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I agree, home and home is how all conference games should be done.
Sounds like he has an idea of his direction and they for him as well. He's a sharp, centered guy. Glad to have him.
Glad he chose Mizzou. I look forward to the games this year.
... not only offense, but just the three main skill positions. This is the QB, RB and WR award.
Dooley worked through the conversion from Romo to Prescott in Dallas as it pertained to the passing game, and especially tight ends. Being in the position rooms and on headsets is a teaching experience. It was obviously a big change -- but similar to what he's doing now between Lock and Bryant. I think he'll handle the transition well.
Day one, only, is listed out of chronological order. Odd. I could have missed it.
Good article. I must respectfully disagree about Reilly, however. Much of what he has is inherited, including QBs. He had a legendary coach in front of him and will always be more equal than others. Following the Big-8 and ultimately B-12 for years as a Mizzou fan, it becomes readily obvious that Oklahoma is the Alabama of the Big 8/12.
I love the face when he dons the shirt. Welcome Jalen! Show me!
I think Mizzou has already done the NCAA seppuku for the league. That should hold them off for at least a couple of years.
Perhaps too safe? I was looking forward to the game tomorrow night. Oh well, his health is more important. And the team has invested in him, and the press has been impressed with him this week as they've gotten a chance to see him more on court. I hope he gets well soon.
Welcome, Will. I hope you enjoy college life at Mizzou. And make the state of Missouri proud too.
arkansas_vol: Take you lithium medication and stay away from schools. Sheesh. This is a football forum, not an Antifa convention.
"O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!" -- Sir Walter Scott
"I’m calling this a 9 win season for the Tigers with a chance to get to 10." STL-TIGER I would also call this a reasonable expectation and I would be disappointed at 8 wins. Your comments about Garret and Acy are true. It took serious cussing-time for them to finally develop (I have scuffs on my wall from throwing things at my TV over these two guys). But they have grown to good players. Otherwise it will be hard to see development until they get out there, obviously. Year to year development on this team is astounding, yet very unpredictable. Overall, I'd like to see a return to our pick-six-turnover glory (as mentioned earlier) and DE pressure on the QB to help with that.
Adam, I think I agree with what you're saying, as it goes without saying that relying on anything fundamentally can get a team in trouble. But to create a simple scenario: if Kentucky drives for 7 minutes down to Mizzou's 25 only to get pick-sixed, they have lost that 7 minutes of possession and gotten 6 or 7 points in debt. So when they take next possession, they need 5-7 minutes to get back to point A and are still down 6-7 more points. That's a minus 11-14 net minutes time of possession (and still down 6-7 points), equivalent to a who quarters-worth of possession. All with Mizzou having to do nothing offensively, and all costing little to no gas for the defense for the ONE plus-play. Two ultimately scoring turnovers are all it takes to win if the offense is respectable. The same applies to recovered fumbles, however, without the immediate point-gain. Georgia showed this to Mizzou in textbook form last year and it made the difference for them early on. Takeaways burn the other team.
At the end of the day, it's what it does for recruiting. We have to compete with the Joneses.
What's missing here is Mizzou's primary defensive focus for the forthcoming year -- takeaways. It is all they are hearing. It's what they were good at during those wonder years. And it's why they hired the "takeaway whisperer" from Texas Tech. Offense only has "pace" to add to a defensive effort, which is fine. But a takeaway defense can also score and steal clock and effort accordingly. And since takeaways are the focus this year, I assume they will be better at it and it will have impact.
Respectfully, your recollections of Jamel Dean are hyperbolic.
This article is about creating an amalgam -- a hybrid. By definition, one can not go too deeply into specialized-type playing scenarios or player characteristics because those tip the balance against general-purpose suitability. There are diminishing returns. Big corners do great covering TEs and huge WRs for example but fail against 4.4+ receivers running a go. So with this article's exercise, we must think a 6-2+ guy can run a 4.36 all day, which is unlikely. You have to roll with it.
Considering the NCAA administration is simply the waiting room for government-wannabe bureaucrats, I am shocked that any legislation was not somewhat coordinated. Did someone get their panties in a wad?
I pray for the guy. I hope he hangs in there as long as he can, as his condition is incurable. The article mentions Toledo, a tidbit: Nick Saban and Pinkel were college teammates at Kent State and both played and coached under Don James; Saban at Kent/Toledo and then Pinkel at Kent/Washington then Toledo. It was Saban who recommended Pinkel for the Toledo HC job when Saban left it for DC job with the Browns.
Awesome. Welcom. I'm really excited about the defensive line attention going on. I'm happiest to see it addressed at the DE position. I hope the man is as happy as I am that he's here.
I'm sure 35-40 handoffs per game is possible as they averaged 42.5 per game even WITH Lock last year.