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Looks to me like the guy watched an UGA olineman go after Shy Tuttle...
First and foremost I hope he is healthy for his own sake. If he can play football again the all the better. Good luck Trey and way to keep working hard to achieve your dreams.
Josh may not make it in the NFL much longer but he isn't in trouble. He will fall back on his degree and make a couple hundred K per year or more making jets and spacecraft. So he's gonna be OK.
It's the best tailgating in the SEC. Curb stomps the Grove and is better than LSU. I've been to every stadium in the SEC and it's not even close. Also, it's a great tradition and I hate seeing traditions end.As a UT fan I say go for it though. It will further help us recruit the central and east part of the state.
And we give a damn what you think? Go play in traffic.
So, so glad to have you at the helm coach. Thank you
QD will put up some good numbers there. He's a good kid and I wish him the best.
Just keep posting bammertime. The more you post the more you ignorance is exposed. LOL bless your heart
So bammertime, you think taking a backwater like Mississippi State to #1 isn't a big deal? Where you have mostly 2 stars and a few 3 stars?
Maybe so. But with the crazy contract ATM gave him they will have to reach much deeper than they had for Sumlin.
And for much of his 8 years Clemson wasn't that good. It wasn't long ago that Dabo was on the hot seat. So yes, Dumbo is not the slam dunk hire in my opinion. What Mullen did at backwater Mississippi is much more impressive.
I thought he under achieved in a much weaker ACC where all he had to do was beat one good team in Clemson and he's in the playoffs or BCS title game. There was no excuse in the record his team posted last year. Period
Ig guess I missed Mullen being the head coach at UF... How many times has ATM been ranked #1 in the nation over the last 20 or 30 years? Mullen took Mississippi friggin state to #1.
Exactly and it will NOT happen under Dumbo either. In a few years they will be fighting with Ole Miss and Arkansas for 7th place in the West.
ATM will spend years regretting the hire of Dumbo Fisher. Mullen took Mississippi State, yes MISSISSIPPI STATE to the #1 ranking in the nation. How many 5 star players did he have? I bet anything that Dumbo's best years at ATM will be years 1 and 2. Then it will be all down hill and the ATM fans will be stuck with him for a long time due to the contract. He'll, after winning a little bit early ATM will probably give him a raise and extension which will only further ATM pain and suffering. I'd rather ATM have more success that UF because I despise UF and ATM success will come at the expense of my most hated bammer but it won't happen with Dumbo calling the shots.
And did the FOIA document dump where he called UT fans wackos as he defended Schiano shows how much he "loves" UT and the fans.
Majors deserved to be fired. Period. And bashing UT for years at various QB/TD clubs all over the south as an invited speaker says different about him. Does he love UT? He does as long as HE is the subject and praise is heaped on him. And as far as how he was "let go" I have no issue with it. He had a contract on his desk and refused to sign it and instead got drunk and cursed the AD. Some of you want to forget how things really went down but I was there and watched it happen.
Not young at all class of 91. I saw Fulmer win with talent Majors couldn't win with. Also let's not forget that Fulmer recruited the talent he "inherited" from Majors. And has bashed the school and fans.
He knows a lot... he though Kiffin was the answer. Then said Dooley would be great and the swore by Butch Jones and was all for Schiano and called UT fans wackos. The ONLY coach he said would fail after him is the ONLY coach to win a title at UT. He spent years bashing UT and Fulmer after he was justly fired.
Jarhead you're correct but you're talking to a bammer and FOI will confuse him. LOL Bammerlicious, there's a federal law called "The Freedom Of Information Act" that requires government institutions to come clean with official communications as long as the information isn't confidential. My bad confidential means secret for legal or security reasons. Hopes this helps Bammerlicious.
Jump off of a bridge fool. He's a good kid who let his emotions get the better of him. At least he didn't try to hurt a kid by diving at his knees and almost end his career. Sound familiar leghumper
Jarhead don't waste your time. He isn't smart enough to realize the entire world is laughing at him for being so dumb. Let him make is asinine comments and lick windows. That's all he's good for.
You struggle with normal, simple things in life the rest of us take for granted don't you?