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Nossant read my post again. I made no excuse for the behavior. I clearly pointed out the hypocrisy of dumb Joe. I will admit he's not as bad as Pete Thamel but he's in the group of "journalists" who go way overboard selectively. This just happened a couple years ago AT OLE MISS. There was no "SEC has to make an example" type of talk by his hypocritical self or by any of his colleagues. Throwing garbage on the field has happened a bunch of times. It's never acceptable but to act like this is a "whole new low" is idiotic at best.
Actually #1 on the list should be SEC officials.
What an idiot tide fan. Where did I say anything REMOTELY close to that. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of Joe Cox. He's not the only one in media "clutching their pearls" and acting like this is the worst thing ever and has never been seen before. Now go kiss your sister bammer before your toothless inbred brother beats you to her.
Yep UT fans are the ONLY SEC fans to throw garbage right Joe? I mean... uh psst Joe 2019 when Grant Williams made a layup to beat Ole Miss their fans threw garbage onto the court. I don't recall all the hand wringing and chest clutching by you or the rest of the "sports world" experts. Give me a break. It was dumb that a VERY small (less than 1 percent) of fans threw garbage. But let's not act like it's new.
That fumble gaff was a game changer and to deny that is foolish. Y'all were given a gift today multiple times.
I'm not an Arkansas fan at all. But they seem to get screwed more than any team in the SEC. not just against AUB either. I remember one time an entire officiating crew was suspended after screwing Arkansas against UF.
Looking at the list of games after a loss... almost all were much, much lesser teams they beat the next week. So this stat alone is misleading. Now will they beat state? Of course but they'd have beaten state had they trounced ATM. Another "Great Take" by Hooker.
I wouldn't be trying to serve Crow to anyone after beating 2 bad teams.
Balkwyll I totally agree. That girl wasn't even looking at him. She was just trying to join the crowd. Most likely she didn't even know it was Saban. Overreaction by the security detail.
Fuzz it just doesn't make sense to do it in this particular game
80 in the stands is not 80 on the field. This is idiotic to do on a day game. Period
Heupel is an IDIOT!!! Put our players in BLACK for a noon start? He's a fool
Haha Gainesville is neck Capitol. Period
Phil I've been to Gainesville and every other SEC town. Gainesville is "neckville" more than any other. Yes even more so than StarkVegas
So the geographical area bothered you... the redneck part had no effect. Kudos for living in reality.
No way the score is that close. The pandhandle rednecks will score as much and as often as cousin Eddie wants. Plus we will be lucky to score 10 and that will most likely be in garbage time. Makes me sick to see how far we've fallen.
How stupid! Milton only has 2 things in common with Fields. They play the same position and they're both black. Fields is a top notch QB and is playing NFL. Milton is nowhere near the caliber of QB as Fields. More proof Murray is an idiot
I hear ya. But if I was betting I'd take the Bluenecks.
truevol that may be the case. But it really doesn't matter. He won't be our coach long and good players know that. Our recruiting will falter after we lose 6 of our next 7 and very likely lose 7 of our next 7 games.
Sooooooo, tell us all the great running QB's Heupel had at Mizzou and UCF? Please let us know. Also the big talk about Heupel is that he adjusts his offense to personnel... Heupel is a fraud, plain and simple and in a couple more years we will once again be looking for a new coach.
The pandhandle rednecks will beat us by as much as Mullen wants.
Very miss leading with Bailey's stats. He was 3 of 8 but had 3 drops that were on target. Plus he was playing with the scrubs.
I hope you're right Braves. But I don't see it. We struggled running against Tenn tech! The team that beat us last week lost to Western Michigan AT HOME. We very likely will lose 7 straight.
And the mighty Pitt Panthers joked great didn't they?!?
He played in garbage time once we were up 49-0. He was playing with kids so far down the depth chart all of us in the stadium had to use our programs to know who they were. He did ok. Had several drops. Threw the best deep ball any QB has thrown for us all season but of course it was dropped. We have a garbage coach yet again and we are most likely about to lose 7 straight games. I know, I know I'm a troll blah blah blah but in everyones heart of hearts they know I'm right. Hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am. We couldn't get a push on TTU in order to run the ball much at all. We are in for a very long season and it starts next week.
I thought he was a subpar coach when he was rumored to be lead candidate. His record at UCF showed it and now his coaching here shows it.
Hope Springs eternal with new coaching hires. But some of us were underwhelmed by the hire. He inherited a good team at UCF and the record at UCF only got worse under his leadership.