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I’m excited too. I’m glad our game is in Knoxville, but it could go either way. AU looks to be a well rounded team and KY is star-loaded. They should be exciting games. Can’t wait.
So are we going to talk about SEC basketball at some point, or just keep creating irrelevant articles?
The portal players he got in ‘22 had no bearing on that 10-2 record. Hooker and Hyatt were already on the roster. You clearly have no clue about UT’s fb program so best sit this one out.
We thought the same thing when we drew them last year but ended up stomping them. You beat Louisville last week, I think you’ll be ok.
Yeah, I had to read his comment again to make sure I was reading that right lol.
It’s only relevant to you since you constantly repeat it.
No matter how Joe performs, there won’t be much to take from that game. I’m excited for the SC/UNC and LSU/FSU games.
Thank you! This is my expectation as well. We very well could lose to either SC or FL but not both. No idea what we’re getting with A&M but it is at home coming off of a bye. I’m not sure what to make of Milton, but if he’s bad enough to get benched for a freshman, then 8-4 is likely considering.
Acting like Alabama or Georgia? No TN fan thinks this. Expecting to beat teams like SC and Mizzou is NOT unreasonable.
Dude, have you listened to your fans at all? Y’all win 8 games and think you’re world-beaters. Pot meet kettle.
Impressive win tigers! Congrats on doing what we failed to do last season LOL
OSU and Michigans defenses are not as good as UGA’s. Don’t kid yourself.
The amount of UGA fan melts in this comment section is priceless. Y’all dominated us last week but can’t help yourselves. Yeah, keep pushing Oregon, TCU, etc. Dummies! Lmfao!!!!
Nah, run up the score and make a statement! Capital F everyone talking smack against the Vols!
Don’t bother. They’re a bunch of homer idiots. UGA and that little prick Bennett does no wrong tho. Ahahahaha!
Lol that was for y’all. Blows kiss, followed by a thumbs up since this site doesn’t allow emojis.
Don’t bother. He’s another dumbass UGA troll who doesn’t actually watch other teams play.
Oh according to the fans who thought TN “might” win a close game. Eff off!
Unfortunately agree, but that said, Vols have surprised me in the best ways quite a few times this season. GBO!