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History says you're right... I mean y'all win National Titles frequently right? I think y'all won one a little while back... oh wait... 1980 is a more than a LITTLE while back.
How does SDS not have a story on the VOTE by SEC schools to come back ;one 8th!!! Trash site. Only biggest story of the year. You do a story on a make believe coach but not the beginning of football? Really? Connor O Garra LOL
These a definitely weird times. In a normal year this type thing might be considered a shot at a school/team. But during this craziness it's got a cult following.
What a bafoon. You can't sling a dead cat in Ktown without hitting a great burger joint.
You're right cock fan. We won't get all of these kids because some of them will be recruited over and replaced with even better players. But hey, at least you're right...
Unions stink! All of you who say "pay the NCAA players". If they do start paying college players a union will form and we will see this in college ball too.
Agents pressure the players a lot. But the "not talked about" pressure comes from the Players Association. They want every player to max out for future contracts for other players.
LOL at poor old Darrell. He is part of the "UT class isn't really that good but they AR paying recruits" LOL
So? Like he wrote, the Big 10 sux. Nothing you wrote changes that y'alls conference sux.
True NotsameoldKY, but that was when the East was the toughest division in the nation. UT, UF and UGA were loaded each year, especially UT and Floriduh. KY was giving us all we wanted with half the talent.
That 98 State team is very underrated. They gave a LOADED UT team all we wanted in Atl.
Actually his offense is very simple for his players. Only a few plays for his players to know. The defense dictates what they run. It's like 3 card Monte on a football field. Will he win a title? No, but they will have success and more so early than later as teams adjust. Year 1, 2 and 3 will be his glory years at state.
Wolfman, I think they will. I don't dislike Rizzo at all. But I think y'all will struggle year one.
He comes from a good family that is very close. I don't understand the problem there. He has the ability to be a very good college QB but he's following a brother who is once in a generation type player. Can't imagine the pressure he felt. Good luck you guy, where ever you end up.
Wow, what a fool. Just when I think you've reached the bottom of idiocy you dig deeper. Look at the players fool. Several of them are already on the cusp of the 4th star. If you keep posting such garbage you may wind up getting a gig writing for SDS.
Correct. Some of those 3 stars will be bumped to 4 stars by seasons end. If they could've attended summer camps some may have been bumped this summer.
Pretty cool. Good job Young man. I know Hog Nation is very proud of you can as are your mom, wife and family.
It's also Big 12 schools. OU, Okie State, Texas and Texas Tech have also stated they are having in person, on campus classes this fall. Also SEC Commits all but said there doesn't have to be all conferences to have a season.
We will. And so you'll understand what we're saying we will use small words. GBO