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Yea, I wondered what happened at Tenn and Ole Miss too. Kinda strange.
It's too subjective, and it's rotten with bias. I hate the thing. Yup it's largely cause of Peyton, but also because of Johnny Majors losing to Paul Hornung. How good could you really be if your team was 2-8? Not a single winner from Bama until 2009? The criteria is vague. Half the years it feels like no one really stands out and they shouldn't even award it. Other years you could give it to 2 or 3 guys.
Last game at Tenn was in 1998. The list only goes back to 2000. I'm a Vol fan so I'm obviously biased, but if the list went back far enough to include him I think he was better than Manziel or Prescott.