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Yea, switching QB's when your 1-3 is a coach way over his head..LOL! really?? Do you even watch football??
LOL! this coming from an LSU fan.. good stuff!!
Normally I would agree, but JG has lost it. TN has nothing to lose here and GA has everything to lose. He just might surprise us.
From what I am hearing they have found out today about something else that has happened in the past and decided to release him. Hopefully we will find out what that was. Either way, I wish the kid the best.
hmm! I wonder where all this hate cop rhetoric came from?? Yea, we all know. This kid is a product of his culture he was raised in. There are some on every team. He should have to do ride along's with the Knoxville PD and I guarantee you that will change his attitude.
Hooker has a history with UT. His credentials were taken away back in 2006. So needless to say he has a vendetta against UT now. Everyone here (locally in Knoxville) that knows him can't stand him. So just take his articles for what there worth. NOTHING! It would be like reading an article Butch Jones wrote about UT.
So GA is only a 24 point favorite over the lady Vols??? SAD!!!
It wasn't late! Listen to the whistle and watch were Barnett was at. As far as helmet to helmet, I don't know anymore. It looks clean to me.
Ignore the noise, stay the course! Pruitt isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Hey when you Beat TN you should be proud, even if it was a fluke and will never happen again. Enjoy it GSTATE even if you look a foolish.
Yea, well since I grew up in Florida in the public school system I should get a pass right?? I can't help it!
It's Butch's players trust me! Not sure if Pruitt will ever turn it around, but we need his guys in here to see.
Really? Last I checked he was their DC when they last won a championship. How did they do last year?? Also Last I checked he was FSU DC when they won a championship, how have they been doing??
Vols losing 4 or 5 a week?? LOL! Man, your not very smart are you?
Slowly getting rid of the cancer. Good luck!!
Gatorboy is back talking smack. Have to admit it seems your getting better at it. I guess JR high school is paying off finally. Keep it up, I'm sure your mom is proud of you.
Your right Gatorgrad. Fl got 10 points off of our 4 turnovers and count the interception in the end zone probably add another 7. TN got 3 turnovers and ZERO points.
Dave at it again!! I would honestly bet my house that if we had an average QB the Vols would be 3-1 right now. So Dave you are making a fool of yourself. You don't even watch football do you DAVE!