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"Why Pearl had to 'negotiate' his way thru the assistant, instead of moving slightly to his right and missing him, was not explained." Um. Moving slightly to his right and missing him would literally be negotiating his way around or "thru" (sic) the guy. Negotiate: "find a way over or through (an obstacle or difficult path)"
You're going to tell anybody else to learn history when you're going to say slavery was a "back burner issue"? You might want to check the actual declarations of secession. I would say please stop embarrassing Tennessee fans everywhere, but we all know there are plenty of you people all over Tennessee, as sad as it is to know that.
Yeah. I know it looks like an ugly hit, and it _is_ an ugly hit, but honestly, in real time, in the heat of play, I can understand how it happened. I believe the guy legitimately thought that play was live and he was making a tackle. Anybody that has ever played football has seen plenty of moments where stupid stuff happens, not because players are being stupid, but because they are confused about what's going on.
What? I thought it was to get rid of controversial polling systems or letting a computer decide who is national champion. What does rematches have to do with it?
Why is it garbage? This is an entertainment industry. And speculating on crazy yet realistic scenarios is pretty entertaining. So, be entertained. Or what's the matter, are you upset that it isn't your team being talked about?
Definitely. What would truly be unreasonable is to say Tennessee has no chance at the national title.
It was the second day of camp, and it was one of many passes that he dropped. His own coach criticized him for it. You would know that if you would have just read the article. That is a good thing to do, you know.
Did you really just compare offering a post-secondary education athletic scholarship to the sexual abuse of children? Really?
Yes, they will win 9 games. Their first 9 games, that is. And then they will win the next 6, as well. Go Vols!
And just like when you said before that Tennessee got outcoached, you are 100%, totally, completely, absolutely wrong.
Lol disease is funny you guys!!
Come to Mississippi where rape is a laughing matter!
His speed was seen on the field pretty much every game he's been in. He's been tracked more than once as the fastest player on the field during game time using those GPS thingies they stick on players now. The guy is unreal.
Because watching games from the nosebleed of Neyland Stadium are all that good...
It appears you understand neither racism nor "lefties."
Good lord. We're only up to #9 and many of those have been pretty bad. I can't imagine what the top 8 will be. But reading these made me realize I had forgotten about a lot of these happening. So what else have I forgotten? I have noticed the absence of the Phil Fulmer - Alabama scandal so far. Surely that one is not top-8 worthy, and I'm going to assume did not make the list.
Oh, well, Tennessee has lost 11 in a row to Florida, that means they will have to lose next season, too. And after that, it will be 12 in a row, so they will have to lose that next season, as well. Heck, we might as well not even play the game since all we have to do is look at the last 11 years and we already know the outcome of the next season! Florida logic!
Tee Martin was not a good passer. I mean, in comparison to quarterbacks at that level, of course. The '98 team was so well-coached, and so heavy with talent. It's a case of a team around a quarterback making the quarterback look good. He had all the fundamentals down, but so did the entire team. When you start to classify certain things in "greatest all time," that team would fall under one of the greatest all time coached teams.
Your comment proves you have never played football. So your opinion is worthless.
A decade of success? A DECADE? Lol. Tennessee is one of the winningest programs of all time, and THE winningest program in all of college football for the past 70-some years. Nobody in Tennessee is complaining about not being remembered for a DECADE of good football. Tennessee is one of the best programs in all of college football ever, and the winningest program in all of modern football, for probably longer than anyone here has been alive.
Well, yeah. And Tennessee has had more star wide receivers in the history of the NFL than any other school. That's kind of the point.
Okay. So you're not much of a football fan. Thanks for letting us all know.
So what you're saying is that whatever the school has done right now, and for the past 1 or 2 or 3 years, defines what the school has done historically? Have you taken a hard blow to the head recently?