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Right because pass blocking from ONE inexperienced RB is going to cause a QB sack. Dumb post.
Dude, you literally replaced your entire offensive line and will start an unproven QB. Lmao, go pump your chest some more.
Stoops is great at developing his players but that will only get you so far. KY would have to build a roster deep with 4 and 5 star players, and I just don't see that happening.
Harrison Bailey should definitely crack the top 25 freshman list. It's really not a matter of if JG screws up, it's when. Hopefully Bailey is ready to go.
Aside from LSU's miraculous season with Burrow last year, UGA is the more talented team on paper and LSU lost a lot to the NFL where UGA brings back an experienced team specifically their stifling defense.
I think A&M is slightly better than our Vols. They have a better QB and more consistency on offense overall. I'd also put Auburn over KY. Just my opinion.
Lmao championship game to see who's the worst team in the SEC
They are in the east though. They only lost to UGA in the east last season.
Huh? UGA and Fla, and LSU would be the only top 10 teams they'd play. They already play LSU, Auburn and TN every year. As much as I love my vols, we're not a top 10 team, not even close lol. Adding FL would pretty much just be replacing the SoCal game.
Lol as if they need it. They never travel to play out of conference games.
FL, TN, and KY would all be good games. All 3 including A&M bringing back experience.
The 3rd best team in the east? Really? How do you figure?
Lmao. Brilliant. Must say, you had me there for a second. I thought you were just your run of the mill UGA fan.
It does. I agree. I at the very least want us to compete in these match ups and have no embarrassing losses. If we can do that, future is bright.
Agree. I'll be pleasantly surprised to upset Bama, Gators, or Dawgs but don't see it happening this year. OU tho, yes we can certainly knock them off.
FL, Bama and UGA are tall tasks. I think we pull it out against OU.
Lol well said. No one cares about the pac12. Everyone knows the SEC is the best conference. Period.
Peyton Manning is the GOAT. No question.
K so why didn't he commit to them to begin with then? Look at his visit history. I know I know, it's just so unfathomable to think an elite player would pick UT.
Leave it to UK to be relevant for 2 seasons so they start talking like they'll actually be taken seriously in football. Lmao!
I'm not ranting, and I'm not emotional. Yes, it's a pre-season rankings, but it's still hilarious at how rediculous it is. That's all I was pointing out. Is UT ranked? No Will we be? Probably not, so why would I be emotional? The off-season is starting guys, and so are speculations hence this article. Lol
Whew. You guys were so lucky to have a better back-up than your starter. I despise you gators, but I like this Trask kid. Maybe cause it's a good story about a no-name player making a name for himself, and because I think he's actually a good person. I always thought Franks was a douche.