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I don't look a the color of the skin (unlike the media) I look at his character and his accomplishments. I agree with wolfman, leave his race out of it. Makes it look like the only reason he got the job was because the color of his skin.
Hey Gatorboy, Something tells me that your about 300lbs and in 9th grade. I'm right aren't I?
And only 3 years from Butch beating Kirby. YOUR POINT? Also Numb Nuts, we had 3 players drafted in 2018 draft. No team as done so little with all the talent than GA. IF Ga doesn't win a NC this year (they won't by the way) then Kirby is Butch Jones 2. Going to be fun to watch!! PRESSURE is all on GA!
I will spell it for you. BUTCH BEAT KIRBY!!!
You are right about the historically strong recruiting classes and I don't see that continuing if they don't win a NC soon. That is basically what I meant because UT and FL are on the rise and they will start pulling recruits from GA. Right now GA has had it easy in conference play, and I feel that's soon going to change.
You too must be a GA native if you don't understand that the window is starting to shut. You will see soon enough!
So it was Pruitt's fault that Kirby loss to Butch Jones?? Ha Ha!! Now you are a GA native if you think that
HEY you figured out that you have to win ONE game to start a streak? You must not really be from GA.
That's great! Even Butch Jones beat Kirby, so Im pretty sure Pruitt will eventually start putting a win streak against Kirby and then we will see what happens. I think GA window is starting to shut.
Makes sense, he is from Ga, probably couldn't handle the work.
Agree, they will try and use it against them for sure. On the flip side Pruitt can use it to his advantage as well. He and his staff will know how to do that very well.
OH by the way, Barns had other offers also and refused them. So if something was wrong at TN he had other offers he could have taken.
This is nothing but NOISE!!!Trust me, it's all Noise!! Barns explained his love for UCLA and what it means to him to be offered by that school. IF there was something wrong at TN and he REALLY wanted to go to UCLA then he would have made it happen. All he meant was if it wasn't a Buyout they could have done the deal quicker and Fulmer (out of town at the time) wouldn't have had a chance to counter offer.. Trust me nothing wrong at TN and Barns LOVES it here.
Their not happy, but if they keep commenting on it they feel like eventually they will be happy... Gotta love the GA fan base..
Shows you the intelligence level of a GA fan. The best two season's they have had since 1980 and they wanted their OC to leave, when the coach wanted him to stay. Gotta love the GA fans!!
Congratulations Auburn!!! Well Deserving and hope you go all the way. Very great for college basketball when Duke, NC and KY all get knocked out on the same weekend.
Man! Mountain Dog is unleashed!! Calm down big boy, it's all going to be okay..LOL
Yea, sure looks like a lot of Ga fans have moved on. Trust me that haven't. I work with 3 and one is a former player and they hate that they lost Cheney. Keep trolling though, it's funny stuff.
NO that foul isn't why TN lost Gatordoplayswithself. However, that shouldn't have been called a foul regardless what happen before or after. Purdue deserved to win and they out played TN, but you don't call a foul on a 3 point play on the last second unless it effects his ability to shoot. What about the Auburn game against the Gators on the last shot, was that a foul???? YES, that was a foul but that wasn't called, but yet they call it on Turner when he clearly didn't foul him. Zydoco is right if it was DUKE then that call doesn't happen guaranteed.
At least we don't have a drought like the mighty B1G do we Connor? LOL! 7 years isn't really a drought when you compare it to the Big 10..
Hey ADAM, today was an ugly game not yesterday. Congrats to Auburn, heck of a game. They deserve it!!
… OF course it would be very disappointing to exit the first round, and there is plenty of room for differing opinions. I don't defined greatness for a coach by how far he goes in the tournament. I defined them by the regular season and player development. Others and probably most care only about championships and I understand but disagree. So for me he is already exceptional hire, but maybe not to you and others.
It doesn't matter if TN loses in the first round of the tournament, He is still an exceptional hire and will be here until HE decides to leave. The regular season tells me more about a coach than the tournament where ANYTHING can happen.
When you score a 6 on the wonderlic test like he did you have to know he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Obviously you don't watch TN basketball Pinebarrens! TN beat themselves today and if you know TN basketball then you would agree. However, Auburn played a great game, and when you can hit the three like they can you can beat anyone, even the # 5 team in the country. Good Job today Auburn, but great regular season for TN.
Totally agree Biggie! It will ruin the game guaranteed. I understand the argument, but it will not work.