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He deserves a second chance. Hopefully they can work something out.
WOW! Only the most Self Conceited, vain, egotistical person would continually use their own name in an article headline. I quit reading YOUR articles but saw the headline. You have a lot to learn Crist! SMH.
I agree! I've seen him play and he isn't soft at all. Great player and will certainly be missed. However I respect his decision and hope he has a great career wherever he ends up. Hope it is Clemson over GA though.
To the happiness of all the haters, TN is going to take a hit on this years recruiting class. I don't think anyone is expecting 4 or 5 star recruits to "flock" to Tn. However this guy isn't a huge loss. We going to lose some and we will replace them with Pruitt guys but it is going to take some time.
Tn is better than you think. We have some great talent but a lack of coaching, and play calling makes it looks worse than it is. Sure Coach Pruitt has a lot of work to do, but to say we need everything is not doing any research on what players we have. We have TONS of talent just didn't have any leadership.
LOL! I'm sure he will show up soon with one of his know it all articles. Hate to say I told you so Crist, but I told you so Crist!!
We are very thankful and most fans do want him. Its a great hire!!
Totally agree with Bamalicious! Bama is the better team and should be in the top 4 Period!
I love to hear a Cock start running its mouth. How many SEC Championships have SC won? How many national championships has SC won? I know you will probably have to google the answer but let me give it to you. ZERO!! So get back in your pen.
Agree! Glad they kept OSU out. They got the 4 best teams and it is going to be fun to watch.
Not really! I wasn't comparing it to other sports. I was comparing it to either Clemson/OSU or Clemson/Bama and Clemson/Bama is much better matchup by far. Surprised?
You said it doesn't matter if Bama would beat OSU. Really? Then you missed what the playoff committee is all about. The 4 best teams in the country is what it is about. Again Bama is better than OSU hands down. So Bama will get in if they do it the right way as much as I hate Bama.
Head to head Bama would win. Everyone would agree but BigTen fans. So if the committee does it job correctly and that is to get the Best 4 teams in the playoffs then Bama will get in. If they want to be political correct and get the BigTen in then OSU will be in. We will see soon which way they chose. But the best 4 teams in the country are Clemson, Ga, Ok, Bama.
No way committee puts OSU in. It's all about the ratings! Clemson Vs Bama rematch would get a lot better ratings. Also look what happen when they put the over rated Buckeyes in last year to play Clemson. It was a blow out! Can you imagine them doing that again??? No way! Your drinking the Kool-Aid Virtualkelly if you think it's impartial! If it was impartial they wouldn't be using a committee and just stick to a computer. IT ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS!!
Bama is the best team between the two hands down! Can you imagine Clemson and Ohio rematch from last year?? it would be another blow out and the committee doesn't want that. I predict it will be Bama and a rematch from the National Championship game. Way better ratings! Clemson Vs Bama & OK vs GA.
Congratulations Ga fans!! This Vol fan is cheering for you to get a National Championship!!
Wow! Notavol! for someone who isn't a Vol you sure think you know a lot about the Vols don't you? Hey are you John Currie??? LOL!
SMH! You have no idea what your talking about Noble! He wasn't fired for trying to hire Mike Leach. Get you facts straight before you comment on something you don't know anything about.
Actually your wrong Connor! We already hit bottom now we are finally on our way up. Currie had to go! This is where we finally start winning again.
Agree! Also it's going to be exciting next year when we are underdogs to all these SEC teams and we start pulling off some upsets. Who is going to get beat first by the dumpster fire of TN. Hmm...Stay tuned!
After Currie wanted to hire Schiano, of course he is "Sabotaging" the search. I heard this all week! Currie had no idea what he was doing and Phill wanted to take over. Obviously this wasn't a secret. Good for Phill, now go get us a coach!!
I have to admit that's Clausen, that's pretty good!
They will probably find a way.