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Agreed. No chance Burrow becomes who is today if he goes to UT anyway.
Apologies if I don't want to continue seeing this fan-fiction writer's hyperbolic garbage on this website. Big picture on why I want him to pump the brakes: We very well could go 6-6 this year, and there should be no reason to be ashamed of that result. Yet this line: "As we all know, success raises expectations. Should UT fans expect to beat some of the ranked teams they’ll play on the schedule? Absolutely." is him laying the groundwork for some garbage article in December talking about how the team fell short of expectations and blah blah blah. And I have no interest in feeding his ego and allowing him to set himself up for that.
It’s easy to have one of the best offenses in the SEC or be “on track” to break records when you have yet to play against a defense with a pulse. Pump the breaks on the hype train for crying out load. I can already see your article headlines after the upcoming Bama and Georgia losses: “Tennessee Offense Dead in the Water” “Fire Heupel”
Amen. It seems like most people in Knoxville have completely forgotten that Kiffin and Orgeron managed to get the football program in pretty hot water with the NCAA in less than a year. No doubt we would have dealt something more serious than probation with the NCAA if Kiffin and his ilk had stayed in town any longer.
Except that's a lie. Neyland sold out 4 years ago (within the last decade) when Georgia came to town. Dave Hooker is a garbage writer who loves spinning these fan-fiction yarns about Tennessee.
I knew who wrote this based solely on the headline. Why is he back?
The twitter account was created this month, has 61 followers, and 19 tweets (mostly trolling poeple in their replies). This isn't a car dealership. Lol
I'm ok with that as long as Heupel hangs at least 1 more point than him
This reads a lot like a Dave Hooker article. Don't tell me you're about to bring that buffoon back to spew his drivel on SDS.
Lol did Adam Spencer come up with this ranking?
Looking forward to hearing DieselNova say Heupel has to keep this guy on the team because "the program needs him"
Not sure which zoomer wrote this article, but Arch's two (2) remaining seasons of high school football are not quite "several" as the author wrote.
Can't wait for this to be selectively enforced against Tennessee in a key moment versus Florida or Kentucky.
This is a trend for some reason. The proposed improvements to Neyland from a few years ago included field-level suites similar to this in the South endzone, and the Falcons' stadium has field-level suites along the sideline as well.
You sound like a miserable waste of human life who can't find joy in anything
I don't know if you've been paying attention to the state legislature lately, but it won't be legal in Tennessee any time soon.
I think you mean Salter screwed himself and the program by being dumb
Rick's seat isn't remotely warm. Sure some of the glue-sniffing, smooth-brains in our fanbase are getting pissy, but those are also the people who didn't pay attention to Tennessee basketball between 2011 and 2017
"Garbage efforts" lmao If "mediocrity" is consistently being ranked and not having to sweat about making the NCAA tournament every year, I'll take it.
"Lord of the Pick Six" got a chuckle out of me. Good work.
Too bad Pat Adams and Doug Shows weren't also at that dinner with Teddy.
There is zero chance Pruitt gets the full 12 million. Worst case scenario he gets a couple million. Add in the buyouts for hiring White and Huepel, assistants, lawyers, etc and we're probably around breaking even, like tidefan suggests. Better to be out 12 million rather than 24 million though. $120k is a drop in the bucket either way. KnoxNews (and SDS by extension) are just trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill with this article.
When you avoid a $12 million buyout, what does it matter that you spent $120k on a search firm? KnoxNews gonna KnoxNews.