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The only thing I see as surprising is South Carolina over Kentucky. They seem to have more faith in Bobo than I do. Nothing against him individually, but based on previous experience it doesn’t seem to matter who is the offensive coordinator for Muschamp, the offense is still going to struggle.
The reason Lanning doesn’t get the top spot is because most people give the credit for Georgia’s defense to Kirby. Lanning took over a great defense and produced a great defense. Georgia finished last year in basically the same place they were at before Lanning got there (winning the division, but not able to get over the final hump and win it all). I don’t think any realistic Georgia fan would put any of the blame on Lanning, but for a lot of people it is hard to see the value added.
Very good point. The intensity Jennings played with is hard to replace.
Kamara is the obvious answer b/c he can do absolutely everything on offense, but I would be tempted to go with Derek Barnett. The dude was an absolute beast, and nothing changes an opponent’s game plan like an edge rusher who can’t be blocked.
Based on what I am seeing living in the South, however many tickets the government will allow people to sell that is how many tickets will get bought. There is a huge contingent of people who have just decided to live their lives and whatever happens just happens.
Let’s pump the brakes on calling Gonzaga a Mid-Major. They have been a staple in the sweet 16 and beyond for like 10 years now.
It is funny to watch how that first sentence triggers so many Georgia fans. Most reasonable UT fans understand that our class is getting a boost from having so many people in it, it really isn’t necessary to tell us the same thing on every UT recruiting article.
Depending on the style of offense you want to run I would take Kamara over Henry. Kamara gives you more options.
Random question, the 5 star running back who originally committed to Georgia, but eventually got released from his LOI, where did he end up? I thought about it the other day, but I couldn’t remember his name to Google it.
Part of the poor pass rush grade was the Quarterback holding the ball too long.
If Mays is eligible then Tennessee will start 4 former 5 star players and a fifth year senior who was a former 4 star, all with starting experience. That doesn’t guarantee success, but it is a good place to start.
The permanent crossover games can drastically change your SOS, but they are designed by the conference to create the best product. The Traditional Powers in the West (Alabama, Auburn, LSU) play against the Traditional Powers in the East (Tennessee, Georgia, Florida). The problem with the setup has been that we haven’t been a good team for over ten years at this point.
Look nobody is saying that your schedule is weaker than the average ACC school, but compared to a lot of the other teams in the conference you have an advantage. Your permanent crossover game is Arkansas, which is as close to a gimme as you can get in the conference. In addition you don’t have a marquee non-conference game on the schedule. Don’t get butt hurt when people tell the truth.
Probably because he weighs 160. That is dangerously thin for top level football. I’m sure wherever he lands though they will get him on a nutrition plan to put some good weight on him. Also with that kind of speed you have to consider the idea that he decides to be a track guy.
I just don’t see Kirby and Mullen both making it 10 years. Both fan bases have sky high expectations and they both expect their guy to beat the other guy every year. Someone is eventually going to get the other person fired.
I think the safe money is on Stoops getting to 10. He is a really good coach and he already turned down FSU. Also, the fan base just needs to see 7-9 win seasons to stay happy. I think he will be able to consistently deliver that. I also think there is now way BOTH Kirby and Mullen make it to 10 years. I think one will get the other one fired. I would bet against Jimbo at A&M, just because of the competition in that division. I also would bet very hard against Kiffin at Ole Miss. if he manages to be successful over the next 3 years he will jump to a premier program.
If Trey Smith and Cade Mays are both first round picks then Tennessee probably had a really good year. I haven’t seen Mays play nearly as much, so I don’t know about him, but Trey Smith has been a first round talent since his Freshman year. The only question mark for him is his health, and if a team is willing to spend a first round pick on a guard. Usually only tackles go in the first round.
Yea I was really surprised to see Pruitt higher than Gus. It seems like a quarter of the Auburn fan base is always trying to fire him.
I’m an SEC guy as much as the next person, but 9 of the top 25? That seems a little too much. No offense to Mississippi State, but that seems way to high. I would also have Tennessee and Kentucky in the 26-30 range.
I’ve lived almost my whole life in SC, so I probably follow them the closest of any team in the SEC besides Tennessee. USC fans are some of the most faithful fans you will ever meet. I remember even during the 0-11 year they still showed up, and there was still plenty of Gamecock gear to be seen. The reason USC fans are so negative right now is they got a small taste of being good during the Spurrier years, and now it feels like it’s slipping back towards the pre-Holtz years. On top of that Clemson looks like they are going to be great for a minimum of five more years and that is salt in the wound for USC fans. In terms of this year I think this is the easiest under on the board. They should get three non conference wins and beat Vanderbilt. That leaves two more wins, and I don’t think they get them. They might beat Missouri, but I don’t see them getting another win. I’m not buying the Helinski and Bobo hype. All the stuff people are saying about Helinski they said about Bentley after his freshman year, and he eventually got ran out of town by the fan base.
You know the dude is a lineman when part of his recruiting decision is, “I love the food down there.” It’s hard for everyone else to recruit against real Cajun cooking.
At first I wasn’t feeling very confident in Missouri’s chances of getting to six wins, but the schedule definitely creates that opportunity. Games they should win Eastern Michigan Lafayette Central Arkansas Vanderbilt Arkansas (this game being at the very end of the year motivation is likely a huge part of who wins this one) Games they will be big underdogs Georgia Florida In my mind they just need to get one of the following games: BYU South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Mississippi State (I think BYU and South Carolina are the best chances) I think that fans should be expecting 6 wins.
I also would bet the pretty consensus “over”. Mostly because I think Kentucky is significantly better than South Carolina and Missouri. I expect the UT vs Kentucky game to be another defensive struggle. It probably comes down to who avoids the huge mistake. (Side note: If you want to go back and watch a low-key great game, go back and watch last year’s UT-Kentucky game. That game had everything. Most people probably didn’t see it because it was at night and both teams weren’t that good, but it was some great “Old School” football, and another example of why being a Tennessee fan is bad for your heart)
So betting on your own team is always a bad idea. You tend to see what you want to see, but these are my thoughts. Games we should definitely win: Charlotte Furman Troy Arkansas Vanderbilt Games we will be slight favorites Missouri Kentucky South Carolina (Kentucky worries me the most of this group. They have a firm identity and Stoops will have their defense ready) Underdog games Oklahoma Florida Georgia Bama (I think the Oklahoma game is our best chance of this group. I think we will be the better team in the trenches.) I think we end up 8-4. We sweep the top group lose one of the middle games and win one of the last group.
One of Pruitt’s biggest strengths is that he is a really good evaluator of talent. That has allowed us to start recruiting guys early. That helps to build a really solid relationship.
This is a big time get. Championship caliber teams are built from inside out.