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Kentucky is a solid squad with a below average S.E.C. qb....Levis is Tebow without the superpowers.He was overrated by the so called experts, as a result, this team was overrated.
Any GM that picks Levis at all, much less in the 1st, should be fired immediately.I don't understand the fascination with Him.
Is this qb related to the basketball player who was on thier team recently ?!
You mean EVERYONE'S individual freedoms were fought fought for, regardless if you like them or not ?! GTFOH ?!
And what exactly is that opinion based on ?!
Well I guess that settles it. "Hear that Josh" ?! "You shouldn't even bother pursuing this NFL thing, because everyone else's opinion should matter more than anything else".
Unless you care to name the source of these allegations, this is just irresponsible journslism. Who did Charlie Campbell get this information from ?!
It was a great game played by the two best teams in college football. Watson was the difference maker. Hurts is a good football player, but he's a liability in the passing game at this point in his career. Clemson did an excellent job of putting bama in obvious passing downs. The injury to Scarborough was huge, it just put more on Hurts.
Agreed that he deserves better. The players love him, and play their butts off for him. Obviously I don't know him, but by all accounts he's a good man. Shameful.
I was going to reply to that as well. That's just lazy journalism. There is no Murfreesboro High. Now, I love getting on this site to get the occasional story about our Vols, but it's the little things like fact checking that are beginning to turn me off. GBO !!!
I'm sure stuff like that goes on more often than folks realize. It's only news because it's Bama, and a nationally televised game. Nothing to see here.
Guys let's just crown them now. Why even have a season. Paper champions.
I hope he balls out. The little I know about his background the young men has been through quite a lot, and continues to persevere. I'd almost be willing to root for them as a team....almost. With that o-line, and Zeke in the backfield ?! They could be dangerous. Could take the division.
Looks like the lineman tripped over his teammates feet.
Literally the one guy in the league you don't have to worry about ! I'd give him a blank check and let him fill it in, and he'd be worth every penny !!
Maybe he's thinking about that "twinkie" that ended his teammates season ?!
Consideration should be given to the fact that he played having missed a year of football.I'd say he did pretty well. I don't mind the videos, they just get me hyped for the season.
Definitely a fair question. I would be lying if I said I'd take a three star over a four or five any day. With that being said I'd take a three with upside and some dog in him, no pun intended, who's committed to the culture of my program and wants to be a part of what I'm building. I'm not sure about that guy who tweets out his top fifteen, and has and has his crew with him on signing day, and commits and decommits. The guy who wants to be handed a starting job and is afraid to compete. I may be in the minority, but y'all can have him.
There aren't too many players I would hand null blank check to, EB is one of them . He's a " complete player" in every sense of the word !
I'm that guy too ! I bench 700lbs. Video ?! No, I just want you to take my word for it.
It's a Bulgarian Split Squat. And until you post null video of you doing work ?! Yeah, he does.