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Congrats LSU. Mizzou's secondary couldn't stop anything and LSU's stopped everything. I don't think I have ever seen a team as motivated as LSU and they could have beaten just about anyone. I won't waste time ragging on Mizzou. It was a plain old ass whoopin'.
First of all, congratulations to Georgia for making the plays need to win the game. Eason is a composed kid and did the deed. Frankly, Mizzou has progressed better than I expected and I'm pleased Harris is finding his rhythm. But it was a heartbreaking game, nonetheless. Hard to win with five turnovers. I think we can cause a few headaches this year and perhaps stay competitive if we string possession rhythm together and get consistent. Again, hats off to the UGA playmakers, like that McKenzie kid.
That is both frightening and effective.
Wyoming. They also played LSU last year and lost by 22. Why do you ask?
Just talking defense here, I think the line is holding its own against the rush for the most part. But the zone isn't doing it and we aren't getting after the passer enough to keep the ball out of the secondary passing-wise. I bit my lip watching these long E. Michigan drives. I think Odom has managed to get life in the offense. But this former DC needs to remember his rep hangs on the defense and they need big attention this week before going after Georgia.
At QB, I mean. Plenty of Mizzou guys in the NFL.
Now, if the Eagles would use their brain and put Daniel in to start over no-experience-whatsoever-man-Wentz, there would be two Mizzou guys starting in the NFL this week.
Good point about Justin Smith. Holy cow, he's a tree against this short corners. I too was disappointed in the defense, btw.
Throwing the ball out to the flat got a bit tiring. But Mizzou had some good moments. They need to sting those moments into a series of first downs instead of stalling. Being behind had Lock throwing a lot. That is good for him. I expected more from the defensive secondary though.
Mizzou's offense played like they were forced to watch "Old Yeller" before each game. There was little enthusiasm and leadership on that side of the ball. I would like to believe it was ALL O-line issues but I don't think so. Henson just wasn't the man to cultivate the intangibles that make a group play at peak performance. He also didn't cultivate leaders. I would rather see Payton Manning's mom get a crack at coaching than see that old guard one - more - day. Period.
Frankly, he has size and looks workable. Anyone can get injured and there has to be someone ready to play. I don't read much into this recruit other than he must have something or they wouldn't have went to get him in Cali.
I hope this hire is an illustration of a talent-spotting Odom. I'm just not sure his resume has him prepped for SEC defenses. But I hold faith in the former, of course. Maybe he's dynamite.
This guy has an incredible resume working with NFL caliber talent. I hope he likes Mizzou and wants to stay a while. But I am wanting to see who's going to take care of that offensive line thing. Big anticipation here.
Looked sharp the entire game. Outcome never in doubt. Congrats to Arky.
I don't think any serious college football fan thought Northwestern was any competition for the Vols. certainly, they are peaking at the right time, while the Gators struggle. So I think the Vols will be the team to beat in the East next year. Just home Mizzou can improve enough with the changes to compete.
If I could emoticon, it would be the thumbs up one.
I think the "whys and what does" will only make sense after the bowls are over and we see where he lands. I don't see Odom firing Kul. But I do see Kul considering moving on after the Pinkel era.
On that subject, yes, Odom has made some choices that look good. Heuple was Stoops' scape goat at Oklahoma but the results of his work at Oklahoma showed this year regardless. I, like everyone else, wonders what's in store for the defense, but I think the new hires seem sound.