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Breaking news: "Father picks son's team to win against all odds." Don't forget to catch the author's other breaking stories, including: "Things fresh out of the oven are hot" and "When it rains outside, everything gets wet."
Wow. Kirk is actually giving LSU some credit. I can't believe he's finally come around. Or maybe it's just because we have an ex-OSU QB at the helm, and he's the biggest OSU homer I've ever seen. Either way, I guess I'll take it.
Wrong on both counts, Bunker. We do not put Mike in a cage on display in front of 100,000 fans. We haven't done that in YEARS. In addition, the sanctuary he originally came from was absolutely horrid. There is no question he has access to better care now than he did before. If you can't understand that, we can't help you here.
BunkerBuster - Wild at Heart Wildlife Center in Florida couldn't care for him, you need to do your research: "Wild at Heart Wildlife Center is currently owned by Jaime and Jeremey Hargett, who took over Animal Adventures from Sue Pearce last December after Ms. Pearce, who is a friend of the Hargetts, was shut down by the USDA for repeated animal welfare violations ( When USDA went onsite to Animal Adventures last year they found a starving tiger in an enclosure of water mixed with feces with a water container sporting an algae bloom. They also found a partially exposed dead tiger that had been buried in a shallow grave."
So according to the FPI, we have a better chance of beating UGA than Auburn? Cool story, bro.
"junior" Joe Burrow? I thought he's a grad transfer. Wouldn't he be listed as a Senior or Grad?
You know my favorite game in Death Valley (of all time) was when we hosted y'all in 2003? Can't wait to have you back. =)
Couldn't have said it better myself. Odd that someone writing for an SEC focused sports page overlooks this.
Sad to see him go. I wish he would have stuck it out and tried to compete for starter next year. With our track record at the QB position, anything is possible - what's to say Brennan doesn't work out next year? The spot would be his. Of course, I understand these kids wanting to play _now_ so I don't fault him for his decision.
They have us listed with a better chance to beat Bama (22.2%) than Auburn (17%). This is why I don't trust 'stats'
I thought coaches aren't needed to do that anymore? Perhaps that was something the NCAA was considering, but didn't pull the trigger on?
That clip is awful. Jalen Hurts was playing against a very good UGA defense. He's still a good QB.
Where these two guys ended up has no bearing on what happened at that camp. I'm not a fan of either guy - but I highly doubt Manziel rented a party bus, and was in New Orleans that night. It makes much more sense that he got drunk at a local bar and overslept. Regardless - what business was it of McCarron's to rat him out even if it were true? Mind your own business, do what you came to do, and don't worry about others.
Ah crap. I see that now - I thought this was just supposed to be the "Best teams in the BCS era," Not "Best Championship teams." Reading comprehension fail.
I actually think this is pretty well done. Leaving out LSU is the perfect jab - definitely got a laugh out of me. =)
That's a flawed list if LSU 2011 isn't on there. We were undefeated (including a victory @ Alabama) until the 21-0 rematch with Alabama in the National Championship. Not taking away anything from Bama - I'm not saying we need to be higher than No 6, but we should at least be on that list.
I'd hardly say Greg is a 'media type.' McElroy takes shots at LSU all the time (because only beat LSU once while he was the starting QB at Bama), so I can understand why people respond in kind. Anyway, most people that are familiar with LSU football know we're not known for QB play (hell, no one in the SEC is) - but Ensminger's graphic isn't a lie. Someone even responded with #lateroundpickQBU ... lol
All of them, if you're talking about who was coach when they were drafted ;) 3 of those wouldn't count if you're referring to who recruited them: JaMarcus Russel / LaRon Landry / Glenn Dorsey
And let's call a spade a spade. Even if he didn't want to try his hand in the NFL, there's no way LSU would have given Saban the control he has at Alabama... at the time. Sitting in 2018, many might argue that we would have - but I just don't think we would have in 2004.
Mel Kiper's pretty bad at mock drafts, to be honest. I don't understand why people put so much stock in his projections.
Not a good look for Danny White. Good. Keep it up - these guys are clowns who deserve a taste of their own medicine.
I bet it's TruDawg / BayouBuford.
Really? An article about LSU choosing a non-cupcake team for homecoming and not a SINGLE joke about Troy? The trolls on this site are getting soft.
I hope we hold on to him. Wade is doing great things at LSU.
Give it up already, dude. Go troll other fanbases.