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This is an honest question, not trying to troll anyone or start a curse fueled rant, but do Georgia fans still feel like Coley is an upgrade over Chaney?
I don’t think I have ever seen a quarterback make such an improvement within a season. This is like Remember the Titans stuff.
Fulmer has the second most wins in school history, has one of the highest active win percentages, and one a national title and multiple SEC titles when we fired him. Since then we have spent more than a decade wandering in the College Football wilderness. Be careful what you wish for.
Based on what I have seen from both teams this might be a which team makes the mistakes to lose the game instead of a which team makes the plays to win the game. Both teams play much better on defense than offense, so there will probably be a lot of punts. I think Jennings and Callaway probably have the advantage outside, but it won’t matter if our o line can’t hold up. Should be a close one.
I live in SC and I think it is more about the Clemson game. If they get destroyed then it could get ugly.
I live in SC and I don’t think the fan base can stomach a 4 win season, especially if they get blown out again by Clemson at the end of the year.
So how many new coaches are there going to be in the conference next year? Morris is already gone. Mason looks done, and and I think Muschamp is done. I think Ole Miss will give Matt Luke one more year, because the young players look like they have potential. Moorehead looks like a 50/50 candidate to make it back next year. He might decide to bolt, or he might get fired if he loses to Ole Miss. The interesting one if Stoops. I think if he gets offered the FSU job he will bounce. I think last year was probably as good as it possibly gets for Kentucky. If I was a betting guy I would say we have 4 new coaches next year.
It really comes down to which one you value more, quality wins or bad losses. I don’t know if there is really a right or wrong answer.
I think this was definitely the right move, but it is going to be hard to find a proven coach willing to come to Arkansas. In my opinion Arkansas is probably in the top three for toughest head coaching gigs in the Power 5. You are in the toughest division in college football, and you have a High school talent deficit compared to the rest of the conference. I think you are going to have to go with a coordinator or a young coach from the Sun Belt or MAC. The top Group of Five guys (like Memphis and SMU) are going to wait for for an easier position to come open. I personally would go after the coach at App State. He knows how to build a program.
I absolutely blasted JG multiple times in the early part of the year, but he saved that game, and maybe the season. I can’t remember seeing another quarterback come back from such a bad start to a season.
I feel for the Arkansas fans. The real question becomes is there a young coach who you really like? No established coach is going to take on this rebuild, so you are going to have to take a flyer on a young and up and coming coach.
Y’all think you can photoshop Morris’s head onto that picture of your guy humping a shark?
Based on the way this year started I think there is zero chance we overlook UAB. If we lose it will be because of a lack of execution, not a lack of preparation.
I will freely admit that I was one of the fans who said he should never see the field again, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by his play against USC. He looked a little more confident, and he finally just let it rip. We have some really good receivers, we just need our quarterback to consistently get them the ball.
That dude has to be in the All time great category at Tennessee. He plays so hard even when things are going bad. He never lets up. I don’t think I have ever seen him go out of bounds on his own. He is always trying to get more yards. He is the ultimate competitor.
Guarantano is a proven loser. I don’t want to see him play another snap. If Mauer can’t play we should play Shrout, or just take the Kentucky approach and put a wide receiver at quarterback. I think Jennings was right last year when he said he should be the quarterback in front of JG.
This definitely clarified some things. Hopefully this kid gets his life together.
This situation continues to be a bad look. Now it looks like Pruitt was shamed by the media into kicking the kid off the team. If he felt like Banks’ actions were worth being kicked off the team he should have done it immediately.
I say we let Pruitt get destroyed by Georgia and Alabama, then fire him after the Alabama game. Promote Tee Martin and see what happens in the back end of the season. If he strings together some wins hire him full time. A lot of people say he probably isn’t ready, but they said the same thing about Dabo.
So is it now a 3 or 4 team race for worst in the conference? Tennessee, Arkansas, and Vandy are definitely competing to be the worst. You could probably throw USC and maybe Ole miss in there also.
There is very clearly not a competition for the starting quarterback job. What you saw yesterday was a competition to see who is going to be the backup, and who is going to transfer at the end of the year. With Harrison Bailey coming in next year, and the transfer quarterback coming from Maryland at least one of the guys who played yesterday is going to transfer. I think the staff is just trying to figure out which guy they are going to talk into staying. You have to have some live game tape in order to make that decision, and yesterday was the first time the coaching staff had a situation where they could do that.
I’m still think Chattanooga, UAB, and Vandy. Anything else would be surprising at this point
That was brutal to watch. How many times is this going to happen? It doesn’t matter the coaching staff, we keep finding ways to torture the fan base. This is looking like a 3-9 or 4-8 type season now.
Well you would have been the laughingstock of the conference this week, but we saved you from that fate. You’re welcome.
I think we know who #14 will be in this week’s power rankings will be.
What could possibly be taking so long with the NCAA and the Solomon situation? The school applied for that waiver months and months ago. The guy deserves a decision one way or the other before the season starts.
My thoughts are 1) If he threatened to slap someone, but didn’t actually hit them, then that is probably a couple games suspension and anger management classes. 2) If he really threatened to “shoot up the school” he is probably getting kicked out of the university.
You sure it’s not Smart choking in the big moments? It wasn’t Chaney calling a fake punt or giving up a wide open touchdown pass the play after getting what could have been a game winning sack.