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I'd hardly say Greg is a 'media type.' McElroy takes shots at LSU all the time (because only beat LSU once while he was the starting QB at Bama), so I can understand why people respond in kind. Anyway, most people that are familiar with LSU football know we're not known for QB play (hell, no one in the SEC is) - but Ensminger's graphic isn't a lie. Someone even responded with #lateroundpickQBU ... lol
All of them, if you're talking about who was coach when they were drafted ;) 3 of those wouldn't count if you're referring to who recruited them: JaMarcus Russel / LaRon Landry / Glenn Dorsey
And let's call a spade a spade. Even if he didn't want to try his hand in the NFL, there's no way LSU would have given Saban the control he has at Alabama... at the time. Sitting in 2018, many might argue that we would have - but I just don't think we would have in 2004.
Mel Kiper's pretty bad at mock drafts, to be honest. I don't understand why people put so much stock in his projections.
Not a good look for Danny White. Good. Keep it up - these guys are clowns who deserve a taste of their own medicine.
I bet it's TruDawg / BayouBuford.
Really? An article about LSU choosing a non-cupcake team for homecoming and not a SINGLE joke about Troy? The trolls on this site are getting soft.
I hope we hold on to him. Wade is doing great things at LSU.
Give it up already, dude. Go troll other fanbases.
Also worth noting one of those wins was against your team - at your house.
Wow, I sure am glad the FBI is investigating the NCAA and making sure there aren't any inappropriate interactions with student athletes. I mean, there are school shooters and domestic terror attacks that they've been tipped off about and not followed up on, but whatever. Let's keep digging on these important issues!
lol, what's the deal with this guy? He has multiple accounts for different teams or something?
I don't like the direction in which the program is heading, either; but we're not losing the title DBU anytime soon. One bad recruiting cycle (because we banked on one 5 star) isn't going to take that away from us. Have you seen the guys we still have on the roster? Have you seen Greedy play? He's a beast.
I'm more irked by how O handled it. You're supposed to have contingency plans - telling Goodrich no on Sunday because we're waiting on someone who hasn't committed to us was a dumb move. O said he wasn't going to string Goodrich along, but every other coach does it. There are no prizes here for the "nice guy coach." Now we have no CBs in our 2018 class.
EIGHT five stars last time I checked. God Almighty. lol
Wth is 2nd degree possession? A quick google search isn't helping much. I'm guessing this fits under "personal use" quantity? Seems like something you'd want to put in the article.
I'm sad I didn't know about Isaiah Wynn this season... I would have watched a few more UGA games. That dude is a beast.
Yep, as an LSU fan I hate seeing Enos to Bama. It's a good hire for you guys.
I'm surprised Nick Fitzgerald isn't mentioned in this article at all.
I can't link to the full speech, but it was the dumbest thing I've ever read. Here's the summary: College coaches at LSU aren't paid for by your tax dollars, but some people might think they are. So we should put a cap on their pay, so tax payers don't think they're being paid tons of money - from your tax dollars - which they're not. So instead of educating people about where the money comes from - and the fact that LSU athletics gives tons back to the school and state - we should try to pass a law to solve a non-existent problem. This, ladies and gentlemen, is just another example of what is wrong with politics today.
Seems an odd thing to talk about. Saban isn't going anywhere for a long time.
I hope you're wrong. I fear you aren't.
He donates a lot back to New Orleans & people who need help. Proud he's from Louisiana!
They're just taunting Alabama - a home and home series would be nothing to lose and everything to gain for UCF. Not to mention that it'd be a hefty payout for UCF either way. ... As much as I think this is ridiculous, I'd like to find out more about their AD. He's positioning very well.
Bulldawgrock - I absolutely agree. We would have beat you and Troy if Canada was allowed to run his offense.
Yeah, has nothing to do with the fact that UF has a new coach (who beat us with less access to talent), new energy, and a 5 star QB. At least we play them at death valley. ... oh wait.