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Did Dave Hooker write this article under Hayes' name? This was a very Hooker-esque steaming hot pile of hyperbolic garbage.
Any reasonable Vol fan would agree with your take on the Vols tournament run this year, but I'm sure some of the unreasonables will make themselves known down here in the comments.
Bruce has made it past the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament one time since arriving at Auburn. The same number of times as Barnes since arriving at Tennessee.
How can you lead off the article saying "Barnes has the team to make a deep run" and follow it up acknowledging the fact that our point guard is out with a torn ACL. Barnes, in fact, does not have the team to make a deep run at this point. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
I should have known you were one of *those* eggheads in favor of eliminating the kickoff. What a buffoon.
Can't say I blame him. I would sit on the bench for $7 million too
Hyatt isn't going to win the Biletnikof, and that should be Vol fans' final reason to stop ever caring about college football awards.
Expectations were 8-4. If you offered 10-2 to a Vol fan in August they would've taken that in a heartbeat.
Preach it Mark. Those upset about the late TD are likely the same folks who sit silently with their arms crossed the entire game.
How does anyone take Cowherd seriously? He talked himself in circles with his playoff ranking argument.
Lmao get bent, Matt. Nice stealth edit of your UT/UK faux pas
You boob. The google machine is right there at your fingertips to verify the outcome of last year's game.
Why do I have a feeling that KPD is going to keep dragging their feet on the McCollough situation? Don't count on him anytime soon.
Every week I'm baffled at how the tongue-in-cheek nature of the "Fearless Prediction" flies over the heads of so many readers.
They're cleats. Who tf cares about cleats? As long as the players are comfortable in them I don't care what color they are.
Say we beat Bama and then Georgia whoops us, Bama wins out after us, UGA goes undefeated. Those 2 teams are locks for the CFP. Nobody in the selection committee is going to pick us as a 3rd SEC team who just got whooped and missed the conference championship game over an undefeated or 1 loss team from another P5 conference who made it to (or won) their conference championship game.
I still don't understand this line of thinking. If we only beat UGA our path to the playoff is completely within our control. If we only beat Bama we are dependent on Clemson, Michigan, and USC imploding if we want to sniff the playoff.
Also, in this day and age who drunkenly stumbles into another person's home and then tells the visibly angry person whose home you just trespassed to "not be a d*ck about it"?
Did you warm up and stretch before making such a huge reach? Wouldn't want you to pull a muscle
You have a limitless wealth of information at your fingertips, merely a few keystrokes away. Yet here you are insisting that Tennessee and LSU didn't play each other a few days after Hurricane Rita made landfall in 2005? What a dunce.
Am I having a stroke or does the next to last sentence make no sense?
So when Amari's teammates start "cramping" every other play early in the 2nd quarter it will be due to the scorching hot 80 degree Knoxville heat and not at all due to the "very good game plan" that Amari is referencing?
Meanwhile in the real world, where boomer baseball opinions don't matter, Vaughn Grissom had a wonderful bat flip after launching his first MLB hit over the green monster.
Lmao Dave Hooker. Can't wait to read his hyperbolic nonsense articles on here once the season gets going.