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Ha!, know all too well about qb's missing wide open receivers. Luckily y'all and sc have better talent in your back-ups. We're screwed :/
Lol I guess sds makes you cover the basement stories huh Mike. Escorted by whom? Lmao
Shouldn't you be trolling the cupcake win on your own page?
Im pretty positive a good highschool could beat utc lol.
Im sure you'll be fine. ND prob overrated like always.
Congratulations, looks like you're officially like Bama. Doesn't matter who's coordinator.
Yes, and we desperately need to keep Bailey and his boys from Marietta.
Agreed. Emotions get in the way of logic, but some of us are logical thinkers who can put their emotions aside. We as vol fans have a right to be angry. Our team is and has been a train-wreck for a long time. Question is, can we accept that the situation is what it is, look at it as an out-sider looking in and support the man in charge? Too many armchair coaches approaching the brink of insanity. It's toxic. We are the laughing stock of college football. Go ahead and fire another coach. See what happens. Vol football is on life support! If fans can't pull their heads out of their entitled a**es, the program will die.
Oh believe me, the sane fans including myself donor think we are an elite-program. Proud program with winning history, yes, but those days are gone. We're terrible. Those erratical fans leading the torch are why we're in this mess and will continue the downward spiral if we keep firing coaches.
We didnt hire him to recruit moron. We've got 3 previous recruiters of the year on staff. We hired him because yes, he is a good coach, but more importantly stability. He loves Tennessee and wants to retire here.
I agree, too bad we share the same owner! That's exactly why we're at where we are.
What happens when you've had incompetent big-wigs running the program. Never-ending strings of bad decisions ran it into the ground. Count yourself lucky this didn't happen to you. Label them excuses if you like, but I guarantee you'd be singing the same tune if the shoe was on the other foot. Go troll another page. We already know we suck.
Oh come on Pruitt! A "good decision maker"? You can't be serious. I'm glad you have faith in our players, they need support, but JG hasnt figured it out by now he never will.
Pruitts not going anywhere this season. Our program is a complete mess, but I do see light. The best players on the team aside from a few are Pruitts. If we had a competent QB, the outlook would be promising. That's why most experts predicted a 7-5 season. No one knew jg was going to sh*t the bed.
The only part of Bama I trash-talk are their fans. I bet 75% of them don't even know who the coaches are or could name 2 players on the team.
I don't wish injuries on any player, but I think you guys dodged a bullet on this one. Y'alls Bentley is our Guarantano. Over-hyped inconsistent qb's. I imagine we lost that BYU game because of him. At least you guys get a fresh spark heading into sec play. We're screwed.
I don't understand what Pruitt is thinking here. I get that our freshman back-ups have zero in game experience, but he needs to get them some snaps asap. Needs to happen this week or it won't happen at all I'm afraid. Sec slate is coming up quick and we need to get these kids up to speed if jg needs to be pulled from a game. I have my doubts they would do any worse than JG. The dude has 3yrs experience and still a deer in head-lights. He hasnt improved by now, he never will. Look at those clean pockets on the replays and he still throws into coverage. Rediculous. Next man up please.
I don't think Pruitt is the problem. JG sucks, and lost us this game. Time to bench him and let the freshman sling it. Chaney isn't to blame either. He had to call a conservative game because he doesn't trust the QB to get it done. So many points left on the field. Our team is young, inexperienced, add a terrible QB to the mix, and you lose. We need a spark at qb to keep our young defense off the field. Jennings, Grey, and Chandler can only carry the team so far.
Uhhh, well coach Pruitt, stop bein a Bama homer and start caring about and showing enthusiasm for the team you coach. Showing some fire and passion would be a start. Next, keep giving gray and Jennings the ball, they were the only ones balling out on offense. On defense, I don't know where to start. You're supposed to be this defense guru, so why weren't these boys ready to play? You care or you don't, but if you do, better start sparking fire in some a**es, because that sh*t-show on Saturday is on you. Way too much talent to crap the bed like that. Us fans have lived this turmoil for far too long. Wake tf up and pull this team together!
I love my vols, but this is just embarrassing. We deserve all the sh*t-talk we get.
The team showed good effort? If that was the case, we should've beat them silly. UT has more talent than that gsu team. Give me a break, this is all on coaching. This article is a waste. We weren't ready for that cupcake, how on earth would we be ready for BYU in a week?
Complete emberrassment. I know that shocking upsets happen, but if this truly is our team, it's gonna be a long season. Gonna be 0-12 if this is the product being put out on the field.