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Get ready for a great year Big Fella! Glad you're staying
This the same guys analysis that said UT had a "tough" 24 point win against Mizzou at their empty house.
Darn it aubie I probably messed you up again. I didn't meat UT actually used a boat to "boat race" Mizzou. It's an expression that UT beat his tiggers by a very large margin.
Not a mom joke at all. I said have HER explain it to you. And again read the post. Clearly the remark was referencing Adam calling the win at Mizzou a "tough" win. We boat raced them. You should really get help with your reading comprehension.
Reading comprehension is crucial aubie. Try reading what I wrote again but this time slower or get you mom to explain it to you.
I bet Alexander, Bone and Bowden wouldn't call it a tough game... and Grant obviously wasn't really needed and UT still boat raced your tiggers.
Stings looking up at UT in Basketball doesn't it little fella... poor BlackandGold
LOL at you Adam. You said it wasn't easy for UT to win at Floriduhhh and Mizzou? Just how hard was it for UT to BLOW MIZZOU OUT?
Coach isn't worried. He knows what Jack legs turd fans are. He said what he needed to say. This team has already forgotten it and has pork on their minds now. To be blunt, floriduh doesn't matter.
But, but, but Kirby is awesome and everyone wants to coach at UGA.... Like I said, it will be fun to watch in a very short few years...
You might wanna check what some recruits are saying there moron.
You think Chaney is hurting for $? Maybe he sees the writing on the wall from the inside and saw a great opportunity to join a coach he knows, trusts and pick up a little more jingle to boot.
How many players have y'all lost in the past few days to transfer and bailing early for NFL and coaches too? Will that have an impact on national signing day???? Who knows but I can guarantee you it won't help.
It's going to be really fun in a few years when Kirby is back fetching coffee and little Debbie's for Lil Nicky again and you leghumpers telling us once again how great your new coach is.
Tonto you should have stopped you question to him at "do you have a clue". And the answer is no, no he doesn't.
So do I. Smart couldn't control Kiff like Saban did and he'd destroy the program.
You could say the EXACT same thing about UGA fans and Jim Chaney. LOL
You not liking the hire and talking trash makes me like the hire even better.
Again PC717 I will say, only you leg humpers think this is bad for UT and good for y'all. Fact is uGA DID offer him an extension. You can whine all you want but the reality is Fulmer has nailed UGA again. He owned bot UGA and bammer as a coach and now in a short 13 months took hammers DC and UGA's OC. I bet y'all really hate that guy huh? LOL
He was not you idiot. UGA wanted him to stay and offered an extension. Funny how just about everyone thinks this was a great hire by Pruitt EXCEPT you leg humpers.
They offered him an extension and a raise. How much they were willing to give is an opinion by you and some reporters. Media members have known for a while that he and Kirby have had issues. He chose a great opportunity and will do a solid job at UT.
Again I ask you Mr leghumper fan. Why did UGA offer him a HUGE raise to stay? I'll hang up and listen...
Hey fool. UGA offered him a big raise to stay. Soooooooooo duh
Vol fans were not happy that Jones didn't keep Chaney. Nice try
He will call fake punts too... right leg bumper?