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He said he would rather be paid in cash. All $1s if possible.
Tennessee should just stop playing football for a while. Obviously nobody knows what the he** they're doing. Pretty sure Tee Martin would turn us down at this point. Couldn't blame him. The administration is a donkey show.
Wow non Vols fans are more interested in this than Tennessee fans! I guess this is how Alabama and UK basketball fans are made. When your team is embarrassing just pick a winning team. Tennessee should just sit next year out.
Are you serious? Haha what a joke. It's the big one??? You are nothing dude. Your job is to write about childs play. Please s#$t and fall down in it.
Not worried about a big name. Our excitement comes from coaching change. Its a new experience. Keeps me watching anyway. I don't believe a program should just give up because you or anyone else calls it not a premiere job. All jobs are bad until they're not. Fulmer came from a coaching change. He definitely was not a big name. We'll see what happens. Not asking for a big name just not schiano.
We dumb hillbiwwies got what we wanted. These actions will be met with scrutiny. Any time the system is challenged it reminds everyone where their pay check comes from. Pretty sure vol nation does not care what anyone's perspective is. If anyone would take 5 minutes to understand it was not about him being a bad coach. It was about his tainted reputation. It's not just about the Penn state issue, but also his demeanor toward players. Money controls football, and fans control the money. If nothing else, its a good lesson to the man. If i applied for a job at a local elementary school and my background check pulled a document from the penn state fiasco, I would not be hired. Why are high profilers treated any different.
MattyJ I paid close to 100,000 for my tennessee education. I would hardly say they're playing for free.
This isn't a charity organization. I do not support the current condition of the program. Bandwagon fan for 30 years! Mad fans are still fans. When the fan base truly gives up, is when they have an issue. What really drove the nail in dooley's coffin was alabama fans taking over Neyland. It will happen again soon enough.
Star power....these kids will stand in line to play for Gruden.A goodd Head coach is a ceo who hires people who know what they're doing. Just look at Saban.
I would never tell you what to do pal. Its your money and time. We all know it was a final effort to get the coach who is going to bring us tennessee's worst season in the history of the program FIRED.
Games are not free. Please do not tell me what to do with my hard earned cash. Its the same reason I dont pay hollywood by watching crap movies on purpose. We don't all have McElroy's bank roll.
I honestly believe jones will figure out a way to lose on a bye week.
I agree. We should at least wait until he loses all SEC games, and all of the talented players transfer out.
Yeah, we're definitely a hack. We should stay and support a hack coach right? It's obvious that even the players don't want to be there. Just like you guys supported Mark right? Sometimes beating umass by 4 is worth showing you are upset. Nothing creates change like an empty stadium.
That's not necessarily the test I'm looking for. According to jones the race for qb was even during the office season. If that is true, he deserves a start. I would hate to see him not get utilized, leave and win a championship at Florida!
I think dormady did fine. He didn't face the D line pressure that he will see in weeks to come. I seen a fair bit of questionable throws into swarms of jackets. I would still like to see what JG can do. I just remember butch playing Worley over dobbs and only putting dobbs in when the odds were insurmountable.
It doesn't help his position very much to win games that he's supposed to win. Wins do feel nice though. I seen flashes of old time management issues that I thought we were past. He was lucky at best on decision making. Players were relentless though. That's huge. I'll take the W and move on to next week.
Not getting an sec championship couldn't be any sweeter. We will get to end the season with momentum and an awesome bowl game. We will have a better regular season win record than the east champion. If you had told me at the beginning of the season we could sweep Florida and Georgia bUT not win the east, I would take it over and over again!!! GBO
I never planned on buying tickets. I know we are not championship material. Just like every other SEC least team. Have fun getting rolled by the tide. If you lost to us, no chance of beating bama.
God I love that Tennessee is on every teams comments board. Go VOLS!!!!
Looks like someone's having a tall glass of haterade. Arkansas will beat A&M, and figure out a way to lose to Alcorn!
Ok it looks like mr. And mrs. Jones are now commenting on sds!! Lol jump off a bridge :)
Yea I'm with you. So what if we have a worse season than last year right. As long as tennessee has fans like us they can be horrible and still get paid. Haha smh!
Tired of losing to less talented teams..... Enough of mediocrity!!