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It should have been Bailey’s time after the Kentucky game. If I’m going to have my quarterback make game losing mistakes I would rather it be my true freshman quarterback than my 5th year senior quarterback.
That sucks. I was hoping Saban would watch it on CBS and see how bad That crew is. He is probably the only person that could pressure CBS into firing everyone and getting a new crew.
If only Pruitt would do the same thing and start playing Bailey.
Travel might be an issue, but Cincinnati would be a good option too.
I think he would be great for our defense, but my money is on home working for Saban next year.
I think he makes it one more year because of the buyout, but I would put money on either him or Pruitt being Bama’s d coordinator in the 2022 season.
The real question is who is the Alabama d coordinator in the 2022 season, Muschamp or Pruitt? I don’t think either gets fired this year because of Covid.
The only change I care about is seeing Bailey play the rest of the season. We can’t win games trying to hide the quarterback. If I’m going to lose games because of bad quarterback play (UK game) I would rather it be my freshman making mistakes instead of a 5th year senior.
Looking like a 3-7 season. I feel like a Kentucky fan, “Is it basketball season yet?”
I’m surprised the Bama-UT line is only 17. I thought it would be at least 20.
I 100% disagree with the premise of this article. The only thing that makes a young quarterback better is getting reps, both practice and game reps. Making him the starter now gives him three weeks of practice with the 1’s before the next winnable game against Arkansas. This is not the era of protecting freshmen quarterbacks and having them sit. If Bailey is the real deal he needs to prove it. Also, going out there and showing his toughness against Bama is a part of winning the locker room. We need to find out over the next 6 games if Bailey is the future or not.
The more I watch the SEC this year, the more it reminds me of the NFL. Outside of Bama, UGA, and Vanderbilt the rest of the conference is fairly even in talent. That means every game comes down to coaching and execution. Almost all the 2-2 teams seem to be reading from the same script. In their wins they win the turnover margin and don’t commit a lot of penalties. In their losses they lose the turnover battle and committed stupid penalties. I really feel that most of the teams end up between 4-6 and 6-4 by the end of the year.
When I watched the UGA-Bama game I actually was really reminded of the UGA-UT game. UGA is like a baseball team that has a great pitcher, but can’t hit very well. As long as the pitcher is throwing a great game they have a chance, but if he makes a mistake they can’t recover. They just don’t have anywhere near the firepower of the other elite teams on offense. I still think UGA’s front seven is truly elite, but their corners are only “very good”. If you are a team that has elite wide receivers and a really good offensive line then you can beat UGA by throwing bombs. In my opinion there are only a few teams in the country that have that kind of combination (Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, maybe a couple others).
The only way a young player gets better is with reps. Make Bailey the starter this week and he gets three weeks of practice time before we play Arkansas.
It’s highly unlikely we have a chance against Bama any way. Might as well get Bailey all the live reps for Bama and then the off week before Arkansas.
Well that should be the end of Guarantano starting. Time to turn the page. This year doesn’t count for eligibility anyway, so let’s see what Bailey has.
Never mind. I just saw the other article. That sucks.
I was about to comment asking if he was hurt. How bad was the injury? It had the look that it could be a ligament tear.
I get what you are trying to say, but A&M looked like the better overall team yesterday. Florida’s offense is incredible, but the defense is horrific.
I personally think it’s better to wait and use the Black for a night game anyway.
I am totally confused by this dude’s Power Rankings. Did you watch the games? A&M beat Florida and Auburn beat Kentucky. And those were not fluke games.
Pretty classy answer. UGA makes you play a perfect game to beat them. That loss wasn’t on JG. I put that one on the o line.
He doesn’t really study the opposing defense. He leaves that to the offensive staff. His focus is always scouting the opposing offense.
I think this year is going to look more like NFL records. Outside of Vandy being horrible I think most teams will end up in that 4-6 to 6-4 range. It just proves that there are a lot of really talented players spread out throughout the league.
From what I saw so far this year I think I would put UGA at 1 and Bama at 2. UGA seems to be the only great defense in the conference. That said I totally get the Rick Flair approach, “To be the man you have to beat the man”. The great thing is we get to find out who the better team is next week.
The goal line stand at the end of the first really gave me some hope. In the end the offense just couldn’t make enough plays to take pressure off the defense.
Congrats UGA. That defense is absolutely for real. That was the difference in the game. Tennessee just wore down in the second half. I like the fight and the mentality from our team, and I think we will play well the rest of the year. UGA this year reminds me of UGA when Fromm was a freshman. The defense is nasty and the QB is using his weapons. Bennett is not going to play in the NFL, but the kid is tough, smart, and athletic enough to make things interesting. Obviously when you are where UGA is, it doesn’t really matter unless you win a championship. I’m excited to see that UGA-Bama next week.
It has got to be frustrating as a UK lineman. Your team ran for over 400 yards and somehow still lost.
The one good thing about the schedule is that we will really “know” at the end of this year. There will be twice as many data points as a normal year. Also, you will get to see the top of each division play the other side of the division (Bama-UGA, LSU-UF, Auburn or A&M-UT). Right now I think the East is better at the top, but worse at the bottom. Vandy is clearly the worst team in the conference and I’m not picking Missouri or USC over Ole Miss or MSU.
It’s like the stat they always say about Saban, he has beaten some huge number of unranked teams in a row. It is impressive, but beating an unranked Ole Miss team with a lot of fire power on offense isn’t the same as beating UT Chattanooga.