has not published a story about Mizzou in two days. That's the REAL effect you're talking about. That's the reality. If you don't like it, start lobbying to move to a different conference. Maybe it's time. This one is showing its ilk.
... So some Nike guys are sitting around smoking a blunt saying, "Hey, they're right at being a .500 team, maybe they need a cool outfit, like Cam."
Decrying social injustice for fast food workers while calling a student band member an "instrument monkey." Okay.
2012 was the first year in the league for Mizzou. I think you missed your intended quip. If you were really trying to be sarcastic, you would have maybe said 2013 when Mizzou went 12-2 (7-1) in the SEC, or even 2014 11-3 (7-1) but despite the "heave and prayer" comment, made it to the SECC game both years.Aren't you the one who always complains "Mizzou is always bringing up history." I think you did this time.The problem with good teams who always outmatch their opponents ... is ... they don't know what to do when they don't.
I just want to add here. Bama strength is in it's depth. Like all teams, Bama will lean on starters when the game is tight, something they are not used to. They should continue to use their depth and spell players to keep them from being gassed. Otherwise, there's no point in all those good players.
Insert Patches O'Houlihan quote here. Uh, the one about the doorknob.
I think targeting needs clarification from the NCAA. It was intended to protect defenseless, open-field players from being targeted and taken "out of the game." This applies largely to receivers and quarterbacks. A running back expects contact. If both players are putting their heads DOWN at the point of impact, they are trying to comply -- not target.
@shawnfenn ... your comment was just as misdirected and hyperbolic as Tony's. FYI. Or should I say you are a disgrace to Irishmen, something like that?
@Tonytiger ... Sheesh, J'Mon didn't get out of bounds, nothing new in football. That doesn't excuse the officials behavior in ANY way. What does all that other crap have to do with the situation? J'Mon had like 75 yards I think! He was frustrated but stopped short of getting himself into hot water over the refs. He was ASKED.
If it was as the SEC admitted, the Mizzou ref should have penalized the UK player as well with either an unsportsmanlike penalty or delay of game at least. Not only would they have had 16 seconds as they glibly claim, but also would have been 1st down on the freaking 18 or 23 yard line, at worst. I would have bet on Mizzou with those odds, considering the way the game was going. But no go.Agree with the other folks here. This whole Saturday of SEC football was an officiating mess. It looked like FCS or Pac12. The Florida game was a mess too. This is why refs get "homer" reputations.
Lock went on later to throw three more touchdowns of over 48 yards, including one for 71. He also rushed for one. He gets my most improved award. So he was doing his job. I'm not convinced the fast pace is as beneficial as OC Heupel thinks it is. The defense gets gassed, the only difference is when Mizzou scores, they are still in the game at least.
Mizzou showed signs of life, but in the end, the speedy offense still tuckers out its own defense. Average scoring drives took about 2:20. They slowed down some in the 4Q, but that was a bit late to spell the defense. UK had hung 27 points by the 3rd quarter, but defense was at least keeping the pace and the offense was scoring on each drive. By the 4th quarter, the defense was gassed.Mizzou sure missed those points they left on the field in turnovers and missed field goals. This game could have had a different outcome. It shouldn't sting, considering where they came from. This game was watchable.And they improved greatly in just two weeks. Let's hope they keep it up and make a surprisingly competitive game with Georgia, like last year.
This officiating crew made mistakes all game long, missed holding calls, poor ball spotting, and sloooow reactions. One of the worst I've seen. I saw other bad officiating in the other SEC games as well, especially LSU at Florida. Someone needs a talking to.
Okay then, now Cam can go back to making divisive hand gestures at NFL games instead, being the keen socio-political mind he is. It seems he decided to stick to jumping on bandwagons that are accepting passengers, even if they don't know where they're going.
As an outside observer, the thing dogging Butch is the fact that he's been there 5 years. The expectations have always been high and he knew it. And comments like "brick by brick" and so on only placate fans so far, especially if they are gold bricks.He isn't like Odom, who is only in his second year. Coach Orgeron has a similar situation, albeit he had a partial season as well. So Butch has had some time to show his wares, the others really haven't as much.
Has Hurts been doing that "gunslinger" move for long? Makes him look stupid. The kindergarten version of Aaron Rodgers. I thought he was humble. Meh.
I was not impressed with Clemson's win over VT either. VT mess-ups became Clemson's highlight reel, meaningless. Auburn could bet Clemson today. Wonder how it holds out through the year when facing Georgia and Bama? I think they can beat Georgia.
Auburn is a better team than they were even a few weeks ago versus Clemson, a game they lost by a touchdown. Nonetheless, they have to get through both Georgia and Alabama with no wiggle room. That's a shame because they are still better than Georgia at this point, meaning they won't likely get in due to the Clemson loss.
Auburn looked complete and has improved every week. Stidham has opened up the arm some and is showing that B-12, big-play ability. Miss State couldn't grab the ball regardless of which team's quarterback was throwing it at them. Lots of opportunity left on the field. The iron bowl will decide the west (but Bama;s still better this week) and it's Georgia's to lose in the east.
I see Georgia as the third best in the SEC right now, behind only Bama and Auburn. Certainly they're good enough to win the East. Auburn has the big-play ability with Stidham that Georgia still lacks. Georgia's defense was impressive though. Still lots of games and time to get even better. Congrats to the Dogs.
Respect to Mr. Fein, but the "Landshark" was a skit on "Saturday Night Live" in the late 70's. There'd be a knock on the door. After mis-identifying itself several times, one of the female cast members would be tricked into opening the door and she'd be eaten by the "Landshark."It was a spoof of "Jaws" the movie.There's also a craft beer by the name.
And Petrino talks Adidas into providing fancy neck-braces to all the players. Hummm.