VFL. Got Butch's back through wins and losses.

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Yeah Florida isn't going to be able to, they won't break 5 wins
Our bowl game isn't even in the references lol
Sorry I just read the article they posted that said Peyton is returning to the NFL Wheter it's with Denver or not, so I'll take back my last comment
I'm surprised that Mike DeBord or the quarterback coach at UT is not on this list, purely because Peyton Manning is likely retiring after this season and he said he would like to have a job at Tennessee. Let's face it, if Peyton wants something in Tenn, he'll probably get it.
Butch does actually call the plays... When debord was hired butch said he would continue the plat calling duties
It would be cool to have the nat'l championship at Bristol... Its capacity would make for a great championship atmosphere.
I actually disagree with you... Butch Jones is doing all he can do as far as play calling. He calls the plays and he counts on his players to execute the plays... Our problem isn't the lack of "good play calling" rather lack of execution.
I'd rather be a drunk Tennessee fan than sleeping with my cousin... Get outta here
Surprise surprise the Kentucky fan spots the inbreeding lines in this song.
Tennessee loses a close game to Oklahoma in double overtime and becomes unranked... Auburn slips by a fcs team and gets blown out by LSU and is still ranked... I just don't get it.