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I would be very surprised if Kentucky lost tonight. I don't think you'll have to do that.
SevenT, you dork. You copy and paste this same fabricated scenario every year. This is verbatim one of the first posts of yours I ever read a year or 2 ago.
You may be laughing now, but the leadership reps will pay off one day...
Death.. Taxes.....Sucks losing to Florida every dang year. Especially when they're not very good. A down year for the gators still means going to the SEC championship. Their fans are calling for Mac's head even when he wins the east. Our fan base would be ecstatic to win the east. I know it isn't like a natty but it's something positive. Franks is going to be a very good quarterback. Even if our defense is swiss cheese, he looked like the guy. Anyways, glad Florida could have something positive after all that hurricane mess.Go Vols.
That "embarrassment to the SEC" beat your pussy pups the last 2 times. What's that say about your coach who couldn't coach his team to knock away a hail Mary pass? You're an embarrassment to this website, Casey Clausen. Go back to your mom's basement ya bum.
Nice win, dawgs. Way to take care of business. The refs were brutal.
He's definitely a playmaker. South Carolina is beginning to scare me..
I'm pulling for you, Georgia. I don't like you very much but I really don't like Notre Dame. Lol. Go dawgs!
Exactly. Finally someone gets it.
You mean 1-0? That doesn't make a lot of sense... You bammers aren't very bright are you?
Poor sour puss is mad Georgia can't beat Tennessee or GA Tech. Haha.
Wow. I went to bed thinking the aggies killed them.. I guess the lights came on for Chavis and he did his signature 4th quarter collapse thing that he likes to do. Chavis gonna Chavis. That's unreal.
That was a cheapshot. Hope he's okay. I don't like seeing these player's get hurt.
Guero22. In response to your last comment about wanting a better laugh, just look down inside the front of your underwear.
He sounds like an oustanding individual. I hope he does well in his career. He's worked hard to get to where he is.
LOL at Florida jorts. I think I may have even Googled that before.
Barnett had two sacks, four combined tackles, two QB hits and two tackles for loss in his debut.. Garrett had 1 QB hit and 1 tackle for loss. Both guys are great players but I'm hoping these trends continue. I tried to find information on how many snaps each guy played but I couldn't locate any. I'm not sure if Derek played more than Myles.
I'll admit, it doesn't look as impressive as the title makes it out to be but I can guarantee that what he is making look easy is extremely difficult. Lots of people would be catching those footballs in their teeth.
I guess somebody had to have that heart to heart talk with the kid. I'm glad it was you, stranger from the internet.Who are you to say he made his decision too soon or that he needed to talk to everyone he could about the situation? How in the world would you even know eho all he's talked to or what all efforts he's placed into the decision to decommit? Lol.
I would say next comes the decommitments but it looks as though most of these high school players knew what was coming as well. They currently have 10, 3 star commits going into 2018. No 4 or 5 star guys. Not that stars mean everything, but still..
Now I've seen a duck pull a truck, AND a Duke pull a Yukon.
Ahhh, I get it now. Lol. I can see that angle I guess. Sometimes you have to just embrace it and go with the flow.
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with most of the content of this article. I don't know what answer people are expecting out of him. He's denied it's him over and over. His response at media days wasn't perfect, but what exactly does everyone want him to say? Is it because he said it affected him on a personal level? Again, I see no wrong in his response. Now if he called a meeting and gathered the media to bring the subject to light and publicy deny it, or started a shark protection organization, I could see it being his fault for the amount of attention it has received. The reason it's the second and fourth choice on Google's auto complete search bar isn't because of Jim McElwain, it's because of social media, primarily, and the media.
Well that freaking sucks... Tennessee needs this guy. Preferably healthy.