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I think the wheels are coming off USC quickly and theirs a better chance UT loses to KY (and you know how rare that happens) than long to USC.
In fact, the only SEC win I feel comfortable giving USC right now is Vandy.
So let me see if I understand your logic on the QB situation. UT gets every QB back while adding H Bailey (a kid every school in the nation wanted) and our situation in the QB room is worse? Chris Wright must be the pen name for Dave Hooker
Knee crippling injuries come from cheap shots by UGA Olinemen
I'm not counting Clemson out at all. I think them having a close game with tOSU was a good thing for them. They are LOADED with talent and that talent got a wake up call. Plus after LSU dispatched OU like a scrimmage, the experts will make Clemson underdogs. Beware LSU
What a surprise, Joe Cocks picks UT to lose. LOL
In fact profit sharing was a huge factor in ATM leaving the Big 12.
You need too. The SEC started profit sharing years ago to help school like KY and Vandy get bowl $ too. Now playoff teams get a little more but in the grand scheme of things even they don't get a ton more than the Kentucky's and vandy's of the world.
You're not very smart are ya? Payout doesn't matter. The SEC teams split bowl revenue. Now get back to basketball and leave football to the adults.
JJ clearly didn't step on the kid on purpose. He wasn't even looking in the guys direction and was turning to walk away. This is major overkill.
Maybe he wants to be Lincoln Riley's next QB project...
While I agree broken rebel hearts are great. The most beautiful site on earth is broken bammer hearts.
Go to hell ole piss. Can't stand them. The grove is overrated and their fans are insufferable. State fans are true Southern while ole piss fans act like they're "above" the south. Great win Bully.
All of the idiotic "Retirement Rick" fools are quiet huh? LOL I love it.
LSU wins by at least 10. I watched UT offensive line push bammer. There's NO WAY we would push LSU. Both are very good teams. But LSU is better this year.
Hey SDS. You need to put Butch Jones articles under the bammer side of this site. He's a bammer staffer for 2 years now. So please leave him off UT side.
Mythic, you sir are garbage. He's a kid who tried to make a play. It was a bonehead decision but to say you "really, really hate" him is pure trash. I would say you should be ashamed but I doubt you have any shame. Now do the world a favor and go play in traffic.
I wouldn't call it a cheap shot at all. Listen to when the whistle blew and look how the RB shifted as DB came flying in to make the tackle. Replay and slow motion video is completely different than full speed play.
Bold predictions... UT shocks the world. That's a Bold prediction Joe.
Dirty happens in many schools. And the fake outrage when people see it is hilarious.