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The reality is Mizzou has always been and always will be an afterthought football program. I know it hurts to hear the truth but unlike you university, there's no safe space from the truth in real life.
LOL I'm sure you're right. I mean the head coach probably has no idea about his newly after QB... And yes Tigger fans. Y'all have beaten us. You came to the SEC during a historical low point in our program. But unlike those like Mizzou, KY, Andy etc. UT will be back soon. So enjoy the wins while you get them. And the thing is, we all know I'm right.
Finally a smart statement by a gator. I agree completely.
So are you under the impression that Denver coaches have only worked with Lock for 2 days? Do you really think that's what the HC based his opinion on? And as far as "other praising" what does that have to do with anything? The list of QB's praised by media members as a rookie who flat out bombed in the NFL is long and historic. I have a tendency to believe the coaches over the idiot reporters and delusional fans. Lock will be a career backup. It's a great way to make a living and he will be a rich young man if he's smart with his $. Yes he will get a chance to start and maybe even get a full season under his resume but he will have the overwhelming majority of his time in the NFL holding a clipboard.
LOL I laugh at all delusional people not just you Tigger fans. And you're wrong. Head coaches do call out players. The thing is he was asked and he answered in a blunt manner. The best QB in Tigger history will be a career backup and y'all are so delusional you make idiotic comments and those comments must be laughed at.
Let's see if I've got this straight. In the eyes of Mizzou fans. The NFL GM's were all wrong and stupid for not taking Lock in the first round. Adam (SDS "writer) went so far as to say Lock was being treated unfair. Now Mizzou fans say the coaches who are actually working with the guy are dumb... as well as all of us outside Tigger land who saw this scenario... Yep, Tigger fans y'all aren't delusional AT ALL LOL The career clipboard holder is ther best ever! Right?
Very sad. He was bigger than life and so much fun to watch. I was hoping and praying he'd beat this. Farewell big fella and may his family and Big Blue nation find peace.
Chavis is the best LB coach in the business. Even your backups will be better than last year by a good margin. Not to mention your DB's will be better too.
The LB play will be a lot better this year. Hide and watch.
He didn't want to do what was asked on the court. That's why we went after Blackshear when we had 13 already on scholly.
It's been a smaller hit on us than other schools.
Adam is the typical "safe space U" fan/grad. They want to matter so much but never have and never will. They were afterthoughts in the Big12 and they're afterthoughts in the SEC. Remember the "NFL is unfair to Drew Locke" crying Adam did after the draft? It was true comedy.
She's very solid. But it will be hard at first. Maybe for a long time. I wish her the best. Also I don't think this is a "feel good" hire by Boston. I think she's that good.
Idiot fans can discount what's going on in Ktown. But I guarantee you opposing coaches see it and they know "it's coming". Welcome to Big Orange young man, we're honored to have you.
LOL I'm sure the leg humpers didn't want him so they recruited the heck out of him and offered him... that makes sense.
I don't claim to know Hollomans situation. But I have watched in sports and in life the affects of society downplaying the importance of fathers in children's lives. Kids need daddys too, that's how they learn to be a man.
But jarhead he got those stats in the MAC. Huge difference. Maybe he will be fine. But I wouldn't bet on it.
No UT fan on EARTH will be surprised to see a negative column by Hooker. It's what he does no matter what. If the column is by Hooker about UT you can assure it will be negative.
LoL what production did UT lose at all? And I didn't say UT WOULD beat SC, you fools called it a heavy fav for SC or that there's no reason to think a loss to UT. A FG at your place under a first year coach ... UT will be better, much better.
You might want to check UT injury list last year too. And you did lose quite a bit of production compared to us. And yes there is a very real possibility that UT wins that game. To think otherwise is just dumb Fandom.
What? Y'all squeaked by us last year by a FG AT your stadium. Let's not act like you blew us out. The game will be less than a TD and depending on how the season goes either could be the favorite. Remember, UT didn't lose as much production as y'all on either side of the ball. We will be significantly better.
You most certainly won't be HEAVY favorites over UT. Good grief.
Youre not insensitive, you have a sense of humor.
Far from a Clemson fan here. But dang society is sensitive. I'm so sick of every little word hurting people feelings. Good joke Dabo
My guess is it's Adam "Safe space U" on the lookout for posts that will hurt feelings.
SDS is clearly editing or deleting posts.
My guess is 10 more years of "Not Smart" getting y'all close and then you fire him like you did his predecessor.
Fuzz this is a different world than we had the past several years around the complex. We won't win 10 games but the ground work is set and the trajectory is up. It's coming