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I have to agree with Joe on this one. Pruitt showed more fire in the last minutes than he did the whole damn game. Pretty obvious he was desperately trying to make the score look better.
Sadly I have to agree with Gatorboy. There's no excuse to getting blown out by KY at home. Period.
Where does TN need to improve? How about starting with the QB! @$!#;&!
Has any of Saban's disciples learned anything?
Yup and that's what I'm concerned about. Pruitt either assumes that they'll be developed in the off-season and/or expects JG will be back next yr. Also, watching the UK/UGA game last week..why the hell did Stoops start Gatewood over Wilson if they were just gonna call the same game plan?
I'm sure you'll get to enjoy it next year too. JG has been here so long I forget that other qb's have played for TN lol.
Dude, 24 is the ceiling with JG.
Got lucky that y'all hadn't started Bazelak yet. Sorry if I just butchered the spelling lol. I bet of we played you again, Mizzou would wipe the field with our a$$as.
The talent doesn't play up to their potential tho. You have a loaded o-line of 5* and 4* players, 2 of the fastest WR's in cfb, a RS Sr starting qb, and bordering 5* QB riding the bench. Our secondary is also experienced and should be the highlight of this defense. It's as if they've regressed. This team ranks #14 in recruiting classes over the last 4yrs but plays like they're #30 or worse. That is a huge problem.
I don't view this as a toss-up. TN has officially laid down. Arkansas wins.
Wtf. Lol I think Mullen is an odd dude, but he's a better coach than Harbaugh.
We already know what happened when they had Fields. He rode the bench. Trolling aside, since we're playing what-ifs..If UGA had kept Fields, they would've had a good shot at beating Bama and likely make it to the play-offs this season.
Amen. I've met many many fans over the years and UGA's is without a doubt, the worst. My best friend is a life-long Bama fan. She'll tease me from time to time but she'd give you the shirt off her back and has class. Her family are some of the nicest people I ever met. I don't think people like that exist in Athens. Add to that their corrupt police in that town, you couldn't pay me to attend a game there.
What the heck are you yapping about? They cleared the other players as well. The internet is your friend.
Right because pass blocking from ONE inexperienced RB is going to cause a QB sack. Dumb post.
Dude, you literally replaced your entire offensive line and will start an unproven QB. Lmao, go pump your chest some more.
Stoops is great at developing his players but that will only get you so far. KY would have to build a roster deep with 4 and 5 star players, and I just don't see that happening.
Harrison Bailey should definitely crack the top 25 freshman list. It's really not a matter of if JG screws up, it's when. Hopefully Bailey is ready to go.
Aside from LSU's miraculous season with Burrow last year, UGA is the more talented team on paper and LSU lost a lot to the NFL where UGA brings back an experienced team specifically their stifling defense.
I think A&M is slightly better than our Vols. They have a better QB and more consistency on offense overall. I'd also put Auburn over KY. Just my opinion.
Lmao championship game to see who's the worst team in the SEC
They are in the east though. They only lost to UGA in the east last season.
Huh? UGA and Fla, and LSU would be the only top 10 teams they'd play. They already play LSU, Auburn and TN every year. As much as I love my vols, we're not a top 10 team, not even close lol. Adding FL would pretty much just be replacing the SoCal game.