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LOL! I admittedly laughed too hard at this.
You’re right Alum, he’s not wrong. It’s just an unclassy post.
Dude. Y’all have a very good team this year, but UGA is going to crush you. They’re going to crush us all.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Bama’s end of dominance is coming, but it won’t be this season.
What a day to be alive! SEC is nuts this year! Congrats Aggies!
I was going to say Bama, but after this showing from them against A&M, it’s no from me dawg. UGA winning it all this season and dare I say, the east looking like the stronger division this year lol.
Most of us were looking for a 6-6 season atleast. That’s a given now. I wouldn’t call that lost.
We’ll see. Depth/injury situation not looking good.
Lol it looked hairy for a moment in the 3rd quarter but I’m convinced more than half of the posters here on SDS could do a better job.
What a game y’all just played! Tough break on the loss but Pittman has y’all headed in the right direction. You play with fire and intensity. Something both our teams were missing not long ago. Good luck the rest of the way Hogs. I’m pulling for you!
It’s so weird lol but gotta give respect where it’s due. Y’all kicked our teeth in last season. While TN’s offense looks to be real deal, roster depth and key injuries are a real concern. I’m glad we get a bye before we face y’all. Will be an emotional dogfight like most of our games tend to be when these two teams meet.
Was watching this one and my Vols simultaneously. What a game! Next week should be fun. GBO!
I’d feel better about this if we didn’t have so many injuries.
Honestly, I thought Arkansas would atleast score 1-2 td’s against y’all. If Arky can’t score, the barn has a snowballs chance in hell.
Agreed, but ya know, battered vol syndrom and all lol
I won’t make a prediction for the LSU/KY and Arky/Ole Miss games. Nothing would surprise me for those games. Mizzou’s offense is better than USCjr’s so I won’t pick them to put 24 on the Vols but everything else I agree with.
LOL. His decision to keep trotting Jones out there blows my mind.
I really hope TN doesn’t TN and lay an egg this game. It could happen. That said, TN’s offense should be more than SC can handle. I’ll optimistically take my Vols and the points.