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Hey man, you might want to call the AP poll voters and let them know because if VA loses I'm pretty sure TN will be #1. You only have until Monday to get ahold of them, so you might want to get on it. Good luck!
Welcome Deangelo! Wish you could play this year, but glad your not using the race card like your former teammate is doing.
LOL! That's a good one, you must of thought of that last night after your home burned down. I'm sure you will find another one behind a 7-11 or something.
Yea your right, I mean TN isn't any good, schedule is weak, all the games are close, need to play tougher teams, beating a top rank team isn't good enough, winning 15 games is luck..Yea we hear you man, we hear ya!
Yea, the only problem with that is peach dessert has already been served and eaten by Clinton aka "Slick Willy".
Actually the players loved it and IMO it was very clever idea. Plus the President did what he loves to do, and that he got everyone talking about him good or bad and that's why it was very clever.
Go Vols! But let's just worry about taking care of the SEC first. Rankings don't mean anything right now anyway, just keep winning and GREAT things will happen.
Yea I agree! I mean if the Gators do the chomp when they win of course they know the other team or fans are going to give it back to them. Don't understand why we are even discussing this really.
Now I know where you got your screen name from, are you Joe or just a big fan of his.
Wow! really? And to think we are still smarter than GA.. Go figure!! I guess you really can't count on the stats can you?
Wow, nice stats! I'm glad to see you care enough about TN to take the bus to your local library to pull those up on the internet, cause we all know that it's rare for GA fans to have internet at home.
It's really not fair for GA fan's because it's impossible for them to follow two things at one time.
Thanks Man! Appreciate the update. Glad to know TN is always on your mind.
Well Butch Jones did beat Kirby Smart, so he has that going for him.
Wow!!Did you figure that out on your own??? Pretty Clever!!
Let it go Tonto, he is a GA fan and doesn't know the difference.
Sure man what makes you feel better. But if your right then why did KS offer a HUGE raise to Cheney and a contract extension after the season?? Oh, wait that's probably fake too. LOL
Truth!!guys it's coming from your own GA Bulldogs website and MULTIPLE other websites and local and national radio... Sorry but it's true..
Your statement makes no sense! TN has hired Bama's Dc, and Ga's OC in the last 13 months and one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the game. So you might want to get out of that world your living in and get back to earth.
Yes they did! Offered him 1.1 mill and total control of the offense and he said Thanks but NO THANKS!
I'm sure Pruitt wishes he would have called you first since you know it all. He is probably very sad today knowing he just lost a troll from the internet as a fan. GET A LIFE!