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LOL do you even know the history of your state goober? Texas statehood 1845. University of Tennessee EST 1794. Also without a bunch of Tennesseans you'd still be part of Mexico. Know your roll fool. If y'all join us you're TU. Get used to it.
Uhhhhh Houstonhorns.... There's only 1 UT in the SEC and it ain't y'all. Get ready to be called TU if we let y'alls sorry a$$e$ join our club.
Hope you're right. But I don't see much that gives me hope. We lost so much in the portal then you add new coaches/schemes and vocabulary and that has recipe for disaster written all over it.
Not that it matters who starts... we are going to be dreadful on defense and have a very long year. But all signs point. To Bailey being the better option right now.
Offered maybe. But if you think he was the only person they reached out to (via agent) then you're fooling yourself.
Tigger, our fans are very happy with his extension. How about the guy y'all got? Let me guess... he's exactly who y'all wanted. LOL
We did. But we have less talent this year and all new coaches/schemes.
Fuzz I love your optimism and hope you're right. But down 28 players hurts in games and more especially in practice. The sad reality is we are in a very bad situation and the light at the end of the tunnel isn't sunshine, it's a train. We thought we hit rock bottom... I fear we're about to find out we haven't. Again, I truly hope I'm wrong.
Fuzz, compared to what we have left, he would be a stud player for us. No sugar coating, this is not a good thing and does hurt.
After this season we will lose a lot of commits. I hope I'm wrong but the conditions are ripe for an all time bad season. And that's saying something with what we've endured the last several years. New coach new system plus a ton of players hit the portal (some studs among them) is a terrible combination and a recipe for disaster.
Retirement Rick? LOL Bring'em in coach!
State Underachieved in the regular season for a host of reasons. But like all great teams do, they picked it up when the heat got going. Congrats Bully, you dang sure earned it.
Diesel I won't argue 2020 wasn't bad because it was terrible. We've seen a lot of bad over the past several years. I'm worried we're about to officially hit rock bottom the next couple years. Agai, I hope I'm wrong.
Like I said, I hope I'm wrong. But step back and look at where we actually are with talent on both sides. We lost a lot of talent to the portal plus a new scheme on both sides of the ball. That is a recipe for disaster for any team.
Whatever. He's young and extremely talented and like most star athletes has been pampered. This doesn't mean he's a bad kid and I hope he gets another chance and straightens his life out.
No it won't be. This may very well be the worst year in uT football history. New coaches plus a ton of our better players transferred. That's a recipe for disaster. I hope I'm wrong but I fear we will have a very long season.
Can't lose in the CWS if you're not there can ya bayou Tigger...
Check your history scooter... we've won a lot and we will again. Just a matter of time.
Whatever man. These kids have played their rearends off and have over achieved all season. Take your garbage elsewhere. Did they chase pitches and play tight? Yes but they're human and had a bad game. It happens.
I haven't seen our guys chase pitches like they did today since February. Very off today. But props to UVA
Actually since they changed the ball Homeruns have increased the past few years. However UT plays small ball very well.
It's Joe Cox.... I'm actually surprised he didn't have UT ranked 8th on his ridiculous "list".
LOL ACC!?!? Really? Hogs should've beaten NCSU like a drum. You and everyone of the sorry ACC fans know that. Upsets happen... enjoy it. But NCSU will have a short lived time in Omaha. To still laughing at you... you wanna be a big boy so bad don't you LOL
Connor I have a question for you. Did you watch UT at all this year or do you just look at the box? Of course history tells me the answer is no... I digress. UT has won quite a few games using small ball. You might wanna check out game one in the Super Regional... Also the power came on for UT in the 2nd half of the season. So there's no doubt this team can win in a myriad of manners. I have no idea if the Vols will win it all or even a single game. But there is no question they have the ability to adapt accordingly and a good reporter would've known that.
DVH is a HOF coach but he over thought the last 2 games against NC State. No disrespect meant, everyone can do better with hindsight but he coached bad in game 2 with his decision on pitching and then leaving Kopps in that long. That's 10 innings straight NC State got to see the SAME pitcher. That's a ton of looks to see the Same guy.