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Fat Albertis a coward. It's easy to sit in your million dollar home eating Cheetos's, drinking the Kool-Aid the media is selling and criticize your former team on twitter. What a loser!!! I could care less how good he was in college when he got his overpaid contract in the NFL he sucked. Albert if you think you can do better how about fill out an application and get in to coaching. He is probably to lazy!!
Glad the storm is gone and everyone is safe. He looks tired but I'm sure he will have his team ready to go on Saturday. Should be a another classic. Go Vols!!
Didn't Florida play LSU last year in LSU and beat them???? How is that dodging LSU? Actually it's pretty smart.
I think we all can see some sarcasm in your comments about Jones. I think the reason he didn't go for two is because GT couldn't stop us at that point and why not just keep playing. GT might have won if they would have kicked the extra point and kept playing. Glad Jones made the smart decision! Also, was it a head scratcher not see Guarantano?? I think not! Jones mad the right call there too. Obviously he knows a lot more about coaching than you do.
Yea your right, It's all Jones fault. Yep! Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. I didn't even know we already played GT yet. When did we lose?? What was Jones excuse for losing? Oh wait I'm responding to an Idiot, they haven't played yet and there is no excuses. LOL! good one dude you had me for a minute.
Hey GA Troll, please give us all just one excuse they used? A player getting injured isn't an excuse. Also we can't "just play" as you suggest we do because we have what they call a schedule and we play Monday night at 8. And here I thought Alabama fans were the dumbest in the SEC.
Already getting your excuses ready aren't you??
I think the Bulldogs are getting the Hype that TN got last year. Only time with tell, but something tells me that there not as good as the hype suggest. Only game I care about is the TN game, and I think TN wins in KNOXVILLE. Eason isn't going to be able to handle the noise on Rocky Top.
It sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Next man up!! I like Jumper to kick it up a notch.
He doesn't need any action before FL. When Florida come he will be ready.
Hey troll! You may think you don't have to worry about anything but trust me your days are numbered.
It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!! Great days are ahead for TN. Funny how all these recruits understand what Butch was talking about with his "Champions of Life"' comment and most everyone else doesn't get it. Great pick up for Butch and his staff.
Very stupid move by the liberal Political ESPN. How come I'm not surprised something like this happened with them. Ridiculous!!
Jim telling the fans and student body that they are "going to Dallas and beat the Heck out of Michigan" is bullet board material is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I just think that Michigan fans are getting really nervous.
I must be missing something Connor. Your saying that Jim shouldn't tell the student body that there football team isn't going to beat Michigan just because it might be bulletin board material??? really?? Dude you must not have been in the south very long because the SEC should beat the overrated , overhyped, Michigan. Jim should be telling his team and student body that they will win and if they don't it would be a huge upset.