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I don’t have any issues at all with his decision. He has stuck around and been a leader when all sorts of other guys jumped ship. Good luck in the draft young man. This is an opportunity for some of the younger guys to get more reps and get a jump start on next season.
The fact that he had Tank Bigsby and still managed to finish 9th in rushing in the conference is all I needed to see to know he is not the right guy.
For me the biggest low was the Pitt game. Watching Milton miss 5 touchdown passes in the first quarter was brutal. That is the only game I look at this year and think “We just blew it”. In every other loss the opponent just outplayed us.
In my mind there is a gap between 2 and 3 and then a huge drop off after 7.
Pass protection has definitely been our biggest issue on offense all year. I think it is pretty clear that Hooker’s high sack numbers and low interception numbers are connected. He has clearly been coached to just eat the sack instead of putting the ball into danger.
I think based on the fact that almost all of the people left before Heupul was ever hired, most of them got Happy Meals. Generally people wait around to see who the new guy is and then evaluate if they fit into his system.
In my mind you lose all credibility as a writer when you move Florida up after they gave up 52 points to an FCS opponent.
I think it was about 50/50 legit and faked. To be fair we definitely had one instance where one of our d lineman faked it
Overall I think the list is fairly accurate, but I think I would swap MSU and Tennessee. I love what this coaching staff is building towards, but I think their defense is better than ours. Either way, most people had us in the 11-13 range before the year started, so the improvement from game to game has been impressive.
Let me start by saying UGA’s defense is elite. Their front 7 is as good as any group I have seen since I started watching football in the mid 90s. However, there were guys running open in the secondary at times during that game, Hooker just missed them. I can remember at least two times when he overthrew wide open receivers for touchdown bombs.
That game kind of went how I expected. We just don’t have enough at either line of scrimmage. UGA is a dominant team, that when the play their A game should win it all. Their front seven is every bit as good as any of Bama’s best defenses or that year that Clemson had all those NFL dudes on the d line. The back end is the only place you have a chance against them, and that is only if your o line can hold up. Good luck moving forward dawgs.
That was one incredible game right there. Has a team ever lost a game before with over 600 yards of offense and not a single punt?
I think the tough part for Smart is that nothing he does in the regular season really moves the needle, at least in a positive way. Georgia is predicted to win all their regular season games comfortably, so it is hard to impress anyone.
I see it as addition by subtraction. All the guys who didn’t really want to be there left through the transfer portal. That means everyone left is 100% bought in. They may not be as talented as some of the guys that left, but they are more committed, and I’d take that any day of the week.
How crazy is it that Ole Miss and Kentucky will probably both end up 10-2 or better. I think that proves that with the right coach any team in the conference, except Vandy, can compete.
I think if he isn’t really close to 100% we should sit him versus Bama. Give him an extra week to rest plus the bye week to get ready for Kentucky.
So the defense has been okay against Louisville, Austin Peay, and Tulane. That’s not really saying much.
Heupel and the offensive staff have done a marvelous job this year game planning the first quarters. There have been guys running open and big running lanes all year. Even in the Pitt game there were plenty of chances, Milton just missed them. At this point we are playing with house money. We pretty much have bowl eligibility locked up, so time to see if we can maybe pull off an upset of Ole Miss or Kentucky. If nothing else this team is fun to watch, and is putting a lot of great tape out there to recruit offensive skill players.
He deserves credit as long as he doesn’t lay an egg this week against South Carolina. He deserves a lot of credit for the intensity that the team plays with, and for creating what looks like a “fun” atmosphere. He also deserves some blame because he definitely screwed up the quarterback competition. If Hooker starts against Pitt we win that game.
This is what I learned about Missouri after yesterday: 1) Tyler Basie is a beast. The guy is a complete back that can run with speed, power, and catch the ball out of the backfield. 2) The team is soft and I don’t think just firing the DC is going to change that. They looked lost on defense, but what is worse is that they didn’t even seem interested in tackling. Also, Drink does a good job with misdirection to create matchups, but when they had to line up and just run the ball the o line kept getting whipped.
I can guarantee one pass play that is coming: The slant pass right behind Too’too. As a UT fan I saw it all year long
This game should end up being a really good game. If you look at the remaining schedules for both teams, the winner has a good chance of making a bowl game, and the loser looks more like a 5-7 season. I think we will win, because I think our defense is better. Can’t wait to watch.
To me it comes down to the health of our o line for the Missouri game. If we are healthy up front then we should be able to run the ball against Missouri. If we do that then I think we win.
So are they going to change it to a night game? It is crazy that a Gameday game is going to be played at noon.
IMO the biggest issue is the o-line play and the blitz pickup from the running backs, especially the freshman kid.
I read that to say, “Let’s play games in states that actually have good players.” This game is kind of a lose-lose situation. BC is a pretty good team, so there is a pretty decent risk of losing, and very little reward for winning. Scheduling a team from the state of Texas or Ohio would help out a lot more in terms of recruiting.
I think the much bigger issue for UT is if our o-line can hold up against Florida’s front 7. I don’t think that happens, which leads to a long day.
I don’t know about playing Doty for his first game against that defense. That just seems like setting him up to get hurt again.
I disagree. The Big 12 with these new teams is still pretty much equal to the PAC 12.