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Lebron is a fool that needs to stay off social media. Runs his mouth way to Much about things he knows nothing about. SMH!
Stats prove it! Bennett would be riding the bench at Tn. That’s a fact!! Hooker would be starting at Ga !! Better Team Ga ! Better QB Hooker!
If you have inside sources you would have already heard it. There is a little truth to the fight but has nothing to do with Banks being suspended and the team isn’t divided or fighting . That’s him creating drama.
Yes Kirby would say that without credible evidence. That’s what he does is build drama. Fact is Banks was suspended for unexcused absence from practice. That is confirmed. Wonder why Kirby didn’t say that??
Lol !! Might want to quit smoking whatever it is your smoking!! TN is just getting started! Sorry to break it to you ! Go get sober bro
We’re 9-2 on year two. Don’t hold your breath Franklin we’re just getting started! Go Vols!!
Wow?? Are you a Gator fan on here talking smack??? Wow, such a sorry life you have. Are you enjoying your season??? Lol bwahahahhahaaaha !!
Agree! Definitely not yet! But we will be soon. To be continued..
Hey I have no problem with running it up on us . Can’t stopped them then score all you want. Wish they would have got to 70+ on us. A loss is a loss in my book. I would have felt worse if we lost by last second field goal.
Sure Tex75 , if that makes you feel better about yourself. SMH
I’d pick them too! I didn’t pick them last game , but would in a rematch.
I agree, Tn needs help. Lot of football left to play. But if they win out and are 11-1 and the only loss is to Ga on the road, would be very hard to keep them out no matter what else happens. However I wouldn’t put it pass the committee to do just that.
We really appreciate those 52 points you gave us ! Thanks so much!!! SMH!!