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That’s right… no need to worry about little old Tennessee… lol
I almost asked your logic oskie… then I realized it was you and thus logic wasn’t part of the process for you. My bad
You sir are a special kind dense. The judge essentially stated he giving a short term stay for an execution while the paint in the execution room dries… the NCAA is going to lose and lose hard. The ruling is “one week does not cause irreparable harm before I drop the hammer on NCAA”
Yes sir he is/was. But he’s an even better person.
Sampson limited his touches because he either couldn’t pick up his blocking assignments or wouldn’t. He wasn’t limited for any other reason.
Hate to agree with a leghumper but I agree. He should be 3rd.
Well your cheating coach wanted him bad. Try and deny it but it’s fact!
Makes you wonder why Michigan recruited him if he’s so bad… lol
I cannot imagine bammer money people wanting a smart mouth like Kiffin. He doesn’t fit the mold
The blue hairs with the tide cash will not want a smart mouth like Kiffin.
Is anyone shocked Pruitt made a bad decision? But Penix is very lucky he didn’t play for that gump fool. Good luck Mike and beat the meeeshigan wolverines.
He is showing a lot more class than his teammates and coaches.
Y’all’s true freshman making his career first start? Leghumpers never disappoint
LOL! What an absurd take. He ran the plays called. His teammates LOVE HIM. But I don’t expect knowledge of football from a Candy fan.
gatorboy you have to be an i dio t to not be impressed how a true freshman made his first career start in a bowl game and managed the game like a multi-year starter. His decision making and accuracy was extremely impressive. Now, I said in an earlier post in another column that we shouldn’t make to much regardless of the game. But an honest assessment of his play says he’s special. I guarantee you coaches that we play next season shook their collective heads.
I always get a good laugh when I hear bammers calling others cheaters.
He was giving Moore a chance to score a td in his career. Nothing else dbag.
Let’s slow the roll guys. It’s not even a full half of his first game.
I expect nothing less from a fan base who knows nothing about winning. Enjoy it, y’all peaked.
You spell about as well as you think. !diot
Great win? Struggling against a depleted tOSU? LOL Drinkschytz it this years Beamer.
I think that’s a fair assessment gator boy. We saw last night with OU’s young stud. Top notch young QB’s are used to being the best player on the field by a good margin in High School and get themselves into trouble. Hopefully Nico will keep his head and understand that a punt in this game is by no means a bad thing. One thing is for sure, this most likely will not be the most entertaining game of the bowl season lol.