Ex military, and VOL fan threw the bad and the good.

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Good coach, and probably the best option to counter ole Miss's hire. Looked forward to the social media wars.
Are we ready to win the NC? No but what Tennessee fans have seen is were finding a way to win games that we been losing. Even when we had more talent, we weren't winning. Now we might be. Next step wins over Ga. Fl.
He'll definitely be an athlete, not a qb. But nice to have him he's quick and elusive which he'll need until he gets a little bigger.
Sucks to lose but as a fan you can see the culture at Tennessee changing for the good. It's been awhile since the Vols have played the way there playing.
He was getting his QBs attention, he didn't spank him with a paddle. Everyone is so soft.
Yeah I agree sounded more like a compliment to both fl & TN fans more than anything.
I been thinking that for awhile, but hopefully we can get back in the mix soon.
Yeah we're really thin at lb to. We really needed him.
Idk about undefeated but it'll be good to have him back.
Lol yeh it's been awhile, hopefully we can start making the rivalry relavent again. Don't poke it with stick though.
All these comments are ridiculous. One of TN's assistants was instructed to cut a recruits vistit short after a long night in Knoxville. He was given a ride all the way back to florida as instructed by the staff. This kid is being recruited by auburn still. This stuff happens a lot with high school kids. Everyone knows the sleeping giant has been woken and they can see what's coming...TENNESSEE
Big get.. this D line is gonna be good..
It means we sighn another 4* Justin Martin instead... GBO