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I think the fact that we are still talking about it 23 yrs later proves the right guy didn't win it.
His tweet had absolutely NOTHING to do with race at all. For you to call people racist over this is absurd. You might want to look in the mirror and get back to us.
If you knew the facts about his decision you would applaud it. Move on dude!
If I wanted to read the twitter mobs reactions I would be on twitter. SMH!
Agree! The only good thing about the SEC on CBS is the theme song!
WOW! I'm surprised you picked up on that. Good Job Gatorboy! Very impressive coming from a FL fan. Your are losing your touch like Justafan22 said.
LOL! Gatorboy is awesome! I used to read the comics but now all I have to do is read his post. Seriously Gatorboy keep it up man your making your Florida look smart. Can't wait for your next post!
Gatorboy is finally out of prison and talking about his girlfriend like it's his mom. Wait,he is from Fl so I guess it could be one in the same.
Ignore the noise and stay the course!
Just focus on UAB that's it, nothing else matters right now. All this bowl talk is noise.
AFan get your facts straight!! Jim Leavitt grabbed a player by the throat then slapped him the face and lied about, that is why he was fired. Not for putting one finger on a players facemask for one second.
Watch party in KNOXVILLE with alot of true TN fans and trust me NON- ISSUE!!! However, the Twitter Idiot mob makes the most noise.
Yea, switching QB's when your 1-3 is a coach way over his head..LOL! really?? Do you even watch football??
LOL! this coming from an LSU fan.. good stuff!!
Normally I would agree, but JG has lost it. TN has nothing to lose here and GA has everything to lose. He just might surprise us.
From what I am hearing they have found out today about something else that has happened in the past and decided to release him. Hopefully we will find out what that was. Either way, I wish the kid the best.