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Why would Florida Gamble on a Taggart? He really has not done anything.
Most TN fans aren't worried. What know it all fans are you talking about?? are you talking about someone who hides behind a screen name saying they know what Curry is doing?? only websites like this report that out and act like its ALL of Vol Nation. Trust me it's only 1% of them if that. One thing that we should all agree on is that NOBODY knows who the next coach of TN will be except Curry and he might not even know yet.
Finebaum says Oct 5th- "Gruden is TN top target if they fire Butch." Finebaum says OCT 16th- "Gruden might not be a good fit for TN" Finebaum says NOV 14th "Source says Gruden is not going to TN" Finebaum says NOV 15th- "Gruden is reaching out to gauge interest in joining potential staff to take over TN. Finebaum says NOV 18th " I do not think Grudens story is true"Tells me FINEBAUM has no idea what he is talking about. Enough SDS with the Finebaum storys please!!!
It will be bad man! Almost as bad as losing to SC the past two years.
Actually both of you are right. I read it wrong and my race has nothing to do with HIS comment. I honestly thought I read white right wing. My Bad! Thanks for pointing it out cause.
You’re totally right man!! We don’t understand why he kneels and we never will. By the way, I’m a Black right wing southerner so do I count?? You and Crist need to quit drinking the left wing kool-aid.
I have a credible source that Gruden is not coming to TN. I wish he was, but it ain't happening. SDS should report this soon!
The Bucs beat them yesterday with one of the worst offences in the league. Please don't do it Currie!!!
He might have spoke to soon. Still a long way to go there BO!
Lets make it simple. 2 goals the Vols must accomplish before season end. WIN TWICE! Then the rest will take care of itself.
Yea I don't think it hurt GA at all. Auburn was a better team on Saturday and that is all. Not sure why everyone has to act crazy when a team gets beat. This could be a wake up call for GA and they run the table. They are still one of the top 5 teams in the country IMO.
Agree with you Fuzzy! I would find it hard to believe if Gruden really wanted to coach TN that Currie says no. Could you imagine Currie hiring someone else and then find out that Gruden would have came to TN but Currie said no, could you imagine what would happen in Knoxville? WOW! That's why anyone who thinks we pass on Gruden if available isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
YEP! Or could be a Saban, Meyer, Dabo, etc.. and win us a national championship.
This might be the most idiotic article I have read on this site. Wow John you have out done yourself with showing your ignorance. God job John I’m sure it’s probably the best you can do. At least you’re trying!! Oh yea! How are your Noles doing this yr??maybe you should start writing about the ACC since you know nothing about the SEC.
We aren’t obsessed with Gruden but the media is. i live in Knoxville and no body thinks Gruden is coming here, but the media would have you believe that we are.
You obviously don’t know what you are talking about and need to lay off the drugs.
ha ha!! Really you just spent time writing about an idiot that hates the Sec because 1. He hates the south or 2. He hates the Sec because they slways win or 3. Both! But who cares Colin Terd tweets!