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There is zero chance Pruitt gets the full 12 million. Worst case scenario he gets a couple million. Add in the buyouts for hiring White and Huepel, assistants, lawyers, etc and we're probably around breaking even, like tidefan suggests. Better to be out 12 million rather than 24 million though. $120k is a drop in the bucket either way. KnoxNews (and SDS by extension) are just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill with this article.
When you avoid a $12 million buyout, what does it matter that you spent $120k on a search firm? KnoxNews gonna KnoxNews.
The Steele hire was Fulmer trying to save himself. We basically lit a million dollars on fire for Fulmer's ego.
Of course the geniuses at SDS share several of Dan Wolken's tweets. The man has had an axe to grind with us since he got exposed trying to run PR for Currie's hire of Schiano. Wolken's opinions are worthless and deserve no exposure.
Tennessee (!!!!) had more than any other school in the East. Too bad we've had a clusterf### of coaches in charge of this talent for that last decade plus.
There *are* fans allowed in the arena. Also, we're #12 in the AP poll, #16 in the coaches poll. And the game was shown on SEC Network+, not ESPN+.
hahaha and they didn't post LSU's away schedule either
Here's your weekly reminder that Dave Hooker is a garbage writer whose opinion about anything related to Tennessee athletics is irrelevant. Saturday Down South should stop wasting their bandwidth and money posting his drivel.
Some people forget this. Never let this sorry excuse for a writer live it down.
Ahhhh it was such a pleasant 10 months or so without Dave Hooker's articles. I'm disappointed in you, SDS.
Why am I not surprised that a bunch of SEC fans can't think more than one step ahead of the present? Good grief, society is so stupid.
March got weird alright. No more basketball.
UK isn't getting *any* Ashton Hagans in March.
Adam writing an article trashing the Vols. What a surprise.
Oskie,we get it, you're a xenophobic boomer. You can shut up now.
I would stay far away from Cleveland as long as the Haslams are in any sort of ownership capacity.