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What were your flat-faced puppy dogs doing in the 90's. Oh, my bad, I forgot, they were gator bait. I was at the FL/GA game when it was played"between the hedges". Ooooh, I am overcome with fear. Never have I seen a home crowd empty a stadium after halftime so fast. They all said "we have Braves World Series tickets" as they left. Do you remember the score of that one, Skippy? There was a 13 year old UGA fan on Finebaum today. He asked Paul how much longer will he have to wait before Richt is fired? Reminds me of a good old joke. The year is 2000. UGA fan is telling all his friends that his bulldog goes berserk, starts foaming at the mouth and chewing on all of the furniture (legs, I suppose) when Florida beats Georgia in their annual football match-up. A young lady asks the man "But, what does he do when Georgia beats Florida? The UGA dog owner states " I don't know, the dog is only 10 years old. It's an oldie but a goodie.