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The BIG 10 just assured to an even higher extent which conferences top rated athletes will be signing with this season. My prediction is OSU, PSU for sure will lose top recruits.
They absolutely do such things. Many, many environment "condition" clauses are added to Union contracts.
I like all but the union part. And if ANYONE doesn't think officials with these schools didn't help draft and orchestrate this, I have a bridge I want to sell you.
I'm sure UT fans are just chomping at the bit to trade QB's with Mizzou... Loser
That's strange... I thought there were more teams in the SEC than that....
I agree Huntland. But no one should be surprised once DA was made DC outright that Server would leave. A DC job would've kept him in the college ranks. This was a good move on Kevin's part.
Shhhhhh let the lizard lovers think what they want. Clearly they're idiots or they would be jort wearing, sister kissing floriduh fans
Clearly you didn't watch UT in the second half of the season.
Tennessee and Kentucky would both win their matchup.
Pssssst dummygump, might want to check his record against your turns while he was at UT. Fools are gonna fool
Explain to us what USCe or the Chump had to do with Coach Fulmer being fired? This should be interesting
Does this mean we're not friends? I hope I can sleep tonight...
We will beat USCe by a larger margin than last year and that will be the game that seals the deal on the Chump. I look forward to seeing it unfold.
Fulmer? LOL I guess you're right... I mean what ever did that guy win? Idiocy is strong in some.
Fulmer? LOL I guess you're right... I mean what ever did that guy win? Idiocy is strong in some.
Anyone who has watched this kid isn't surprised. Butch Jones not only ruined UT football but almost ruined this guy's future in football. Great job JJ, very proud for you and of you. GBO
Just hold on girls.... It's coming and there's nothing you can do about it. What's being built in Ktown is going to make all of you opposing fans have many, many bad Saturdays Down South... LOL
He was being recruited over. Just wait and the news will be fantastic soon. Well, Fantastic if you're a Vol fan. LOL
They're getting the lower level talent for sure. ESPN (not a fan of them and hate they politicize sports) will be fine.
Such an ignorant comment on so many levels.
No Skippy. It's not true. Fools who hate Fulmer say these things with zero knowledge. Truth is Coach Fulmer bent over backwards as did many other leaders within UT to mend the fence with CJM. Sadly he never accepted it.
I almost typed "you have no idea what you're talking about with this subject". But then I remembered you don't ever know what you're talking about. Fuller never betrayed or stabbed coach Majors. Idiot. Rest in Peace Coach Majors.
No Trey Smith? LOL This CBS dude must not follow SEC football or is an idiot. I will concede both may be the case.