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I get that excuse, but that excuse doesn’t really hold up in the Auburn game. That is the very last game of the year. If you are still having communication issues at that point it is flaws in coaching, or a lack of focus. You can’t really call them freshmen anymore when it is there 12th game of the season.
He must be a pretty impressive dude to have Ivy League and SEC offers.
This year looks like one of those years where the conference race is going to be really fun and competitive, but I don’t think we have a “great” team. I would be very surprised if we have more than 2 teams get to the sweet 16.
Come on dude. Defensive tackles don’t win the MVP.
I haven’t been following the whole Zach Evans recruiting saga too closely, but from what I’ve seen it all seems to be a lack of maturity type stuff. I haven’t heard of any violent type incidents in his past. If there isn’t any violent problems, then his talent is definitely worth the risk.
In my mind I feel like there are really 4 different tiers in the SEC for next year. Tier 1: “True Contenders” (Preseason Top 15) (Alphabetically) Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia LSU These teams have stacked up enough recruiting talent to truly compete for a conference title. We all know that if you win the SEC you are in the playoffs. This looks like 10-2 to 12-0 seasons, with at least one team ending up being a “big disappointment”. Tier 2: “Dark Horse Contenders” (Right outside the Top 25) Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas A&M I think these teams have enough talent that they could pull off an upset against one of the contenders, but not enough quality depth to make it through the whole SEC schedule. Probably looking like 7-5 to 9-3 type seasons. Tier 3: “Who Knows” Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, South Carolina There is a possibility one of these teams is the “surprise” team in the conference, but who that team is going to be, Ive got no idea. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of them goes 8-4, or 4-8. Tier 4: “ Pad the Stats Games” Arkansas, Vanderbilt They just don’t have the talent right now to give a real challenge. The focus here should be in getting better and taking care of business in non-conference. Maybe you can steal a home conference game.
I’m going to disagree with you on that one. Saban is very controlling with his program, especially the defense. He has a system, and whoever works for him has to conform to that system. I actually think Dabo is following the Fulmer model (he is just being more successful). Dabo has some long term assistants that he trusts with the offense and defense. That was the same thing Fulmer did with Chavez and Cutcliffe.
In my mind Trey is already a Vols legend for everything he has given to the team, and I hope he has a long and lucrative career in the pros, but man it would be awesome if we got a Peyton Manning moment and he declares he is coming back.
I think he is still in the NFL as a wide receiver.
To me the saddest part of this list is that Kamara is at 11. The dude had Heisman trophy level talent and yet he never got enough touches. I can only imagine how good he would have been if he had averaged 15 touches a game.
Maybe I just read the article differently, but I thought he was being sarcastic.
Come on dude. Guarantano has one more season of eligibility left. You can’t have a career completion percentage record when you have a whole season of passes still left to throw.
I hope the surgery goes well and everything works out for Turner. He has been a great player for our team, and has made some huge shots in his career. He is going to be really hard to replace during the season. We don’t have anyone else who is a true point guard.
Yep. Then he goes and wins NFL Rookie of the Year
You should always listen, even if it is just to pull a Mike Gundy and get a raise from Florida.
I would love to see that Memphis high school play defense. 3 guys that highly rated at one level of the defense, they had to be nasty.
Maybe if you add him to the basketball team he will get immediate eligibility
I hope this is true. We need someone to help offset his buyout.
This is an honest question, not trying to troll anyone or start a curse fueled rant, but do Georgia fans still feel like Coley is an upgrade over Chaney?
I don’t think I have ever seen a quarterback make such an improvement within a season. This is like Remember the Titans stuff.
Fulmer has the second most wins in school history, has one of the highest active win percentages, and one a national title and multiple SEC titles when we fired him. Since then we have spent more than a decade wandering in the College Football wilderness. Be careful what you wish for.
Based on what I have seen from both teams this might be a which team makes the mistakes to lose the game instead of a which team makes the plays to win the game. Both teams play much better on defense than offense, so there will probably be a lot of punts. I think Jennings and Callaway probably have the advantage outside, but it won’t matter if our o line can’t hold up. Should be a close one.
I live in SC and I think it is more about the Clemson game. If they get destroyed then it could get ugly.
I live in SC and I don’t think the fan base can stomach a 4 win season, especially if they get blown out again by Clemson at the end of the year.
So how many new coaches are there going to be in the conference next year? Morris is already gone. Mason looks done, and and I think Muschamp is done. I think Ole Miss will give Matt Luke one more year, because the young players look like they have potential. Moorehead looks like a 50/50 candidate to make it back next year. He might decide to bolt, or he might get fired if he loses to Ole Miss. The interesting one if Stoops. I think if he gets offered the FSU job he will bounce. I think last year was probably as good as it possibly gets for Kentucky. If I was a betting guy I would say we have 4 new coaches next year.
It really comes down to which one you value more, quality wins or bad losses. I don’t know if there is really a right or wrong answer.
I think this was definitely the right move, but it is going to be hard to find a proven coach willing to come to Arkansas. In my opinion Arkansas is probably in the top three for toughest head coaching gigs in the Power 5. You are in the toughest division in college football, and you have a High school talent deficit compared to the rest of the conference. I think you are going to have to go with a coordinator or a young coach from the Sun Belt or MAC. The top Group of Five guys (like Memphis and SMU) are going to wait for for an easier position to come open. I personally would go after the coach at App State. He knows how to build a program.
I absolutely blasted JG multiple times in the early part of the year, but he saved that game, and maybe the season. I can’t remember seeing another quarterback come back from such a bad start to a season.
I feel for the Arkansas fans. The real question becomes is there a young coach who you really like? No established coach is going to take on this rebuild, so you are going to have to take a flyer on a young and up and coming coach.