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Also, the FBI isn't after Wade here - they're after Dawkins. The way these investigations work is by getting as many people as possible on the record and then they look for inconsistencies. They would subpoena the LSU board of directors in a heart beat if they had a good reason to.
BamaTime - Yes, it does. The FBI would be allowed to subpoena the entire board to find out what he said to them on the matter. Ask any of your buddies that are in law and they'll tell you the same thing.
The whole thing reeks of inconsistency - because our AD acts quickly and irrationally to everything.
Yup! This is much more of a sane response to this whole ordeal. Very well said. Honestly, I think the last move by WW is because he knows the administration has to let him go at this point (they've already made him do the perp walk) - so if he comes out clean he's setting up for damages. Will Wade's lawyers are seeming to be better at their jobs than LSU's general council - esp if there's some crazy situation in which WW is innocent here. It's going to be entertaining if this isn't a bluff.
Darth - that is the definition of heresay. You think the FBI is going to come out and talk about an on going case? Have we heard the wire taps? The answer to both is 'no.' The _transcripts_ of the calls were leaked by the _defendant's_ attorney, who claimed he was going to destroy all of the NCAA if his client went to jail. Someone posts "transcripts" on Yahoo that no one has corroborated - yet everyone here wants to talk about "Evidence." It's laughable. In the same vein, WW's atty told him not to talk because he's part of a FEDERAL investigation - and everyone's saying he's hiding and guilty because he's not talking about it. It's crazy town.
Yup. And from what I'm hearing, that one isn't limited to Basketball - it covers all athletics.
BamaTime - LSU and WW have both taken the correct actions so far. If WW did meet with our AD and the Board, they would all be subpoenaed into the federal investigation as well. WW has actually protected them from that - by following the advice of his lawyer.
Because he's involved (testifying AGAINST) the defendant in a federal case. And NO, I do not think it's odd he doesn't want to talk to the NCAA at this point in time. I don't think anyone paying attention over the last few years would - Look at Ole Miss and Missouri! They both received harsher penalties for cooperating than they would have if they stonewalled.
I'm not contending that you sing his praise. I understand the school needs to suspend him and distance themselves. I'm merely suggesting we wait a little while before we drag his name through the mud. "This is his own fault! He should never coach again! I hear he kicks little dogs and babies!" ... it's ridiculous. Let's let this play out and then all the writers can have their time in the sun if he's guilty.
Les - stick to writing. You're no lawyer. Any reasonable defense lawyer would agree 100% with Wades actions since the first story leaked. The one thing everyone should know from this debacle is that the media is ultimately to blame for ruining people's careers before all the facts come out. Circumstantial evidence is enough to crucify people these days. Can't you vultures wait until he's dead before picking at his body. I'm not saying Wade isn't guilty - but none of us have heard the tapes. You're just going off of something that was printed by another 'journalist' that tends to sensationalize his articles.
The administration had the NCAA on the line ready to listen in. The meeting wasn't a friendly discussion, it was a setup to try to fire WW with cause. Wade said he'd meet with the administration without the NCAA present, and they declined.
Wade said he was advised by his lawyer to not attend provided the NCAA was going to be listening in (which they were). He didn't choose not to go - he said he would go and work with LSU provided the NCAA wasn't present - which they had no reason to be at this point. This is just Joe Alleva scared to death of the NCAA and making rash decisions, like usual.
(Sorry for double post - language got put on hold for moderation) There is not evidence though. The wiretap shows Wade talking about a deal with a recruit that DIDN’T go through. In fact, all of the ‘damming’ things are Will complaining that the offer wasn’t good enough. It’s against the rules to make a deal with a student and give them improper benefits – not to make them an offer. Is it an indicator that this has happened with other recruits? Probably, yeah. Is there evidence that it happened? Absolutely not (yet).
I couldn't disagree with you more, LSUSMC. Wade can't talk about the federal investigation which he's set to testify - against someone else. No charges or accusations have been brought against Wade by the FBI or NCAA - only the media and LSU administration. If he talks, the entire Board of Directors could (and would) be subpoenaed as well. LSU is trying to fire Wade with cause so they don't have to pay out his contract (because JA is an idiot and cheap). The wiretap shows nothing but Wade discussing a deal that didn't go through with an athlete. Not to mention if you think cooperating with the NCAA is a good idea you've been living under a rock. Everyone who cooperates has the book thrown at them - ask our friends in Oxford what they think about it. The only schools that don't have the hammer dropped on them deny all the way to the end (cough, cough, North Carolina).
You mean his legal fees? He's claiming he's innocent. If he is, there is no reason he shouldn't be free to play. He was removed from the team until he clears his name.
"Refs shouldn't be allowed to be fans" - No. "Refs who are fans should disclose that and not officiate games for that team or their rivals." - Yes. The problem here is that there aren't a ton of refs. It's a tough job that's typically done for the love of the sport (not money) so restricting who can officiate a game from an already small pool makes things extra difficult. That being said, I know it feels bad for everyone when something like this happens. Hell, it happened to the Saints and kept them out of the superbowl. I think we need a better solution.
Granted, I think Sophster is a primadonna - but we're really thin on DT. We really needed people at that position :(
I have to agree. If the tutor was acting on his / her own accord, how could this warrant such a stiff penalty against the university? What if one of these student athletes was caught cheating off of a buddy? Would the same punishment apply? I must be missing something, because this seems absurd.
I like O, but not sure if he should get a "steep" raise. Not too many schools are going to come looking for him, save maybe USC. Alleva should maybe give him a small bump. We're still in the 'wait and see' stage. If he crushes next year, I'd hope they'd be all in.
I'm glad he had been with us as long as he had, and thankful for the time we had with him. That being said, we need to bring in someone new anyway. WR play was pretty mediocre for the past 2 years.
I actually forgot about that. I was thinking the SEC championship was their last game. =(
Meh. Tough loss for sure, but after this bowl season it was obvious UGA / Clemson / Alabama were the best 3 teams in college football. Here's to hoping more of us catch up!
100% true. I think I even saw the refs call bama for holding once! ;)
45 minutes TOP to 15 - 555 total offense to 250. I'd say it was a pretty strong statement, unless you based it only on the final score.
Yikes. Don't get me wrong, I'd ask a local high school athlete if he was going to stay home, but this is taking it WAAAAY too far.
Not a good look for Bama, but I'm sure they don't care. As long as they keep winning, Saban can do whatever he wants.
Let's slow down a minute. The only reason UCF's claim worked last year is that you beat Auburn, who happened to beat Alabama. If UCF beats LSU this year, you can't claim national champions, b/c we're not a team that beat anyone currently in the playoffs.