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LOL really? Boxster you're a funny guy. If you want to say JP is an unknown as a HC then ok. But only a huge fool would question the staff JP has put together.
Not pointless at all, it's accuracy since the coaches that misused the players are gone.
And just think legend as bad as we have been we've beaten your UGA butt 2 of the last 3 years. And the players on your last national title team is now eligible for Medicare. Your best season in literally generations still came up short. I would tell you to act like you've been there before but the sad truth is that you haven't.
The Vols didn't misuse Kelly or Kamara. The coach did. Your sentence structure should read as such. But hey, when has SDS cared about accuracy...
RG is a very good coach and recruiter. It's hard to stay where your HC was fired. When another opportunity comes up they often jump at it. Coaches are paid "assassin's" if you will. Leaving for a better deal is what they do.
You should be used to it by now dawgdayz. Poor UGA always comes up short, even in their best year in 30 odd years lol
UGA=Bridesmaid University. But that's only in the small amount of time historically they were descent.Maybe Silver medal U?
Ignore the leg humper walrus. They had a good year for the first time in their lives (and still came up short) and now they act as if they're the be all end all. UGA fans have no class at all. And your post is exactly right. A punter can be very important.
LOL bad idea? Let's see, the largest crowd EVER and over whelping majority of us had a blast.
Double O you not only found a better party, but you're also not a POS like the cry baby you responded too.
So Keith, SDS runs a story 1 day ago about how Taylor-Stuart is high on UT and has scheduled his FINAL visit for UT but you don't have UT "in the mix". LOL
Mayfield will be successful in the league. Very successful
Adam you should "write" for CNN.com. Your misleading headlines and bs "columns" would fit right in with them. In the presser Pruitt talked about how long they've been friends. Only an idiot would think there is or will be a problem. And congrats on being a Crist clone, you're doing a great job of being as idiotic as him.
Hey dumb ars Goblue22 it's not UT fans whining in this story. It's the idiot leg humper fans.
And one more thing, how about him showing some class unlike your dbag defender yelling at him after a double OT game. Like UGA trounced them or something. LOLAnd before any of you fools say anything, I don't give a rats a$$ about OU or Mayfield. Just pointing out reality.
Not sure if you leg humpers actually watched the Rose Bowl... but UGA didn't win BECAUSE of Fromm. The RB's and defense won that game. He didn't make a lot of mistakes but by no means is the win BECAUSE of him.
Oklahoma has seen defenses closer to UGA's defense than UGA has seen offenses close to Oklahoma's. Ohio State would warn you about that if you asked them.
Was Saban not coaching last year? Double duche?
Just wait and see. My prediction has nothing to do with me strongly disliking bammer. Just the way I see it. If you don't think Clemson is a good team and very well balanced then you're a fool.But then again you're a bammer so I guess that goes without saying.
I don't care who wins foolish Matt
Clemson beats Bammer then trounced Oklahoma in the final. Close game but Clemson is the most well balanced team in the country.
Oklahoma will pull away in the 4th. Will be a close game until then. UGA may even lead until the 4th. But Mayfield is to much in the 4th qtr.