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Now Darth that is a tough call for sure.
No boss Hog you're not. He is seriously out of sorts over Lock. First was because Lock wasn't picked in first round, he wrote an article crying about that and actually stated how Lock "deserved" better. Now he's crying because Lock isn't being pampered in the freaking NFL!!! It's sad but also funny.
It's Adam Spencer! What do you expect? He's normally a bad writer as is. But when you add his grief about how poorly the Broncos are treating the career clipboard holder from his school then this should be expected. Give the guy a break Destin, he's grieving about the unfairness in the NFL and trying to help Lock find a safe space.
I didn't start calling him the best ever, that came from your fellow Mizzou crew and media. Also, beating a HISTORICALLY down UT is nothing to brag about. But fear not Tigger boy, things in Ktown are being fixed.
Enjoy watching the "BEST EVER" from your school hold a clip board for a few years. Then maybe he can sell insurance or cars in Columbia.
What a surprise. First we had to listen to Mizzou fans cry because Lock didn't go first round. Now they're crying because he isn't being treated nice? LOL good old safe space U strikes again. LOL
You're right Fuzz. Florida has the better team but Frank's is NOT why the jorts will most likely beat UT at the swamp. And JG will NOT be the reason UT loses either.
5'10" and 164 lbs? That's small for a high school LB
Now Oskie, dot dot dot is right. Draftable talent has nothing to do with a teams success. Don't you know that?
Now Oskie, don't you know it's pure accident that teams who had the most players drafted also happened to be the teams that finished at or near the top in the conferences? LOL
Outside of the state of Missouri, no one will remember Drew Lock in 5 years. If not sooner.
What? Show me an NFL exec who doesn't praise their pick. LOL I vet it man. He's considered the VERY best ever at your high school hmmmmm I mean college and he fell all the way to the 2nd day. But your emotion and homerism is blinding you. He will be a career backup. Yes he will get to play some but he is not nor will he ever be a "franchise" QB.
Well in the 8 years Elway has been there the Broncos have had 1 good QB. Soooooo.... I guess you're right ... kinda
As does EVERY NFL exec on all of their picks. Look, the guy will get to make a very good living holding a clip board.
I will admit that losing to a school like Mizzou is embarrassing and is a great barometer of just how far we've fallen.
LOL not at all. I have nothing against Lock. I'm just calling it the way I see it. The amount of time I spend thinking about Mizzou is very, very little.
Lock will hold a clipboard and fetch water for Flacco. He will have a great job, making a dang good living and not have to worry about getting injured. He's good enough to stay on a roster but will never be a starter for any length of time in the league.
Like I said, if he was good enough teams would have made room for him. Drew Lock will be a clipboard holder. But that's a good paycheck.
Adam if it lasts another 20 years UT will STILL be considered a better football program than that glorified high-school in Columbus.
If he was what you think he is, teams would make room for him. Ask jOsh Rosen...
Peyton Manning threw for more TD's his last season in the NFL than Lock will his entire career. And yes y'all beat us while we've been in a historical low period. Enjoy it.
And who disagrees with you? Obviously EVERY NFL team with a first round pick disagrees with you.
LOL the "homeroom" butthurt is bad in you today. But I guess I can understand. I mean the guy who most consider the best EVER at your school is still waiting on day 2. Dang that must sting
Well Adam it seems that people who do this for a living completely disagree with you. Even though they've have years of experience, I'm sure you're more qualified than them on NFL draft...
Pssssst Adam, he threw for 4 TD's not 3. Did you even watch?
I disagree on the UT women's job. Unlike those others you named Kelly (or whomever is next if she can't get it done) Harper (will always be Jolly to me) will have everything she needs to succeed and she will get time. It's not like Holly was forced out after a couple years.