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Neither does UT. It's opening week. Let's not past quick judgements yet. After all, on any given Saturday anything can happen. That is why college football is the best sport out there. I know that sounds cliché but it's the truth.
Your right. My team looked terrible against Appalachian on Thursday night. I could pick another team that is "worth a damn" but I won't. I love my team. One of my good friends is an alumna of Mississippi. I hope you all do well against FSU. On the bright side though if Mississippi gets crushed by FSU and then UGA you all will have no reason to pay your student athletes because you are not getting your money's worth.
You seem like a very bitter person. I'm sorry.
By far the most exciting game of the day for me personally. I know it's just week one but I see UA and UGA in Atlanta. The rest of the SEC has some work to do. Congratulations Dawg fans.
Correct me if I am wrong but the same report that has Indiana at number one and Tennessee at number 2 in meth abuse also has South Carolina at 10. A much better stat than TN I will concede but still nothing to write home about.
I would always take a win over Alabama against a win over Florida. I have lots of respect for Alabama's history and tradition. That is the reason why.
Truth be told your a Kentucky fan. Your opinion does't mean s@!t.
It was a disappointing loss but the season is still bright. I can't say much. I thought this was one of the games we would loose anyways. Butch is a good coach. He knows more about coaching than any of us do. Tennessee is an 8-4 team. Perhaps a 9-3 team at best. GBO! So many schools across the nation are jealous of what we SEC programs have even in down years
You want to compare Kentucky stats to Tennessee? If you were a Florida, Alabama, Georgia or Mizzou fan you could talk all you want. Kentucky has not been and will not be a top 25 program. Be thankful for stoops. He will go to a more prestigious program in the next 2 years. Lock that up MotherF#@ker