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LSU wins by at least 10. I watched UT offensive line push bammer. There's NO WAY we would push LSU. Both are very good teams. But LSU is better this year.
Hey SDS. You need to put Butch Jones articles under the bammer side of this site. He's a bammer staffer for 2 years now. So please leave him off UT side.
Mythic, you sir are garbage. He's a kid who tried to make a play. It was a bonehead decision but to say you "really, really hate" him is pure trash. I would say you should be ashamed but I doubt you have any shame. Now do the world a favor and go play in traffic.
I wouldn't call it a cheap shot at all. Listen to when the whistle blew and look how the RB shifted as DB came flying in to make the tackle. Replay and slow motion video is completely different than full speed play.
Bold predictions... UT shocks the world. That's a Bold prediction Joe.
Dirty happens in many schools. And the fake outrage when people see it is hilarious.
I have to laugh at the "holier than thou" fans from UF and especially UGA. Hey leghumper fans, where was your "outrage" at "Kublanow" for his dirty shot that DID hurt Shy Tuttle and end his season and damaged his NFL career? Not a peep from y'all and to top it off y'all put his dirty playing a$$ picture once the ticket for the next year's UT game. So save your fake righteous indignation about a "dirty" player.
You're exactly right. DA Dave is a fool of the highest order. Having him on staff hurts the legitimacy of SDS. He brings the other writers down along with the site. Hopefully he will be gone from this and any other site/publication soon.
DA Dave Hooker, the ONLY person dumb enough to talk about Fulmer taking over for Pruitt is you. SDS should be rid of you asap.
How on earth is DA Dave Hooker still employed. You are so, so bad at your job. EVERYONE new the young QB's were going in to get some live playing time for experience. Period. The score was 28-0 and the game was clearly in control. Also your "coup for the coaching job" conspiracy is so idiotic SDS should be ashamed to have you on staff. My goodness you're so horrible at your job.
Fuzz what was refreshing about DA Dave's column? The coaches were exactly decisive which is the total opposite of what the fool wrote. He is the Butch Jones of sports media. He should be relegated to being an intern.
There was no indecision fool. The coaches told the team and the media (I guess they only told true journalists) they were gonna play the 2 youngsters on series 3 and so on. Hooker you're absolutely horrible at your job.
LOL because floriduh and Mullen have a great record of discipline! Right? LOL
And anyone is even more insane if they think Fulmer wants to coach again. This I $h!t stirring of the lowest order. This is worse than an Onion article.
There is not a lick of truth to this and no, he didn't Stan Majors in the back and Currie killed himself just as coach Majors killed himself. Just because idiotic bammer fans and uninformed (and don't want to be may I add) "media reporters" say things that doesn't make it so. Trust me, Fuller does NOT want to be coach anywhere anymore. This is pure garbage by a garbage "reporter/journalist".
This is bad even for you DA Dave. Good grief. I am convinced more than ever that a UT fan stole your girlfriend and took you lunch money growing up. You are horrible
Unless a police report is filed, restraining orders are not easily found. My guess is the reporter was tipped off by someone.
Cclausen72 is a leghummperU fan. Not a UT fans so he isn't happy about this decision. Suck it up buttercup.
Cockyfan 97 what "red flags"? The ONLY reason SC backed off is because they thought he wouldn't qualify. Period. Nothing more to it. There were ZERO character issues with him in the least. It was purely grades.
Lex that's not true. SC and others dropped off due to concerns over bullying with grades. He pulled them up and qualified. There were no "character" concerns on him from any school.
Nashgator, you can be defensive and say all you want but you're just wrong. If you're an honest fan of UF you're worried after watching that last night and that has nothing to do with other teams. It's just reality. Can UF get better? Absolutely and I suspect they will. But last night was horrible and the entire world was watching.
You're exactly right. I was surprised by UF tonight. Not what I was expecting at all. Franks was outplayed by the RS Frosh of Miami tonight. The line was bad, real bad. The line looked like ours the past couple years and that surprised me the most. Unless this game was an anomaly UF is in for a long season.
OLine and depth are legit concerns. The other 3 you list are either ridiculous or iffy concerns at best. But those first 2 are serious issues that have to be figured out for any chance of success.
No leader? Seriously? Have you paid any attention at all? Clearly JG is the team leader. It's as obvious as can be to anyone with any sense ... oops I guess I answered my own question didn't I?
Trey may is one of my favorite people all time. Super quality person I pray he gets healthy enough to play for HIS sake most of all. If he never plays another down he will still be one of my all time favorites. Truly good guy.
Hey D.A. Dave Hooker. What was JG's completion % and INT's last season? Look it up fool and you will see accuracy isn't an issue for him.