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A tormented Vols fan who willingly keeps coming back for more🤕 I've applied for disability as a Vols fan but keep getting denied because that's supposedly not a real thing? I'm here to tell you it is so real!

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I think More Tennessee fans feel that way about Butch right now
I personally never really cared how he left. The man said it was his dream job and he scooted. That being said, the little time he was here he got the NCAA looking into us. That's my biggest fear in handing the keys to the kingdom to Kiffin for the 2nd time.
If only Tennessee would've had 11 more in attendance at Vanderbilt on Saturday. Maybe we'll get to go the Splenda Bowl. Thanks Butch👍
If I buy the Mobile Strike app will the ads stop before each article? Someone tell me before I delete SDS app. Btw, congrats Vandy. Very funny😂
I have a hard time pinning our historic defensive woes on Bob Shoop considering the massive amount of injuries we had. Maybe I'm wrong! I just don't think, given Shoops track record, it was a bad hire at the time and I don't think he forgot how to coach. At some point injuries aren't just an excuse they're a fact. Just my opinion.
Your team ran down to the store in Miami and grabbed a championship coach off the shelf. BTW, we don't even have an AD right now😂.
Of course we did! At the time it seemed like a great hire. I really don't think Bob Shoop forgot how to coach. He literally named the players he couldn't afford to lose at the beginning of the year and lost them.
It's bowl you illiterate inbred. I hope when Trump builds a wall he starts with your 3rd world country Alabama
Exactly! It seems it's a Tennessee tradition to take something that is obvious to everyone around, complicate it and ultimately screw it up. I'm also tired of people saying we're overhyped in a awful sec east. You give this team to Mcelwain, Petrine heck even Dan Mullen and we're in the east.
You've already shown your lack of logic by calling Texas A&M trash😂. Think Tennessee being better than Florida was already decisively decided😏 38-28
That's like saying it's time to replace your $4 million Buick so let's go get a Pinto or a Fiero.
Yes we can be obnoxious and ungrateful. Every fan base can but our coach is his own worst enemy. I really do like Butch Jones but you gotta admit he's done and said done crazy things. We're just upset we're not going to Atlanta for the 2nd year and our coach told us it's not his goal, then it is his goal and we're champions of life.
I would not be surprised if this is actually Butch Jones himself😂.
Losing to Bama is not our gripe! Are you actually going to sit there and say for the 2nd straight year we shouldn't be in the SEC championship game?
It's clear you didn't watch those games we blew. I don't have to be a chef to tell when the food sucks. Btw, as much as I can't stand Kiffin, you're out of your freakin mind for saying Butch Jones is a better coach😂 much less a lot better! Muffin is 5 times better a coach than Butch will ever be. Fact.
I did some research like you said😏. Here you go. http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/.
‏@RealSkipBayless Johnny Football will one day be bigger in Cleveland than his buddy LeBron ever was. 11:35 AM - 9 May 2014
Sure there were way more pictures than words on them cards.
I think Vandy has a better shot at it than Vamdy.
"What made you think that this roster was good enough to do more than they did ?" The fact this same roster lost 4 games by a total of 25 points and had the lead in everyone of those losses late in the 4th quarter! It's called projecting. BTW, we don't play 127 other programs😏
Btw, Texas A&M beat Arkansas 45-24 and Alabama beat LSU
Not my fault Michigan got a cupcake in their bowl game.
😂You're just embarrassing yourself now. Fournette was sidelined most of the game as was their best linebacker due to injury. The fact you call Texas A&M trash really shows you have an IQ less than 50. As far as keeping Alabama closer than 39 points, that'll be totally up to Alabama.
The worst thing to the SEC? I guess another Michigan drubbing of the Gators would be better😂
Not saying we are a great team or even a good one at this point, but we did spank talks @$$ while spotting you a whole half😂. Now tell us how we didn't beat y'all, y'all beat yourselves🙄. Btw, are you denying Alabama and Texas A&M aren't better, especially without Fournette and LSUs top linebacker?
Vanderbilt will have 600 yards of offense , Tennessee fans will outnumber Vanderbilt fans 2:1 and Butch will say something stupid.
Not so sure Vanderbilt will be 5-7 after Saturday due to our defense or lack there of.