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I’ve been to LSU several times both day and night. It is a really good environment but much like the grove, not near the hype it receives. Many make both seem almost mythical lol.
And everyone who makes the team on ANY NFL team is among the greatest football players on earth. So, what’s your point?
Literally out of his mind. We struggle to get bowl eligible. What’s up with the porn stache Peter Burns?
Gundy is WAY to low. Winningest coach in school history in a state owned by OU.
That guy is real. Such a baller and hard worker. He will be a stud in the NFL
LOL gatorboy you’re a fool. You THINK you know what happened with CJM and Fulmer. But like complex mathematics you’re in over your head. Now go cut your jeans off and get ready for home games in that dump of a city you call home.
Speaking of Hot garbage….. conch is here right on time. Fools gonna fool
What did he do to CJM besides show him it’s ok to throw the football? And the “experts” and fans all over were exactly the opposite of what you’re saying… fool.
Maybe you have forgotten the mess we were in when Coach Fulmer came back after having BEEN ASKED. He brought stability to the entire AD. He made a bad hire at The Head Football coach and due to the proclivities and lack of character the bald bammer had it cost Fulmer too. That’s the reality of the situation.
Really ignorant statement about Fulmer. The entire world (sans a former overrated uga player and worse commentator) thought Pruitt was a good hire. It turned out not to be. Fulmer isn’t the first AD to make a bad hire and won’t be the last.
After the way they “handled “ Kansas Basketball, the NCAA really has no leg to stand on. Period
I agree. Stoops is one of the safest coaches in the nation.
That’s on UGA. They can negotiate that if they want.
I hate seeing traditions in College football go away. The traditions and pageantry is what brings so much of the passion we all have for college football and separates it from NFL. I’m all for profit but there’s a cost benefit that should be taken into account
And EVERYONE pretty much thought Pruitt was a great hire. Now the same “experts” say Fulmer should’ve known better. Lol
Dozens of articles, sports shows and friends who are OU alum and boosters.
The kid has talent. His head wasn’t screwed on at OU. If he has been humbled and listens to Beamer I expect him to be pretty good. His problem was his ability, it was his attitude.
Your coach has done nothing yet gator. Yes our coach is gimmicky but so is yours. The teams in the west you named do have really solid coaching crews (sans miss st) but to leave out your staff is laughable.
You fellas are right. He’s a winner and the Astros are winners. Perfect fit.
Mat, Matt, Matt…. I LOVE UT and have 2 degrees from that amazing piece of God’s country. But you are on Crack if you think any team in the east (sans uga) is better than teams in the west. Are the teams improved over the horrendous level we had fallen? A resounding yes but the east has a long way to go to get even with, much less pass the west. I hope I’m wrong and my beloved VOLS fool me and everyone else in the country but sir, I’m rarely wrong.
Stealing signs/location has been part of the game for over a century. He was doing what he’s supposed to do. Period
Fuzz, a bunch of 3 stars on defense will not make us better. We’re replacing 4 star talent with 3 star talent on defense because top notch defensive talent won’t come play on this gimmick system we now run.
I think we will be lucky to have a record as good as last years.