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You sure it’s not Smart choking in the big moments? It wasn’t Chaney calling a fake punt or giving up a wide open touchdown pass the play after getting what could have been a game winning sack.
I don’t remember it that way at all. Everyone liked the offense Chaney ran. The problems with Dooley’s teams were all on defense.
The reason we all choose not to listen is because Chaney has tremendous success when he was at Tennessee the last time. Even under Dooley’s poor leadership the offense was never the problem. Dooley’s last year the offense set all kinds of records, the problem was the defense was setting records too. They were just records for the worst team in our history. If Chaney gets us back to the level of success HE had the last time he was her, coupled with Pruitt’s ability to coach defense we will be a pretty good team. I don’t think we will be good this year, but I think Chaney was a tremendous hire.
The way I look at it Georgia has by far the most talent in the East and Vanderbilt has the least. I think the other 5 teams all have strengths and weaknesses, and the gap is pretty narrow. I think coaching and players making the key big plays is what will separate Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee. Overall I think the record is going to be 6-6 or 7-5. I think we win all 4 non-conference games, finally play a good game and beat Vandy, and then find 1 or 2 wins somewhere else. What I really want to see is how the team plays. Do we avoid the stupid mistakes? Do guys make the effort plays? Does Guarantano have time to throw? Can we put some pressure on the quarterback without blitzing? That is what will show real progress.
I think the Miss St. game is the most critical game. Winning that one puts us at a likely 4-3 mark heading into the home stretch. That means we would only need 1 more conference win to get bowl eligible. Losing that one puts us at a more precarious 3-4, with the potential for the year to go really sideways.
I get the point you are making. Pruitt is definitely upgrading the overall talent level, but you can’t really count 2020 commitments. Those guys haven’t signed their name to anything yet, and they will have zero impact this year. The article is about this year, so you should just count guys who are currently on the roster.
Blackshear would instantly make Tennessee a contender again this year. We have quality guards returning next year and a big time talent coming in at point guard. What we are missing is a guy who can score down low.
If Smith is healthy (and that is a big IF) I would actually prefer to see him play LG over LT. I know conventional wisdom is you put your best linemen at LT and build around him. However, last year we got absolutely zero push from our interior linemen. Smith is the kind of guy who reestablishes the line of scrimmage 2 yards downfield, and we need that. He also plays with the right kind of mean streak, just punishing people on inside runs. He looked like a 1st round draft pick his freshman year when he was at guard. He never looked quite as dominant last year at tackle. I say we go with Wright and Morris at tackle and accept some of the freshman mistakes. I would rather have a serviceable running game, and I think Smith on the inside provides that for you.
How do you write an article like this and never once mention the offensive line? They are the key to any success on offense. So what is SC’s o line going to look like this year?
I know Peyton has money, but is he ownership level rich? Those guys are billionaires. I don’t know if Papa John’s paid that well.
Hopefully Wade learned from previous experience and had a runner make the “Strong a$$ offer”.
Man, I hope not. The Jets are a dumpster fire of an organization. I would love to see him get a shot with an organization that actually has it together.
I really like Bruce, and there is no doubt that his style of play is exciting, and he can attract talent. The question is can he do it without getting busted for recruiting violations.
I would disagree. There wasn’t any kids crying when Butch got fired. There are plenty of coaches that got fired and their players were glad to see them gone.
She has got to go. She took one of the greatest sports programs and has driven it into the dirt.
I can’t wait to watch that Auburn UNC matchup. That game is going to be played at an incredible pace.
I don’t know what they are talking about with Free Throw disparity. Tennessee shot 6 more free throws, but 4 of those were at the end of the game when Kentucky has to foul, and two were b/c of the technical on the bench. You take away those 6 and it was exactly even. Kentucky is just used to always having an advantage from the officials.
How do you not remember the Missouri touchdown that was taken off the board for “stepping out of bounds”. That was the worst call I saw all year. He clearly didn’t step out of bounds, and that one call completely changed the game. It was about to be a Missouri blowout at that point.
This stat is a little misleading because it is based on percentages. Guarantano has thrown a lot fewer passes than the other guys at the top of the list. Also we throw a lot of deep jump balls which count for some of those drops.
Honestly your better off to just find a bar to hangout at until about 30 minutes after the game.
It might seem that way from this article, but most of his ones in the first half of the season bashed us as much as possible.
I felt better about your predictions before I saw that Trey Smith is out indefinitely.
When I heard the comment live I don’t think he was calling out the effort of the team, I felt like he was calling out the discipline and attention to details. We had several bad penalties in the first quarter, plus a lot of missed assignments. I feel like that was more of what he means. He needs more guys to execute and do their job with composure.
Speaking for a team that has been down that road with swapping out quarterbacks all the time, I would highly caution against that. Once you pull the trigger on Bentley and bench him, he will probably never be the same guy again. Unless you have a stud recruit you want to roll with next year, Bentley needs to be the guy to build around.
That game is why you stick with Guarantano. When he has time to throw the ball the guy has some real arm talent. On top of that he is tough as nails, and he will be here for two more years. That is the kind of win that you can build around.
I think these are the things we know pretty much for certain: In the East: 1) Georgia 2) Kentucky 6&7) Tennessee and Vanderbilt 3-5) Who knows? Florida probably has the best defense. Missouri has the best quarterback. Samuel is probably the best player on any of the three rosters. In the West: 1) Alabama 2) LSU 7) Arkansas 3-6) All have strengths and glaring weaknesses.
As good as this Alabama team is I woulld love to see a team with just guys from Atlanta area high schools. That would look like a Pro Bowl team.