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Prior to about 1980 this was the norm for football in Florida.
The line of thinking that, "Georgia better look out, Tennessee might sneak up on them" has been beaten to death in the media this week. I'd be ecstatic if Tennessee won, but I just think there's way too much talent at Georgia. Plus, I don't think Kirby's going to take the game lightly either.
This kid's recruitment has been all over the place. I'd say it's 50/50 Texas A&m or the field.
Seeing how eggshells are known for their fragility, this seems like setting up your team for some easy jokes if they lose.
Seems a little odd. I've never heard of a coach missing a game for something like a foot injury.
Clemson usually won't face any more than two ranked opponents in a season until they reach the playoff. There is no way Dabo is going to a job where he might have to play as many as 4 or 5 during conference play.
Give UK all the credit in the world for this win. But they haven't exactly been lighting the world on fire this season.
Do it, but do it in a way that the rich don't get richer. Sick of Bama, Clemson, Ohio state, and Oklahoma dominating.
I wish they'd get rid of divisions. Go with two or three permanent opponents per team. That way you play the whole conference every two years. I think you'll have more balanced schedules also. As a Tennessee fan, sticking Texas and Oklahoma in the West, moving Missouri to the West also, and Auburn and Alabama to the east, creates an Eastern division that I would like. But it would almost be like putting LSU, Ole Miss, and Miss St in a new conference. Over half their conference schedule s would be with teams that weren't in the SEC 11 yrs ago. It would damage too much of their histories. If Tennessee got to play Auburn and Alabama every year as well as maybe Kentucky or Vanderbilt then play everyone else and SEC every other year I'd be pretty stoked. 2 years is close enough to still hate the other team from whatever happened in the last meeting. 6 or 7 yrs is too long apart.
KYHoosier bringing the heat today on multiple threads! Keep em coming!
I don't think losing Texas and Oklahoma to the pac12 or Big 10 would put either of those conferences ahead of the sec. People just care more in the sec, with the exception of vanderbilt.
Completely sick of seeing the four same teams in it though. So any change that could potentially mix that up, I'll take it.
Initially I would be totally against expansion too. But the way they've set this up for 12 teams I think is pretty good. I do think all the games should be on campuses except for the final. I think dabo is right, they're definitely aren't 12 playoffworthy teams. I'd say tops there's five or six every year.
I like the traditional rivalries, but wish they'd ditch divisions. Go with the pod format that's been floating around the web for a few yrs.
That might be one of the best observations ever stated on this website.
I don't know where the hell this kid's going to go to school, and he should choose whatever is the best fit for him. But Id hate it if he ended up at Georgia or Alabama. I don't get the Texas thing at all. I feel like the jury is still out on sarkisian for at least 3 years. He was never overly successful at USC or Washington. Working for Saban was definitely the right career move. But it'll be a few years into this kid's college career before we know if he's an improved head coach. If I was a betting man, Id put my money on Clemson all the way.
Normally I'd say dressing like Kentucky to play Tennessee in November is a bad idea..... But yeah.
I love this. Wish it was this way every year. I’m tired of seeing games against FCS and group of 5 teams. Some schools have been playing 4 of those games a yr and only winning 2 SEC games and going to bowl games the last 10 yrs. I always thought you should have to win more than 2 conference games to make a bowl. It’d be fun to have a year where we keep things in the family. Should make some good memories.
Hahaha.... that’s the best 8 team playoff idea I’ve heard yet
I dont understand why TN hasnt done what ARK is doing. Its smart. These dudes wouldn't do the work they are currently doing for such low amounts if they didnt have buyouts to prop them up. Seems like that violates the terms of the contract.
Yea, I wondered what happened at Tenn and Ole Miss too. Kinda strange.