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He had a good eye for talent? Really? Who did he bring to ut that fit that? 16-19 doesn’t say he did that.
There’s more to this story. They even didn’t know if he would be eligible to get in. Once again you all take a tweet and make a story out of something you don’t know anything about.
Everything you said is true. Our fans suck. As a Tennessee fan I’m use to this. Our mom is the hottest woman in the world and we always think she can do better. (She’s really not) So she gets a divorce and we meet our new stepdad. He seems cool at first and we are a little skiddish but then he does that one thing that breaks our trust and we want him out. All along we just want to play catch with the guy and him be our dad. To love us and embrace our dysfunctions. When I say play catch I mean win a NC. Fans here are stuck in 98 and can never get out of it. I’m actually happy with this hire. We haven’t had a good offense since well I hate to say it but since butch. This guy can make the right moves. White knows that offense puts butts in the seats and this guy scores points. Let’s see how this plays out. Already know everyone that’s complaining and whining will be in Neyland the first game of the year.
This article is stupid. What his agent said literally says multiple schools. Literally a waste of a read. No one knows what white is doing. Pure rat poison. I’m sure this is just a side hustle so please don’t quit your day job. You will fail miserably.
You hurt bro? Can’t take a joke? You’re one of these guys that is probably in your room with the lights out crying right now. This isn’t your entire life I hope is being a fan. If so. I’d try to find a new hobby. Lol Gb
I’m in search of another school to go for. I can’t go through this anymore. Lol Would like to stay in the SEC. lol
Big whoop. Shamburger always got praised but I never really saw it on the field. Hopefully with Steele on staff now we will see some solid transfers come in and solidify the defense. Well atleast give us a respectable defense. Lol
You mean DL coach. We also need a OL coach as well. Lol
Him transferring to either Georgia or Tennessee wouldn’t shock me. Bailey was his qb in high school and he also played with keyton. It would be scary to to think if Georgia had Gilbert and Washington at tight end.
You can’t call them bama refs over one call. They gave Georgia an interception that clearly hit the ground to start the game.
You beat a bad team and you think it’s going to help fix everything. Beat teams that are in the upper half of the sec and do it consistently. That’s when things will change. Obviously Tennessee has to do the same before they see a complete change. Missouri will never be in the top half of the sec.
This is reminding me of LSU last year when they got off to a red hot start in recruiting.
You could’ve chose any team yet you compared us to k state last year. The team who choked in the 4th. Lol