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Until further notice... Tennessee is a basketball school.
bammer Beat the hell out of a team that routed us. They knocked the hell our of Stetson B and will do the same to whatever QB we play.
Our Dline is FAR from perfect and actually less than good. I have no issue firing Brumbaugh but unless our OLINE coach, WR's coach (yes I love Tee) and QB coach gets things right quickly, they need to go too.
Starting Bailey for the first time against bammer would be dumb. This season is done and even Peyton Manning wouldn't beat bammer with the current surrounding cast of players. Take our lumps this week and start him next week. No need in getting a frosh hurt physically or psychologically.
Idiot. If you knew anything about football you would know the answer. UGA has more talent 2 and 3 deep than we do period. We are a class or 2 away from having the kind of depth we need. Anyone who doesn't think thei UT team is light years better than last year or the year before is dumb as a bammer. Oh that's right...
No by himself he won't. But he has help...
LOL thank you for once again showing how dumb you jort wearing inbreds are. Now get off your sister and get back to picking up aluminum cans.
And Joe Cocks always right negative about UT. Thus my point.
His score prediction is ludicrous. Very bad things have to happen for either team to reach 30 pts. Anyone with a brain stem sees this as a tough defensive low scoring game. Yes on paper the leghumpers should win. But Kirby has a way of making dumb in game decisions.
What a surprise Joe Cocks has no respect for UT. I'm guessing a Tennessee guy stole your lunch money and your girlfriend in the past. Another trash article by dumb Joe.
LOL does that include the SC team that beat UGA? You can take all the comfort you want in beating a trash AUB team if you want. But the speculation by you, other UGA fans and many in the media that beating a terrible AUB proves UGA is a juggernaut is absurd. UGA very well may win Saturday and on paper they should win handily. But deep down you and all other leghumper U fans know Kirby is capable of making stupid in game decisions.
Struggled against an Arky team that at the start of your game had lost 19 straight SEC games and then beat a garbage team named Auburn. This will be the best team either school has faced by a very large margin.
I agree neither has faced a good team. But I'd rank SC better than Arky and Mizzou and Aub are equivalent.
AUB is trash this year, period. Not good on offense or defense. Anyone who says different doesn't know a thing about football. So we don't know yet what UGA has or doesn't have yet. Should they beat UT? On paper yes but Kirby is known to make boneheaded decisions during big games. So I am not counting UT out.
For all of his "shortcomings" JG does one thing very, very well. He doesn't throw pics very much at all. This will be a very good game and barring some crazy stuff happening neither team will score much. Low scoring slugfest
Grove= overrated starkVegas = underrated both for football and baseball.
LBM, one of my best friends is a State grad LOL and he told me that exact thing last night. Love the game experience in StarkVegas. GO Dawgs
Exactly how we should all feel about this. In a year where ZERO players lose a year of eligibility, it would be insane to not LET ALL play immediately. Period
LOL a bammer claiming other schools getting preferential treatment... that's so funny
Fuzz that's not an excuse. They've had time and had practice. UT should win this game comfortably.