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Chryst will not be the starting QB at UT. And I'd have Fitzgerald a little higher, that kid is a gamer big time.
I think there will be buyers remorse in Aggie land in a few years.
Hey Adam, why don't you see if Noah will tutor you on journalism. You need it.
Good old Adam or as I call you a "poor man's Dave Hooker". His " strange response"? Have you ever played football in your life? What a D.A.
hey Dumba$$ Dave Hooker. Read this kids column and see if you can figure how he did it. Here's a kid still in college and he writes circles around you. Great job Noah as an Alum I'm proud of you.
even when bering critical on an issue, Bratton is a MUCH better columnist than Dumb a$$ Dave Hooker. Bratton actually uses facts instead of making assumptions and Bratton doesn't rely on outlandish titles for click bait. To paraphrase cool hand Luke... "What we have here is a very solid reporter/columnist vs a wanna be shock jock " columnist".
Eric, that is changing fast. The middle Tennessee area and even East Tennessee area is producing more every year. As far as getting kids from out of state? We will always do that just like we ar now and have in the past.
But Chryst is the starter right? I mean the experts have written so and the brilliant Bryanchip said so too... JG is a very talented young man and with proper coaching will be a very good QB. Hide and watch.
Arkansas maybe the surprise team in the SEC this year. No I'm not saying they will even sniff the West crown. Bit I think they beat TAMU, Ole Miss and Mizzou. Morris is a helluva coach and Chavis will have the defense playing significantly better than last year. I think Manu analysts are missing the boat here.
You're probably right. It's not like Saban tried to block him from transferring...
Bamatime you're exactly right. It's easy to look "Right now" and say it needs to change. But throughout history it's been a rivalry of streaks. And NOBODY with pride or a sense of history would ever want to end the series.
Double O, anytime you find yourself in agreement with cowchip, SevenT or Dave Hooker it's a warning sign that your in trouble. I don't see how any of the guys who played QB last year could've held the ball too long. Hell, often they were getting hit as they attempted a fake handoff. I don't know if JG is a great or even good QB just like I don't know the same about QD or McBride all for the same reasons, poor scheme and terrible Oline play. For anyone to judge any of those 3 based on last year is nuts.
It's honestly hard to judge his or any of the QB's play last season. The o line was horrible and the scheme was just as bad.
Did you watch UT last year? Did you notice anything about the o line? In case you missed the o line, they were the guys in orange who the defenders ran past to sack our QB's and stuff our RB's on just about every damned play.
The best thing for the team is for him to go ahead and transfer. Staying at bammer will divide the team. Every errant pass Tua makes or sack he takes will cause the team to question.
You know cowchip, you and SevenT make it very difficult to decide which poster is the dumbest on this site. Ok, not just this site but the entire Web.
If this "article" surprises you then you must be new to his style. He's garbage
Or maybe he's lighting a fire under both QB's. Like I said, go the opposite of what Dumba$$ Dave Hooker says and you will be OK.
If Hooker says be scared then I will be comforted. A good rule of thumb is go opposite of Dave "the dumba$$" Hooker.
Herbie says Day is a strong candidate? Where is his outrage that Schiano wasnt tapped?
SDS could be so much better. The concept is great but they've hired some real goobs
But, but, but... I thought SDS new boy Dave Hooker reported they had a bad relationship?
Well that settles it. If dumb a$$ Dave Hooker picks Chryst then JG is sure to be the starter.
SevenT, calling you an idiot is an insult to idiots.
Pretty quick verdict by the jury. So much of this case was sketchy from the beginning. Ruined their lives even though found not guilty.
Next article by Dave Hooker "Pruitt requires players wear Helmets and Pads during games. Obviously this shows Pruitt has no respect for individual rights of his players. This is proof that Pruitt doesn't know how to treat people".
OH MY GOSH!!! How dare Pruitt make changes at a school he took over after they just went 0-8 ins SEC play!!! This is ground breaking Hooker.
Hooker showing once again he's an idiot. Hey Davey boy, you and the dumbest guy working for the SECN David Pollack are the ONLY ones I've seen think Murray was anything less than a douche. Hell even former bammer McElroy called him a goof. Dave, you're a nice addition to SDS, another sports writer imposter.
Again revisionisthistorofmatt, why did he get a $300,000 raise? If he was all that dolts like yourself are saying then there's no way the Breck Girl (Richt) would've given him such a big raise. Truth is you and all the other leg humpers know UT made a great hire and it makes you nervous.