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Why am I not surprised that a bunch of SEC fans can't think more than one step ahead of the present? Good grief, society is so stupid.
March got weird alright. No more basketball.
UK isn't getting *any* Ashton Hagans in March.
Adam writing an article trashing the Vols. What a surprise.
Oskie,we get it, you're a xenophobic boomer. You can shut up now.
I would stay far away from Cleveland as long as the Haslams are in any sort of ownership capacity.
Ah yes, let's act as if Tennessee has been flopping all year and attribute Tennessee's woes to Pons's first flop of the season.
Weekly reminder that Dave Hooker is a bumbling fool
But O'Gara says “He showed that he can establish a brand that’s more than just gasoline on a message board fire.” This is gasoline on Twitter and I'm here for the show.
"He showed that he can establish a brand that’s more than just gasoline on a message board fire." No, I'm pretty sure that's still his brand. He just seems to be more judicious with when he adds gasoline to the fire. I'm looking forward to playing Ole Miss in Knoxville in a couple seasons.
Slow starts from a Cuonzo Martin coached team? Hmm, where have I seen this before?
Funny how the bulk of the article revolves around Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher, yet the only post about it on SDS is centered on the few paragraphs dedicated to Tennessee.
Ok? This doesn't disprove anything. NFL Next Gen Stats provides what I'm looking for (Completed Air Yards), but I'm having trouble finding the same thing at the college level. What I'm getting at is it seems like Chaney has realized JG can't throw the ball more than a couple yards, so his playcalling has adjusted to that. Throwing out a 60+% completion rate is nice and all, but is a bit disingenuous when you realize most of these passes are short dump offs.
Again, that includes a 5 yard "flight" with the receiver running 20 yards after the catch. I want to see how far his completed passes are actually going in the air because, anecdotally, he has struggled leading his receivers on longer passes.
That completion percentage for JG looks nice, but how many of those passes were under 10 yards? By that I mean how far did the ball fly in the air. I don't care how far the receiver ran with it after he caught it.
All these video clips and not one shows the entire play. To be clear, Garrett certainly shouldn't play another down this season, but come on guys. You have to show the entire play to see that Rudolph isn't innocent of any wrongdoing himself.