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He did drastically improve Missou’s after he got there. I’m not sure Drew Locke would’ve been taken in the 2nd round without Huepel
Pruitt was sold to us as a defensive guru. His defenses got progressively worse. His and Cheney’s offense were inept at best partly bc their total inability to pull the trigger on Guarantano. Huepel is proclaimed as an offensive guru but only time will tell. What I do expect is our offense and our qb play will be significantly improved from Jim Cheney. Our defense may be horrible but it was horrible under Pruitt. Overall there should be improvement over last year. I’m not expecting a lot but I do think our offense will be more exciting. That coupled with not cheating will be a large improvement
Hey Paul-Guess what? We’ve been in a very dark place for a long time. 6 or 7 wins next year will be a huge increase in success from the crap we’re in now. Also where does he get off saying Jamey Chadwell was “everyone’s favorite”? He needs to leave his position as Official Lapdog cheerleader for Saban and come back to Knoxville once in a decade to judge how Vol fans feel. Very few here were ever talking about Chadwell.
Regardless of how you feel about Fulmer he gave UT the best decade or so of football in a long time. And it may take another decade or two to even come close to that success.