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You can't get TN out of your head can you? I bet you sing Rocky Top every morning when you wake up. It's okay to admit it man, everyone will understand.
The sad part about your statement is you're so dumb you really believe it. Were in your head Gatorboy!! You think about TN 24/7 don't you???
You can't stay away can you Gatorboy? WE ARE IN YOUR HEAD!!!
Only Loser I see on here is a teenage Gator fan posting the same stupid comment twice. Were in your head GATORBOY!
Told you Gatorboy, we are in your head!!! You can't stay away. Now, go do your homework!!
Were in your head aren't we Gatorboy! Your always on our site making ignorant comments. Better quit posting comments and start studying so you can get out of 7th grade.
Gatorboy, you ready for your first day of 7th grade again?? I heard you got yourself a new unicorn back pack.
We know you don't understand history being from KY, so we will give you a pass on your idiotic comment.
Agree with other comments on here Connor, Your B1G bias and insecurity is showing up B1G time here.
True, but don't forget it took him 7yrs as a coach in the pac12 to get to that record.
Wasn't offensive to him either, it was just and excuse to go somewhere else and the NCAA and others bought it.
Gatorboy is back in his moms trailer making comments again. Hey, you getting ready for 7th grade again??
I don't look a the color of the skin (unlike the media) I look at his character and his accomplishments. I agree with wolfman, leave his race out of it. Makes it look like the only reason he got the job was because the color of his skin.
Hey Gatorboy, Something tells me that your about 300lbs and in 9th grade. I'm right aren't I?
And only 3 years from Butch beating Kirby. YOUR POINT? Also Numb Nuts, we had 3 players drafted in 2018 draft. No team as done so little with all the talent than GA. IF Ga doesn't win a NC this year (they won't by the way) then Kirby is Butch Jones 2. Going to be fun to watch!! PRESSURE is all on GA!
I will spell it for you. BUTCH BEAT KIRBY!!!
You are right about the historically strong recruiting classes and I don't see that continuing if they don't win a NC soon. That is basically what I meant because UT and FL are on the rise and they will start pulling recruits from GA. Right now GA has had it easy in conference play, and I feel that's soon going to change.
You too must be a GA native if you don't understand that the window is starting to shut. You will see soon enough!
So it was Pruitt's fault that Kirby loss to Butch Jones?? Ha Ha!! Now you are a GA native if you think that
HEY you figured out that you have to win ONE game to start a streak? You must not really be from GA.
That's great! Even Butch Jones beat Kirby, so Im pretty sure Pruitt will eventually start putting a win streak against Kirby and then we will see what happens. I think GA window is starting to shut.
Makes sense, he is from Ga, probably couldn't handle the work.