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Hey em6969, we don’t care if u ever come. So yea we’re proud
Oh we’re all waiting with baited breath for Wilbons reaction. MORON!
Ur a moron. Most UT fans think it was embarrassing and ridiculous. R U sleeping with Tide 4x2? Don’t be stupid.
That’s funny 4x2. I told ur wife u were short
Bamalotion, you make a lot of really bad points. Keep banking on that team focus thing. Good luck!
Oh really? Did you go out there and count 5000 bottles? MORON
Ur right joslin. All UT fans should die. We’re the only fans in the world who have ever gotten frustrated and done something stupid. Good gosh people. Wake up. We’re sorry quit acting like it’s the end of the world. No cheerleaders or band members or coaches or players or ANYONE got injured. MOVE ON.
Archtobatonrouge, you’re high standards are commendable. But if u run over 3 old ladies in those 3 stop signs you “roll through” and I miss hitting anyone when I’m naked and driving 80, who’s more to blame?
I’m sure most 4 and 5 star recruits give 2 cents about what you’re saying. Most come from schools where fan behavior and sportsmanship are not the first concern. Think about it before you speak
They could’ve looked like you after an injury like that 2X4
Right sleezycat! Expel all students at the game and take the firstborn of any popcorn concessionaires (tip to kiffin). This will fix it
Great point jimmyfolk. Oh sorry explain you’re point bc ur an idiot
Hill mutt, great point but you’re absolutely wrong moron. The PA made multiple announcements to the fans. I’m sure you drove from Athens to watch the game but you must’ve missed the PA address.
Dovefluff, I’ve got my fingers on ur sister. Thanks
Imagine a bama fan agreeing with their buttmeister Paul. What a loser finebalm is. He’s Nicks buttboy
AFUFOREVER, I remember coming to Auburn in 1990 and we (UT) missed a FG late to win the game. Ended in a tie. The incestors of aubum were so excited to have a tie that pelted our players with oranges as they ran off the field. Who brings oranges to a game.
Is an auburndoggie similar to a hermaphrodite?
The fans that participated in the chaos should be banned from the stadium for the rest of the season. We should’ve had security in every section at least every 20 rows doing nothing but watching the crowd. The fans who took part were classless. But don’t try to sell that victory as poor Kiffin was missing so many star players that’s why you didn’t destroy UT. Our line was without our 2 best players. Our best RB was out and Small was/is still nursing an injury. We have 71 players on scholarship bc of the train wreck Pruitt left. I believe Kiffin told his defensive players to slow down our offense with all the fake injuries. I also believe our players realized in the second half we could do the same thing. It was a great game that unfortunately will be remembered for the actions of some true idiots
UGA has the most talent on defense in the country without a doubt. The only reason I question this article is bc Kirby is not in the same stratosphere as Saban when it comes to coaching. He’s lost several games he should’ve won if you’re just looking at talent difference. It’s funny how Bama loses one away conference game to a team with lots of talent in a hostile environment and now the dynasty’s over.
Finally don’t have to hear about a former Saban assistant never beating him again!
He did drastically improve Missou’s after he got there. I’m not sure Drew Locke would’ve been taken in the 2nd round without Huepel