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I'd love a trip to Bass Pro. They have lots of stuff and they are a true blue Missouri company based in Springfield.
Missouri State used to be Southwest Missouri State. They tried for decades to become Missouri State yet Mizzou wouldn't go for it. It literally took an act of the statehouse to allow them to become Missouri State, which they did a few years ago. It took more than marketing. True.
Such out-of-the box thinkers those press folks.
",,,with the things I’ve been through..." Well, just imagine what the fanbase has been through; and the players; and the conference; and the parents; and the donors and alumni; and the administration; and the assistant coaches; and the staff; and the reputations that have been blighted by association; and the sport of college football; and the whole state of Mississippi.
Scrappy kid! Overall athlete. Has a nose for the ball and loves to play -- you can see it. He'd be great at Mizzou if he chooses to attend. He'd get busy right away. I loved how he chased down that RB at 6'6" - 250 lbs. Great!
At 6'3" and 190, he might get a look from a few other position coaches as well. Glad to have him. Welcome to Mizzou!
I read in SPD that he's playing in the East-West bowl in St. Pete in mid-January, along with Blanton.
I agree. What character and perseverance. Alas, interior linemen are not the glamour position in college. But pros will notice for sure.
In the digital era, that's pretty much true. But it's a chicken or the egg -- argument of sixes -- as well. Top recruiting schools before Rivals and 247, et al, were judged by outcomes. This required true talent spotting. Today, top recruiting is a judgement after the fact -- and a litmus test of coaching success -- but marginally authoritative at best.
Oh, man. But again, not always. The highest drafted LB this year will come from the SEC and will be a 2-star from ... wait for it ... Kentucky. 2 stars. (source: 247). Another thing. Realize maturity matters. Those teams having senior experience often level the playing field against a bunch of 4-5 star Freshman/sophomore guys.
Mutigersball, And that, my friend, is the great cosmic justice in the universe.
Tigurr, I did want to add (if SDS lets me double-post) that I will defend strangers on this site for no other reason than they are Mizzou fans. I will lambast frauds and trolls, on the other hand. I don't put down any student athletes and I don't demean my own people. It's loyalty. I figure, most Mizzou folks are closer to being kind than others on this site and generally deserve it.
Oh, heh, heh, that was unkind. Name-calling among Mizzou fans -- say it ain't so, Joe. I don't know if your a troll or Whistler's Mother, dude. But your writing is contrarian. That's all.
Kirby, this site does not allow me to answer questions and defend myself. So I never know if what I type wil post. Having said that, again, all things are a matter of proportion. If the stars align (pun intended) the blue-chipper, plus a good coach will win -- that doesn't mean one or the other are mutually exclusive.
Huh? Mark Richt has a higher winning percentage than Vince Dooley.
Mark Richt got fired because the fan base got a case of Tennessee-itis -- where delusion from past glory is real and facts don't matter. Richt was 145-51 at Georgia. All the rest is just justification, Schiano-style. We have to wait and see what happens with Smart when the players are all his. Seems fair.
Are you REALLY a Mizzou fan? B+ is fair for Coach Odom. TJ Moe did more with less than any Mizzou player in recent history, homer or not. Seems you defend no one at Mizzou, not just Coach.
"It’s hard to defend a position built on a very weak opinion at best…" -- BT Meaningless babble. An opinion is just that, an opinion. Mine is based on facts and numbers. Try harder.
BT, Why do you keep using Odom as an example? Is that how you overwhelm the hard-of-thinking on this site? Again, proves my point about the mindset of taking advantage over a weaker opponent. Sorry, that doesn't apply to me. Yes, any coach who has gone into a top-destination situation has generally done well if they don't suck. It's called the Blue-chip Elite and coined by the recruiting editor of SB Nation. Saban doesn't suck. I never said he did. But research, if you'd try that sometime, would suggest you are wrong and even Odom would have greater success at Alabama right now than he has at Missouri. Sheesh, dude. That's common sense.
"I’m not allowed to defend my position at any length on SDS due to their length and frequency censorship. Sorry." And your commenting only proves my point. Obviously, you already knew that I couldn't defend myself ^^^. Some mentalities will only fight those who can't defend themselves. See how Alabama and Saban gift themselves into a winning situation (and eventually Mr. Nick-lite Smart, Mr. Mini-Nick Pruitt, Mr. Micro-Meyer Mullen, et al). But eventually it gets dull.
Huh? ^^^ as they should be. And what does Odom have to do with the subject? Keep up.
I'm not allowed to defend my position at any length on SDS due to their length and frequency censorship. Sorry.
Nick Saban coaches at a destination football talent school. It's like saying, "Boy, Harvard and Yale recruiters sure do a darn good job of recruiting excellent academic students." Silly. Nick Saban is as good a coach as he was at Michigan State (34-24-1) or the Miami Dolphins (15-17) as it compares to his LSU and Alabama years. Michigan State and the Dolphins were not powers, not a destination over Michigan or the Patriots, by any stretch -- and comparable to upper mid-tier schools and low-tier NFL franchises, respectively. And his records reflect that. So taking Alabama from an 3-year pre-Saban Rivals average of #14.6 in blue-chippers before he even got there to top three isn't much of a recruiting -- or coaching -- accomplishment. And neither is winning with those recruits: Sometimes good, maybe very good at times, but not GOAT. He just had to keep it a destination, not make them one. It's just the same common sense as when judging Chevis, Nutt, Richt or Miles -- and now Pruitt, Smart, Orgeron, and Mullen. The same same logic applies among all the pre-anointed.
Isn't this where someone is supposed to write, "Get paid!!!!"
He's an inspiration. Two ACLs over two years. Yikes. What a player!