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Not a good look for Bama, but I'm sure they don't care. As long as they keep winning, Saban can do whatever he wants.
Let's slow down a minute. The only reason UCF's claim worked last year is that you beat Auburn, who happened to beat Alabama. If UCF beats LSU this year, you can't claim national champions, b/c we're not a team that beat anyone currently in the playoffs.
Also worth mentioning people often talk about insurance policies to cover athletes in case of injury - These policies often don't hold up or payout as well as advertised. Let the kids go pro. They've earned it.
O is contradicting himself here. I saw him on the record last week saying he thinks it's the 'right thing to do' if a player is projected first round.
Must be a slow day on the Alabama section, huh? Not sure what you're talking about with the other fans - most LSU posters I know (on SDS) are fine with the first round picks sitting out. Maybe you're confusing this board with TigerDroppings ?
It's odd that you called him 'honey,' he's a grown man, and I assume you are as well. Anyway, choosing to ignore your cheap shot at LSU - standard rules apply here. If you're going to go in the first round, declare. Second round - you have a hard decision to make; Third round or later, you should come back for your final year.
Enos is a monster. I really wanted him to come to LSU when things fell apart at Ark.
Please, please, PLEASE don't take Briles. He needs to come to LSU.
@ekinggill88 - again, you're missing the point. No one cares about you - you and your team are irrelevant.
Yeah, I'd say Auburn and UF, honestly.
"@GeuxLongToLoseIn7OverTimes" ? More like "@GeauxingToTalkBigAfterWinningOneInSeven"
@ ekinggill88 - you know nothing about me. From your last post, you obviously know nothing about LSU, either. It's not your fault though - I know you guys try so hard to be relevant. Chin up, maybe you'll get to the big time one day. I mean, you won't in the SEC, but maybe one day you'll join another conference and be a 'big deal' again.
*sometimes even in the same paragraph.
It's not well written. The author constantly flip flops from the perceived audience ("you") to refer to LSU and UCF - and sometimes. Another note - you'll never be our rival. You're not really worth our time. We view you the same way we do Miss State or Ole Miss - you'll maybe win 1 in 5. Hardly a rivalry.
Fromm doing Locke's move on Tom Herman is the #1 thing I didn't know I wanted for xmas. Thank you, lol.
Wish that was the case. We didn't come within 2TDs, lol.
I didn't recognize Saban because the lego was smiling.
Yeah, it never really counts until he signs on the line.
Only an aTm homer thinks that LSU wasn't robbed this game. It's not just LSU fans, buddy. Its everyone else that watched the game. Enjoy your purchased victory.
OH! Or they could have stopped it at the end of 7OT, when they called Greedy Williams on a non-existent PI call, on an un-catchable ball where the receiver ran over the defender on a 2 point conversion. I guess that would have still been a high scoring game though.
I guess they could have also stopped it after 2nd OT, when aTm had a catch and a fumble recovered by LSU - which would have ended the game; and it would have been closer to 41-34.
I agree - but if the refs did their job and stopped the game at regulation, when aTm spiked the ball without enough time left (ALSO in an illegal formation) - then the score would only be 31-24 LSU.
I love how Jimbo said in the press conference afterwards he had no clue who was involved. Video evidence (where they got the still above) shows that was a blatant lie. Completely classless.
The students won't be allowed on the field after every game unless you want to pay a hefty fine. It's an SEC rule.
Shut up, dude. Just enjoy your purchased victory. Don't try to defend the refs in this case. You and your garbage team wanted a rivalry? You're going to get one. As it stands now, it's 6-1 LSU.
Would never happen. It would be hilarious, but it'll never happen. No way Bama's left out at this point unless they lose all of their remaining games.
“And Ed Orgeron is certainly deserving of Coach of they Year because of how much he has surpassed those expectations and beat teams that have more talent on their roster than LSU does.” Pump the brakes. I think UGA has more talent... but what other team have we beat that has more talent than us? Not trying to be critical of our team - AND I'm excited about the season we're having - but we've done less with more talent. Not the other way around.