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That was kind of what I was hoping to see. The offense looks exciting and willing to air it out. Unfortunately the defense looks like it is going to struggle. This year I think we will be a mediocre team that is really fun to watch, kind of like the East version of Ole Miss. That is fine with me for now. It is a lot better than the mediocre team we have been for the last several years that was boring to watch.
This seems like a head scratcher. He seemed to be in a really good situation to showcase his skills for the next level at Arkansas.
I agree with you completely. 10 years ago I would be right there with diesel, but now I understand there is something to be said for consistency. Barnes has created a culture where we are finishing in the top 1/3 of the conference every regular season, making the tournament, and landing solid classes every year. I for one am really happy with that.
You didn’t read that correctly. He is the 4th overall player in Tennessee. Not 4th at his position.
I’m really hoping he can be ready to go on Friday. A guy like that who has given everything to the program over the last few years deserves to finish his career playing in the tournament. In the flip side Payne needs to be suspended for the remainder of the year.
I agree with the first half of your post, but the second part definitely had a “get off my lawn” vibe to it. They’re just kids, let em have fun. This year with limited fans the bench is about the only energy boost you can get.
I don’t like having suspensions carry on to the next year, but he should definitely be suspended for the whole NCAA tournament.
That Florida-Tennessee game could end up being super important. That might be determining who ends up with the 4th spot and the double bye in the conference tournament.
The way we struggled with that half court trap was pathetic. That looked like high school ball.
Obviously there is over a month left before the tournament, but I’m really interested to see how the committee ranks the top 3 teams. Alabama has been dominant in conference play, but has really struggled in non-conference play. Mizzou has a dominant duo in Tillman and Pinson, but as a team they seem to struggle to shoot, especially from the outside. Tennessee might have the deepest team, but they don’t have a “guy” that can just take over a game. Also, their losses have been complete blowouts.
Fleck would be an excellent hire. Elliot really knows offense, but he has never run his own program. Dykes doesn’t seem like a good choice.
Kevin Steele needs to be our version of Matt Luke. Try to do a decent job managing the inevitable sanctions for the next year or two. Then when the penalties are over we can go out and see what top coaches are available. At least Steele will be cheap since Auburn is still paying him.
Other than QB, our o line was the most disappointing aspect of our team. I’m not sure how great a hire this is.
I really hope this year doesn’t get blown up by Covid, because this Tennessee team could be really special. They are locked in on defense and are deeper than any team Barnes has had since he has been here.
Auburn fans, I hope you are enjoying Season 2 of “How to Crew Up a Coaching Search”. The Tennessee Admin is glad to pass along the starring role. It appears you just finished Episode 3 “The One Where Everyone Tells us No”. Spoiler Alert: Episode 4 is a wild one, it involves borrowing private jets and talking with pirates. Enjoy!
Which is different from Notre Dame’s ACC schedule? They beat a Clemson team in overtime that was down at least 5 defensive starters by the end of the game, and with their backup quarterback.
But who is the big name? Urban? Freeze?I don’t know if there is a more proven guy than the one you just fired out there.
The more I’m watching this play out at Auburn the more this feels like the way things went down for Fulmer at Tennessee. You can’t fire a coach like Malzhan without having the next guy ready to go. With the improvement in the bottom half of the west division Auburn could be in trouble. Who out there is clearly better than Leach or Kiffin? I think the last few years have proved that it doesn’t take much to go form a good program to in big trouble real quick.
I’ve said it before, but the playoff is broken because 4 of the 5 P5 conferences are broken. Every year Clemson and Ohio State are going to sleepwalk through a pathetic conference schedule and get half the spots. There is nobody in their conferences that are anywhere close to their talent level. To a lesser extent this even applies to Oklahoma. If they had been able to play a few cupcakes early in the season to work out the kinks of a new quarterback they would have dominated too. Then you have the PAC 12 where there isn’t an elite team in the whole conference. The big problem is the SEC is the only conference where you have more than 1 team in the top 10 of recruiting. Until someone gets it together at Michigan or Miami or somewhere like that, you can count on a combination of the same 8 teams playing every year (Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, A&M, and maybe a PAC school that runs the table).
All that win and your in crap is garbage. How many games does Cincinnati need to win before they get an honest ranking? The playoff committee caters to the teams that have the biggest fan bases. They is why Notre Dame got in over A&M and Cincy.
Comparing this version of Bama to the McCaron, McClerroy, and Coker versions of Bama is not a valid argument. Bama has to have a “dude” at quarterback now. They aren’t winning championships holding teams to less than 20 points anymore. If they don’t have a really good quarterback this year they have at least 2 games they could have lost: Ole Miss and Florida.
That’s what I’m thinking. If you could fire him for free, then I think we would pull the trigger.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we self reported some recruiting violations so we could fire him with cause and save the $18 million.
We actually have done a decent job of stopping the run. Our problem is stopping the pass. I don’t think you will be able to win just running the ball. Mind is going to have to make some plays.
My point is you are just as likely to go down as you are to go up.
I think the game could be one of those where the score is closer than the actual game. A&M plays that smothering type style, slower pace, grind it out on offense, limit big plays, stop the run on defense. I think it ends up being a 27-17 kind of game, but A&M being in total control the whole time. Also, Anias Smith will probably go off on us, because we haven’t been able to cover the slot guy all year.
This Malzhan situation is starting to look more and more like the Fulmer firing. Maybe they will land a great candidate and go to the next level, but I think it is just as likely that they fall into the middle of the pack with all the other mediocre SEC teams (Tennessee, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Missouri).
The real issue isn’t with the G5 teams it is the lack of competition in 4 of the 5 P5 conferences. The PAC 12 doesn’t have any team that is elite, and the Big 10 and ACC only have 1 each. Unless someone can start to challenge Clemson or Ohio State from their conferences you have half of the field already set before the season starts. When you consider that the SEC champ is always getting in you really only have 1 spot open. When you look at it that way I don’t think there is any type of gap between the Big 12 champ, PAC 12 champ, and the best team from the G5. Do you honestly think Iowa St or USC are that much better than Cincy? I don’t.
How do all of these two loss teams keep jumping Cincinnati? They are being punished because all the other leagues went conference only. That’s not their fault. Everyone else from 5-10 had their shot and blew it. Give Cincinnati a shot.
This may sound like a hater post, but this firing feels a little bit like the Fulmer firing back in the day. The fan base is frustrated with being good, but not great, so they decide to move on. Sometimes that works out well, sometimes it blows up in your face.