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I wonder, it might be the fact that his uncle's both have had highly successful careers and both have been successful in the NFL. I guess MSST doesn't history
How can we play defense when our offense can't give them time to catch their breathe and rest for a few minutes
Hookers is completely different than sexually assaulting boys not even the same category
Alright, you have played 4 ranked teams in 3 years. When you play a schedule like Tennessee where you face 4 ranked teams in a row plus starting the season with a highly ranked team you might get more credit. You have played a wounded Auburn and won, that is the best win you've had in 2 years before that you've lost 53 games against the p5 schools with only 11 wins against them.
Our front 7 should run over their line, and like Jayson Swains has said all week you can't throw the ball on your back
How old are you? I guess you don't actually remember the 00s or the 90s or even the 80s 60s and 50s for that matter, where Tennessee was one of the top 5 programs in the Nation. Before you got the Ole ball coach in Steve, do you happen to know what UFs record was against the vols? You had a run of 12 games in our year where we weren't a powerhouse. Historically Tennessee is better than the University of Felons.
The old BCS system had them ranked like 2 or something like that
Even in our slump, which didn't actually start until Kiffin left, Tennessee still has one of the best overall records in the nation. It is 9th in overall wins and 10th in overall winning percentage. Not saying UGA hasn't been doing well, but there is a reason UT continues to get hyped up. Furthermore, prior to Philip Fulmer's firing, UT had on 10 coaches in it's history since the AP era. Since that firing UT is 53w-50l, since 98 overall is 136-91. Since 98, UGA has had success, and we will know more when Kirby is in his 3rd and 4th year with his own recruits.
Uhm they ranked the power 5 conference games. No reason for Mizzou not to beat Memphis.
You realize there were a few plays that went heavily in favor of UGA, especially a TD play that the receiver clearly was on the boundary line in the replay.
Normally I just scroll past troll posts, but since your post rubbed me the wrong way. UGA is still behind Tennessee in all time wins, Bowl Appearences, National Championships, and has 1 thing that Tennessee doesn't have that that is a single Heisman trophy winner from the 80s which happens to be the last time UGA won a Natty. You have a good team but don't sleep on UT next year. Smart was with Saban for a long time, just as long as Pruitt has been around him. So i wouldn't call any team out when your team still has an overall losing record against the one you call out.
How do you people even decide to people become Vol fans, did you wake up one day decide that you were or you get caught up in the hype and the hype let you down? Frick and Frack says it best, we were never like Alabama is the last 7-8 years, because our coach that was like that has the stadium built after him. Coaches like Saban and Myer are very hard to come by, so why would you fire a coach that is doing well, and having successful winning seasons. We just beat FL and UGA in the same year for the first time in a decade, that is a good season by OLD standards. When you look at our history we have had this coaching change happen one other time before and guess what Fulmer turned out to be damn good at his job.
While he may have won the Heisman, look at his NFL career over Weinke. Peyton also helped mentor his successor in Indy in Luck who is slowly but surely become a premier QB for them. Peyton also has been known to come in during the summer and work with the QB, WR, TE. he would make a good hire, even without a a trophy saying he was the greatest college QB of his time. The issue is Peyton doesn't want to coach.
Bryanchip, while you might think have anything less than a 8 win season is bad, he hasn't had a losing season yet. Look at Saban record prior to getting to Alabama, it was trash. All diamonds have to get polished, while I question quite a bit of his playcalling, he has put us into positions to win games. 2 years ago, we could have been undefeated but OUR players let us down, you can't go out and actually play for them as a coach, it wasn't butch's fault Dobbs threw a pick with 2 minutes at Bama, that our defense broke down on a 4th down try twice vs FL, Vandy simply wanted it more. The biggest issue has been our offensive co, because debord mismanaged is personnel, especially this year at home vs bama. You can point fingers at the coach all day long, but if the players didn't execute then you can't blame the coach they got outplayed. The coaching flaws were in his offense, everything else this year given the fact we had more offensive line changes(8), Defensive line changes(11), LB changes(8), and DB changes(8) than most of the country is remarkable that we even got to a bowl game. it is actually impressive that we had a 9 win season for the first time since Phil left, and the first time we have had 3 straight bowl wins vs the B1G since the mid 90's. This year our team was plagued with injuries and we found a way to make it. Give me a coach who has had this many injuries in a season and do what Jones did.
You obviously don't know where Jackson is. 1 hr outside of Memphis, and most Jackson schools play mostly Memphis based schools. USJ has one of the best Tennessee programs
This is laughable, especially since he was from Tennessee. A lot of good players don't want to leave the state if they grew up watching UT football
He choked away the title? You can coach your heart out, but 6 turnovers at A&M before OT was on the players, however I will say that poor coaching lead us to a loss in the Bama game no matter who had the better team, and I didn't get to see the SC game due to military obligations. While we have 3 losses it wasn't just the coaching staff, you have to execute as an athlete so push comes to shove it is the players just as much as the staff.
you realize with that UT is in a better position to go to the Sugar Bowl than any other SEC team, since Bama is all but a lock for the CFB playoff, and FL will lose at least 1 more game if not both of them. That in turn will keep the Vols the highest ranked team from the East and West not going to the playoff
You need to relax, and remember that they are still playing the game you keep referring to. Nov 19th they do still play LSU with a healthy Fournette
After watching that Bama game in person, and seeing Deboard call the exact same play 3 times in a row without success means the man is insane. He has the same mentality of Cam Cameron in my opinion that the pass is a last resort, but I find that ironic since he coached Tom Brady while at Michigan who is one of the greatest pocket passers to play the game.
I just wish the bye week would have been in between A&M and Bama. They had nothing left in the tank after the week before having gone into double overtime with A&M and having the injuries we've had.
But wouldn't that mean that OM would have to be good enough to actually get to the SECCG? 10-2 with a SECCG loss or win is a sure bet on a NY6 bowl
When Ucky has a team that competes in something other than basketball you might be allowed back at the big kids table.
I never said anything about the officiating, you might need to go back to basic english class for reading comprehension. I said that it reminded me of the Ole Miss Alabama game from last year where the only stat line they won in were turnovers and score, thus effectively beat themselves rather than the other team actually do it. I know I used a lot of big words so you might need to go get your families dictionary to understand.
The dude was targeting players, even unbiased media outlets say that the hit on Evan Berry was a targeting call that was blown.
You almost lost to a team that was down by 21 points in the 4th quarter who had 6 turnovers prior to OT. Oh and even before OT that UT team was up in every stat category except for turnovers and the score. I am sorry your Aggies were outplayed, and congrats on getting the win, but this team relies on anything but luck because most teams quit when they are down by 21 we just get tougher and tougher.
Here is the point the article was trying to make about UT and how it is justified: UT came back from a 21 point deficit and a 14 point deficit under 2 minutes to go to tie the game. At this point in time UT had 6 turnovers, any other team finishes a team with that many turnovers. We simply beat ourselves, not anything special A&M did except score when we shot ourself in the foot. Maybe if you were watching the only stat line you won in the game was turnovers. That is how it is justified UT above A&M. If UT played a clean game without the mistakes we would have crushed that team that showed up because it wasn't ready for our physicality and mentality of never quit.
You know, maybe I'm just upset that bandwagon fans think that this series has always been a stomp.