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Grooms you're right. Dumbass Dave Hooker has no clue what decisions were or weren't with Pruitt being willing to "change". He's guess just like the rest of us. The difference is he loves to be negative to stir the pot. I know for a FACT has has virtually ZERO contact inside the staff and team. He's garbage so just take him with a grain of salt. We will get hammered next week by bammer (like every team they've played this year) and Dumbass Dave Hooker will have a column bashing UT yet again.
I'm super proud of and happy for this team. They've hung in, fought adversity and stayed together. JG you especially have caught the most from people who only see stats. To those of us who've watched you and the lack of help you've had never doubted you. Thank you for picking UT and hanging in not only through the coaching change but during Jones misuse of you and your teammates. You've earned every bit of praise coming your way.
Auburn is a very talented football team but just struggling to put it together and that happens to good teams at times. As much as I love UT I am a realist and I think a team like UT with inexperienced players all over the field and lack of depth may be just what Auburn needs. I'd love to see UT win of course but I'm not gonna call fo an upset but just hope for one.
Also the drops. He hit several right on the money in every game and they were dropped. Our problem is NOT at QB.
Hey Hooker, who is enjoying the Vols being down more you or John Adams?
You're right... UT played great and made zero mistakes...
Like I said, anyone who has watched and knows UT wasn't surprised by Q's action. Jones would've let him stay on the field and there would've been no punishment at all.
UF took full advantage of every opportunity they were presented or created. And yes I do agree to a point with the other UT fans on this thread (and so should you) while UF did create some of the problems for UT, many were self inflicted. But UF did what good teams do and took advantage of it.
Pruitt made no excuses and plays no games. He's straight forward and anyone who watched the game can see that.
Anyone who has followed UT and has watched Q's career was NOT surprised by what Pruitt said. Period
Your kneeling heroes are dehumanizing our vets and those currently serving. Why are you mad at that? They call police officers pigs... is that not dehumanizing?
... dehumanizing? If your feelings are that sensitive then I suggest you refrain from debate. The reality is this, disrespecting our flag and anthem is trashy behavior. Some behavior should be called out and I will do so. Don't wanna be called POS then don't act like it. Really that simple.
... spoken like a true ignorant person. The flag and anthem represent the "Ideal" and disrespecting either is a slap in the face to all who serve or have served. Taking a knee to protest what a very few have done is just ignorant and shameful. So go ahead and kneel like the POS trash and others will take care of this country for you and carry you just like we have for decades and decades. You have the freedom to be a POS because brave men and women have given you that right. But just because you have a right to be an ass doesn't mean that it's RIGHT to do so.
Well ... it's called decision comparison. So it is absolutely relevant. Now if one foolishly believes that what some spoiled millionaire athletes "think" is appropriate behavior is ok then I can see how one would be confused.
hey Wolfman, I'd Mizzou EVER wins anything of note and especially if they're ever more than just a passing thought of a football team then and ONLY then will you understand expectations. Until then go sit in one of y'alls safe spaces.
Keller has had and will have every chance to play. All he has to do is beat JG out for playing time.
Recruiting struggles? Jordan, Pruitt has done a damned good job recruiting. Kind of a strange statement.
LOL AU Alum I will criticize him and other "media" members when I see bs from them. And hold your breath for me to ask you for permission.
Exactly right Arky. And if Adam knew his job he would've pretended that a UT fan asked him a different question.
Haha good show Mrs Spencer. Choose a public job and do it bad and you should expect criticism. If you can't handle little Adam boy, then do something else. Or maybe try and actually ACT like a professional.
Everyone knows you made up these questions yourself Adam. There aren't that many people who respect your opinion enough to ask you a damned thing.
You guys realize that Gatorboy 14 is probably Hooker
Fuzz I doubt we see him this year. He can play in 4 games then redshirt. Which is what I guess we will see.
Welcome to Big Orange Country JJ. Glad to have you home. Your future is bright.
The power house that is Kansas football ran for a half mile on them. Like I said EVERY team ran on them.