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I really don’t get all the people hating on Riley for not being “successful”. The only people in the game who have had more success than him are Saban, Kirby, Dabo, and Fisher. Also, it is good for the game if somebody west of Texas actually has a legit chance to make the playoffs.
I definitely agree with that sentiment. If the SEC is already paying out almost $80 million a year anyone who joins has to be worth at least that much annually to be a good investment. How many schools left are worth that much? What becomes interesting is if the SEC or Big10 decides to kick someone out for someone else who is worth more? It has to be tempting to trade a Northwestern for Notre Dame or Vanderbilt for UNC or UVA.
In my mind the two most logical expansion choices for the SEC are UNC and UVA. That would give us the flagship public university in every southern state. They expand the footprint and bring more television viewers. If the goal is 20 then I would say add Duke and Clemson. Both are really good academically and they ensure we get some great in state rivalries.
Less than 24 hours before the game Memphis will cancel. Book it.
The more I watch, the more this team reminds me of the Spurrier Gators teams. You are either a fan or you hate them. Vitello has some of that Spurrier fire and cocky smart mouth.
Game 1 wasn’t pretty, but this is exactly where every team wanted to be before the year started. Hosting a game with a trip to Omaha on the line. This is what makes sports so exciting.
Honestly, it might be something that is different between baseball and some other sports. I’ve been to a bunch of football and basketball games and there are lots of f bombs being dropped and nobody gets thrown out. I feel like umps are just more sensitive than refs in other sports.
First off, if you argue you put yourself in a position where the ump can punish you. However, that was an example of an ump wanting to insert himself into the game. Gilbert didn’t get in his face, and had turned towards the bench when the ump threw him out.
Last night was a good win for this team. That was the first conference game where they had a lot of adversity, and they managed to come back. That’s a good sign moving forward.
I disagree. This helps young men and women learn a valuable lesson “don’t quit your job until you know you have another one”.
That one was tough to watch. We had literally gone a month since we had a bad shooting night, and then it happens in the tournament. Vescovi really looked off all game. That one really hurt, because it has been a while since I had completely bought in.
The officiating in the second half of that game was horrible. I’ve never been so frustrated in a non-Tennessee game before.
This author is definitely being a little dramatic. This Alabama team reminds me of last year’s Tennessee team. There is a ton of talent, but no consistency. It seemed like this team wasn’t locked in to play for each other.
Let’s just be honest here, Duke got the two seed because the committee knew they would sell more tickets. Since they got the two seed they get to play in Greenville and Tennessee has to go to Indianapolis. For all the people that keep saying that the difference between a 2 and a 3 seed is nothing this is proof that isn’t true. Knoxville to Greenville = About 3 hours Knoxville to Indianapolis = about 5 1/2 hours Personally I’m mad because I live in Greenville.
This is a good pickup. We need help at DB probably more than any other position on the team.
I’m basing this on what I’ve seen of Auburn’s last few games. They don’t seem locked in defensively, especially at the guard position. Tennessee beat them purely on hustle, especially in the first half. You don’t give up as many offensive rebounds as Auburn gave up to Tennessee if everyone is locked in on defense.
The timing on this article is pretty poor. Why not wait another 6 weeks and do it after the basketball season? If Cal wins a second title then maybe Kentucky would have earned the top spot, but right now you have to have Bama at 1. Saban is way ahead of Cal and Oats is pretty even with Stoops.
I think the top 4 on this list are all really good and I believe you will get 3 to the sweet 16 and 1 to the final 4. They all have some glaring weaknesses too. Auburn- Guard play. Jabari Smith is the most talented player in the league and Kessler is the Defensive POY, but their guards are not as good as the other 3. I think you can play them and just let Smith get 25 and try and keep the rest of the team to less than 40. Arkansas- Everything relies on Notae, Notae is the best pure scorer in the conference but outside of Williams nobody else on their team worries you. I think their ceiling is higher than Auburn though, because they consistently play good defense and Auburn doesn’t. Kentucky- Health, Wheeler and Washington have not looked the same since they came back. Also, as dominant as Oscar has been guys with size and length have given him some trouble. Tennessee- Lack of a “dude”, I think Tennessee has the best overall guards when taken as a group, but they don’t have a guy that can just take over a game like Smith and Notae.
I don’t have any serious issues with the rankings here, but it does seem like the author doesn’t pay any attention to the midweek games. He gives Kentucky big credit for beating Alabama at home (which is a good but not great win) but ignores Tennessee’s win against Kentucky on Tuesday. I think the top four teams have separated themselves, but I’m not sure there is that big of a gap there. Each of them have had big home wins, but have struggled on the road.
I’m not sure that is true. NFL guys just have to prep for playing ball. There isn’t any recruiting involved. Recruiting is pretty much a full time job for college coaches.
Auburn has recruited the JUCO ranks pretty strong this year. Especially on the defensive side.
I’m really interested to see how this approach to recruiting works for Kiffen. He is basically using the Musselman approach.
Overall this list seems pretty good, but I think you are being a little generous by giving Drink a C. He got absolutely steamrolled by a first year coach in Heupel. He is supposed to be an offensive genius, but that offense looks awful, with the exception of Badie. I will give him credit for putting together what looks like a really good recruiting class for this year, but his on the field results have been very underwhelming.
I don’t have any issues at all with his decision. He has stuck around and been a leader when all sorts of other guys jumped ship. Good luck in the draft young man. This is an opportunity for some of the younger guys to get more reps and get a jump start on next season.
The fact that he had Tank Bigsby and still managed to finish 9th in rushing in the conference is all I needed to see to know he is not the right guy.
For me the biggest low was the Pitt game. Watching Milton miss 5 touchdown passes in the first quarter was brutal. That is the only game I look at this year and think “We just blew it”. In every other loss the opponent just outplayed us.
In my mind there is a gap between 2 and 3 and then a huge drop off after 7.
Pass protection has definitely been our biggest issue on offense all year. I think it is pretty clear that Hooker’s high sack numbers and low interception numbers are connected. He has clearly been coached to just eat the sack instead of putting the ball into danger.
I think based on the fact that almost all of the people left before Heupul was ever hired, most of them got Happy Meals. Generally people wait around to see who the new guy is and then evaluate if they fit into his system.
In my mind you lose all credibility as a writer when you move Florida up after they gave up 52 points to an FCS opponent.