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Leave it to UK to be relevant for 2 seasons so they start talking like they'll actually be taken seriously in football. Lmao!
I'm not ranting, and I'm not emotional. Yes, it's a pre-season rankings, but it's still hilarious at how rediculous it is. That's all I was pointing out. Is UT ranked? No Will we be? Probably not, so why would I be emotional? The off-season is starting guys, and so are speculations hence this article. Lol
Whew. You guys were so lucky to have a better back-up than your starter. I despise you gators, but I like this Trask kid. Maybe cause it's a good story about a no-name player making a name for himself, and because I think he's actually a good person. I always thought Franks was a douche.
UK should be better than UT? Who knows if that will be a win? Oh honey, just no. Here's why that's delusional. #1 UK's recruiting classes don't come close. #2 UK has only won 2 of of last 35 meetings. #3 UT still beat your best 2 teams in that time-frame #4 we will have one of the most stacked offensive lines in the country. We are loaded with 5 and 4 stars in that department. We've got an elite QB on campus who can make all the throws. Please though, tell me how good Wilson is and how far you'll go with a one dimensional offense because it's worked so well for you against TN.
This is freaking hilarious. Why is OU #5? They'll have a new unproven QB, and their defense sucks. Boise State? Cincinnati, Iowa State? Lmao come on, who did they beat to even be ranked? Go ahead and knock Oregon down considering they only beat Utah and USC who now arent even ranked. They deserve to be #11 by beating Wisconsin by 1 point who only beat 2 average ranked teams themselves? Lmao! How is VA-Tech even still on this list? They lost to Boston College, Duke, and Kentucky but they're #20? Who makes this list?
Lol, oh man, I bet she doesn't like you very much when we play you.
Beating OU is a tall order. We're losing our 3 starting leaders on defense, so the next guys up will have to fill those shoes in order to remain competitive there. Biggest question is QB. We lose our best wr's but we still have a lot of weapons there. We just need a consistent qb to get them the ball. If we don't get that, I'm not comfortable predicting 9-3.
Chaney is not the issue. We need consistency at QB. Period.
Lol salty much? I was proud of Saban for that call to mail it in. Last game of the season against big10 b*tches, one last up yours to seal the deal. Priceless.
SC should've taken the financial hit and fired Muschamp. Ya'll may improve next season, but probably only enough to gain another win or two. Willy won't be having you contending for the east anytime soon.
Tennessee gonna tennessee. Whew. Glad it's over. My heart can't take anymore. I'm surprised to see rival fans in here praising our win. Thanks guys! Now go bring the trophy home LSU!
It's official. ESPN hates us. I don't think we should over-look IU, but to say we only have a 52% chance of a win? Just lol. It won't be a high scoring game, but we out-match them in talent and speed. We're bigger, faster, and have more play-makers. No offense to KY, but we have a higher chance of beating IU than the cats do of beating VA-Tech.
This is laughable. VA barely makes the top 25, but they're orange bowl bound? Lol, ok.
Let's trade. Y'all will have it easy if you get either of those teams.
Yeah, but I figure we have some advantage since our fans travel well, and Pruitt will have the boys ready.
Lmao. Why would either VA or Memphis deserve to go to the cotton Bowl? Surely the bowl committee realizes that 1) they don't stand a chance against Bama. 2) their fans don't travel well.
That was obvious PI by #21. That said, really going to miss Calloway and Jennings. They're 2 of the best receivers in the SEC and cfb. Pat yourself on the back JG, you've made us proud. Y'all have no quit, and that's what it means to be a TN Vol!
Good job Pruitt getting these boys to buy in after that start. You and the rest of the staff have really coached them up. Gotta say, I was skeptical after the first 2 games, but I'm optimistic for the future! GBO!
Congrats Cats. Hopefully you hold on to Stoops.
Thanks. This game almost gave me a stroke. Mistakes almost killed us. Shouldn't have been close.
I really thought this would be a closer game, but for what it's worth, I really hope talks QB has success, he deserves it.
Guess the dirt peckers weren't expecting a blow-out loss lmao! With that said, much love and sympathy to your QB Hilinsky. Prayers for him and his family.
Uh, it most certainly would. He was supposed to pitch to Crouch, and he woulda walked right in.
We had lip reading post about this on another thread lol. Goes something like this.."What the f*** was that?"
Well they wouldn't have had that defensive score. We'd be sitting at 20 at least and possibly another decent drive from momentum and add a possible fg. Could've been a one score game, 2 at most. Let's not even mention the officiating and missed touchdown pass to JJ.
If Maurer were starting, I'd say we handle business. I'm seriously nervous about our QB situation. This will indeed be a defense battle. I hope home field advantage helps, but it will come down to play-calling, clockmanagement, and who wins the turn-over battle. Hopefully officiating is decent this game.
See you're still high on your fluke upset of GA. You obviously didn't watch our D handle Bama. Our offense is questionable, then again, so is yours. It will be a defensive game, but I give UT the edge for better play-calling.
Hate it for Maurer. Prayers he gets healthy and we see him in a game again this season. I'm worried about Shrout and JG, I don't know if they can get it done. I was highly optimistic with Maurer, but alas we just can't have nice things. I really wish they would give JJ some snaps, and or At least some wildcat. We're gonna need it. Scars defense is good.