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That’s why you’ve got the losing record vs UT in the overall? And lost 2 of 3 years?
Prior to Gary Pinkel, dating back to the 60’s it is a comparison.
I didn’t say you were like UK, I said you WERE like them before Pinkel’s 2003 season. That is a simple comparison in stating the differences between our two teams in that we have had a mediocre decade, but we are traditionally a powerhouse program as you stated above. 60s y’all were good, but still not given the same respect as UT, Bama, Texas etc.
Martin hasn’t proven he is a head coach, furthermore when Jones reached out to him for a coaching position as OC he turned that down as well. He doesn’t want to be back at Tennessee it seems
Completely agree Kelly. Cinci is a good stop, but not to jump into the SEC without a proven track record against Po5 schools
You have won the thread with this comment. I mean no disrespect but until Pinkel Missouri was the UK of the big 8/12. He took over in 2001 and by 2003 was winning games and doing it with class and style. I’m happy to have a team that adds an unknown to our schedule yearly because this is one of the scrappiest teams we play.
Sorry, but you made a terrible comment about a team that has more history than Missouri. You can take stabs and jabs but not at a traditional powerhouse when your team wasn’t even considered being better than UK until 2003 forward.
I get the disrespect thing from the media, but it happens to everyone not doing well, and at the time of Missouri coming into the SEC the Big12 wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been. Texas wasn’t Texas, and still isn’t. However, everyone takes media disrespect. Missouri didn’t have a strong program until it was brought to life by Gary Pinkel and company. Just like Florida forget that Florida was popularized by Steve S. And his fun and gun offense. Just grind a gear when trolls have nothing better to do than to piss on traditional powerhouses in down years. Heck, Bama until Saban arrived was in the same position Tennessee is now.
You seem reasonable unlike your other fans who above questioned whether Tennessee does anything for the SEC. Tennessee has an issue on offense and play calling. Our defense just can’t play 30/35 minutes a game and expect to win without points from our offense. Y’all did well tonight.
How do Mizwho fans talk so much crap without knowing facts? Tennessee has always been a power program of the East. What’s the most recognizable thing Mizwho has done? Facts are facts, the two programs with the most wins in the SEC are Alabama and Tennesse. Missouri all time winning record is 10th out of 14 teams. You had a good win, and wish you the best of luck in the future but you are an idiot to think anyone knew who Missouri was before 2003ish season which was Pinkels 3rd season.