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Fuzz we scored 6, 5 and 7 runs against UF. That's not a bad outing for a series. The sticks are pretty solid. What makes this year's UT team a difficult series team to face is balance. We don't rely on just one aspect of the game such as pitching or hitting because we're pretty good all the way around.
Tough break Hogs. I was pulling for you. I don't pull for all or even most SEC schools but I did for y'all. I think y'all may be back as a premier roundball school where y'all belong.
The world would be a better place if we had more people like Trey. So proud to call you a Vol sir. May God bless you and your family. I look forward to watching you at the next level.
He wrote a column predicting tourney games and went chalk... that is worthy of being made fun of. And I guess I could start with Vandy beating ATM. But mostly I laughed. Chalk? LOL hack
Not angry at all. Laughing at you.
LOL Adam picking chalk... The ONLY surprise in this column is you didn't have Mizzou in the finals. Hack
Again with a bammer trying to be smart... don't try, all you do is make a bigger fool of yourself.
Calling you an idiot is redundant (as a bammer I'm sure you need to look that word up).
Exactly White was hired and become the highest paid AD in the SEC to hire Kevin Steele or that used car huckster Fleck. Hide and watch what he comes up with. There's a lot more interest in the job than tools like Connor Ogara realize.
Really? UT has now had 5 AD's in the last 10 years. Coaches you're in over your head here fella. Stick with coloring books.
Connor I didn't think you could be worse as an interview than the garbage you write. Just heard you DA rant on Finebaum about how UT should hire Kevin Steele. I'm stunned at how dense you keyword jocks are. Do you really think UT paid a ton to bring in AD Danny White to hire Kevin Steele? Really? You're probably to dense to realize it but Finebaum was embarrassed for you.
You're trying to use logic with very dumb people Ladonvol. It's a waste of time.
You're probably right leghumper. I mean what highly sought after AD would take the UT job? You leghumpers are giving bammers a tough run to be considered the dumbest people on earth.
Hey Connor, here's a question for you and your sidekick Adam. Are there any competent AD's out there who would take the UT job? Ohhhhh wait I think we know the answer. Pure trash
Hey Connor, NOBODY in Tennessee gives a flip that CJ Fleck supposedly isn't interested in the job. There's a lot of interest in the job and White has a track record of making good hires. Now, go wash my car you hack.
Because NOTHING has been leaked on any of this so far. No leak on the Danny White hire and even people with sources in KTown have no clue. Also his agent said several schools and didn't mention ANY school by name.
Psssssst Fleck, we've already had a slogan ridden con man as a coach in Butch. So no thanks and row your cheesy @ss boat in Minnesota.
How do you know he was vetted? Oh that's right, some brilliant internet sports "reporter" said he had a source LOL
Lord I sure hope not. We've had our run of underperforming coaches. Y'all can keep him.
In his contract it specifies CLEARLY that he is held responsible and can be fired with CAUSE if he or ANY of his staff commit a level 1 or level 2 NCAA violation. He has no out here other than to threaten to say/spread more mud on uT. My guess is a settlement but nowhere near 13 million.
Matt, with all due respect (you don't deserve much) you're a fool. Enjoy kicking us while we're down. But make no mistake we have the $, facilities, huge fanbase and tradition that very, very few schools have. You act like there are only 3 good coaches and there will never be more. Ok Einstein tell me how may 10 win seasons did Saban have at Michigan State? The prevailing opinion when LSU hired him was head scratching. But it was a huge get for the Tigers. We have flubbed up more than just about any school out there (primarily due to poor AD's) but to say never again? Very, very foolish statement. There you got click bait from me.
That's just GREAT!!! Now who's gonna miss our FG's and PAT's? Let's face it. We score so little that we won't miss him much.
*Saban But sometimes autocorrect gets it right...