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Even if you hate UT, you should join me in praying for Trey. He is a VERY high quality young man and is everything good about college athletes. Get well Trey, we will keep praying.
We've had both coaches... y'all can keep Bruce. We liked him and appreciate his efforts. But we've upgraded. Now to a more pressing issue for y'all... pick One mascot so we know what to call y'all. Good grief
Sent T, calling you an idiot is about as obvious as calling water wet... Texas fans would KILL to trade back for Barnes right now.
Oh make no mistake foolish blue boy. We enjoy it but it's even more enjoyable when we stomp y'alls a$$e$
As a bammer you definitely know your trash. Experts in the field you are.
UT had many opportunities to close that game out and pull away but they didn't. They took rush shots, bad passes and missed free throws. When you play a God team and don't stay in your game and press your OWN game you lose. This is not the fault of the refs. The only question remaining is can UT get that "edge" back that they've shown most of the year.
It didn't matter who UT lost to. They were going to fall furthere than other teams in that spot fell and we all knew it was coming. Duke was #1 and lost to an unranked team and didn't fall as far as we did losing to a top 5 team. It's OK though and I'm sure the players see this and it will remind them what they have to do.
Why keep bringing up UT then? He does it often so obviously there's an issue. Truth is he's had a boned for UT since we refused to change our offensive scheme for him as a player. And he's never gotten over it.
Anyone who is surprised by this poll is foolish. UT loses twice (both times to top 5 opponents on the road) and drops 4 spots. Others ahead of UT lose twice (unranked opponents) and barely move... I have no issue with this and it will show the good guys in Orange that all the praise (chuckling of course) they received prior was simple lip service.
Recognized by the team leaders and will be fixed. Making no excuses but owning what happened. Good job men, now get it fixed.
Fuzzy it’s a game, 1 GAME. When Duke lost to unranked Syracuse how many people acted like it was the end for Duke? It wasn’t the end for them and it dang sure isn’t the end for UT. They had a bad game and KY played the best they’ve played all year. Just wait and see what happens after these kids listen to all the “experts” call them overrated etc. Add to that just wait and see how far they drop UT after a loss following 19 wins.
The season is over for UT.... I mean they have 2 losses to top 5 teams AWAY from home... I mean if a team has losses to unranked teams that's OK right? If any of you think this is the end of this team of that was the real UT then you're in for a rude awaking.
Go to a practice at any legit football school and you will see the HC getting involved in every area but especially in the area they specialize in. So yes, he will be involved heavily just like Saban, Sweeney et al
Quantrill, you struggle in life don't ya. Things come harder for you... Ok let me type this again for you. I stated that (now pay close attention here) the only reason he'd point out a team individually is because he has concerns. If he had no concerns he wouldn't bother making a big deal out of it. I typed it slower for you, hope that helps clear it up for you.
No Iowavol, he's worried about UT or he wouldn't mention us. If there wAs no concern he wouldn't care what we did.
Actually the ONLY reason he'd mention UT is he feels the pressure of UT's recruitment. If he didn't think they maybe gaining traction he wouldn't bother to comment on UT. Apparently there's some worry on his end.... You don't talk about teams you're not worried about.
Was not a solid performance at all. Was sloppy all around. The players overcame their sloppiness but it was far from rock solid.
I bet Saban and Smart look at this crybaby and say "really dude, we deal with schools trying to poach our players and coaches every year. So quit crying and be better at cheating".
Uhhhhhhhh Double D I don't recall anyone saying otherwise. You may wanna re-read the posts...