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Tennessee has outmatched Kentucky for about a half a century, actually. Or does the scoreboard just always lie? Maybe 32 out of the last 34 games just slipped away, somehow. Couldn’t be that you all were outmatched.
Florida for sure won’t be undefeated when we play them. Already a loss to an unranked team. Yikes. I guess it’s a little crazy to think TN could be undefeated when we play Ky. We were 11-2 when we met Ky last year. The good news is we are undefeated 2 games into the season. That’s more thank some teams can say.
And on August 8, Niehaus officially retired from football due to injuries.
Always trying to rain on Tennessee’s parade. Nothing new from you I see. Good luck to you on the rest of the SEC tournament.. oh wait.. well the NCAA tournament.. er, the NIT! Oh wait! Well.. Best of luck next year!
I listened to the game some on the radio as well as watched some of it on television. I never heard the first negative comment regarding the refs. I think you’re just a jealous b!tch. Lol.
Oh we will sling plenty of snot. We just won’t sling stuffed animals onto the court.
I’m certainly not saying I have never done that. It just seemed like an appropriate time to call out the old fart who makes negative comments on literally every single Tennessee article.. Judging by his past comments it appears he posts on Tennessee even more than Georgia. I guess it’s because the last few Georgia articles have been them sucking at basketball.. and getting their OC stolen... and the mass exodus of players.. and don’t forget the thumping Texas gave them in that bowl meaningless bowl game. I guess I understand why he comments on Tennessee now.
What hurts the absolute MOST is not being able to spell the word offense. That Georgia education shining through.
Suuure.. just keep telling yourself that. Whatever gets you through the night. Take the guy that TN paid to leave. Good luck with that. Haha. It’s been a few weeks and your butt still hurts from UT stealing Chaney.
Your obsession with trying to belittle Tennessee’s recent basketball success comes off a little pathetic.
Haha, so you were actually involved in the hiring process? Because you know who all turned it down, who all was interviewed, etc. And you have to know that the Kentucky OC turning you all down was “just a rumor”. Wow, you guys are the biggest dish!t fan base I have ever encountered.
You don’t know how to do math very well, do you?
I don’t know the answer to that. Can you tell me the number since you must have been involved in our coaching search and know..? What I do know is.... swing and a miss.
You don’t have to worry about any research. He turned you all down to stay at Kensucky.
Agreed. Players do matter. Pruitt is indeed getting some good players in. I definitely am not saying we will be going to the SEC championship next year. I’m saying it’s comical to see Georgia fans insecurities at the moment. There is desperation in their posts in attempts to numb the pain.
Lots of angry bulldog fans feel the need to sound off about how they wanted Chaney gone. It’s funny, really. So the only offensive coordinator to help you sniff a national championship in the past 30+ years was a bad OC? You were 1 defensive play away from a national championship, yet Chaney was the problem? Bunch of dipsh!ts in Georgia. You guys think you’re Alabama because you have had 2 successful years under OUR NEW OC! Hahaha, losers.
Yikes! Lots of painful comments in here comparing Auburn to UT. It’s hard being a Vol fan. That’s for sure. We feel you, Auburn. It only gets worse.
This guy is an absolute clown. Of course Georgia couldn’t hang with UCF... Just ruffling you Georgia fans feathers, I wish you’d play UCF so they’d shut up.
I hate to break it to you but Georgia isn’t competing for anything this year. They won’t be playing for a national championship because their schedule has been too weak. Beating your chest about beating a weak SEC east foe and the likes of Austin Peay, UMASS, and MTSU does not make you relevant. Congrats on making it to play Alabama in the SEC championship game.. something that fell into Florida’s lap the 2 years prior to it falling into Georgia’s. Pruitt will get his players in and compete with you in the next year or 2. Even Butch was able to beat you guys in Smarts first year. Give Pruitt a chance to do something before you predict the next decade.
So my point to the poster was to not call us out because we beat Charlotte by 11 when you snuck by Nicholls State by 2 in Kirby’s first year. I’m glad you all had that close call to a national championship last year. So proud of you and the participation trophy you received. Won’t see another one anytime soon, either. Try and keep up with the topic being discussed. I know you’re not the brightest Georgia fan, but at least read before you post.
You Georgia fans have forgotten your 26-24 victory over the powerhouse that is Nicholls State in Kirby’s first year. Games like that happen. As long as we win the cupcakes then we’re fine. Thank
Probably making room for more upgrades, just like those last 3 decommits..
Ohhh okay. When you said “instead of learning to edit videos and make them look really cool...” for some reason it made me thing you were talking about the players. So now the coach and Athletic Director edit the videos. Gotcha.