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Hey ADAM, today was an ugly game not yesterday. Congrats to Auburn, heck of a game. They deserve it!!
… OF course it would be very disappointing to exit the first round, and there is plenty of room for differing opinions. I don't defined greatness for a coach by how far he goes in the tournament. I defined them by the regular season and player development. Others and probably most care only about championships and I understand but disagree. So for me he is already exceptional hire, but maybe not to you and others.
It doesn't matter if TN loses in the first round of the tournament, He is still an exceptional hire and will be here until HE decides to leave. The regular season tells me more about a coach than the tournament where ANYTHING can happen.
When you score a 6 on the wonderlic test like he did you have to know he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Obviously you don't watch TN basketball Pinebarrens! TN beat themselves today and if you know TN basketball then you would agree. However, Auburn played a great game, and when you can hit the three like they can you can beat anyone, even the # 5 team in the country. Good Job today Auburn, but great regular season for TN.
Totally agree Biggie! It will ruin the game guaranteed. I understand the argument, but it will not work.
Crimsontide if you think anything written in these comments are racist other than your own, then your crazier than a sprayed roached. Nothing here had anything to do with racism.
LOL! Nice SevenT. I bet you have been waiting to use that line all year. Good one!
No embarrassing would be we still have the same coaching staff. This is why we don't!
Once the issued has been raised thru a protest, you start doing something about it. You can't just keep protesting and doing nothing and expect people to change it for you. If you have a problem go fix it. Those who kneel, what are you going to do now??? I bet absolutely nothing.
The world isn't fair and never will be. The Flag doesn't guarantee anything but it represents America and being free. The flag will not give you happiness, Justice, or life! Your right about Freedom doesn't guarantee greatness, you have to earn it and work for that. People who kneel during the flag disrespect there own freedom and look very foolish. Also, Justice without Freedom wouldn't even exist.
Barns is just trying to focus on basketball. Trust me Barns doesn't agree with this, if he would have said anything different that would have caused a lot of headache he doesn't need. Choose your battles!
Actually it isn't complicated. Our Flag stands for FREEDOM!! That's it! Doesn't mean there will never be stupid racist in the country or stupid hate crimes, it means we are all FREE. They are kneeling to the only true thing that stands for FREEDOM in this country and that is our flag and it should unite us not divide us. To stop hate crimes and racism isn't going to happen by dividing people. Use a different platform and people would respect you more and maybe even try to help your cause. This is hurting your cause! Nice try, now try something else.
LSU is a great team and should be a top 10 team next week. This is how you plan for the tournament is playing tough games on the road win or lose you learn a lot from games like this. This game will help both teams come tournament time.
Tigers did deserved the win but that foul (it was a foul) isn't called very often with under a second that far away from the basket going for the ball. However, it was and LSU won and even if they didn't call that foul I think LSU still would have won.
Duke is 1, Ky 2, TN 3, Gonzaga 4, VA 5, and LSU is somewhere in the top 10. That's how I would rank them as of today.
I'm glad it happened during the regular season and not tournament time. Hopefully they will be prepared from here on out.
You do realize that is why KY is so good don't you SevenT?? You don't have to be and NBA agent to figure that most of KY players will be in the NBA.
One in overtime on the road and the other against a conf rival on the road. Yea I think they will be fine. We can't help it if all the other teams in the SEC SUCK!!!!
I agree,KY is a great team who played there best game of the year, and honestly TN played one of there worst games. Hopefully TN will regroup and be ready for the final stretch.
You would have thought KY won the NC game after beating TN.. Love it!! Lot of basketball left to play cats.
This is basketball and you will NEVER win every game no matter how great you are. KY wanted this game more then TN did period. Now TN is the hunter again and not the hunted. Time for the real season to start! Go VOLS!!
I know your from Bama but can you not read??? He just got offered to play in the AAF and there are teams in the NFL who reached out to him.
Kap isn't a football player he is an ANTI COP and ANTI AMERICA activist. If he was a true football player he would be playing right now. Truth!