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I agree with this. We certainly have a chance and have improved each week. GA state was a bad loss but has a good coaching staff you can’t take 1 game and predict an entire season. BYU is a good team and we put up 245 rushing yards and should have won that game made a mistake. JG has to play better and offensive line needs to play like it has last two games. Bituli made a huge difference imagine if Thompson is back.
They aren’t comparable rosters. Yes the recruiting numbers look similar but Butch was notorious for chasing stars not evaluating or developing talent. You really think the 2016 UGA team was the same as the 2018 TN team ? Not even close.
It’s 1 game. Yes it was a bad loss but we came out conservative and flat. The Ga state coach was spurriers OC and was on the app state staff when they upset michigan he is a good coach and we were predictable and he loaded the box and stopped the run. It’s 1 game you can’t say since we lost to ga state we are going to lose to everyone. I mean Michigan went 9-4 when they lost to app state.
uhhh beat two ranked sec opponents in his first 10 games with an 0-8 SEC 4-8 Team which no other coach has matched. SOS is top 5. The non conference opened with a top 10 WVU. JG has had great numbers this yr Butch left Pruitt with no offensive line or developed depth on DL. This team was expected to finished 5-7 and 1-7 in conference.
I never said guarantee. Look at your buddy above Legend (his name says it all) he is the one promising that Pruitt will fail when in fact the data points other wise. Your issue should be with him because the data says Pruitt is tied for the fastest 2 ranked wins as a 1st yr head coach. And we are confident because its the first time the fan base has an actual football coach since fulmer.
This is so wrong haha. We won at national championship in 1998 and have six national championships and 13 SEC championships and from 1929-2008 had the highest winning% of any college football program that's 80 yrs ill take that as a data point over the last decade. Also, Nebraska will be back because they actually have a coach now just like TN will be back because they have an AD & a good football coach.
Sometimes a fan base really does know more than the athletic director in the TN Vs Currie its pretty obvious that was the case. Fulmer just methodically went out and hired a very successful DC that won nattys at two different schools... and has pulled off a heck of a season so far. beating #21 on the road and #11 at home with a 4-8 0-8 SEC team.
Recruiting is definitely not an issue for Pruitt and you know that. I certainly believe rivals is the strongest site for recruiting evaluation although I don't think any of them are anywhere close to bullet proof. Also, a lot of Butchs classes transferred or weren't developed its well documented. B Jones also chased ratings and would call recruiting services for a rating bump to commits and didn't recruit offensive line which is currently our biggest issue and depth because of development and transfers. Pruitt is of a different ELK he doesn't chase stairs he evaluates football players and then develops them and yes he will be going after the same guys UGA and Bama goes after. You are crazy if you think recruiting will be an issue for Pruitt.
@volman is correct. @boxster355 why are you on our page and who are you tell us how to feel about our coach. But if you would like a comparison here it is: Pruitt has beaten two ranked SEC teams this yr in his first 10 games as a head coach with a 4-8 team 0-8 SEC team last yr. The only coach that matches that is Kirby but he did with a 10 win team prior and it was two sec ranked teams.
I gave UGA and Kirby respect early on and especially last yr. UGA fans don't want to give Pruitt any credit all they want to do is troll because they either don't understand or they are threatened by him. no go back to your teams page.
Yep. You are correct about the rotations but if I could notice this during the game why couldn't' the OC or HC override the position rotations? And the reason we are making these comments is because UGA provoke us and also the fact that Pruitt has beaten two ranked SEC teams this yr in his first 10 games as a head coach with a 4-8 team 0-8 SEC team last yr. The only coach that matches that is Kirby but he did with a 10 win team prior and it was two sec ranked teams.
LegendDD2 I like you. You remind me that people will believe anything they want even when the writing on the wall is so obvious. You would have a national championship right now if Kirby would have picked a better OC. If you would have continue running Michel at 7 yds a carry instead of Chubb at 1.7 yrds a carry. I mean really what was Chaney thinking ? Also, you forget that you benefited tremoundously from Pruitt being at UGA taking their Defense from #80 to #15 in two yrs so system was already installed need I remind you Pruitt recruited Roquan ? You should love Pruitt for that but you aren't going to like him in the next yr or two.
Now there is a forward looking perspective for once. Someone who can see what has happened through all the noise. Nice article. Instead of running with the lazy narrative of oh he beat a down auburn or a KY team that was reeling from a loss from UGA. This is an article written based on the fact that he beat a KY team by 17 points and completely dominated the game just like what happened at Auburn when we shouldn't have been close to competing with either team.
@legendDD2 try to think through this. Kirby took a 10-3 Football team and made them 8-5 his first yr. Pruitt took a 4-8 team 0-8 SEC to 5-5 2-4 SEC with the 2nd ranked SOS in his first year beating two ranked SEC opponents in his first 10 games as a HC. Something Kirby didn't do. He beat two ranked opponents in 10 games but once an ACC NC game. He also lost to butch jones. He also got to benefit from Pruitt installing his D at UGA taking their D form 80th to 15th in 2 yrs.
We will get that W. JG in SEC games 142 rating, 1102 yds 60% completion 8 TDs 2 INTs 7.87 YPA. Drew Lock 110 Rating 1235 yrds 55% completion 6.11 YPA 6 TD & INTs
Uhhhh.... 6 nattys to 0 nattys. Review Andy’sVFL comments below. I’m glad you’re happy with division titles but the programs aren’t comparable for about 80 yrs TN had the best winning % in all of college football. Here are your stats.
Certainly entitled to your opinion but you should probably get the facts straight before making statements. Tyson Helton has never been an OC .... try top 5 offenses in his first two seasons as an OC and is a brohm/Petrino deciple. The staff is loaded with national championships and all are excellent recruiters.
Yeah sad that we hired a staff full of excellent recruiters and a top 5 OC and DC. Helton averaged 44 pts a game and Pruitt held oops to 11.5 pts.
At least we didn’t hire Sal like Florida did. Also we took Florida DL coach Rump (which has been FL strongest unit along with LB)
Ummm 3/4 coaches in the playoffs were hired as assistants ? Haha
Haha thanks barker! I thought about googling it but just didn’t care enough.
Haha this is funny considering TN has 6 national championships and Florida has 3. And TN just passed Florida in recruiting ranking going to 15 per rivals vs Florida 23..... oh and Pruitt only got to recruit for 3 weeks how long Mullen been on the job?