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Umass, North Texas, and bought out Presbyterian. Lots of frosting on those babies
LOL. You commented on the only part of the post that you may have any kind of rebuttal on but the rest you had nothing to say at all. Enjoy the cupcakes because that part of your schedule is over with, enjoy your 3-4 loses coming your way.
Not counting that yet. Honestly I would rather see Kentucky end up going over FLA the tears would be delicious.
Good job SC you outplayed us. To the Fla chumps crowing right now, you have played cupcakes all year except for a couple and you lost one of those games to us. You tried to dodge the LSU game until the SEC said no chance for a championship if you dont play a full SEC schedule and forced your hand. In short you have proven nothing up to this point. Good luck when you play LSU,Fla St, and Arkansas you are going to need it.
Yeah and you almost lost to FCS school, they were ranked though I believe it was around 240 something.
lmao.....crowing about a road win against Vandy......priceless
Has your football program been dissolved yet? After your Louisville debacle you should have your stadium demolished and the team dispersed.
News Flash - 1 win against Tennessee since 1985. Why do you even bother having a football program?
lmao....You got beat by 24 in one game, Tennessee lost all 4 by 17 points total. If you really believe you have the better team, you need your head examined.Face it you are always overhyped and always under achieve and you want to throw off on other teams coaches? Unbelievable this guy.
Congrats on the snazzy uniforms, but as the old saying goes " you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still just a pig". Oh well there is always basketball season soon.
What do Kentucky football fans look forward to every year? Basketball season.
Agreed. Why doesn't Richt ever catch the same ridicule? Year in and year out Georgia is overhyped only to be an also ran in the SEC but never catches the same criticism.