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Actually Fuzzy Spurrier turned them in first. Then Houston Nutt then Fulmer confirmed it. But you're right, don't cheat and all is good.
No Clausen, your the one doing the crazy talk. Pruitt will have plenty of time to prove himself. Jones got 5 years! And no fool, we haven't forgotten the realities of Jones and Vince and Babrbs baby boy either. What is fun to watch however is the nervousness you, your fellow leg humpers and other fans since the Pruitt hire. LOL
Only time will tell. But fans are tired of cliche's and coach speak so he will have an extended honeymoon. But he has to win for sure.
I guess you don't remember all the whipping bammer took from Fulmer coached teams...
Fulmer is an asset for Pruitt so keeping him in his "lane" is not necessary. And Fulmer's job is to keep Haslam in his lane and as we saw he can do that in spades.
It appears he got the message of "thanks but no thanks". Good luck young man.
You georgia BOYS seem a little worried. Just think, as bad as UT has been we still found a way to beat y'all back to back with Jones... even your savior Kirby at the helm... LOL
Go hump a leg legendinyourownmind. If you don't see serious hypocrisy in Kirby's stance then your an idiot.Or maybe you don't know what the word hypocrisy Means. If that's the case then my bad.
Hopefully the kids doing the bullying will learn from this as well as other kids at the school.
Hang in there young man and keep your chin up. I'm proud of Tyler and the others for taking the step and showing that this kind of behavior isn't cool. Hopefully the kids doing the bullying will learn from this as well.
Conductor I have to disagree with you. No one on earth would care enough to put him on watch.
So you think all those kids will forget how to play football? Most of those returning are upperclassmen. The the column was about which coach will have long term success then ok. But for next year it is no question Moorehead is walking into the best situation.
What's awkward? The fact y'all went from a coach that looked like a Donkey to a coach that looks like Cousin Eddie?
How do you know he was passed over? There are a ton of reasons Pruitt went with Helton. Just because Tee (who I've met and really like) isn't coming to UT doesn't mean there's an issue. He needs to do what's right for HIM and his family first. And if he and Pruitt were not a good fit then so be it. No hard feelings. Unlike fans this is a business decision for him.
Once again UGAarmyret you're wrong. Pruitt will be at UT until the dead period. He's recruiting for UT now. At first I figured the RET in your name meant retired. I've come to realize RET stands for "Retard".
Ddawg you're exactly right. But Crist has no clue about the SEC or football in general. He spends his time trying to be a smart a$$.
Moorehead is taking over a team that brings back almost everyone on a team that almost beat bammer. A stud QB and a defense that was pretty nasty and that defense should be even be better this year. I couldn't disagree more with you bayou Tigger.
Crist again you show your ignorance. Without question Moorehead is walking into the best situation for next year. Do yourself a favor and hire yourself a personal tutor who actually know SEC football. Miss State is bringing back almost everyone. You never fail to show your ignorance.
Stategrad your just ignorant on facts. Mullen is a QB guru and help win national titles. The ONLY things they have in common is OC title and MSU HC.
Pruitt was NOT turned down by MSU. I get you want to think that to make your miserable existence tolerable. But it just isn't true.
Those spankings Fulmer put on your toothless cult nation still sting huh? LOL
So blep you think he's an upgrade over cousin Eddie?
No other choice? Weagle that's just a dumb statement.
You show pure ignorance. Instead of "justaguy" maybe you should change it to "justadork".
No one wanted the job at UT? After Schiano Brohm and Leach wanted the job publicly... once the Currie fiasco was settled we got a very, very good coach in less than a week... but no one wanted the job?