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OSU and Michigans defenses are not as good as UGA’s. Don’t kid yourself.
The amount of UGA fan melts in this comment section is priceless. Y’all dominated us last week but can’t help yourselves. Yeah, keep pushing Oregon, TCU, etc. Dummies! Lmfao!!!!
Nah, run up the score and make a statement! Capital F everyone talking smack against the Vols!
Don’t bother. They’re a bunch of homer idiots. UGA and that little prick Bennett does no wrong tho. Ahahahaha!
Lol that was for y’all. Blows kiss, followed by a thumbs up since this site doesn’t allow emojis.
Don’t bother. He’s another dumbass UGA troll who doesn’t actually watch other teams play.
Oh according to the fans who thought TN “might” win a close game. Eff off!
Unfortunately agree, but that said, Vols have surprised me in the best ways quite a few times this season. GBO!
Bryce is unbelievable. Better than Mac and Tua imo. Should be the 1st pick.
Without a doubt. At the end of the day. Bama is still Bama. I’m glad we got to play a healthy Young and still pull out a win. What a game!
I stroked out 4-5 times before the 4th qtr lol. Let’s slow down for a minute.
So did Pitt and FL. We shot ourselves in the foot in one, and the secondary couldn’t catch a cold in the other. TN has yet to put it all together. I hope this is the game that they do.
Are you really bringing up LAST season? Lol. TN has beaten two ranked teams, one on the road. Sloppy games? Sure, but Pitt and FL are both better than Mizzou and Kent State.
Bruh, it’s Mizzou. You had no business losing to them for 3 quarters.
Lmao TN will curbstomp SC and beat KY at home too. LSU is a toss-up.
Seams that way, yes. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. “Why aren’t we going for the jugular here?! What!!!!? Why?!
Say you haven’t been to Knoxville without saying you haven’t been to Knoxville lol.