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If ur sayin UGA is a better job than Bama ur a complete moron. And I graduated from Tennessee so I hate you both.
I’m just glad this isn’t Tennessee for once. Really seems like it would be one of our dumbass hires.
A few facts: 1. We (UT) got our ass kicked in the first game. 2. Kirby didn’t take his foot off anything. If he could’ve scored more he would’ve. He may have changed his strategy but he was trying to score. 3. You can’t compare Tennessee loss to the Oregon loss. Oregon got annihilated. 4. No one knows who gives UGA a better game but I say it’s between us and OSU.
You’ve really got an axe to grind 21’. It makes you irrelevant
You really don’t wanna play TN again do you 21?
Yea we’re not physical at all and Bama doesn’t play any defense. You’re a moron. Please bring facts next time you spew crazy
The CFP rankings Tuesday will be UGA OSU Mich TCU 5-Tennessee Tell me what 1 loss team will be ahead of UT. If Oregon wins out and is CC they will jump UT.
I think you just had as many replies to yourself as we did off sides
I actually don’t think we should be in the CFP unless a bunch of teams lose. We showed today we still have a lot to correct before we should be in that conversation. I’m disappointed but I can’t say I’m surprised. We’ve won several games that could’ve gone either way. I’d rather play a 1 loss Michigan (or similar) team in the Sugar Bowl then get throttled in the playoffs. If we somehow make the playoffs it’s most likely as a 4 seed playing a 1 seed Georgia. I’d rather beat Michigan than have a repeat of today.
Congrats to UGA. Kirby had a great game plan. This loss just shows we’re not there yet. I’ll still take where we are now over where we were 2 years ago. Some of you Dawgs need to act like you’ve been here before cause you have. Yea G money and a few other UT fans were out of touch with reality but most of us understood Vegas knows more than anyone. We need to win out and get to the Sugar Bowl which would be considered an exceptional season.
Eight titties, none in football, we don’t need your support
Assfan your hatred for Tennessee is hilarious. Also in case you forgot we beat that ass this year.
U Bamer fans in bed with Jawja again is comical. Can’t take the fact u got beat by the better team. Oh well. Guess what. I’ve got the whole scene from that win blown up in my man cave and no matter how much you tidal fans whine, 20 years from now, we still won the game.
Bama belle, walk back in the trailer, turn on General Hospital, crack open that Busch light, light up that Newport menthol and call up 9mm. You guys are made for each other.
Nothing she’s said is plausible! She gave up any mercy when she opened with the Tennessee redneck statements. Hey 9mm do you live in the same trailer park as her/him/it?
Billy and belle- you guys should hook up and produce the next waterboy at South Central Louisiana State University. I’m sure your offspring could ride the shorter bus to school and probably work at a chinese sweat factory makin roll tide shirts.
Bama belle. You say you’re a girl but I think that’s a relative statement. Has anyone confirmed your identity in the last 25 years. Trailer park living can add years to your appearance. Also wearing a tube top and wig doesn’t necessarily qualify you as a “girl”. There’s test that have to be done.
Belle you have got to be kidding. Are you his Friday night trailer park hook up. You need to think for yourself. I know the Tuscaloosa public school education didn’t teach rational thinking and leaving school in 10th grade to work at Club Volcano wasn’t your best decision but it’s time to think for yourself. Nick made a mistake. He was angry he got completely out coached by a 2nd year SEC rival. Use your brain
I call BS. Show the Tennessee fans pouring beer on the kid in a wheel chair. Seriously? You should’ve just gone straight for the “Tennessee fans blew up a puppy factory after the game” where does this BS come from?