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I am new to this site and it is interesting to me to see so many fans of other schools pulling for other SEC schools to win. I am not that guy. Although it is nice to see a social media stream without everyone yelling at each other I can honestly say I have not pulled for an SEC yet. I hope they all lose. I can’t hate Bama, Florida, Georgia then hope they win?? I am I alone in this? I figure LSU will destroy Clemson next week but I can’t say I “hope” they win??? Maybe it is just me.
They are fortunate to be in this game because OSU outplayed them. Two badly timed penalties and a bad call on the scoop and score allowed them to advance.
Unless OSU struggles hard with Wisconsin they will stay 1. Does not matter though. Top four is still top four. If Oklahoma beats a top 10 Baylor team handily they should get in. Plus the idea of bamas old qb playing in it makes me chuckle.
No way. OSU (deserved or not) will stay 1 because they have a defense. LSU struggles stopping good teams. GA will drop a bit after losing. I think OU ends up 4.
Because the best team they beat this year was a 7 win team. Only 2 (I think) teams they beat are bowl eligible. That puts you behind other two loss teams with good wins.
Your comment was wrong in so many ways. A defense can be called for illegal substitution before the ball is snapped. If the ref feels the snap is inevitable he can flag the defense whether they are set or not. Also, you can line up as many people you want in the line of scrimmage.
Jennings went 2-2 against vandy. He got a medical redshirt in 2017 and did not play in that game. He was apart of the beat down in 2015. If you want to trash him at least be accurate.